Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weekend....and now

I feel like I'm neglecting my blog and stuff. I don't wanna do that. So what to talk about...oh yeah! The weekend cool. I spent friday night taking care of the house and then hitting HH with my bois at Nellies. We then went to Logans for some grub and called it a night. I didn't wanna get trashed because I had a 15mile challenge Saturday. I OWNED IT! I FUCKING OWNED IT!! From my parents house in Springfield I ran to Burke Lake, around Burke Lake twice and then back home. Well when I say ran, I mean jogged and paced myself. The end result was sooo sweet and the whole day all I wanted to do was eat eat eat!
Spent that afternoon with my best friends at belvoir. I was tired so went home and HOLY HELL! Why isn't the AC workin?!? Ummmm....damn thing is broken. So I called the warranty company to send someone out. Monday morning the guy told me I had the wrong thermostat and that I have a heat-pump, thus needing a heat pump thermostat. That'll be $100. *Ca-CHING*. So went to HomeDepot to swap the thermostats. Hmmmm the one I bought a month ago they don't make anymore $70 *FLUSH*...Programmable touchscreen/heat-pump friendly thermostat $100 *Ca-CHING*. So...still no A/C, out $270....and it's a HI 90 weekend. Oh yeah I'm hot. Tuesday comes around (day 4 no AC)...someone is scheduled to come Thursday morning to check the exhaust lines. My mom stops by and I am not friendly and neither is jackie. We are exhausted and want a house that functions. So my mom plays with the thermostat, turns the air on and says "How much are you gonna pay me". She got the AC on!! I hugged her sooo tight and now owe here a nice NICE meal this friday (yum yum!)

La vida dirty....that's all for now

Friday, April 17, 2009


That lasted a day! F'in facebook has all my photos!

Deactivating Facebook

Maybe temporary, maybe not. Y'all know how to reach me. See you round pea©e

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Resets more than an original NES

Yes yes....i'm not an art major but at my job I do have some leisure! LOL (hope my boss doesn't read my blogs! LOL) my 4th inferior Products on demand loves to stop in the middle of a song and go to the menu. Personally I thought that the damn thing had an attitude with my choice of music (which from what my friends say is totally understandable...and you all suck too! But moving on...). This is a known issue with Apple! *...blink blink...*
ummm WTF is the fix?!? Lemme go ahead and fast forward the "genius" bar dicussion
...blah blah..reset? ...blah blah...restore? ..blah blah..upgrade software? ...blah blah...steve jobs a hummer?
And I've done all that! And I still don't know how the last "troubleshooting" tip *hee hee* gets my iPod working but I'm not one to question the "geniuses" there. So here I found the article of 200 damn bullets.
You should be able to scroll to the end of these damn things and have it say "You're Fucked" if there isn't an answer.
Gawd dammit Apple! If I wasn't such a fuckin sheep I'd...I'd! oooooooooooooOOOooH! (sips double tall skim no foam extra hot latte). So I'm gonna see some overweight, glasses, goatee 17yo named Sasha to hopefully swap out this iPod with something that works. I'll fuckin slap Billy or Sasha if they make me walk out the store with my current iPod and some weak ass advice. And you people want me to get an iPhlop?!? L...M...F...A...O! As if fuckin meself in the arse with my music isn't bad e-nuf, lemme go ahead and toss communications in there too! F that!
Ok....that's enuf about me bitching over stupid shit! God Bless America! iLuv that it's STUPID shit like this I get to bitch about, and not real world problems! Good life! Good Life!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

just a glass of water and an almond, please

...sometime I feel like that is the story of my life. I try to hard to maintain healthiness...Cut down on sodium, give up cokes (haven't had a diet soda in like a week now), exercise, limit fried foods, eat more salads and veggies, have natural sugars.

I think back growing up how I use to eat what I wanted and how fat I was. It's that mental image that drives me to continue to strive for the slimmer me. I know I'm not alone in this, but (pretty woman moment) when you get put down enough you start to believe it. When does your mind finally say, you know what...I'm satisfied with my appearance? I accept people (unless ur scary or clingy) as they are and it helps that I surround myself with people who do the same. I also have my princess moments where If I'm with someone I know really well, we just gotta be rock stars. But I matter what positive comments I hear from people, friends and family...I don't see what they see. My eyes always see this guy about to put on weight, and I have to stop him.

It would be my dream to have that perfect bod in magazines just so I could be like "OMG! Yes! It's all mine". But deep down I'd rather keep what I got and be satisfied with it. If only my eyes could see that I have the perfect bod, then maybe my mind would be n'sync.

Apart from that, the house is getting better and better. I need to do face plates this weekend. Tomorrow my desk arrives and I'll need to set that up in the loft. The loft will then be complete. I may take a reg chair until I find the right mesh computer chair for's a lil cramped, but not too cramp. The loft is my favorite place (as someone guessed on my facebook site) because I share the house with my sis...and the only privacy I have is my bedroom. Everything else is open to the both of us, but my bedroom is mine. So I am getting attached to my loft.

Housewarming party? Man I hope soon! My sis has had some of her friends over and I've invited a couple peeps to show the progress, but I guess I'm waiting on her to say "Ok let's do it". Mostly because it'll be more her friends than mine. I know of all the friends I invite no matter what, Chris and Tiff will show up. And that rocks! My other buddies *lol* naaah! Swing n a miss...

Interview today went well, I answered a lot of their questions correctly. So....SNAKES! Yes, lets talk about snakes! I e-mailed them salary requirements for their network reviewer position. I was being interviewed for a windows' reviewer position...ok, what's the difference? 15k. So *the nerve* they brought me there to do the hook-n-bait. Basically told me about the job, training and all the traveling I can expect. They just couldn't meet my salary range. That is what a snake I smiled and told them that I would have to take their offer into consideration before making a decision. I was disappointed in EDS (for the second time). This is the 2nd time I got so close with EDS and that was it. They make the temp-perm contracting companies not look so bad. So it was a great opportunity to interview and as much as I study DNS over and over again, it's fuckin useless knowledge unless I'm doing it (dammit! I miss being a sys admin!). So I'm sticking with the DOS until something better pans bad about EDS. The road warrior gig just sounded right. Only plus I could see is that I would break into IT Security at the same pay and then advance from there. I also met my potential boss and he seemed sorta rigid too. Maybe that is because of interviewing, but I'm not so sure. Alright time for some ZZzzzz.