Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So final posts from this whole workout bit

Before: (DEC2011)

After (FEB2012)

Well $900 later I def feel my belly. I'm not sure how much beefier I got but will shred it down come march. I have no kitchen right now but can't wait for remodeling to be complete so I can start cooking again! Sink comes in this Monday :)

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just reading some older blogs

Sunday, September 14, 2008, AWESOME weekend

Wow how time flies...I was just looking up what I tagged as Whitney and to see the strong love I had for someone amazes me. How blind love can be. I love knowing that I could feel a strong love like that, but F! I hate...*I HATE*....HATE, not being in control. Love, sometimes your a car that drives way to fast for me. But I love speed and will get back on that horse again.

~ Marlon, thanks for the memories. I had no idea I could feel so high. The other side of that spectrum felt like shit. But I'll never forget how high up there I was, singing Jessica Simpson - I Think I'm in Love. LOL! It actually makes my heart happy to picture myself singing with love. You, your gone and done. You served your purpose, again thanks for the memories...NEXT

Farewell legendary icon, Whitney Houston

Whitney it was 835pm when I saw my phone alert go off! Your music was and will still be gay candy for my soul whenever I need to sing (and I can't sing, girl! but damn it still feels good).

This was the easiest song to pick from you...Baby when I was down and alone. This song was a true inspiration. I couldn't wait to find it! It NEVER WAS EASY TO ACHIEVE but man....Finding myself gives a fulfillment. I don't feel lonely. I would love to share my life with someone but wouldn't give in to that feeling if I had to lose the love for myself. Thank-you for being an inspiration. Your voice will be missed and your being will be mourned, but your energy shall not fade.

~ xoxo

Friday, February 10, 2012

Crap...not blogging! Blah!

So yesterday my mom left on her 3 year tour to Germany. I took her out for some sushi and we hugged goodbye afterwards. I didn't cry and that puzzled me. I don't want to manifest tears, but perhaps it hasn't hit me yet that mom will be gone for three years, or maybe I've just been in and out that it just feels like Geography. I'd rather her be 3500 miles apart than 6 feet under! So I guess it's really not so much "Goodbye" but, have fun!

That or I've turned heartless.

Or insensitive. I wouldn't mind picking that puzzle piece back up. I'm always there for my friends and family but man it feels lacking inside.

What else is new. Oh Reese is going through her rebellious teenage years. She's decided that since this her home she'll do whatever she damn well pleases and give me "the eyes". So now when she does that she goes straight to her room. Her new thing is sleeping on Daddy's massage chair. Wow! The hell she will! So we got that going on....The new kitchen will be partially up Monday...we got a week of events next week.

02/13/2012 - New kitchen arrives (old cabinets go downstairs)
02/14/2012 - Granite & Dishwasher gets installed
02/14 - 02/19 - Continue kitchenette downstairs & clear out pantry
02/20/2012 - Pantry gets installed

Party to soon follow afterwards. So cheers to the end of February and Spring into 2012 with a new kitchen and kitchenette downstairs :-)

Yay ~ Bathrooms and hottub next! whee!