Friday, October 31, 2008

In response to the Twas the night before elections SMS going around

And if you should panic and listen to peers
who can laugh and joke about the past 8 years
Ignore the false war and economy woes
Get on TV and say 'Hey that's how it goes'

Let's bring out our finest, call on Joe the Plumber
OMG republicans see us as Dumb, Dumb & Dumber
So go out and vote! Take your Dad, Sis and Momma
Be Patriotic! Go Biden! G-OBAMA!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

More things that get on my nerves more people who should be blindfolded, dragged into the street and shot at:

People who re-push the buttons on the elevator-
How fuckin naive can you be? If you see that the GAWD DAMN light is lit, what do you think? That the elevator is just gonna stay on the same floor until you give it futher guidance?!? What the FUCK is going through your head that you must be the "SUPERHERO" and re-push the fuckin button?!?!? IF YOU ARE ONE OF THESE DUMBASSES, PLEASE!!! U truly fascinate me! Tell me what is going on through your head??!?

I vented this with my boss and sis. Aight so lets say Christmas is like days away and I ask you what you are doing for Christmas? You say something like i dunno...opening presents, and you? I say Me and my friends are gonna go out and Carol, wanna come? You say: When?
*...blink blink...* I give you the benefit of the doubt and pretend you are talking about time and say reply: Thurday?
...Really??? R u fuckin kidding me? Did you fuckin forget the day you're opening presents? Fuck me sideways, unless ur a blonde and cute U R SooOOOoo not excused!

Nightclub Owners-
We're in a GAWD DAMN recession! Ur drink prices should fuckin follow the DOW bitches! Lower THEM!!!! I shouldn't hafta give head for an absolut red bull! Its just not that classy =P (i'm soo kidding!'s classy! LOL)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

From a blue day to Green

Was feelin a bit bummed at work..had 'BoB' on my mind and pulled out my iPod. Normally listen to luv songs to feed my heart/soul so it can get its emotions dun and over with.

So as I shuffle along iHit the perfect song...something I hadn't heard or played in a while. A milestone song...perfect title, awesome lyrics. Listened to it when I graduated high school, I played it...when I joined the army, I played it...when I moved overseas on my own for the 1st time...I DEF played it when I got out of the military.

Green Day - Good Riddance (Time of your life)

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go
So make the best of this test, and don't ask why
It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

So take the photographs, and still frames in your mind
Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time
Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial
For what it's worth it was worth all the while

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Laaaaaa-Z Daaaaaa-Z was a day that I totally could've spent all day in bed. I woke up and had an interview today. Bailed out on that and went back to sleep. I went to the dentist yesterday and had this film come off my teeth (normal?) and ummm.....yeah im not gonna blog about that but I will eventually take a snap of the latest smile ^_^

I've been huntin for another that has a higher salary. I may even do a double! :-I
Yeah...I have a small shot, but I'm gonna try and ace this opportunity. I got an interview setup on the 29th with good 'ol ITT Systems! I've contracted with ITT, but this will I believe make me an ITT Systems employeee. We'll see, it's on the 29th and its an opportunity to get my clearance upgraded to SCI! WoW! That would be awesome...oh and the work hours (r u ready for this?) 7am - current job 1530-0000. Oh and both jobs are at the Harry S Truman building (Dept of State). How hot would this opportunity be? I'm trying to get my boss down there now, but I since hesitation with him. He's a cool guy to work under so I'm sure we'd be str8 as colleagues.

What else is in touch with people in the past. My old roomie from Fort Hood (Mike Santellana) is doing well for himself and I'm glad to hear that. He's actually getting into IT which rocks! I can help him branch out. A colleague I worked with (Tony Williams) we were both technical recruiters in Kuwait and now he is stateside a hiring manager for Iraq. I was glad to hear the progress that both have made.

