Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Happenins & HBO: Recount

Ok so I went to Maine the 16th - 22nd and can sum it up in two words: never again. Seriously? I mean that place was a true awakening to what Im use to in DC/Kuwait. Oh and the flights! OMG! My flight from Newark --> Bangor, Maine was cancelled so that 9 hours later after getting a ticket to Boston and hopping on a shuttle to Bangor I made it there...going back delayed 2 hours and then delayed yet again at Newark. If anyone ever threatens to blow that airport up, I'm sure they'll be doing the majority of the world a favor! DAMN u newark! Oh and Continental with ur cocky flight attendant & dumbass Cap't who wouldn't let ANYONE use the bathroom on flight even though we were delayed, then sat on the runway for an hour and had an hour flight to DC because we may not get up 30mins before flight to DC or 30mins before entering yeah, you do the math! I called Continental's 1800-WE-CARE (Bullshit! How the fuck did they get that number?!?) and chewed them out and found out...there is no 30 min policy!!! I told them I wanted the federal or whatever policy that they were going off of so I could google it! People hate being researched! Anywho enuf about back to DC...chilled with my pilot buddy Kent (who OF COURSE heard all bout this) and then went home. Went to TOWN on Friday (felt sick as fuck from some bad sushi, but improved over the night) got tipsy happy with Kent and then crashed at his crib. So far so good, yeah...havin a good weekend back. Wakeup...plan a fun saturday and then huh...a cop left his business card on my windshield. hmmm, is he gay? Oh wait theres a note on the back: Accident Property Damage (05/24/2008 - 0700am)...OMG My car's bumper got smashed and rear driver's body dented. (Fast Forward: I got the police report today and he is insured! Thank goodness, his story is he swirved to miss an animal and fucked 7 cars up while doing so). Saw IJ4 and it was good...not topping his other 3, but it was still good!
I thought that by seeing the movie "Recount", it would be like titanic...predictable. So I watched it and relized that while all of this was going on in November I was in basic training the 14th of Nov and didn't get a newspaper (or decent cup of coffee) while in it was really kinda cool to see what someone interpretted had happened and I like that Gore went all in and tried his best. I think that if anyone was in basic, on drugs for those months of your life or would just like to relive someone else's view on history you should watch that movie *stamped* DIRTY APPROVED.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The fight between us built within

I really miss talking to him
And hearing his sexy voice
Did I get my feelings hurt
by asking him to make a choice?
Deep down I think its silly
For me to feel the way I feel
Why do I lack control of my emotions?
Why can't I just keep it real?
The last time we spoke
He said some hurtful things
My true self wanted to cry
But my superego stole the scene
I find that when I can't defend myself
My true self cripples up and hides
It's up to my false self, my superego
To give me that inner-strength inside
My superego will convince me:
"Fuck him, you don't need that shit!"
"Who the fuck is this nigga?"
"You're Mike Sanchez and don't play that bit"
"Drop his ass and get some dates"
"It's not like I'm reaching for the stars"
"A sexual attraction, good sense of humor"
"And what the hell guys…own a car!"
I’ll put on my rolex and sport some versace
This makes me somewhat ostentatious
But it builds up my confidence and ego
Damn! I look smart, sexy and flirtatious
But wait superego, slow your roll
I really do care for this guy
His desires, ambitions, his smart intuitions!
He makes me smile more than cry
I understand that as a couple we may not make it
But where does our friendship lie?
My heart still beats strong for him
And I don’t want to lose him over pride
So superego and true self lets work together
And give it another try
For the biggest threat to over come is
Me, Myself and I