Saturday, September 29, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day One

Belated bday gift was suppose to be the Samsung Galaxy S3, but since AT&T only has 16GB I decided to go with option 2, removing the love handles!

I've lost weight, lifted weights, run pretty well but could not target getting rid of these bad boys.  So I looked into laser lipo.  It's a surgery that doesn't put me to sleep (big bonus) and the pain was relatively small.  The first 24hours consists of a lot of drainage.  I didn't need to use the dog training pads in bed, but I've gone through a lot of super absorbent maxi pads (and learning how to use them LOL).  I will have a mid post (3week) and final post 6 weeks from now.   There will be no alcohol with the exception of halloweeen.

If the results are awesome I will support the lipo center I went to (which I will advertise later on).