Aight new news in the LuV LiFe department. I quit chasing rainbows though! =)
...and started dating (no one special yet tho). ~ c!a0 ~

Monday, October 20, 2008

Word of the day: Dream

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition

Main Entry: dream
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: conjure up scenario

Synonyms: be delirious, be moonstruck, be up in clouds, brainstorm, build castles in air, conceive, concoct, cook up*, crave, create, daydream, devise, envisage, fancy, fantasize, formulate, hallucinate, hanker*, hatch*, have a flash, have a nightmare, have a notion, have a vision, hunger, idealize, imagine, invent, long, lust, make up, picture, pine, search for pot of gold, sigh, stargaze, sublimate, think, think up, thirst, visualize

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition by Barbara Ann KipferCopyright © 2008 by the Philip Lief Group. CITE THIS SOURCEPRINT

I was trying to think of another word for 'make up' and when I see the synonyms that go with dream I think to's perfect. The 'Search for pot of Gold' synonym reminds of a poem (I threw it away dammit!) I wrote about chasing rainbows. To 'be up in the clouds'...'crave'...'long'..'lust'. Like I said, good word!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

weekend madness

we need longer weekends! Why were these issues not brought up in the debates. So thursday night was cool...ordered 2 10" topping loaded pizzas from dominos...ate one for dinner and to top that offi didn't workout (Bad bad dirty!) cuz Antron was gonna go out to Apex n i said i'd meet him up there. So I saw him and sum buddies of Cameron out there. For the record, I don't care for Apex...I'll go but egh! not so much my style. The company there was cool tho. Inhaled the second pizza on the ride home and slept well.

So Friday comes along and the weather is aight. So round afternoon time my cousin n I headed out to Great Falls and did a cool 6mile nature hike. It was awesome...Pocahontas like (Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?). Beautiful trails and trees! Spectacular views...its always great to get away from it all and just sort of sit back, breathe in the crisp air and take in all of nature. I don't draw but I could totally see myself out there sketching what I see. So after the hikin trip we craved food. Mmmmmm......MMMcDonAllllLLllLLLd's! yes yes, so McFatty had himself 6 nuggets fries n a coke (shut up! It was diet!). That night I avoided DC n headed up to Belvoir to hang with good friends.

How many freakin shots of rum did I have? Psssssh! We killed 1.75ltr so yeah, no clue! Had the freakin munchies, ate a slice of cheese pizza...mucho chips n salsa and whatever else wasn't fuckin bolted to the table. So oh yeah...if ur doin the math: 2 pizzas, McDonalds, Belvoir Buffet...these do NOT equal a 6mile hike! So hello 10mile sunday! I was gonna do 12, but we'lll see what happens.

Saturday was kewl. I spent the afternoon with Cameron and Gary eating brunch and then shooting pool. It was fun....lots of tequilla makes for an interesting game! We saw Erica there and we ended up stayin till the end of her shift! w0w! LOL! FreakIn w0w! So went back to my place to do some more cleanin...had a kick ass nap and then prepped for dinner. Rob and I were gonna meet Gary, Cam and his friends/socials up at Thai Chef. The food and company was phenominal! I met my future would be wife in another universe, Teresa (HUGS n Kisses BABE!)...Rachel who OMG has lost so much weight she's even more gorgeous!...I also saw Natasha there, but she bolted out early so I was like "It was awesome seein u, see ya in another 6 mos"...tee hee! So the night was taking us to Buffalo Billards but yeah..umm not so much!

The bouncer checkin IDs wouldn't let Teresa in cuz she had an expired ID. Ummm....fuckin lame! So we went next door to this bar playin good music n got smashed there. It was an awesome night....some good pics that I can't wait for my new fruit fly to post!! wooooo hoooo!

Sunday went home and initated a Lucy pumpkin. Mom did her Snoopy pumpkin today and it turned out awesome

so yeah the weekend was cool....I'm at work now. Cancelled my myspace account (Fuck you Tom for all your sponsors that feed on people's personal lives...luv yah facebooK!). Aight I gotta go stretch...10miles! LETS DO IT!!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I need a drink!

