Thursday, May 9, 2013

Runs back to meds!!

I had a couple great days where my nose got to be moist. And now my body has mucus build up (nose/throat). I didn't eliminate mucus, I reduced it.

If I take my meds my nose becomes the sahara desert. Not cool. Ok so I'm gonna research saline solutions. If there is one that doesn't limit my usage I'm going after that one.

Another factor to consider is that my nose needs mucus to catch bacteria before it enters my body.

I may switch Zyrtec. Right now I'm cutting it down to 5mg. We'll see. Benadryl didn't work before but now that I cut a lot of crap out it may be a good contender. Hmmmm if its non-drowsy then I can dig that

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Must remember: Allergies not gone (dry nose battle)

So far life has been great cutting back foods to get rid of allergy symptoms wit the exception of now my nose is too dry.

I decided a few days ago again to cut out the meds and let my body naturally produce mucus on its own. Day1/2 good. Day3 little itchy on the face, nose healing nicely though. Day4 bienvenue eczema. I applied the lotion liberally to my face. At this point my nose isn't under a dry spell anymore. I took a Zyrtec today. I'm gonna hunt for 5mg pills or get a pill cutter and cut this whole bottle up. Got my amazon assignment today!

Anyways I think if I'll cut out Claritin and split the Zyrtec pills up. Part of me would rather do Claritin rather than Zyrtec however Zyrtec works better with my body.

So analysis:
Continue meds (dropping Claritin)
Continue diet (glad to have fish back)

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