Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy belated Bday Reese and Interesting article

First off, HAPPY BDAY MAMACITA SENORITA!  My lil Reese is two!  She turned two on the 6th of June, but we celebrated yesterday due to daddy's work schedule being hectic!

I read this article and of course it got me thinking of how people judge themselves...I'm the hardest on myself when it comes to my sides.  Before 2006 it was the gynocomastia (tits) but I had that removed for my 25th bday (hated them)...and now it's my sides.  It's always going to be something, isn't it?  So I thought...toyed with the idea of $1400, nuke'm out and move on with life...but that's the easy way out.

Why not keep the sides and challenge my mind to focus on the positive aspects?  I like my face/facial features, my mind and how I get things accomplished (I believe Marlon pointed this out as manipulation...yes I can see how one would come to that conclusion quite easily but really it's just me trying to get you to where you need to be and I haven't got all fuckin life for you to have an epiphany!  So for those that undergo this, you're welcome!), and my life.  Now granted the lifestyle I wouldn't mind having someone who drives me crazy share it with me, but I'm pretty settled in my house to where if I found someone I'd have to leave this awesome place behind (not yet..that's years down the road) so that if I ever did make the move there would be some of my stuff and some of his.  The dining room is non-negotiable.  I can part with the bedroom set and some of the media room (nooooo not all of it!  I'm a geek and will have the electronics portion setup).

So I'm gonna go workout and focus on the positive.  Inspiring article!

One side I could really work on is not being short with others...I mean no offense human race, but most of you guys drive me fucking insane!  Is it too much to ask for a good mind and body?  Am I reaching for the stars?  No, not really.