For all those joe 6-packs reading this blog with a drink in ur hand, MAVERICK!

Systems Engineer

...well I passed my face-face interview! I applied for a Sr. Systems Engineer but am being offered a Systems Engineer (translation: less money)

So we definitely have some Pro's and Con's.... I like the M-F schedule, the vast training/education I'd's in Arlington and right next to TWO starbucks! ;-D
The bads...ugh! Morning Hours! YUCK! LOL! Salary, I'll have to dress-up everyday (dammit), definitely will have more work!

I'm thinkin of this Seinfeld episode where Kramer is telling George to listen to what the little man inside you has to say and George is like "my little man is an idiot!"

This position could open the door to greater possibilities however comma do I wanna stick it out with IT? I think about my therapist at Fort Hood telling me...You can play a weaker mind and win a game of chess 90% of the time or play a challenge until you win! I know that I will have to crawl before I walk and walk before I run and run before I get the car keys and go 0-60 in 4.78 flat! I definitely have food for thought these next 48 hours.

I talked with my Mom and Dad about it and have their support. I wanna talk to my bud in cali but can't since my state of mind isn't where it needs to be, but know I would have his support if I talked to him. *BAM*...Fuck me! I need to talk to Chris and Tiff!!! That would help out a TON!!!! I'll do lunch with them tomorrow...I really REALLY need Chris's input.

I swear, "if I could just snap my two fingers and know everything their was about computers, I'd do it". Ok...i'm rambling...lemme end this blog and seriously think about this. I'll post my decision up ~ LataZ

Sunday, October 12, 2008

back to life...back to reality

Sum people get 4days weekends....some people get monday off for this columbus guy and then well my weekend is over with... =P

Thursday night I met up with my sis at cap city brewing. We had sum heavy discussions on that cunt..*AheM* excuse me, potential VP Palin. And if uLuv Palin, click the X the right corner of this window and get a fuckin life. ~;-) *Just Kidding! LOL.....(or am I?)

Woke up Friday morning to watch some court in Clarendon. The mood was right, sunny skies! The judge was suspending tickets, it felt right! Like we were gonna get a disney outcome, go to IHOP and laugh merrily like the white peeps on TV do. Well the judge my sis got for parkin in a handicap spot was a lil handicap herself (e.g. - retarded). Ok, my sis was wrong for parking in a handicap spot, but ummmm a $500 ticket?!? That is like borderline rape right n e ways, ok. The cop was there explainin his case in whatever foreign language he was speaking (the court did not provide an interpreter). So after ESL was done pronunciating his case, it went to my sister who knew she was wrong but was looking for some slack. The old dumbass..i mean "handicap" judge said "You know you're not suppose to park in a handicap spot". My sister and I must have telepathy because we were both thinking the same thing "Yeah, no shit bitch...that's why I'm here isn't it". So yeah, old handijudge said pay ur $500 and my court costs....NEXT!

Wow...F├╝CkIn WoW! So ok, no disney ending for us and breakfast wasn't that great either. My dad took it well. He was with us and his reaction was "Oh well....Who wants to go to the boat?"
So he was done grieving! LoL my sister...yeah, not so much!

Friday night I wanted to spend some time with my friends at Belvoir. So I set that day for them. Chris & Tiff for Dinner n a Movie...Then Frank and Brooksanne for drinks. Frank and Brooksanne had some family issues and not feeling great so I hung out with my best friends and their kids. Had some drinks, BBQ and watched Back to the Future (ahhhh....Classic!)
Force fed sweets (Grrrr...had some oatmeal cookies and apple pie, which I'm totaly workin off today on 7mile Sunday!)

