Monday, October 24, 2011

Tough Mudder, Wintergreen Resort, VA - 23OCT2011




What a day! Got up at 530am Sunday Morning to go through 20 obstacles in 10miles on a ski resort! Total Kah-raziness! Right now my head is like dazed from low sleep (got hungry during the night), meds from cold and really not wanting to be at work today.

Ok so the first obstacle was the Braveheart charge following a nice hill...I was gasping for air! Can u believe the incline a ski slope has? Yeaaa...trying going up and down those slopes...Up slopes, through some spiderman nets, over these berlin walls, hustlin through the funky monkey bars (wanna drop? Have some ice water followed by body shock! Oh yesss I did), Up the muddy slopes, twinkle toe ur way through the logs lake, go through more nets, walls, hills, low craws, log jamming and a fun mystery obstacle where they are hosing you down (and no silly, no garden hose hahaha - sumbody call 911) and go through a 180 drop on a foggy slide not knowing what the hell or where the hell ur goin! The rest was more miles, running going through a pit of fire and lastly electroshock therapy. They give you a well deserved dos equixs (prolly spelt wrong) at the end or opt for those protein shakes *nom nom nom*

Will I do it again, being a tough mudder for life and achin this morning...Yes! I will join the crazy white folk again and do that! But not at a ski resort! Hellz to the nah! The one in Tampa sounds fun though :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

In a blogging mood

Hey all,

Things are going well but I'm feeling a lil blue (maybe cuz im bored) and felt like writing. The end of the FY came, and only a few folks are moving forward to FY12. I'm glad to be one of them and am excited to work with the new guys and see how we can move forward with projects.

The news that I was selected was euphoric and was exited to share the news with my loved ones (on earth and above), plus Marlon (since no one to go home to and hug). I think that happy news stunted my lil victory. Shit! Hate it when that happens! Like having kool-aid with splenda (no sugar). So I'm writing and whining and cryin about the beautiful life I have that almost anyone would love. I feel like such a bitch, cuz it's like I have to find ways to bring myself down. What exciting news and hears my inner feelings. Woooooow....c'mon! I went to the gym twice yesterday ta try n shake this vibe. I'm gonna hit starbucks up, grab a mocha (I'm desparate lol) and see my besties out in Gainesville...if that don't do it I will hafta locate my passport n hit the road! CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE!

Anyways that's the latest n greatest...i'll get it together, i just felt like writing it out and not taking it out on anybody but the people who choose ta read it *hehe* ~ chus!