Tuesday, July 29, 2008


wow...so I've had very little ME time these past four weeks and I'm having more family come this weekend. I need to find a way to channel my frustration but as of right now it is bouncing off of people. I got some decaf tea, candles and will download some slow soothing music and try to console my soul.

I have very very little in life to be stressed out about, but when these NS storms hit me I have to overcome

Speaking of "Inspired"

So this weekend I didn't get to do the "ME" time before my califo-grandma came over here. My great uncle had passed away. I think of all the people in my family that I am close or real similar too it was him. He loved to laugh/joke around. Would try and make light of things with his jokes and of course was VERY family oriented.

When I heard that he had passed I couldn't shed a tear. When I think of him, I see this goofy smile he has after telling a joke and it puts a smile on my face. This man had Kennedy's disease, and had beaten cancer a number of times (Cancer just won this round). He never let anything hold him back. He had a carefree adventurous attitude. On the plane I smiled and thought about how he lived...and I'm gonna do a bungee jump soon!

So I buy a R/T ticket to Phoenix and put my grandma to work (make me a quiche! I'll be hungry when I land)...So I land in Phoenix and of course the mood is not so great. So it's time for me to perform a 180 on the group and get them smiling (after all..it is what "tonton" would want!). The quiche was great and although I only spent a couple days there it was very therapeutic for my grandma and uncle (who lives minutes away from her). Dinner, Breakfast, Manicure/Pedicures, Card Games, Dinner, More Card games, breakfast and then back in the air I go!

It was a short but well worth visit in the end. I know TonTon's character as if it were my own and family is the most important thing to look after. He was also a poet and artist. His memorial is going to be on his 70th birthday (beautiful, in my opinion) this Sept. If my mom can get me a painting of his I would be honored to hang it in my house.

That's all for now...this upcoming weekend is gonna be huge w/my best friends moving in and califo coming tambien! Oooooooh! I should have her grab me a tommy's burger! (<-- Yeaaah DC! Fuck ur 5 guys, this is a fuckin burger!)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I was very touched by BB's blog. I think it's beautiful when one can see one's own inner-beauty. This is a jouney that a lot of us has to go through. The emotions that run through you are so powerful, and the person in the mirror is the one who is kicking you down and DOWN AND DOWN! This superego, this monster that you created feeds ur mind and heart. You put yourself in such a dark state...no friend or family member can pick you up from this hole you've dug for yourself.

You're down there...and when you finally hit that spot. This spot is like the eye of a hurricane...You can see this storm that you created to the left and right of you. You sit there calmly...look to the left and right of you and think....think....and think. This is where you climax. From this moment, whatever or wherever direction you decide to take your life is up to you. You can give up on yourself (many have) or you can stand up and face the storm that you've built...excuse me, OVERCOME!

And one of the most inspirational things about these storms is that when you take that first step forward...You push forward. The storm is still there, but you welcome the challenge! You've came from back there and you are not going back to that spot. You are fighting this monster you've built. And just to show this monster who is in charge, you do things that you've feared. Stand off a cliff and look down! Take your shirt off and walk outside! Fly in an airplane, swim in the ocean! Tell that monster "Yes I Can!"...or If you're me, "Fuck you! I'm Mike Sanchez!".

So two friday's ago I drove home drunk. I woke...ALONE in my house. I blacked out...so I go downstairs to see if I drove home..Yup! Car is parked in my spot. I don't recall that evening so I cut alcohol out of my life. I refuse to endanger other peoples lives because of my carelessness. Also, I don't like not being in control. Granted I loosen up after a couple of drinks, but do I need this to be socially interactive? Ummmm...FUCK NO! So a beer or glass of wine is it now. This is in effect until I say so...HALAS! And of course deep down inside, I welcome the challenge of going out to clubs/bars and chillin. Oh and holy shit, I have money in my wallet when I get home! lol! Woooooooooow!

