Saturday, July 4, 2009

Be easy....

Hey everyone, Happy 4th of July! I had a blast with my sister watching the fireworks last night at this country club called belle haven. Rich snobs there, no sugar daddies lookin tho (tee hee). Our fireworks started before National Harbor's and lasted well afterwards (Booyah! LOL! Yeah I'm bringin that word back).

I'm gonna stay in tonight and watch Team America: World Police (America....Fuck Yeah!). I got a new gym membership yesterday at XSport Fitness so if i c u gym bunnies or u c me there, feel free to tap my shoulder, spot or say wasssup.

Cool cool...aight everyone be easy...this is my last blog entry. I'm drawing more and more away from reality which isn't cool. Ive been layin low on facebook (better than before). My J-O-B (not my career) sucks, but there is a person in there who works with contracts and bidding. So I registered my SSN to MS Enterprise (Nice...nice, right?) and I'm gonna learn what it takes to bid on these contracts. I'll have to keep everything local for now or stay find a night gig so that I am available during daytime hours. A night gig would pay for a business pad and expenses. Well I'll hafta stay at this current evil job to learn what this guy knows and hopefully he can help me grow myself and if I can return the favor for him I def will. Alright guys. Be safe, live, love and enjoy and remember:

Good Family
Good Friends
Good Times

..I'm out!