Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 wrap up

What a year what a year...adios 2010! So what happened? A love obsession, snow storms, new jobs, new puppy, and finally acceptance into the kingdom of 30s.

Cut the cord with Vega aka fuckwad back in August....heard from him once since then and it wasn't a 'hey, how r u' so I hammered the last nail to that coffin politely with a lose my number and "fuck you". That piece of history can stay with 09-10...and thank goodness that feeling won't linger around. So lesson learned in 2010...I can unlove someone! IT AIN'T EVER EASY, but it was done and the feeling is awesome to re-gain what I gave away. Of course since I've regained my heart I haven't been looking to be vulnerable with someone else, so in time we'll see what happens. Marlon and I had a storm back in Feb and got back in contact after August or September (i think Sept). We're better people and I try my best to keep my distance. It will get better in time (en shalla!)

Snow storms - OMG! Stuck in the house DEC2K9 and Feb 10 two times. Incredible! Well the last time VA had it bad like that was in 96. I doubt we will have snowy winters back to back, but this one has been pretty cold (specially since we just starting out). Got me a snow shovel from last year and miss my sis aka other shoveler but so far this year we are good!

New jobs - I left the pentagon to go to crystal city as an engineer. I wanted to work closer to fuckwad. The job was fun at first cause I was in jeans and polo, and didn't have anything to do the first couple months but pend clearance...wheee! break for mike! small cut in pay but I was doin my thing, walkin around crystal city and catching some rays. Kept up with the gym and my workout buddy Matt around noon. Things weren't happening between me and fuckwad. I was just a fuck buddy but didn't wanna own it...pride blinded me, but in the end that's what I was. An object that I never wanted to be...hurt because I loved him, I crashed. So work was on a downward slope. I didn't care for the job after I got clearance and didn't want to stay in crystal city. I got me a new puppy --> (we'll go back to this soon)

New puppy - Reese! Born 6JUN2010. She's a doll and for the most part is a great dog. She's not a chewer or barker (that much). She's daddy's lil angel/monster. I got her on the 7th of August. I sold my four plex, got some cash and quit Mantech to be with Reese for her first months. During that time she grew up and I got to be with her for 3 1/2 months.

Unemployed - Yes even with the unemployment rate circling near 10% I wanted a break...a real break! So after my boss at Mantech sent me a very disturbing email I quit on the spot! and left my badges there. I blew crystal city a kiss and got the hell outta dodge. That was when I cut ties with EVERYTHING (job and fuckwad) in crystal city and chucked the deuce. I studied Exchange 2k10 (and gotta keep studying it), landed a new gig -->

New jobs (cont) - After Reese hit 5 months it was time to get back to work. Had something with Belvoir (DITRA) that sounded right up my avenue but they got a hiring freeze. Interviewed well with CACI to go to Iraq/Afghan...almost made it to SME on Messaging but was 6months shy of 12years experience. What a retarded hiring manager!!!! Well his mistake was my blessing cause dirty got a KICKASS job at belvoir (DLA) 5miles away from home and paying very nicely (2 snaps *work biatch!*).
Our PM demotivates everyone in our office and I'm hoping they replace her before everyone walks out. My architect and I will hang out there cause bread is bread.

30s - So with the new pup and gig I look at everything in my house and I'm totally happy with the way my house looks, what I drive (she's in the shop now...her alternator went kaput!) and I guess my material possessions. 30s will be about enjoying what I got and saving a lil more for the future. I look at what I just wrote down and smile...I see this red carpet with a BIG [3|0] door entrance and I got a big grin because I'm ready! I did my passage in the 20s of having crap furniture, plastic drawers, clothes that I could afford, the ARMY and am now in this awesome spot...I'm on the red carpet walking closer to those doors and I'm sooo ready! I made my goal in HS to be this 6-figga ni**a without a degree and I did it through the power of certifications and continuing education. Maybe when I'm walking on the red carpet to the [4|0] I'll have someone escorting me :-) time will tell...till then I'll dance my way to the doors keep my shades on and lookin fly

Happy new year everyone! Adios 2010! BRING IT 2011!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Minus attraction to friendship

Does anyone know how to do this? I've burned people out of my life that I was intimate with because I did not know how to make them "friends". Do I need someone else? I mean if u are genuinely and sexually attracted to them how do u make them friends rather than hate them and burn bridges? I got this situation yet again and don't want it to end up like the last two but it seems like running away is the easy answer to spare my feelings. Help!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

What do I want for Xmas?