So that's my latest challenge and I'm winning. I'm still in my storm and it's funny but I'm staying there for the challenges that I need to step up and face. The day I reach satisfaction is the day I've given up on myself. Be stronger, push forward...and push harder!
Daft Punk: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger ;-)

Awesome blog BB....like I told u in my e-mail, it was very inspirational and made me think of where I was and how far I've come and how much further I need to go =)....Cheers, Mate!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Alcohol-Free Weekend

Aight I did it this weekend...Put my mind n body to the test. I gave up alcohol. And this weekend I went to Town and a House Party. Got the taunts and temptations but of course was able to withhold. My friend Frank is real cool (I've known him and Brooksanne since 12). He was like dood just gimme ur keys, crash on the couch n have fun. Thats whassup! Thats good friends keepin a good eye on u! But n e ways...Did TOWN Friday night and the Drags were on it that night! They had the moves and the music! Freakin HauTe! Not too many familiar faces at town...saw Christian there. Met some guys there that I guess met online and Rob I just met. He seems like cool people. Ate at Glory Days up in Burke and I swear...I've never seen a salad as messed up as Glory Days. I mean come on guys...really, hot steak with baby spinach leaves. U get a C- for efforts. At least the company wasn't slackin. Headed to SPFG mall, got me sum clothes and called it a day.

Oh I just got my tickets to Hawaii! I'm gonna see my friends Kristy n Will get married! So $18o0 sumthin for a R/T ticket! Well shit! If ur gonna fuck me up the ASS, u might as well do it right! So $2300 bucks R/T ticket (...we flyin first class up in the, flyin first class, livin the life...Glamorous). So go to Hawaii...spend the night/day in Cali then fly back to DC. I'll prolly see my boi Marlon and/or say hi to my Grandma over there. DEFINITELY grab a burger from Tommy's ;-D lol! They better serve sum muthafuckin champagine in 1st class!

Aight I gotta do sum work. ~ dirt

MAyO & Relish

Aight...I swear this to be my last blog on the subject...then I, you...people who search this shit on google can move on with life! So where to start...Aight, lets go with mayo! I know I know...I keep saying I find it and then *poof* some ingredient always messes me over. Trader Joe's

Well I had taken a pic wit my camera but that didn't come out to well which sucks cause I wanted to write out the ingredients, but it's egg & dairy free...and 35cals p/tbsp.

It doesn't taste bad, doesn't have any of those HFCS, xantham gum. I'm staring at my blurry image but I don't see sugar in their, but if there is I'll update this blog!

So yeah, this MAYO is 100% officially Dirty Approved *STAMP*

Now...onto relish! Ok, after going to enough whole food, trader joe's and grocery stores I had to research Y o Y do we need xantham gum in Relish??? Ok, so here's the thing...Xantham Gum is used as a corn syrup and the reason you see it in relish that is packaged is because the compound (xantham gum) is used to keep the relish together (not all soggy when you buy it). That's what I got out of reading this chemical book. So, give into the relish or do what they did in the gay 90s *(1890s). That's right...pre-wal*mart! (breathe people...breathe!). HOMEMADE! So I saw a lot of receipes online that swore I was making enough relish to feed the homeless in america! Then I found the selfish one...the one for me! Qwik, Short n Sweet!

1 cup diced dill pickles
1/4 cup hot mustard (or sweet mustard)
1 tablespoon pickle juice
1 tablespoon fresh dill, chopped

Mix all this stuff together and put it in a jar. Too easy, right? I'm definitely all over this! Now here's the "pickle" you may run into...Finding the right pickle that is just pickles in Dill Juice (Ok Vlasic, don't screw this up!!). I can't wait to chop all this up and give it a try. If it's as good as the relish in the stores, my hunt for condiments is over! Aight I'm glad I'm done blogging about this!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


OMFG! Do you believe this shit???? I'm sorry but WHOSE watch was this on when 9/11 happened? It sure as fuck wasn't BC! I'm sure the fuckwad's watch it was on was the one America re-elected into office (Again, Thank-you HEARTLAND of America). Ugh! I gotta blog about mayo later, but this shit that I saw was sooo UNBELIEVABLE I had to post about it. UGGGGGGHHHHH! Bad Republicans! Bad Bad Republicans >-(

