Sunday, December 13, 2009

2k9 wrap-up

....And we're back! We'll call that a hibernation.

I know the year is not over with but I couldn't help and check out last years resolutions and how I fared. Honestly a lot of them slipped my mind but seem like good resolutions. Such is life to plan for good intentions and lose focus on the way.

Well let's see since July my hellish work has got better. I don't like the way things are ran there, but I do have flexible hours (because yeah we work weekends). I met guy, mature, awesome in the bed, and likes me. We moved too fast so we've cool'd down. It's been cooooool'd down to friends with benefits. I like him a lot BUT when we talked he said the one thing he couldn't do is let me in his family life. So if I were to pursue this it would be for just him...No dad, mom or son. So being friends is a good thing. The expectations are just that; be cool, chill and have fun. Thanksgiving was spent at my mom's place as usual but we had one member not with us. I really really miss my grandma. I see her in my dreams and when I wake up I have no idea what we were talking about but I smile because I saw her. So that was tough this year, but at the table we focus on the things we are grateful for. And most recently my house has a neeeeeeeeeeeew member; Jordan.

Jordan is a Maltese that I rescued from the Arlington Shelter. He's a year and four months and a good pup. I can tell you waking up in the morning and NOT hitting the snooze alarm several times was almost like having a real baby. I'm sooo tired right now! LOL! *sips dunkin coffee*

That is all right now...I haven't heard or really talked to Marlon since I got this gig. Phoned him when I was in LA seein my grandma for her bday but he was in FL. It's cool how time does heel all wounds but time never goes fast enough...yet when you look in the mirror you can't help but think sometimes- Shit!!! Where the hell has time gone?!? Alright I'm real tired...short workday though! Later

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Be easy....

Hey everyone, Happy 4th of July! I had a blast with my sister watching the fireworks last night at this country club called belle haven. Rich snobs there, no sugar daddies lookin tho (tee hee). Our fireworks started before National Harbor's and lasted well afterwards (Booyah! LOL! Yeah I'm bringin that word back).

I'm gonna stay in tonight and watch Team America: World Police (America....Fuck Yeah!). I got a new gym membership yesterday at XSport Fitness so if i c u gym bunnies or u c me there, feel free to tap my shoulder, spot or say wasssup.

Cool cool...aight everyone be easy...this is my last blog entry. I'm drawing more and more away from reality which isn't cool. Ive been layin low on facebook (better than before). My J-O-B (not my career) sucks, but there is a person in there who works with contracts and bidding. So I registered my SSN to MS Enterprise (Nice...nice, right?) and I'm gonna learn what it takes to bid on these contracts. I'll have to keep everything local for now or stay find a night gig so that I am available during daytime hours. A night gig would pay for a business pad and expenses. Well I'll hafta stay at this current evil job to learn what this guy knows and hopefully he can help me grow myself and if I can return the favor for him I def will. Alright guys. Be safe, live, love and enjoy and remember:

Good Family
Good Friends
Good Times

..I'm out!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The old me's dead n gone....dead n gone

I lost that fight, but not that war I still see my nicca walkin out tha door. Don't turn ur head walk away, I'll be back up on my feet some day. Play with my emotions? My nicca that's trife. Go on get the hell on walk out my life! Ooooo I've been waitin for this day soo long. Findin out where we belong. Never knew YOU could be so the old me's dead n gone...dead n gone.

Aight I'm gonna blog about this and then move forward. I took myself off of facebook cause I did not know how to address my feelings towards this guy I liked. I figured if I ignored him on here he wouldn't pop up in my profile thus not havin me think about him. But damn you new facebook (ummm yeah I'm still considerin it new) ur stoopid HIGHLIGHTS section should reflect who I ignore.

I don't like not having control over my emotions. I felt like I was a stalker or obsessed so I was like fuck this i'll close my page down and will deal with this situation. When I'm calm cool and collective. So around midnight I get a text from him and I may have had a drink or 6 (but who counts?). So after we were both like you on SMS I was like go for it. So I owned that I liked him more than a friend and that I think he knows that and like to know if he wanted somethin more or just leave things where they are at.

What could be worse than hearing no? Not hearing a GAWD DAYUM MOTHERFUCKIN THING AT ALL. Now one of my bois who has a real good head on his shoulders said that a week is not long enuf, you probably scared him...think of what he's goin through and how you'd feel. Let him process this. I understand that, but to not have contact or say let's talk later. I mean fuck...anything is better than nothing. A polite No would've been better. But nada. So after day 3 I was crushed that someone I felt so close to as a friend would just let me slip like that, especially him knowing how sensitive I am towards my feelings. (and if u're reading this, you know it)

So I picked myself up...dusted my shoulders, burned a candle and cut my hair. Whatever we had just wasn't their. One day I will learn the value and loyalty of being a friend. I find the masochist approach I have damaging yet not discomforting since I grew up with little to no friends. I'm not gonna say it feels good to cut people out of my life. Toss them aside like rubbish. It doesn't....but I'm done and most likely won't look back. So now it's out there.

On another note my facebook family I have cut off all notifications on here. So don't you feel ignored if I don't get back at you right away. My work loves making me work and we all know how that fuckin excites princess! NOT! Fairy tells shouldn't have 7-4 jobs. lol! It's going ok...i like the team that I got. I couldn't freakin make it in that place without Kristina (seriously! she took a sick day and I was ready to throw the towel in). Ooooh it's raining...*iLuv hearin the rain tap on the roof*. I got a new Dining Room set! Last night Cam, Gary and I went to a furniture store before watchin the proposal (Sandra bullock and Betty White...need i say more???). Walked into a 30% off sale and asked them if the cortona table and chairs were on sale. She said yes. OMG Princess! Put ur AMEX away!!! Show some fuckin discipline! 12months interest free you say??? "Tucks AMEX back in wallet"...let's see what we can work out. So my birthday present to me is my brand new dining room set. Yaaaay! Delivery is next friday. Can't wait!!!!=) *smooches all**

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Guts of the Pentagon

Right so I'm about to wrap week two up at the pentagon and I still ain't got a badge. The peeps newer than I have been badged....WTF? Now normally this would irritate me but who am I to complain about lack of work. I just try and be proactive and have answers as to why my beautiful punk ass can't help you =)

My most favorite part of the Pentagon is the gym. OMG! It's soooo fuckin beautiful! Two sides get fulfilled, my workout side. And the horny side! Yes people...marines! *drrrroooooolllll*
So n e ways...after slooowly inspecting the locker rooms (LOL!!! not kidding) I saw lots of wall lockers, a wet/dry sauna and massage room (that I can get daily one hour usage out of! LOL!)
there are three floors. First floor is free weights and machines, 2nd floor is a track floor with some bikes and the third floor is pure cardio machines. There is also a pool and two jacuzzi's. All for the price of $120 ($20 p/mo with 6mos/1 year contract). Eat it bitches, your gyms can't compete!