Well it hit my heart but I got it! Every year it's the same old "don't get me anything, I got everything I need" and I tend to get nice gifts for my best friends whom I love to death and little things for my family.

This year I didn't even set up my tree...i luv xmas and the music but just felt like a scrooge not getting anyone anything. I'm not having my *moment*...then it hit me!

I got this brand new TV from Target and although it would be great to make $100 off of it, it would feel even better giving it to someone who needs it. Not as in wants another TV but someone or a family struggling.

I wanted to go to an orphanage and give the TV with gifts...I don't see too many out here in the VA area, so why not make it special for a family. So what family could I help out this Christmas? I'd have to go to a couple churches and ask around. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a xmas tree and you could just pick a family's name out of the hat? You'd have the number of kids and their ages.

The gifts to the parents would be the smiling faces of their children. So that's the plan this year...I don't wanna make a donation to some big wigs that'll just plummet my mailbox with nickels, dimes and addresses (boy have I learned)..I'm gonna turn my donations into something special and untraceable lol!

That is what I want for Christmas! I'll let you guys know when I find out who my family is and their kids. I'll facebook it too incase I got any philanthropist amigos that wanna give a toy or something.

Got rid of my Grindr app today...starting the anti-social network. Limiting facebook and my iPhone gives me the shivers. K gotta work...Bye! :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

An anti-social network

This upcoming year in my 30s I will let go of my social networking with the exception of GoogleIM and blogging. IM has been around since I was in HS (AIM) so thats not why I'm cool with that. Facebook I will use for events only...i wont penalize those who will keep up with facebook but compromise. Photos I will upload on my blog.

taking away the 'i' and focusing on me will be interesting. Now my iPhone... i will continue to use unless it proves to be inconvenient. I can always pull the sim out and use my old AT&T phone. No biggie.

Ok still excited about turning 30 and where I'm at :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My FAV holiday is approaching

Halloween use to be my Fav holiday and it will always be up there as far as fantasy and imagination goes but recalling the year and what I have to be thankful for puts Thanksgiving at numero uno! First off my family is doing well. My lil sis married her marine, I got Reese in my life and my parents are healthy and continuously improving their house. My best friends got a lil puppy and have been improving their home as well. I got a job over the holidays that pays great and doesn't call for much travel which allows me to be with my baby Reese. I just recently blogged about turning 30 so that also trickles through my head about where my life is and where it's going. Do I feel lonesome over the holidays? It happens..but before Reese their was a strong presence. I luv coming home to her and getting my hugs and kisses :). And I also have a great group of friends (drama and drama-free) that I wouldn't change for the world. Life is in a good spot right now and rather than focus on what I don't have I will reflect this year on those I do have and enjoy their company. Tempus fugit!

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Monday, November 22, 2010

a loooooong day one

Wow...i'm sooo not use to waking up at 615. Even the sun thought that was too early. I gave Reese attention and then prepped for Bowie, MD. Thanks Gawd I only have to do that trip once in a blue moon. I hate traffic! I spent the whole morning doing paperwork and the rest of the afternoon sitting around waiting on a laptop and more paperwork. Then traffic....oh fun fun!

Made it home, got Reese a dog walker and her appt to get spayed. Tomorrow I'll setup the maids to come back. I'm sooo exhausted and can't wait for turkey weekend :-)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The pre-30's have begun

Well last night I had a blast meeting the guys out at the old EFN place, getting hooked up on drinks and hosting a small after gathering at my place. I really do luv having small crowds at my place. It really feels like home having those close to me be in my house. It's funny how I always thought I would hafta beg obnoxitonians to come over but when your got friends that are just cool cool, we got southern VA and MD folks that just come over. That's wassup! i luv my family of friends.

So this morning I did my last late wakeup (at least till a job! We'll get into that) and had four people over. I made breakfast and we all had some good convo. Bdays came up and we got a LOT of cancer babies in our small group...I'm turning 30! Not to be narcissistic but I LOOK great for someone turning 30! I'm not at the halfway hump of 29 yet but looking in the mirror and thinking of some of the guys I know in their 30s I welcome giving 30 the hot sexy 25 look it deserves!

