Friday, January 1, 2016


Ok so over the holidays and with new work I've taken a break!  184 days of vegan!!!  I'm at 161 now and am joining the several new years resolution people with getting my body back.

I start my new gig on the 4th of January.  My goal is muscle.  I want to have vegan muscles!  I hope that this day 0 / day 184 journey will continue and re-inspire me :-)


Friday, May 22, 2015

Basement Rental

I'll have pics to post soon but things are going GREAT with the basement rental :-)

The private room is almost complete and I have nearly all the cabinets ready for the kitchen setup.  I gotta buy one more cabinet...well check that, I gotta return and rebuy all the cabinets!  Well the promotion code worked 7 times, so that's not too bad :-).  I'll take the $140 back in my pocket!  Cabinets are now under $2K!  Man I love good deals!  That will go towards the toe kits and pulls.

I have to give dumb depot the remainder funds for the granite and carpeting.  Then I'm moving on from renovations for a little while.  Will have pics soon :-)

I promise!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Survivor Finale & aha moments

I'm such a survivor fan!  I LUV every minute of it.  Since season one I've been hooked!  And the selection of the new cast is fantastic.  I would NOT want to go to cambodia though.  Have fun with that 2nd chancers!

You never know when something is gonna hit you like memory wise.  Often times I'll try to embed a moment in my mind and it stays there and then there are times when without even thinking boom - you got an aha moment.

I didn't like Shirin as a player because she was clingy and annoying.  I think the episode where Will went at her hard gave me pity and a bigger understanding of her personality.  Had Will not been an asshole, I wouldn't have held a better opinion about her and her struggles.

I think when she gave the final speech and mentioned how she made a million bucks by the time she was 25, I had admiration for her.  I love love LOVE people who have goals, obstacles and fuck the world, I'm gonna do what I gotta do.  She has that...and I know somewhere inside me, I have that fire that get's lit and blows out.  ADHD.  I have it and after seeing that, I want it even more.

Part of me would love to leave this world with a name, but I'm not a programmer nor am I an inventor.  I know that for me I'll hafta back a winning idea and hopefully get myself partnered.  I doubt my abilities to create.  I can sell now...sales is great.  I'd love to do real estate but that isn't something that I can get known for.  My sales should focus on a better tomorrow or get young people started.

After hearing Shirin, it gets my fire going.  Have I earned a million?  Oh yea!  I past that mark some time ago!  Do I have a million?  No....I have a million in debt though LOL! anyone looking to rent? ;)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Goodbye Sterling - you will be missed!

This weekend I learned that Sterling Richardson was in the hospital, in dire condition and yesterday passed away.  Sterling was the first person I met in DC who was as genuine as can be and always had a positive attitude that shined about him.  Thank-you Sterl for playing a part of my life Sir.

I wish I could've been a better person towards him.  My nature for those who know me growing up I didn't really have when people take an interest in me, I'm always suspect, fearful and don't establish trust.  Why are you interested in me and my story?  Sterling was super nice and wanted to get to know me better as a person.  I spaced myself from him.  I'm socially stupid when it comes to spending one-one time with friends.  I have very few friends that I can do this with.  It almost feels like an interview of friendship.  Sounds stupid, but in my head that's what I think.  If you're reading this ask yourself; how often have we spent a day of friendship together?

It's mostly group stuff I bet.  Even when invited out, I'm usually good if it is a group atmosphere.  This costs me a lot of grief and crap when it comes to relationships.  Robert often wants to spend time with just me, and we live together.  Ugh - but I digress.  Sterling, I'm sorry that we didn't get to form that bond.  You had an interest in getting to know me better and that scared me.  Now the opportunity is lost.  I won't get to see you in DC with that backwards hat saying: Dirty!  Whats up brah! How you been man?  I haven't seen you in like forever.

I will miss that and it will be in the back of my head when I go out for drinks in DC.  I don't know fully what happened - just reading through the posts it sounds like you were battling depression.  That battle is tough...and it scares me.  I battle it too Sterl and I often think about how you can be overwhelmed and underwhelmed but can never be just whelm.  I choose to have anxieties.  I choose to always bury myself in things to do, overwork myself so that I'm not just sitting idle.  Sitting idle, not relaxing but sitting bored.  I could see that with you and how you had different functions going on in life.  And what scares me is one day that monster may come to me and snowball all my work to where I'm soo off balance that there is no coming back and I can't see all the friends that care for me.

I'm truly truly sorry from the bottom of heart that you're no longer here.  You meant a lot to several people.  Sorry I didn't show it man, but I will do better at trying to let people in.  I will work on my trust with humanity, so that I limit missed opportunities of saying goodbye.

For now my friend goodbye.  xoxoxoxoxo - dirty

Thursday, May 14, 2015

*tap tap* mic check mic this thing still on? Oh hey!

Bon jour Dirty's Jibber Jabber,

I know the blogger in your was more in your 20s and you did fabulous in 2008.  Since then you've been more obsessed with your phone, well being, not as stressed about love and have an awesome dog and live right next door to your best friends....simmer down dirty, you still got your anxieties.

We can now say that in your thirties you manage to become 1.25M in debt.  Wheeee!  You have a BF, Robert that you live with and he is very helpful. You lost your fit figure - we had a shoulder injury and after that incident went to cardio and just kinda dropped away from fitness.  You work a graveyard schedule so it def ain't easy there and not to give you any excuses but your metabolism sucks too lol.

fuck.  what else has been going on?  Oh yea the 1.25M in debt is from homes.  They're all rented and we have anxieites about keeping the boat floating.  Working on the basement of the new house so that we'll have more income to cover losses and we're not far away from completing that project.

Well - I'm hoping I keep up with you, put lots of photos of the latest and greatest and of course since this is a jibber jabber blog keep nothing Taboo :-)


xoxo - dirty

Friday, August 2, 2013

August Update - Dandruff

Ok so here we are day 31 (forget to write yesterday).

Still dandruff?  Yup...and as much as I love the scalpmaster I am going back to dandruff shampoo and cold water.  I gave it a fair shot...and honestly I think my cowlick area doesn't like the no shampoo treatment.

I'll still use the cold water method, just with shampoo.

If anyone else has different results I would love to hear what you may have done that I didn't.  Cheers!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 22...still dandruff :-/

Ok so we're nearing towards the end of this experiment and I still have dandruff!  I got a scalp massager which if you can splurge the $2.64 (shipping included) these things feel AWESOME getting your head ready for the cold water:

I just ordered another gonna try and get some dual action going on.  My hair doesn't stink. My scalp isn't as itchy as before but who knows if that is due to weather.  I was hoping to see less dandruff.  What's interesting though is...why do we shampoo if the results never change?  I know that there is a tar shampoo that can help me out that gets prescribed but honestly look what just comes back.

It's not like a fungus that you take pills for and then goes away.  Anyway I have not completed my 30 day trial but it's coming close to an end.  And I will keep up with it.

Meanwhile my boyfriend Robert would probably MUCH RATHER have my problem as oppose to a hair line that rescinds! I will still have mad hearts for my buddah guy!  I'm a fan of the bald look (>_<) no comparisons!