So one week left at the state dept...and I am in full slack mode (hard to imagine). I'll blog more later ~ cheers

Monday, June 1, 2009

Update on the new gig

So I wake (or attempt) to wake up at 550 every morning now. FML! Only time I saw 550 was after leavin DC drunk off my ass (and I blame the bartenders! They totally own that one!). So after bashing my alarm clock till 630 it's not go time. Relax dirty...we ain't gotta be at work till 8 and we know what we wearing. Shower (rinse & repeat), dress (and FUCK iLook good *_^), do the pocket check and head out the door.

It's 725...TrafficLand show'd traffic flowing nicely. So I don't live like a stone throw away from this interstate. Between that time and two miles on the road, every fuckin owner of a vehicle decided to pile up there! No worries babe, I got you covered...Windows down, viva la vida on. Ahhhhh....I'm so not lettin this traffic Bull-shit fuck me ova. So I get to Foggy Bottom in good time. The Gods must be frustrated that they didn't piss in my cheerios yet, so here we go.

Let's create a metro crisis....*NOW*..! O.M..G! What's going on?!? Metro repairs?? Only one rail is working? Ok...we'll wait. I can't do shit nor am I mechanically inclined to get on the rail and offer assistance. I can motivate! (Shouting INS gets people moving quicker). Ok, so the blue metro heading to sgpfd finally arrives. We're at the Pentagon, let's get in line to get inside.

*Drops Jaw*...WTF?!?! Is this the line to a Britney concert or something?!? Well...I can't call anyone cuz the mobiles don't work in the building. Guess I'll just hafta wait. So it's 9'oclock and I'm finally inside. I grab my badge and am not too worried. These guys owe me comp time for Sunday. I showed up for work on Sunday because I was on the list. APPARENTLY when I wasn't around my boss said this is not set in stone yet. This will happen when he gets word. Well....that's no big deal. Daddy will take care of princess. Princess missed his saturday night, and Daddy ain't lettin that shit go. Someone's gonna pay.

After showing up late, it was clearly time for a coffee break *_^ (I'm still learning how to work, you can't break me in just like that....Oh! And I'm corrupting people too! ;-) iLuv it!) The people I work with on my specific team are awesome! We're all like team players and luv each other. If these chicks love survivor we'll give ourselves a name. Right now I see them all as dirty's angels. We'll call the PM Bosley. So yeah, great day today (even without a login). I'm ready to get started and rule the world. 9 more days at the Dept of State. I'm gonna eat some Pho with my Vietnamese boys today (sorry gym...we'll catch up!) ~pea©e n LuV 2 all~

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Basement Magic

Well this was a very short weekend. Get this...I actually gotta go to the Pentagon tomorrow for updates. Now....I don't have a user account, so I guess I'm going for the experience with the old crew. 7 a...fuckin m! On a Sunday. *WORK IT BITCH*

So I decided to stay home this evening and enjoy my basement. My basement is soooo fuckin tight! It's unbelievable! It is the perfect hideaway place with a HUGE screen to watch movies. Awesome artwork and a beautiful patio set. I def don't mind enjoying action movies on my own (HAHA Bitches! Got star trek. Not the best version as the screen isn't all the way there, but it's got my attention! w00t w00t!). Finished the laundry like a good boy and am off to bed to re-live another week. I'm def not gonna be at work one of these days. And I'm on from 8am - 3pm until the 12th and I'm hopin that I get Friday off like scheduled (but I may not since I'm only working till 3pm). We'll see...time will be a lil more lax after the 12th. Time for bed. ~c!a0

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Michael Sanchez wonders is it better to take the chance and risk the friendship to let him know how I feel...or maybe wait for him to come around

I'm gonna leave this is on my facebook status for a min. "He" knows who he is...he can't be this dense! But I'm not gonna shun other guys out of my life. I've got a date friday and possible saturday with this guy named Shannon. He seems pretty cool, we hit it off really well so I'll try my bestest to keep myself grounded and see where this goes.

Lessons from Cali:
Be patient and don't rush it (read that line 10 times!!!)
If the guy isn't sensitive towards my feelings, let him go
Know the difference between Love and Lust

There are probably more lessons but I'm not gonna get into it right now (...I gotta go to work).
Work is suckin...I am not diggin this four hour sleep routine. My hat goes off to the people who can handle this all are fuckin nuts! I'd go back to Kuwait and work 12s before committin myself to this schedule! Seriously? Yeah!

Well a reward for wakin my tired ass up is eating and getting starbucks. I better make it happen.

Before I leave tho...and getting back to the subject at hand. I will enjoy my date on Friday and possibly Saturday. If I decide to move forward with Shannon then I will let go of the idea of this one friend. If Shannon and I are not compatible I know how to let the other guy know. I'm a fuckin romantic! I can plan a nice environment. And get besos! LOL! Alright guys have a good one!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1st day @ the Pentagon


WELL! *ahem* I woke up to the lovely sounds of birds chirping away at 0530. This is not a mis-type. 0530 in the morning. Decided to get an early start and get shower for the new position. I had everything ready to go for the big day. So the shirt I wanted to wear I found out required cuff links...SHIT! Ok worries! I got another shirt that looks great with black pants. Eat some cereal and head out.

I got on the road by 0630 and hit up starbucks....Ahhhh! Nothing like starting the day with a double tall skim no foam latte...mmmmm! Soooo good! N e ways, I got on 395 and O...M....G! Traffic! (*insert a huge f'in DUH*). So battled my way through seminary rd and the got smooth sailing. NOW! I can't park @ the Pentagon - (I can't even get a badge! But we'll get to that soon, don't you worry!). So I went to my parking spot at the Dept of State and foggy bottom'd to Pentagon. That wasn't so bad. Rosslyn & Arlington Cemetery were the only stops in between. So I got someplace early (and for those of you who know me, you can pick ur jaw off the ground. It happens SELDOMLY *_^). I get there and here is where the MISCOMMUNICATION begins. Now I specifically asked before hand what the dress code was. No big deal if I gotta where a tie, I just don't want to show management up by looking better. So i was told Shirt & Slacks. I did that. *ahem* tell me...why is the guy (my co-worker wearing a noose?). UGGGGH! Alright Dirty...calm down. Let it go.

So I met the guy and he's preparing me before I enter the chaotic circus. So there's two of us. Myself and Eileen. Eileen is sweet. She had a coach bag. We hit it off right away (i'm just a slave for fashion!). She is coming from 12 hour shifts. So apparently we both are in this to get away from shift work. Both have a military background. Cool! So we get throught the....
badge process. Enter the half-baked RUNWAY headquarters. The first people who welcomed us must've been on prozac to be smiling at what was going on under their nose. The people who are suppose to train us are being let go. So you can imagine how FANTASTIC that training is going! Ha Ha Ha...*i'm getting wrinkles as we speak*

So...a red flag that I caught earlier in my offer letter, no job title. I was joking with my sis when I caught that and said "Shit! For the money they payin me, they can call me BIATCH as long as the checks come in on time". Well they may as well have taken the words from my mouth. When we sat at the table my boss welcomed me and Eileen and said, Soooooo I don't know you two...Don't have copies of ur resumes. Here's the list of jobs we need filled.
Messaging we look fine right now unless this person actually leaves (FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!)
...any of you two have data experience (Ummmmm......No! And I don't have an MCDBA *_-) about AD, do you got that? (Shut up Mike! Don't Do it!!!).."I got AD experience" (ooooo! Bugger!). You do? Ok well you'll train on that and get us going.