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Friday & Weekend

I thought I was behaving myself friday and when I woke up Saturday...I woke up at home ~:-o...I guzzled water and went outside to A.) See if the car was in the right spot & B.) Any damage?
I lucked the fuck out! I don't know if I left TOWN on my own...Don't recall too much. I do know that I fucked up, I fucked my phone up (only works in vibrate mode) and I drunk txt'd, call'd (I'll explain that one) and e-mailed people. Oh yeah, when dirty fucks up, he takes the fuckin boat down with him
So I saw my messages and I immediately phone Marlon....no answer (vmail - apologizing)...hadn't heard from him so I txt'd him apologizing, he wrote back and said it was cool (immediately felt lifted)...txt'd other peeps, got sum responses back but the most important person wrote me back so if I burned sum bridges that night...Fuck'em!
So yeah...txt'd all my buds apologizing...The phone call....BLAST FROM THE PAST. Breanne Geiger. I hadn't heard her voice since HS. So she calls and she's like who is this. So wow, gr8 conversation and it woulda never been possible had I not been drunk dialin my GAWD DAYUM phonebook! E-mail...my buddy in Iraq e-mailed me...I said sumthin gay to him, but thats cool...he's a friend...he can take it :-P
So oh! Yeah! The no drinking thing. I had to punish myself, and buying a new phone with camera didn't seem like the right punishment. Well alcohol fucked me up, so lets take that constant out of the equation. Done. People who know me perrty well know that I love challenges. My mind can take this challenge, laugh at it and move forward. So alcohol is out of my life (beer & champaigne will be on a case by case basis)...Smoking, not just yet. One bad habit at a time, please! So I'm still gonna hit the clubs up n stuff....Just water with lemon n lime ;-)...
Can I do it, YES I CAN! w00t w00t!

Saturday I met Jackie's wicked cool friend Daye. She has an outgoing, genuine, loves to smile personality! I love and eat that shit up! That rocks! So the gurls and I stayed at mummy's & daddy's watchin Devil wears prada (ok, Jos and I had to Taco Bell but we came back!) and here I am Sunday at work bloggin ~ holla

Have you tried Xanthan Gum yet? OMG! Its the latest Corn Syrup!

...so yeah Ok, I got the Hellman's light dressing and was like FINALLY! A mayo with no high fructose corn syrup! Just sugar...and xanthan gum. Huh...well at least we have sugar in lieu of HFCS! So a few weeks ago I replaced my relish because it had HFCS. So I got a no sugar added one and oddly enough it too had Xanthan Gum. Ok, if I see it enough...im gonna look the fucker up! (Mike, tomorrow you are going to Whole Foods or Trader Joes...I'm through with this GIANT/Safeway bullshit!)

So GAWD bless wiki & TheFitShack...I got all my questions answered and tossed the fuckin relish in the trash. Ugh! Well since I've given up drinking I'll probably have some extra cash to spare. Yes yes, i'm done drinking. NEXT BLOG!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I wanna blog...I got so much to talk about: Hellmann's Mayo - Full of lies (Is there or is there NOT high fructcose corn syrup...one says yes, the other label says sugar. Get ur facts str8 assholes!)
Fri & Saturday night (My 1st independence day in DC, watchin fireworks on the memorial). Kent n Andy celebrated my birthday (damn! 2 bithday weekends! iLuv u guys!!!)
Me gettin my clearance upgraded (just found this out today! w00t w00t!)...And all I can say is, Thank-You Jesus (haha! Did I blog that I'm gonna see Kathy Griffin when she's here in DC? Cuz I sooooo AM! Me, My Sis, Her friend or date and my friend or date! Fabulous!)
...maybe Marlon (HUGE BLOGGER)
My grandma is here from PHX (iLuvs my mammie!)
I've been totally incommunicado wit amigos, but thats dun n ova wit (FuCk I'm ready to Party!)
my BESTEST friends (i consider them family) will be here on 4 AUGUST!!!!! Sooo fuckin excited!
...i blogged bout Wall-E so i'm good on tha shyt

All this stuff I could go on n on about but fuck...i haven't been in the bloggin mood lately. So yeaah that's all ~:-P

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Modified Corn Starch

Ok so here's the deal....I try and stay away from ingredients that aren't natural (ok thats total bullshit Mr. Splenda & Aspartame)...should I start this blog over? No, move forward! So I don't like high fructose corn syrup, corn starch, modified corn starch....pretty much unless its corn or popcorn, I don't want anything to do with it! Ok so I understand that High Fructose Corn Syrup (Sodas, drinks, Heinz Ketchup...etc, etc) is sugar from the cornstarch which is changed to fructose (sugar changing into another form of sugar....Fabulous!)

But when I was researching that modified starch (corn, wheat, potato or rice) is used for texturing I could not find...can not find an article saying that this is unhealthy to consume. So since I have no edumacated myself of the development and use of modified corn starch I will welcome it back into my life, BUT NOT its buddy High Fructose Corn Syrup (You are never allowed back in the club! HmmmPh!).

I'm also on the hunt for a light/reduced cal mayo, miracle whip or dressing (whatever you call it) that doesn't have high fructose corn syrup...the regular mayo is calorie heavy and I need to either find an alternative or cut mayo out all together :-/....help me out if you know of a brand (Yes! That means you if you go to Trader Joes, Whole Foods or one of those stores!) :-P