Saturday, March 30, 2013

<drunk> goodbye rob

Immmmmmm sooo buzzed but wanna jot this down. I blocked a nice guy off Facebook and Jack'd. I got along with this guy really well. Each one of us teasin one another for months. Finally kayak alerts me a ticket is cheap enough to make a trip and when I mentioned it his excitement was nonexistent. A guy who likes talkin with me.

Well thx Marlon for the crash course in this. I don't wanna deal with another one of as much as I like lookin at his pics which makes my heart smile it was done

Put up Just gonna stand there and watch me burn on Facebook after blockin him. I say this just cause when I look at the logs again ill wanna smile and reminisce. He was a nice guy. Too bad that was just online.

Two people flirt. Someone hasta be dominant. He won

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