Get us going? What the fuck?? Did I just volunteer for AD??? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyat! Alright, whatever I'll administer it. So an M$ guy is talking to me about the network because the Sr and ONLY AD guy left the pentagon on Friday (fuckin' fantastic! Like I'd get shit out of him n e ways). So after reviewing the diagrams something is dawning on me. Where the fuck are the engineers?!? Wait Wait Wait....WHAT?!?!??! What do you mean I'm the Sr MS Engineer lead for AD?!??!?! Are you fuckin MAD?!?!?!? OMG & FUCK ME SIDEWAYS!!!! Is this for real?!?!? Now I'm really white-knucklin it!! Daddy needs two shots and a fag, STAT!!!!!

So after that newsbreak I went to see Ken (the boss). Before I could open my mouth he asked if I too was on a half day program. Quickly I started shakin my head up n down thinking to myself I gotta get outta here! I gotta get out of here! (picture that lady on the movie Airplane! Yes! Just like that!!!!). Then he sweetened the pot by saying...Oh so I guess you're only here for a couple days? Uhhh huh....yup! That's wassup! So tomorrow should be my last show of the week I think. I went home, watched some good porn and felt relieved. Decided that until I know my schedule is 7-3pm that I was going to leave my options open. Until they guarantee me my 7-3 I can not be entirely on board.

Aight for you all who jump'd to the end here are the pros & cons
M-F (mostly)
More $$$
Good work hours
Go from Admin --> Sr. Engineer
I'm not the weakest link

Hours not set in stone (they operate from 5am-9pm)
One Sunday a month I gotta be there
The environment is very chaotic
No gym
Company doesn't pay for parking
Once again I am the only gay in the village

Monday, May 25, 2009

Great weekend...preppin for the new job

w0w! What a weekend! Hangin with good friends, seeing new faces (hope you and alex had a safe flight back, BB), taco night, clubs, shopping for work clothes and of course havin a lazy sunday evening watchin movies with JR. Weekend was fantastic.

So...I haven't posted up that I got me a new job. Yup...I start on Tuesday 730am. I'll get to see what I got myself into. I'll be working at the Pentagon supporting the Joint Chief of Staffs. It sounds important & should look great on a resume.

I haven't given notice to the Dept of State. I want to see the atmosphere of this new gig before I give ITEQ the big deuce. I'll be working M-F, 7-330. I'll just do the bus thing since I hate walking and traffic. I really can't wait! So excited to see this new opportunity.

Anywho I gotta get some sleep. ~c!a0

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Prayers go out to the families for their losses

*sigh...* I try and stay away from the Iraq topic. I got out of the army in Oct 2004. I had volunteered to go to Camp Liberty and was not selected. It saddens me that we are there and because we can not undo the past, we have to focus on the future.

To the families that have lost a loved on in Iraq, I couldn't imagine the loss, suffering and other emotions that you deal with on a daily basis. Or if you have the same/changed viewpoints about Iraq. Either way I tip my hat and appreciate the sacrafice that your father, mother, son and/or daughter did for our country. No matter what your viewpoint is on Iraq the bottomline is they were soldiers carrying out orders from their commander-in-chief.

The army isn't too clever when it comes individuals. What I mean by that is there are people diagnosed with Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) who get deployed & re-deployed to the sandbox. These guys need proper psychological counseling. Not another year in Iraq! Now let's say you take this soldier with PTSD and send him back to Iraq. He's a SGT and by looking at his Class-A photo decked out with awards likes his army career. So....when would be the best time to tell this guy; turn-in you're're going to seek counseling and get medically discharged out of the military for PTSD? In Iraq or in the US of A? As if being in Iraq isn't hard enough, let's put another added stress in there...YOU'RE FIRED!!! YOU'RE DONE! ALL YOUR HARD WORK, MEDALS...EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE FOR THE ARMY...IT'S OVER! TURN IN YOUR WEAPON AND BE PREPARED TO GO BACK TO NOTHING where BTW you still have bills! Live with the embarrassment of telling people that you were medically discharged under mental health. There are probably more factors, or maybe these ideas didn't roll through SGT Russell's head. I'm an emotional kind of guy so these are the ideas that come in my head.

My heart and prayers go to the victim's SGT Russell shot. And I'm interested in seeing the action the army takes. SGT Russell killed five comrades who left behind families and loved ones. I do believe that he should lose his freedom, however the army has a big responsibility on their hands as he was diagnosed with PTSD before re-deploying to Iraq! How many other potential threats are out there? How differently can you handle those situations?

How difficult will life be after these heroes come home and look for work with a medical discharge? Will the US take care of their vets or are we looking at another Vietnam aftermath? It's scary because if you're not lacking in imagination, you can see what the streets of DC and other big US cities will look like in 10-15 years. Ok...I'm done writing about this. I had to get it out of my head. My prayers to those who have lost a loved one while deployed, Shame on SGT Russell and Shame on the US Army.

Friday, May 8, 2009's not you, it's me as I'm sippin my sweet tea vodka with crystal lite (yum!) I can't help but write more about my nutrition battles! BAH! Ok so luv subway! I do....iLuv the subs! But....i find myself eating more salads there than breads. Check this out people. I mean really listen to me. Do you monitor your sodium intake? If not you should! You really should...amongst other things people! LOL! But seriously...let's dish. How much sodium do you eat a day? Are you at the daily recommendations which on a 2000 calorie intake is 2400mg? Well I sort of monitor this amongst other things. I don't monitor my calories, fat, cholesterol (which I'm working on). I eat a lot of peanut butter, drink a lot of milk and eat 'Eating Right' meals prepared by Lucerne Farms (Safeway) which gives me beaucoup protein, calcium, fiber and vitamin D.

So let's get back to subway. Bread. Bread has a lot of sodium! Can you believe it?!? Go check out how many mg of sodium 2 slices of bread have and compare it to a 500mg tv dinner. It's shocking that 2 months ago I didn't realize how much sodium I had in my diet. I had to cut breads back. Don't ween yourself off of it, but cut back. This is not a carb back off because pasta /rice are good cards too without the sodium bread has. So just an FYI for you guys.

On a side note....Biggest Loser once again is pushing me...I topped the contestants on their half marathon by doing 15 miles. Now these doods are gonna a marathon!'s challenge time! It is sooo challenge time. If they're gonna do a marathon, the dammit! So am I!!! I will have a treadmill, with lots of water and a pair of extra socks. I'll time myself and if I can do it outside by planning a trail, I'll do it...I'm soooo gonna do it and I'll blog about it!