Ok so looking back at my 20s I reflect on the army (joined at 19) and how the only good..i'm sorry BEST thing to come out of that mistake is my long lasting continuing 10year friendship with my bff Chris and his wife Tiffany aka my family. If I had to go through that f'n hell all over again, I would do it just cause they are worth it. I got my first fourplex out of it too when I turned 20. The commander would not sign off on me owning property because I was so young and what would I know about managing properties. The bank did not want to proceed without having that letter. IDK where I got my business savvy mind but I told them that if they did NOT process that loan, another bank would. I refuse to let someone in the army dictate my financial situation. Got the loan, and the closed. The commander did not want to give me BAQ to live off-post so I maintained a room in the barracks. One day someone was living in MY space though! Ohhhh HELLLZ nah! I may not live there, but that room is MINE unless you gimme my money. Got back paid two months BAQ! So that was my first property and of course being me not caring what the commander or army thought. Mike does Mike. Period.

So the army days lasted till OCT 2004. After that I took a holiday and got my MCSE! I moved in with my besties (for like 6mos) and bought another 4plex (sold the other one in 2003. What a dump!). This 4plex was beautiful and right off the golf course! Was a real cash cow even till the end (netting 16 off of it). I moved to Kuwait in 2005-2007DEC. I loved being in the desert. This was the first time I got to be a six figga n***a! I was rocking my HS Diploma and showing myself and the world what you can do. I achieved my goal a year early of earning that money by 25. I did it. Good feeling of accomplishment. That's years 24-26.

26-Present I would say focuses on myself coming out of the closet. This was very difficult for me to do. I always wanted the wife, picket fence, and kids (especially to play with my BFFs kids). That wasn't in God's plan though and I threw the towel in. I was tired of never having a relationship and being 26. I wanted to know what love was and have someone else love me. So I've been knocked down and got up and fell down again. Patience is something that will develop with age I suppose. I fell in love with my hero (Marlon) and a heartbreaker who lied to me (Darrell). I have my walls up, I date now but find it hard to be vulnerable just cause I hate the PAIN that comes with love. I seriously do want my prince charming but in time that will come. I have a great group of friends and love that my BFFs live only 40mins away. Some friends have disappeared or just plain nix'ed having me as a friend (PS-And i frankly dont give a f***).

Maybe 30 will be the best decade of my life! But to sum up what's going on now, I'm 29, have a terrific dog that I love and she loves me and a new job! I am a Microsoft Engineer! F'n did it! To all those who want to shine and excel in life here's a tip. It's not the piece of paper that you hang on a wall.
...'s that CPU in-between your EARS!

Tomorrow is my first day on the job! I will be re-hiring my maids and getting a dog walking service for lil miss Reese. Gym will have to be done around 8pm. Pre-30s are great! Bring it on June!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stocks & Options

Watching the skins right now (one TD behind..they can do it) and am looking at stocks. Took an investors course this weekend and liked it a lot. I'm really gonna make this work. Soon I will be done working for others and be a millionaire by 35. Remember this blog, because it's gonna happen! I head to NYC tomorrow to take the basic options course. Ummm yay! That is AWESOME :-)

I was overwhelmed by what I learned but wanted my pops and I learned that I had to call Marlon up and tell him everything. The entrepreneur in him was so into it. That's def one thing we share in common. We don't wanna work for people anymore. Make money on your own. It can happen if you want it to happen. Although yesterday was a great day my twisted mind & heart were trying not to think about someone's bday. I don't care, or miss him...matter of fact if he deployed to afghanistan, took a bullet to his head and came back home a hero..I'd respect him a little more.
*wooooooooooooooo-saaaaaaaaaaah*...but I'm glad that day is done with. I have such a great memory for bdays...I remember this crush I had on a girl at what....5th grade? Marlena Porter...June 18th LOL! Yessss I know, so weird...I should facebook her! I wonder if she married or what she looks like...BRB...


HAHA! Wow...found her. Shot her (def her...her sis was on her page). I mean that's not weird, right? If she writes me back I'll stay in touch with thanks a lot Zuckerberg!