Left around 10ish and did plan B - Headed to TOWN. I knew Cameron wasn't gonna be their to watch over princess, so I had to be responsible and not get trashed. I stopped at Nel's for a drink...met up with Mauricio there and then went to TOWN. Good crowd...good crowd. Met some guys and tooks some numbers. That was cool. Saw Kent (who ummm...I hadn't seen in a min i guess. Chewed his A$$ out for not txt'n and then myself for not keepin up). Friday was a good night.

Saturday I had a lunch date with Eddie. He seems pretty cool. We went to Cap City Brew, iHad my Pentagon Pear Chicken Salad (yummy) and then we walked around the area, headed to the dog park (he likes dogs, very cool) and then called it an afternoon.

I missed my dog after that, so I headed to Spgfd and saw shadow. He's doin OK... He keeps biting this bump he has near his ass and if he keeps pickin and pickin it He's too old for surgery and according to my pops the right age to meet St. Peters....PETA folks, disregard that last line ^_^....Saw my sis and hung out with her for a lil bit. I wanna move out of my place before my lease expires (1FEb) so I'm keepin an eye on townhomes. She'll take the basement so I'm looking actively. Gary and Cam are actually thinkin about a 3BR master suite townhome in DC. Well until I get some convo about that (alcohol free) then it'll be just that....a thought. I'd like to live with them and have our show...3 gay guys livin in the DC area, find out when friends stop being polite and start being real...RealWorld: DC (my gay princess ass would tear that confessional booth up n shit!!! THEY DON'T RESPECT ME! UGH!!) LOL!!!!!

Fuck, i'm pullin a kathy griffin...where the fuck was I?!? Oh yea! Sat afternoon...went home after hangin out with Sis and prepped for TOWN. My friend Christina and her friend Izzy wanted to catch some drag. Sooo Coool, we did just that...I met up with J and we had some good times. Some more than others, but thats a hooooooole nutha blog in my private section (oooh yeah! the juicy unrated, deleted scences that I can not post on this blog! U know who u r!~). Left the club @ 3ish to Annies. Saw my boi Tyson up there after we were done eatin then headed home.

So its place should be yellow taped off its so fuckin messy. My laundry is done and all OVA the house. And I gotta tidy up after hostin. So I guess that was my weekend in a nutshell. Now I'm at work and its 530....Hooo Hummm.....6 hours left! LOL!

Friday, October 10, 2008


...on the economy
Gov/Pres Bush: If I could just snap my two fingers and make all this go away, I would!

My jaw dropped when I heard him say that, and from now on I will use that Bush witticism ;)

Monday, October 6, 2008

SIR! Put the fork down...Step away from the plate!

Biggest loser tip: If yo fat ass is hungry at night (when u not suppose 2 eat) get sum sugarfree gum!

Yeah right! If I'm craving a peanut butter banana sandwich and glass of milk, a stick of gum is not going to satisfy my craving *...blink blink...*

... IT'S NOT!!!

...*smak smak smak*...ok, so it is! wheee 5 calories too! Well this may help take care of my buddah belly. The last piece of food I can eat is at 11pm (right after my workout which is usually 2 granola bars, string cheese and a fruit)

Thanks for the tip Jillian! :)

Brown paper packages tied up with are some things that just piss me off


This list will be edited QUITE frequently I imagine! (For whatever selfish, intolerable or just plain stupid reason I feel like listing an asset you got, DEAL WITH IT)

1.) People who ask you something and don't bother listening! Ok a good example. I work Sun - Thur from 330pm - 12am. So let's say I tell you this maybe one or two times....It's Tuesday around 9pm. You send me a message that says one of two things (or maybe both!)
--------- a) Are you working today
--------- b) What time do you get off today
--------- c) All the above
...The only exception to this rule is on Sunday, and that is only because if I do take a holiday it will most likely be on a Sunday

2.) People I don't know who message/IM/or walk up to me and say (or write): OMG! You're a fuckin hottie! I'm a 27 year old who's heard this like what...8 or 9months of my life. SO YOU FUCKIN PEOPLE either
--------- a) Scare Me
--------- b) Are Shallow
--------- c) Need to work on your "ice breakers"
...If you're a family member, friend or been a buddy of mine for some time and you say it, then it's a compliment because we know of each other. And if that bothers me, then I just need to learn how to take a compliment :-)

3.) Republicans! LOL! And I'm not gonna elaborate!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

wasted away again in bloggeritaville...