Very excited to see these contestants do it and push me to my limits. That's all =)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weekend....and now

I feel like I'm neglecting my blog and stuff. I don't wanna do that. So what to talk about...oh yeah! The weekend cool. I spent friday night taking care of the house and then hitting HH with my bois at Nellies. We then went to Logans for some grub and called it a night. I didn't wanna get trashed because I had a 15mile challenge Saturday. I OWNED IT! I FUCKING OWNED IT!! From my parents house in Springfield I ran to Burke Lake, around Burke Lake twice and then back home. Well when I say ran, I mean jogged and paced myself. The end result was sooo sweet and the whole day all I wanted to do was eat eat eat!
Spent that afternoon with my best friends at belvoir. I was tired so went home and HOLY HELL! Why isn't the AC workin?!? Ummmm....damn thing is broken. So I called the warranty company to send someone out. Monday morning the guy told me I had the wrong thermostat and that I have a heat-pump, thus needing a heat pump thermostat. That'll be $100. *Ca-CHING*. So went to HomeDepot to swap the thermostats. Hmmmm the one I bought a month ago they don't make anymore $70 *FLUSH*...Programmable touchscreen/heat-pump friendly thermostat $100 *Ca-CHING*. So...still no A/C, out $270....and it's a HI 90 weekend. Oh yeah I'm hot. Tuesday comes around (day 4 no AC)...someone is scheduled to come Thursday morning to check the exhaust lines. My mom stops by and I am not friendly and neither is jackie. We are exhausted and want a house that functions. So my mom plays with the thermostat, turns the air on and says "How much are you gonna pay me". She got the AC on!! I hugged her sooo tight and now owe here a nice NICE meal this friday (yum yum!)

La vida dirty....that's all for now

Friday, April 17, 2009


That lasted a day! F'in facebook has all my photos!

Deactivating Facebook

Maybe temporary, maybe not. Y'all know how to reach me. See you round pea©e

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Resets more than an original NES

Yes yes....i'm not an art major but at my job I do have some leisure! LOL (hope my boss doesn't read my blogs! LOL) my 4th inferior Products on demand loves to stop in the middle of a song and go to the menu. Personally I thought that the damn thing had an attitude with my choice of music (which from what my friends say is totally understandable...and you all suck too! But moving on...). This is a known issue with Apple! *...blink blink...*
ummm WTF is the fix?!? Lemme go ahead and fast forward the "genius" bar dicussion
...blah blah..reset? ...blah blah...restore? ..blah blah..upgrade software? ...blah blah...steve jobs a hummer?
And I've done all that! And I still don't know how the last "troubleshooting" tip *hee hee* gets my iPod working but I'm not one to question the "geniuses" there. So here I found the article of 200 damn bullets.
You should be able to scroll to the end of these damn things and have it say "You're Fucked" if there isn't an answer.
Gawd dammit Apple! If I wasn't such a fuckin sheep I'd...I'd! oooooooooooooOOOooH! (sips double tall skim no foam extra hot latte). So I'm gonna see some overweight, glasses, goatee 17yo named Sasha to hopefully swap out this iPod with something that works. I'll fuckin slap Billy or Sasha if they make me walk out the store with my current iPod and some weak ass advice. And you people want me to get an iPhlop?!? L...M...F...A...O! As if fuckin meself in the arse with my music isn't bad e-nuf, lemme go ahead and toss communications in there too! F that!
Ok....that's enuf about me bitching over stupid shit! God Bless America! iLuv that it's STUPID shit like this I get to bitch about, and not real world problems! Good life! Good Life!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

just a glass of water and an almond, please

...sometime I feel like that is the story of my life. I try to hard to maintain healthiness...Cut down on sodium, give up cokes (haven't had a diet soda in like a week now), exercise, limit fried foods, eat more salads and veggies, have natural sugars.

I think back growing up how I use to eat what I wanted and how fat I was. It's that mental image that drives me to continue to strive for the slimmer me. I know I'm not alone in this, but (pretty woman moment) when you get put down enough you start to believe it. When does your mind finally say, you know what...I'm satisfied with my appearance? I accept people (unless ur scary or clingy) as they are and it helps that I surround myself with people who do the same. I also have my princess moments where If I'm with someone I know really well, we just gotta be rock stars. But I matter what positive comments I hear from people, friends and family...I don't see what they see. My eyes always see this guy about to put on weight, and I have to stop him.

It would be my dream to have that perfect bod in magazines just so I could be like "OMG! Yes! It's all mine". But deep down I'd rather keep what I got and be satisfied with it. If only my eyes could see that I have the perfect bod, then maybe my mind would be n'sync.

Apart from that, the house is getting better and better. I need to do face plates this weekend. Tomorrow my desk arrives and I'll need to set that up in the loft. The loft will then be complete. I may take a reg chair until I find the right mesh computer chair for's a lil cramped, but not too cramp. The loft is my favorite place (as someone guessed on my facebook site) because I share the house with my sis...and the only privacy I have is my bedroom. Everything else is open to the both of us, but my bedroom is mine. So I am getting attached to my loft.

Housewarming party? Man I hope soon! My sis has had some of her friends over and I've invited a couple peeps to show the progress, but I guess I'm waiting on her to say "Ok let's do it". Mostly because it'll be more her friends than mine. I know of all the friends I invite no matter what, Chris and Tiff will show up. And that rocks! My other buddies *lol* naaah! Swing n a miss...

Interview today went well, I answered a lot of their questions correctly. So....SNAKES! Yes, lets talk about snakes! I e-mailed them salary requirements for their network reviewer position. I was being interviewed for a windows' reviewer position...ok, what's the difference? 15k. So *the nerve* they brought me there to do the hook-n-bait. Basically told me about the job, training and all the traveling I can expect. They just couldn't meet my salary range. That is what a snake I smiled and told them that I would have to take their offer into consideration before making a decision. I was disappointed in EDS (for the second time). This is the 2nd time I got so close with EDS and that was it. They make the temp-perm contracting companies not look so bad. So it was a great opportunity to interview and as much as I study DNS over and over again, it's fuckin useless knowledge unless I'm doing it (dammit! I miss being a sys admin!). So I'm sticking with the DOS until something better pans bad about EDS. The road warrior gig just sounded right. Only plus I could see is that I would break into IT Security at the same pay and then advance from there. I also met my potential boss and he seemed sorta rigid too. Maybe that is because of interviewing, but I'm not so sure. Alright time for some ZZzzzz.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last day of therapy I decided yesterday that today will be my last session with Dr. Knep. I'm feeling it to be more of a drag and since therapy is suppose to be helpful and not a burden I've decided to let things be for now.

I can say that for the four months I have learned and (although not fully developed) planted a seed of knowledge to Mr. Sanchez...I've brought understanding and some enlightment towards my Love life and personal life. I am no longer the desparate mess I was back in November (and thank God for that! I hated listenin to that fuckin Tattoo song and bursting in tears, not understanding why my heart and head can't be N'sync). My heart and head may never ever get to where I want them to go. But if I can learn to look, crawl, walk, dance and then run I will have my life a TON easier when it comes to friendships and romance.