Alight gotta finish watching the game. I haven't stayed in contact with the recent ex...hope he's doing well though. I should plan something with him if he's down

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

*pop* Post numero 200!

Ahhhh the blog...what's on my mind right now? Well close to my house there is someone enjoying some annoying base music. I'd close the window but it feels nice outside. Damn car....can't it just explode or something? No...then the firetruck and ambulance would come peace or quiet there either. Guess the best I can hope for is a dead battery. Speaking of batteries my car needs a new:
1.) Battery ($150 @/Advanced Auto Parts; $225 installed at the dealer)
2.) 4-new glow plugs (it's a diesel! $525 and no it's not as easy as changing a spark plug...these bastards aren't lined up and need some equipment to read it's voltage or something)
3.) Airbag harness needs to be replaced $385. Wheeee! Sounds great, no?

So I'm still keeping this baby...I'm hoping that replacing the harness will fix my sunroof problem (she closes when she's ready to close...not gonna get into that one).

Job market is actually tough. I got bites from different areas in the US but not much over here. I'm tempted to send out my old resume showing me current at work, just to get some bites. I'll let this week slide before doing that. Not in the poor house just yet, but would like to find something that piques my interest.

Thought of the day: Motivation

Something we can not's a feeling that we generate and obtain or lose in time. I can't seem to find mine today. So to sike myself out, I'm gonna get outta bed, take that shower, hit starbucks up and do something outside. Motivation is a mental state. We can do nothing about it when it is gone or we can kick ourselves in the ass and get going. You don't need others to kickstart you. Do you! So when you lose your motivation, what do you do?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Vodka: Fast acting mental relief

Thank-you gray goose....Thank you. Does the blog really need to go on to explain how the relief of having this wonderful liquor in your system seems to help you realize how petty shit is in the long run? iLuv it and will continue to have it in my system until court-ordered not to, or I meet my maker. In anycase before I throw this lil house party, I met up wit the peeps at happy hour in good spirits. It was great, met a guy (Grenade) and well ummm yeah let's just say I'm looking forward to tomorrow night. Hope everything goes well.

It's 436am...not booty calls...time for bed ;-) ~nIghT world

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Update

What to say what to say...ok well last Monday I became more proactive in the job hunt. I have something that may come to me this week...fingers crossed. It would get my clearance upgraded.

I broke things off with Jachai. He's a great guy, real sweetheart and caring individual...add thoughtful to that. Just didn't feel the *spark*. We'll maintain a good friendship (en shalla). He's doing well....saw him makin out wit sum guy at Cobalt's so that's great! Now I don't feel like a jerk ^_^

Lately I've been getting headaches and have upped my water count but not sure why they are coming so often. What good things happened this weekend...Family time was great! My mom, pops and I went to Red Lobster to engorge in the all-u-can-eat-shrimp extraveganza. It was very filling and the company was awesome.

Im pretty tired so I'll blog more later on...hope everyone else's weekend was great :-)

Friday, October 1, 2010

TGIF & Happy Fiscal Year!!!

Oct 1st! My fav holiday growing up was Halloween. The spookiness...the CANDY!!! Haunted houses or mazes! FUN FUN FUN! N e who I still love this time of year...i left the windows down last night and got a nice breeze. I luv the feeling of a cool breeze while snuggled underneath blankets :-)....Hot cocoa would be the icing on the cake this morning.

Ok so today I'm gonna find out what jobs are available now that we hit 1OCT...tell Lockheed to get up off their ass and send me an offer (I'll fill u guys in on that later). Today is chest day! Wahoo! My fav muscle group! Anything else planned? Not sure...might hit sunflower up after the workout. Gotta give Reese her meds this morning and tomorrow she has her rabies shot! YESSSS! After she gets that I'm gonna socialize her at dog parks. Training is going well, but could be better. I'm gonna take her to Petsmart on Saturdays for puppy training. She's growing so fast!

TGIF ALL! ~c!a0

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Miss the gym two weekdays in a row? I think not!