...searchin for my lost shaker of salt! Well it's been a while since my last blog. I hurt Marlon's feelings in my last blog, so I moved it to my private section.

Ok, so here's the thing. I try to put the peoples feelings in my life into consideration, but at the same time I gotta continue blogging what is on my mind. I choose this as my healthy outlet. Take these blogs like a grain of salt. I enjoy going back and reading what I wrote almost a year ago. the private blogs. The feelings I have in this twisted heart of mine: Love, Lust, Confusion, Sadness, Emptiness, Content, Excitement. Sounds almost bipolar! It won't work, but lets just be friends. Lol....*smiles and rolls his eyes*. I'm trying. I've let go a little because I need to treat him as a friend. Love is fucked up...your heart wants one thing and your head totally tells you something different. I find that when I confront myself in the mirror it helps me out tho. That and music! Nnnn eeeee ways. Thats whats up with that (NOt A GaWd DayUm thing!)

Whats up right now...well my $$$ is stuck with NASDAQ:AAPL (and belive me when I say, fuck technology! I'm done with it). I'm gonna wait till 3rd Qtr Earnings come out (so if you haven't bought an iPhone or iPod product yet, sell your soul and bow down to your corporate masters like RIGHT NOW!....GO!!! I'll wait.....) Thank-You! Now lets jam to our iTunes and move the fuck forward. My real job is going well...we're not as busy as we were this summer. The guys iWork with still rock and we're all waiting on the holidays. Thanksgiving I'll be here Thurs/Fri...and Sat/Sun in houston. Christmas I'll be in Hawaii and layover a couple days in LA to see my grandma (and before n e 1 rolls there eyes, he'll be in FL celebratin his son's 8th bday)

2008 has been a crazy year (coming back to the US, Marlon, Making friends in DC, Losing Family, Fucking myself mentally, US: Economy)....I'm ready for some CHANGE~!

...n e thing else new? Hmmmm....think think think....Oh, I'm looking for a townhouse in the Arlington area...and an investment property in Dale Shitty. Test drove the Genesis and fell in LuV with it! Got something else besides bloomberg to watch! OMG! iLuV survivor: gabon and Biggest Loser!!!! Amazing Race, Family Guy, SImpsons, American Dad, 90210...ETC!
My guilty sin/pleasure is ordering Dominos (2X Tuesday) and watching/cheering the biggest losers. Nothing so wrong could feel so right! LOL! Ok I'm kidding...i workout while watching that show....*PSSSSH* LMFAO!!! No I seriously order pizza, ok! Did you catch Survivor last night? Holy shit! The girl...what the fuck is her name...uhhhh Paloma looked just like this chick I use to like (Tania)...even her laugh and facial expressions were the same...even humor! Lol! It was freaky! And funny cuz gawd damn ladies! Grow ur own fuckin personality! The "BitCh" personality went out in the 80s. Try mixing it "cute", "Adorable" and "Interesting". I mean if you got a hot body I guess you don't hafta be interesting, cuz really...who the fuck care what you think? LOL! OK OK! I'm done being a fuckin PIG :-P

Ooooo OOOH! Tina Fey as Sarah Palin! OMFG! Does my heart not beat for that chick! iSwear the only reason iLuv that chick is cuz she reminds me of Elaine from Seinfeld (Julia Louis-Dreyfus). I def don't agree with her simpleton views of gay marriage (and hope one of her kids turns out gay, so she can grow some understanding and tolerance)...gObama!

Aight lemme wrap this up cuz I just poured myself a red bull vodka....*ahem* THE END!