I'm going to buy a red ring and whenever I feel the urge to rush situations, take a look at it and play it cool. What else did I learn. Well...I'm still not great at this step. Talking about my feelings. I know and accept that people have different personalities and that if I don't explain what is going on in my head that my friends are not Nostradamus. I've learned that my feelings of guilt should be explored on a two way street (not just on Dirty St). There are so many more things to say but I'm going to withhold and focus on what/where I need to go next?

Finishing up my townhouse is a good start. Morning Jogs, coffee/lunch dates with friends, reading (pleasure or educational) before, hit the gym and then go home. Friday or Saturday I will hit the SportRock gym up and climb.

Things in the future I'm looking forward to:
* A housewarming party
* BB visiting in May
* Turning 21 for the 7th time
* 3/4 day weekend in San Antonio, LA, San Fran or Biloxi

Friday night I'm thinkin of either scopin out the Haunting in Connecticut or 12 Rounds. Regal Potomac Yards. I can't believe it's only Tuesday...hurry the hell up Friday! LOL!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ready for some R&R

Rather than blog about how the weekend turned out lemme just do a tenative plan. This weekend my parents are flying to Phoenix to place my grandmother with my grandfather. They will hold a small memorial in Phoenix for her and then fly back Sunday. So I won't be doing the family thing (it's done and I move forward). I've got a basement to finish up and maybe paint (I'm toying with that idea).

Friday night I'm going to take Tiffany (co-worker) to TOWN. She's never done the drag show bit, so we'll do that ( I won't get wasted since I gotta drive back ). Saturday is again working on the house, maybe do a bit of rock climbing in the afternoon followed by cleaning up the bedroom and bathroom.

Don't I just wish I could wave a wand and have the place be done already? Yeah! I do wish that! So nothing big this weekend...just simplicity! Next Saturday I know for sure me and jos are gonna rock climb, laser tag, eat good pasta and then prolly hit the cinema. I'm hopin for a good crowd but the wicked awesome thing bout this event is there will be tons of peeps climbing and shootin that if it ends up bein a small crowd it won't be a big disappointment.

Aight gotta work work work *BLAH*

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So I'm about to make my sandwiches for work and had an apiffany...Last night I was buying some pizzas for the freezer and of course I like to see what type of dough is used and what not. Ok so I started comparing the pizzas and when I picked up a box of pepperoni there was 1000mg for 1/3 the pie. OMG! Compared to a plain that was 440MG 1/3 that was a lot!

So like I said I was about to make a roast beef/colby jack/lettuce/baby swiss and 3 slices of salami sandwiches. Two of them. Without even doing the math in my head I put the colby jack and salami back in the fridge. How much sodium does an organic wheat loaf have? Well 1/8th has 240mg of sodium (2 slices). Ok so how much sodium is in two sandwiches, one slice of roast beef per sandwich, one slice of Baby Swiss cheese, olive-oil mayo and mustard with lettuce. 1610mg of sodium! My two TV dinners had 920mg of sodium and filled me up more than those sandwiches would have. So now I'm back where I started from...I think I'm gonna have to do it folks. I think I'm going to have to (GAWD HELP ME)....COOK!

So I'm gonna back off the sandwiches for a while and figure out where I can get me health carbs, and still have simple ingredients. Rice! Rice might come back to my life. Brown rice (cuz the white shit is plain rubbish!) So if I cook the rice, maybe I can use a sauce that isn't plastered with flour or corn starch. Hmmmm....I see me makin a rice chicken alfredo! Oh yeah! I can do that...grill some chicken, steam a bit of brocolli while nuke'n some alfredo sauce. Yeah...tha shit sounds delish! YUM!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


@ work nothing to do...iPod minus headphones! FUCK!!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! I want music!
...only 3 hours left dirty....breathe in *sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif*.....and out *pssssssssssssssssssssssssh*

Monday, March 9, 2009

Where my bars @?

For all you lush's out there, I'm referring to my mobile device. I really do luv the T-Mobile plan I got...had it since I came back from Kuwait. $81.50 after taxes and all include:
*1000 minutes
* Free nights and weekends
* Unlimited TXT/MMS msgs
* Unlimited Internet

The perfect what good is a perfect plan when I'm in a neighborhood that has bad reception. I brought this up last week to T-Mobile. They said that they are aware of the problem and have a tech looking into it. Well I told them they have two weeks of me not getting service. In the mean time I'm leaning towards AT&T Wireless. I WILL not...let me repeat WILL NOT give Steve Jobs more money. I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid and getting an iPhone. People who own iPhones are freaking sheeps. Oooo you got an iPhone? I got an iPhone...we should fuck now, have babies that will also be mindless and hop on the latest fad!

Am I trendy? Eghhh....ummmmm....No! I do like clothes. A LOT. Technology wise, I'll suck the M$ tit and stay on top of my game career wise. I use to wear jogging shoes all the time until my sis gay pimped slapped me and said "STEP UR GAME UP". But I'm digressing (Kathy Griffin moment)...let's get back to T-Mobile. iLuv the plan but the plan might as well come with an all 1-900 access line! it don't matter if I ain't got service. So being the PDA nut, I'm looking at AT&T wireless but I want to make sure they work at my place. So my sis said you get two weeks. I'm gonna check that out at the store. I'm also gonna bring in my monthly bill and see how close they can get me to my current plan. Y o Y T-Mobile do u gotta do this to me?

I was thinking about Sprint too because before I left the US I had them and the service rocked, customer service sucks. Verizon...LOL!....LOL!....LMAO! Fuck no! You all couldn't get ur customer service straight when I was attempting to get FIOS! u will not fuck me over wirelessly!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Au Revoir Mammie!

Je t'aime beaucoup!


I miss you sooo much. As soon as I heard they were going to move you to the hospice I told my guys at work that I had to leave. Not soon after Jackie gave me the call with the two words I didn't want to hear, "She passed". I didn't show a lot of emotion when Grandpa and Rick died. But with you, my Mammie I broke down in tears. That was the hardest news I've ever dealt with to this day. I never cried like that before. You were the first one to see me born. We had our special cuddle time when I was and grandpa were terrific! I spent a lot of summers with you growing up and of course who could forget the time we went cross country. Remember how I told you Old faithful was my favorite part of the trip? I think it was yours too! Then growing up I got to take you to Scotland for your 80th birthday! What a treat that was!

I loved and enjoyed that trip so much! We were on a budget but still made it work! And of course the last night we stayed at the hilton...and who got our room upgraded complimentary?!? ^_^ and your french accent!

I think of all the good times we had while I was growing up and how lucky I was to have a grandmother that cared and accepted me the way I am.

When I came out to the family about being gay everyone's first reaction was "Are you sure". I loved that you didn't say that and that your first words were "Well you can always adopt". That was the best thing anyone could've said.

Your LOVE, spirit and youthful energy will be missed. I'll even miss arguing politics with you! Something that was always taboo with us, but that didn't stop me! =)

I'm glad you were with me when I closed on the house and toasted just a small bit of champagne with me. Tomorrow I will buy a bottle of Roederer (what do you think? ;-D) and toast you to your new life with the love of your life, Grandpa. I will see you again and hopefully you & Grandpa will have a good bottle waiting for me ;)

I love you and miss you terribly! Also I took your favorite picture that you had next you. I know you'd want me to have it because our hearts were always N'sync. I love you (me more!)