So Monday Matt and I had an f'n killer arms OMG they still hurt TODAY! Good stuff! He wuss'd out tuesday cuz of his job (pfft! I know, right?) which I didn't mind cause I was suckin n e ways. Today I had ta text out for lunch...I coulda made it but was totally drawn to the 1994 Frankenstein movie which wasn't really a thriller...more like a drama. So went to the gym at 330...saw this hawt NYRican that i usually see there at lunch ~*drool*~ CALL ME! And busted out some back and ABS. Killed my back and did ok on the abs...will do more manana. Now I got my 30g protein shake and margaritas on my mind :-)

Put out my resume to this guy looking to hire OCONUS. Vincenza, Italy! Ooooh la la! I know! I gotta beef up on my italian! Maybe an episode of family will help me out ;-)
The caveat to me leaving is that Reese must come to! It's high time lil miss thing gets her international knowledge on! If they say no, then I'll hafta stay local to DC (*Rubbish*).

If I left I would keep my'd be a 2k storage unit, but I'm not comfortable renting it out. I'm soooo territorial it's like not even funny! My dad would use it as his hangout spot (if I keep the internet on). He much like myself and everyone else luv the basement area. It's like sooo OMG awesome and gamey! I don't know when the next houseparty is, but I'll def need to plan that out....maybe a friday night? Or maybe after I get working again....I'm not too pressed about the money situation just yet. I just miss shit coming in the bank @_@

Okie dokes...time ta get the house ready for a new episode of....SURVIVOR! :-)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm back

and I've got things to say! First off 2010...where did time go? The last days of my 20s are slipping away but what has gone on this past year...the good, the bad and the ugly. Let's start with family as they are sooo damn close to my heart.

Dad - Easiest update...he's happy with life and getting more and more gray hairs. He still has all his hair and so did my grandfather on my mom's side...YES!!!! This is good news here (*pats that weave*)

Mom- She's going through a tuff battle with her fibromyalgia which causes her cronic pain and depression. I really hope that she can find the panacea for this epidemic or something that can ease her pain and mind. Hope to update some good news on Mom :-)

Jackie- The chick got married! :-o I KNOW! Right? She did it! She got married the day after my parents anniversary (horray...yet another June celebration) and moved to Hawaii with her marine, Garrett. They're happy over there...her cat is with my parents until the end of October and I think Jax is sooo excited to get her lil kitty cat back

Reese- Yes! Newwwwwww Members! Reese was born on 6/6/2010. She is an ADORABLE
cockapoo...Awwwww! I know! Daddy luvs you!!!! Ok ok so we've been together now...umm a few months now. She's a fast learner and of course a diva. She doesn't like to follow orders unless there's food involved so she's gonna take a puppy training course soon (and I'll blog about that).
She can already: Sit, Shake, Lie down, Give hi-5s, and we're working on rollover.

~*MoI*~ Let's start with something positive. I have a boyfriend. I know! When have I ever blogged that before? He's a great guy, very thoughtful and nice. I have some worries/fears about this relationship...mostly the *spark* factor. I went through so much heartache with Marlon and Darrell (<-- Liar! Manipulator! Cold!...Bravo! You got me u sick fuck! This punk ass bitch juggles me wit his man!! So glad his man left his dumbass...and he got robbed! Ain't karma a BEYOTCH!)...but I digress so much heartache that I built up walls. I'm not trying to be vulnerable and this may bite me. Ok so that if you can go back to the 2nd sentence is the good news.

I quit my gig the 12th of August. Enough was enough...I took a systems engineering job with Mantech and documented shit for the 5months I was there...How fuckin annoying is it to accept a cool job and not do it? I know! Thanks ITT for the $$$ and my family for showing me how to save. I'm gonna try and start work the beginning of October and hopefully get an SCI out of it. The big goal is to work with my old boss who fuckin rocks, Eric Stevenson back in the world of exchange (only) but I need an SCI first. So no work, but no worries...the bills are paid and if anything I depleting my sister's inheritence if anything should happen to me (sorry! lol!)

I closed the doors on Marlon in Jan or Feb and recently opened the doors. I'm gonna try and keep it the way things use to be. Y dirty? Y? Well I've lost enough close people to my heart that I didn't wanna shun him out. Dirty Dick Darrell put a blackhole in my heart (I see his name and feel anger. If he fuckin died or just fell off this gawd dayum Earth right now there would be more oxygen for me to breathe), Cameron cut me after that FAB-U-LOUS trip to Toronto...I got a Linked in invitation from him today and was like...hmmm...are we opening communications?