~ Avec Beaucoup D'amour,

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I hate packing! LOL! I got beaucoup amigos though that offered to help and as much as misery loves company I am not gonna bring them into my mess. Family on the other hand is welcome to be miserable with me.

Aight back to more packin! F!

Will & Kristy's wedding speech


You have been one of the most influential friends I have come to know and love. We met in Kuwait and with arms wide open you and LuLu welcomed me into your home and life with no questions asked. All that was required was friendship on both parts.

We've traveled abroad many times...Dubai, Bahrain, Lebanon, Scotland, Germany...I think I missed out on Texas and now here we all are in Hawaii celebrating a wedding between two great friends. I've had a rough year...losing two family members and nearly a grandmother. I really could not wait to get 2008 over with an now I find myself trying to slow the sands of time.
I couldn't think of a better nor poetic way to end the year and bring in the new one that with my family of friends in good health and good spirits!

Cheers to you & Kristy! There is a Hawaiian proverb; Ua olo loko I ke Aloha. Love gives life within. May the islands of love and Goddess Hina bless the love that you two share and give new life within.

~ Aloha

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Wow....A whole month since my last blog! What's happened since then? New friendships, new house, tiny raise, same love life. But let me elaborate! =)

So Josie and I joined the SportRock club off Eisenhower Ave. It's a great activity and gives your forearms a good workout. Equipment to buy I guess came close to $200 (Harness, Chalk/Bag, shoes). Money well spent if you do it for a year. So I met someone rock climbing who is turning out to be a great friend, JR. I definitely don't have expectations when it comes to friends (particularly in the gay crowd), but I must say that after knowing him for over a month now he is a genuine caring person who loves to laugh, and that reflects well off my personality.

I like the fact that he has a boyfriend so that I know everything is strictly platonic and there are no mind games to be played. I've been rock climbing with him, movies, bars, clubs, live shows, etc..It's really awesome to know that if this friendship keeps developing the way it's going that I'll actually have someone in my life that isn't all about the bars. Don't get me wrong, I love heading out to TOWN, cobalts, nel's, JRs and's just that I'm not 100% about that. And I think that it is also my fault. I mean come on Michael...if you just go to bars, and see the same people...who are you making friends with. I did get invited to go Nature hoping somewhere west of VA (...and if it wasn't for all the family stuff and moving goin on I totally would've went) and stay in a cabin (Thanks Lonnie). There are some diamonds in the rough when you go to clubs, but it's hard finding them. I'm winging off this cycle though. Not not going to the clubs...just making sure my life has more than the clubs.

The house. I finally got it! It's mine! All mine!!! yaaaaay!!!! w00t w00t!!! I am a landlord in VA for one week. The guys will be out on the 1st. I'm hoping they move out carefully...i don't want to keep there deposits. That is not my style. Having cash in ur hand is a nice feeling, so again...crossing my fingers they move out gracefully. I'm painting my room dual tone. A light orange/pumpkin/melon and off white cream for the loft. It will look fabulous, TRUST!
I can't wait....I'm really very very excited!!! ^_^
I'm gonna pack the remainder of my kitchen tonight. Yup...paper plates and plastic cutlery here on out! The house party is gonna rock. That I promise! I'm tempted to make tacos because that is an awesome drunk food! Or I can be lazy and order out. Decisions, decisions! Well if I do cook, iLuv the stove in my place!! It freakin rocks! Oh and guess who now has an automatic ice maker! yaaaaay!! w00t w00t! So anyways, I will post pics of the improvements. So excited!

Ok on to my raise. Well my boss rocks. I got the best performance review in my shop (hold your applause). We got our reviews about two weeks ago. My PM said I'm doing a hell of a job. I got 4s & 5s on my review (5 being the top). My raise...LOL! 2%. I shit you not! 2%. My PM actually told me that I woulda made like 500 bucks more if the review was for 12months not 10. However I am sooo fuckin sharp at math and numbers and saw his math was off $300. Soooo I did the best I could at happy hour to make them pay the difference. I rung up $245 worth of food! I fuckin shit you not! And this thursday...I'm bringing a bag with me! Oh princess is not happy! So bad raise, what can you do to motivate me? I mentioned that I was interested in SharePoint, and my PM brought up taking a class. Sounds cool, all I need is my supervisor and office lead's approval. So that was easy to get...they knew my raised sucked and thought I deserved the class. So I got their blessing. And then my PM re-nigged! He told the office lead that SharePoint has nothing to do with what we do and that I could take a windows or exchange class. Oh princess took her tiara off, put the extensions on her hair...snapped her chicken neck IN THE OFFICE and licked her upper lip and said "Mutherfucker, WHAT?!?" to the office lead. I was short on words at the raise sucked and the fuckin hologram of a carrot they dangled in front of my face disappeared. Why the fuck would you lie to me? worries. I'm in control of my emotions. So my PM owes me $86 for pizza and I'm collecting Monday (manana). I'm going to let him know that I'm very disappointed with his decisions and that the class would've helped me grow technically along with build up my motivation after the small raise I received. Yes, I've slept on this and that is the most diplomatic way I could think of addressing this (withholding emotions). So that's what's up in the office.

Same love life. You know what. I think about how obsessed I was with Marlon and craving his love and affection. A month or two ago he was honest and expressed no romantic interest in me. That needed to be said so that I know to stop trying. He was over me, and I told him that I needed two things from him. Time and understanding. He's given me that. Since then my heart doesn't sink thinking about him and we talk about everything on the phone. I understand him as a person and know that he brings different things to the table, along with my other friends. I told him that he's a pain in the ass and that I would never welcome someone else like him in my life. It's way to time consuming! I haven't got the energy! So that's is an awesome thing I got going in my life.

Friends - The stripping of titles. This helped me out with Marlon. Marlon was the first everything for me. So putting him where he is now in my life was probably the hardest mental thing I've ever had to go through in life. And like the brady bunch "You know I've learned something" ;-) Silver linings...iLuv 'em. I use to be so quick to cut people out of my life, that i'm finding it not easier but better to learn about them. I'm so interested in the behaviors of others. I've taken away titles from friends who don't need them. The only two friends who hold titles as best friends are Chris and Tiff. They are my family...genuine awesome people and I luv them and their kids to death! Titles and what they did for me. People who held titles like First Love, First friend, First whatever held this pot of energy. And if they were 20% I'd go 80...most of the time it was 40/60 & 60/40. The 40/60 60/40 stuff rocks. I do love my friends, but if they wrong me I let them know so that I don't hold it in or if I can't think of the right thing to say I'll tell them if they are important enough that I love you, you know this but I gotta get back with you later bout something. I know that I have a rather self-absorbed behavior and that's why I have to think about things. Not be impulsive to respond but gather my thoughts.

I was suppose to meetup with a group of buddies on the 13th. The meetup spot was JRs and from there we'd go to Zig's/Secrets grand opening. I made it to DC and got a message that they were headin out to Zig's. Tried calling and sent a txt. No dice. I did not want to go by myself there and then got upset..And I caught myself slippin! I smiled because I was in the zone! I saw my attitude change because I felt left out/abandoned once again. So I went over to Nellie's to grab a beer. My new goal was to not go home upset. I will use my AMEX or whatever...go to a movie...something! But I will not let my group send me home upset. So I texted around and got a hold of my buddy JR. He was headin to TOWN and I was next door so I was like cool. Let's do it! I ended up havin an awesome night. My group ended up there (no calls/txts) and my mask came on (what can I say? Rome wasn't built in a steps!). So I was nonchalant and was not gonna deal with that situation at that point. I think if people grow to know me and my history they know that I didn't grow up with a vast amount of friends. And a lot of it is because of my self absorbed attitude and cutting people off. The right thing to do is let people know why you are upset with them and if they give a damn, they'll hit you up with an apology or good reasoning. If not then you cut them off.
I personally think that the above situation doesn't need any more energy put towards it (except for maybe stating why I felt the way I felt). When I write it out I feel the emotions on the keyboard. I don't wanna carry that chip anymore tho. So anyways I love my friends enough to let them go....not cut them off anymore, but let them be where they wanna be in my life. I got awesome advice from a friend that next time just ask how long they are gonna be at a certain place and if they'll wait for me. That sounds fair. And I'll do that next time. BLLLLAAAAAAH!

I hate Valentine's Day! Worse holiday in the world that was made up to unload the chrismas candy shit that couldn't sale followed by Jesus who is represented by chocolate rabbits (more candy!). Ok, I've digressed...Vday wasn't anything special. I did hang out with my sis and saw Taken. I'm becoming a movie buff and paying Hollywood well for it too!

This blog is long but I hope it makes up for the one month loss.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Movie rant...and the weekend

So My Bloody Valentine: 3D

O...M...G! You can't just take a piece of shit, turn in into 3D and pass it off for people watch. I mean who would fall that? Who would waste the $13 (cuz yeah, those damn glasses go for $2 or whatever) and watch what was once a terrible 1981 movie today? So yeah, me and Amanda were not amused with the movie.

I could've been doing laundry or clipping my toenails, but OH NO! I gave my money to Hollywood. So that was what was up Friday night. Amanda wanted to see a drag show, so I took her to TOWN (oooo....ahhhhhh). I'm wingin myself off of the nightlife because I want so much more out of life.

I know my buddies like going there, but that's not all I'm about. I wanna hike some trails, or do rock climbing (I had a blast Josie and JR) or do something that challenges my mind and heart. So on Sunday I met up with my cousin Josie and new buddy, JR. He seems pretty cool, likes to laugh and smile. That's awesome, so we're def gonna be rock buddies. I gotta take a class so that I can control the ballet or security rope thingy.

So Sunday rocked, I've been in contact with Marlon and it's cool. We're both being honest with each other and developing a friendship. Someone told me that if I couldn't have him as a boyfriend that my heart would never change. Well that's not entirely true. The problem was I had never really go a No from him, so there was always a glimmer of hope. I got what I needed from him. That there is no romantic interests and that we gotta develop our friendship. I felt a huge lift from my heart when I read wasn't a bad thing! It was more like I released the shackles. So when I think of it in my head, it kind of sucks that what I want won't happen. But at the same time I know that it is not from a lack of effort. It is because he communicated what he wanted. And that's being real. I don't have many friends who can keep it as real as he does. Most of my friends will cater/spare my feelings. I don't like being hurt, but at the same time I will pick myself up and respect the truth. I've got to!

I've got a ton to talk about @ therapy tomorrow. I think I've done pretty well this week at not masking my feelings. I'm going to keep it up and I've told my sis if she catches me to let me know. It's awesome to have the people I have in my life accept me for me and that I don't have to put forth any extra energy to be the person I would like to be. You would think after coming out of the closet I wouldn't hide myself. Well Michael, that's another journey and we'll do it in 2009 and mark our progress in 2010.

I luv it...fuckin love it! I gotta write out a schedule for me to follow. I've been sleeping the days away and that's gonna change! Oh also this weekend, my commute was interupted because SOMEBODY had to have an inaugration. Well I'm glad that it didn't take me 2 1/2 hours to get to work this time! That "CHANGE" I can do with our, President Obama! On a serious note though, I was very inspired by what President Obama had to say and that he touches the heart of so many. America needs that in these times of economic & war crisis. America needs that sparkle of hope, and I believe the energy/persona he puts out will get us there! Here's to a fantastic 8 years in office!!!

~ c!a0

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My new babies! =)

LG Steam Washer with Allergiene & Electric Steam Dryer WM2487HRMA & DLEX7177RM's not because I'm spoiled (*tee hee*)...I just don't like buying washer & dryer's so let's just get a set that i'll keep for 10 years! I'll let you know how it works (especially the steam feature!)
I really can't wait to get my townhouse under my belt. It's gonna be great and these are my housewarming gifts from: ME to: ME!!! (pedestals are on hold) ~c!a0-

Friday, January 16, 2009

Therapy & p90x

I luv thursdays. I usually think to myself on the drive home, what am I gonna talk about tomorrow? I can talk my "dream" and the challenges I face letting it go...I can talk about my taco night. Ooooh I can talk about the house and where I'm at on that.

So I get there and I sit down and we talk about last week, how I'm feeling. How my family is doing. I told him how disappointed I was on Saturday and that my feelings were hurt. In anycase I had an epiphany! And it was awesome. As much as I love myself (or at least started in 2008) my whole life I've always put my on a show and acted the way I want to be, but am not. I pretty much wear a mask and don't let those I want to get to know me better, get to know me better. They end up seeing this character and I put forth the energy to be that person.

It was awesome to see myself in that light and it was mutherfucking groundbreaking! I do it like 2nd nature! I sometimes don't know I'm doing it! But now that I've seen it, I'm gonna stand up to it! I'm gonna tell those I love and care about how I feel. I'm not gonna be mean, I will use tact. And if they care about me, like my true friends do then I have nothing to worry about.

They are friends because they want to be and that's beautiful because it's genuine! It's real. It's what I crave. We then talked about my dream. And he asked me if my "dream" were the clingy type, would I still love him. And I again was shocked about my answer. I told him No. I would still love him, but I could never live with him and would grow more and more distant from him. Wouldn't it be great if he was the clingy type tho? What would occupy my mind then? LOL! I guess it would just be myself, family and friends.

Ok, enuf about therapy. p90x! OMG! I thought day one was hard! I can't believe day 2 thought! SQUATS SQUATS SQUATS! OY! Well day 2 is done...88 to go! LOL! time for some food! Yum yum yum! ~c!a0

Thursday, January 15, 2009

p90x day 1

yeeeees! 89 days left! LOL! Well here's the dealio on wassup. I snapped those pix a couple days ago and already I'm seeing results! LOL! (hides the hagen daaz). I wasted one day doing the intro DVD and have to print out some worksheets tomorrow (mental note 2 self). one is Chest & Back...O.....M....F....G! I threw up at the end of the workout. I didn't quit, I just did whatever I could do at the end. And was freakin tuff! But i told myself that shit! It's day one dood! I got a mental image of what I wanna see in May and it DEF gets me motivated!