Generic Subject line read: Cameron Hernandez wants to stay in touch on LinkedIn
So I wrote back saying:
Nope...u know how to stay in touch

He wrote back saying that all his gmail contacts got that message and sorry for the annoyance. I almost wrote back cause I miss him like a brother but Oh well...I too can cut ni99as like barbers cut's just harder to let go when they're more than 'just a friend'...his choice, not mine..Thank goodness I got Chris & Tiff still in my life...that 10year friendship is solid!...and moving on! lol!...let's see...something positive...something positive...Weight training! Yes!

Been hitting the gym hard wit my boi Matt! We got a great routine going and hopefully this next summer aka Dirty's 30 (oooof!) I'll be takin dem pix..lookin all fly n shyt...imma be spreadin my wings (do it do it!) OOOkkkkk!. Arms - Monday / Back - Tuesday / Abs - Wednesday /Legs - Thursday / Chest - Friday. Also after watching Food Inc, I'm more cognitive about what I eat.
I try and buy local and for meats will buy from a farmers market or whole foods. When I asked Harris Teeter where they bought there meat they said "North Carolina"...ooook...I need more info than that...what ranch do you guys buy ur meet from? Are the cows fed grass or corn? They coward down to the already sliced organic meat...two choices of meat..F! Harris Teeter! F! F! F!

So yeah I will be slowly moving the grocery list to whole foods eventually. Eating rights costs a lot of f'n cash! I might as well just have Sunflower cater for me! :-)!

Last negative to put out for 2010...the finale to Lost sucked! WTF?!?! We all called that shyt 4-5 seasons ago! Purgatory! Bah!

Ok this was a long post...had a lot to say and it's getting late. this blog will be updated! Dirty's back! And he's got sum jibber-jabber that needs to be said dammit!

Like why do my facebook friends feel the need to spread religion?
What chemical in HFCS makes it the worse sugar ever?
Is alcohol or more so a bar a great place to seek salvation?
Will I move to NYC?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

you gotta go through the weeds to get to the trees

Blah....Ok so today is gonna be a good day. My sis is having her wedding reception and even though I'm grateful to be here, I'm havin an L.Boogie moment (where you might win some but you just lost one).

I'd say one of my biggest challenges in life is dealing with my emotions without medication. I'm a mess...truly am. I don't know how to maintain relationships. I'm freakin lost. All I know is that I got two of my best friends living in Gainesville and they are my redwood trees as our friendship will do nothing but grow and grow. Maybe I need to ask them how we manifested and what keeps us together.

Couple days ago I went up to Canada wit my boi Tuffie. Had a great day n 1/2 there then something happened. He had to go back but couldn't really explain it to me. I see him SMS'n back and forth and come up with my own conclusion that something wasn't right at home and that issue had to be dealt with. A plether of thoughts came rolling in my head. How can he leave manana? I sacrificed my sister's reception for this? What the hell is going on here? Am I gettin dissed again? FFFFFFF! So I tried hitting the gym cause that seems to work....nuh uh.

Tried drinking and burning a fag. Nope! Finally I met up with another friend there and vented. I felt better but didn't know what to say. He wasn't saying anything to me, nor I to him. I finally spoke up in the car and asked if it was life & death why we were heading back. Medication. if we had communicated this yesterday we both probably wouldn't be in an ignore status. Fair enough, our friendship is strong enough to handle this...*ahem* wrong! We didn't have a friendship tree...we had a weed that just died. Ended up gettin the email that HALAS! The road to friendship ends here. Wow...I thought we were having like a sibling rivalry where eventually we get over it and move on. I mean hell this two day trip was like a grand, but idgf it was wit my boi. Nevertheless it is what it is.

I'm disappointed by it, but it's not the end of the world. I grew up with little to no friends so this is not unfamiliar territory. Thanks for introducing and showing me DC. Thanks for laughing at the things I said even when they weren't all funny. Thanks for letting me crash when it was too late for me to drive. Thanks for caring for my drunk ass when I didn't know when to leave. And mostly, Thanks for being a part of my life. Gone but not forgotten babes, we move forward.

Besos Tuffie ~ mikey