I found two whey isolate protein shakes I can stomach, the other one I'm just gonna tell peeps on facebook that if they want it, it's theirs! Aight I gotta write more later


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

p90x Challenge!

Well the turkey's been carved...the christmas cookies were DEVOURED..Hawaii there were a couple drinks here and here (don't get me wrong, I found time to sleep) and then taco night. Now it's time to get motivated and "Bring It". Today no working out...setup the equipment, watched the intro movie, got my Ironman(r) Pull-up bar setup (in a closet!) and resistance bars ready to go. Bought some protein shakes (yuk! yuk! yuk!) at the Vitamin Shop. At work I will plan out my meals, drink the bloody shakes and setup a workout time (most likely 10am - 11am). I will continue to workout at workout at work (cardio only).

Above are my Day 1 Pics....In May I will post my finale pics. You and I will be the judge if there is a difference. Drinking is gonna be put on hold because as my sis best put it, I need to do away with the bar trash in DC. I'm gonna go to the REI store I got near me and see what's going on. I won't lie when I say hiking in Jan-Mar doesn't motivate me, but there is always indoor rock climbing and swimming that can be fun...oh duh! And snowboarding! (Josie, don't count me out yet!!!)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Taco Night

Well catch 22 tonight...I was successful in Operation Stove and made tacos tonight. They taste awesome! So the catch 22? Well I was suppose to have peeps over but they bailed. Sorta sucks right now, but fuck it. the tacos rock and I'm gonna head over to Belvoir later and feed my buds. I had planned on opening a bottle of champs to celebrate that I got my townhouse under contract, but yeah....~out

PiNg cHing POW!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New House!

Yes Yes....soon to be, Home Sweet Home! So my mom (who is an awesome realtor) has been going back and forth with the listing agent. Well after reaching an agreeement, we wrote the contract up. It's now waiting on the owner's signature and then we're past ratification! What I like...The kitchen is cool...the living room has a nice dark red paint, the hardwood floors (drops jaw) are awesome! and the basement is painted a mustard yellow which will go FAB with my Living Room furniture creating a comfy setting. It's not a big basement, but we'll see where things'll def be fab for hosting parties and what not! So the best part which I saved for last...The loft! Oh yeah bitches, and guess where it's at?!? Ummmm fuck yeah! It's in the MBR! w00t w00t! and who get's the MBR?!? Duh! The princess himself (*muah muah muah*...does the queen wave). My bean bags unfortunately will prolly hafta to there since the L/R is a lil small but we'll see....we shall see! I'll let you all know when the contract is done and when the move date is (*ahem* incase I got some helping hands!) and for all else, the housewarming date! =D....FuCK YEAHZ!!!!


Kitchen (duh!)

Living Room (Pretty floors!)

The "No Grass" Patio! Beer n BBQs! w00t w00t!

Princess's room (ummm...yeah, I'm thinking GREY would go great with my bedroom set)

The loft! These closet doors will be replaced with mirrored doors! OMG! These white ones are FEO!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's Resolution

Procrastination: I did well on this resolution last year, and will continue to promote procrastination. This is something we all need to re-learn, that the world does not need everything yesterday. Now this does not apply to bills, just me. I have 1400 minutes a day. 10 of those minutes are ME minutes. No matter WHAT is going on, I will acknowledge that the problem/crisis will not disappear in ten minutes. Grab my inferior Product on demand (iPod) and jam to some tunes, or meditate.

Cook: I was giving my stove evils last week. I will cook this year dammit! I will not be a microwave/sandwich junkie. I'm over it! I'll grab a receipe book and promote good eating habits and who knows...if my friends are brave enough to eat what I cook, I'll have them over. ***NOTE: Domino's phone number WILL be on the fridge and speed-dial!***

p90x Challenge: I'm going to start this on Monday (I was on holiday in Hawaii, but now am ready and motivated)

Alcohol: Not giving it up, but am done with pissing my $$$ away. I'm ready to hang out with my best friends (Chris & Tiff) and have friends over (those who aren't afraid to come to VA)

Smoking: Bad disgusting habit that I should give up!

Love: Wow I learned so much in 2008 about love. I think the most important relationship that came out of 2008 was with myself. I actually can have fun with me. I love me and that is HUGE. I fell head over heels for my friend Marlon in California. And I can recall how I felt if I hadn't heard from him in like days or weeks. I still love the guy. I have learned that I can not shut off this love switch, but I can put him where he needs to the friendship box. Friends get the attention that they reciprocate. I get tired of hearing; we should do this or I'm gonna do something for you. Keep those thoughts to yourself. Be a man of action. Show some spontaneity in your life! I have no partners in my life right now, but am blessed with the friends I do have.
So what's the resolution on love? Just learn to love myself more and more! Yes I Can!!!

Money: Save this year. For those who didn't know, I am a spo!led pr!ncess! I treat myself well and figure if I need money, then I'll go out and get it. So this year I'm gonna tone down the spoiled attitude (except for cheap alcohol).

Career: I'm happy but continue to keep my eyes open and interview. I love interviewing and keeping up with those skills!

Education: I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate, I'm going to pick up on reading more. I enjoy writing poems and notes, so I will need a vast vocabulary in order to do just that.

That's all for now. I'm excited about the p90x challenge and will post weekly pics here and on facebook. Who wants this brown sexy 8-pack I'm about to sport?!? w00t w00t!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New years! So the BEST part of hawaii. I love challenging myself. I fuckin love it! So those who know my fears know heights is one of them. Me my bud Jen nd her husband nor did a nature hike to Maunawili Falls. The hike was challenging but the reward Ooooo so worth it.

We got in the water (BRRRRR!) and saw rocks to jump off of (bout 20 ft). Then I saw this one kid jump off where you see me standing (about 50ft up). So with my rock climbing experience (Thanks Gary & Cam) I put my knowledge to good use on slippery rocks. I almost fell and got the shakes. So after I got up, I saw how far Jen was and was like Holyfuck balls! OMG! How am I gettin down from here. We had this hot navy guy named Rick makin sure I was OK (Go Medics) and I kept bending my knees trying to jump. I was telling myself, fear is nothing but weakness in ur mind. Do it Michael. Just jump! So I let out this Cowabunga and just did it. I threw my hands in the air when I emerged back up.

I did it! I couldn't wait to swim up to Jen. I didn't cry but my emotions were up there. Facing your fears just rocks. And I'm glad I had friends there to be there and snap the pics.

My vacation in Hawaii totally rocked. I will upload pics on facebook. I also wrote good words for my boi Will and had the BEST so far new year's EVER! I love an miss my circle of friends already. They aren't my circle of friends...they're my family of friends. MUAH! Love u all! Happy New Year's!