Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stocks & Options

Watching the skins right now (one TD behind..they can do it) and am looking at stocks. Took an investors course this weekend and liked it a lot. I'm really gonna make this work. Soon I will be done working for others and be a millionaire by 35. Remember this blog, because it's gonna happen! I head to NYC tomorrow to take the basic options course. Ummm yay! That is AWESOME :-)

I was overwhelmed by what I learned but wanted my pops and I learned that I had to call Marlon up and tell him everything. The entrepreneur in him was so into it. That's def one thing we share in common. We don't wanna work for people anymore. Make money on your own. It can happen if you want it to happen. Although yesterday was a great day my twisted mind & heart were trying not to think about someone's bday. I don't care, or miss him...matter of fact if he deployed to afghanistan, took a bullet to his head and came back home a hero..I'd respect him a little more.
*wooooooooooooooo-saaaaaaaaaaah*...but I'm glad that day is done with. I have such a great memory for bdays...I remember this crush I had on a girl at what....5th grade? Marlena Porter...June 18th LOL! Yessss I know, so weird...I should facebook her! I wonder if she married or what she looks like...BRB...


HAHA! Wow...found her. Shot her (def her...her sis was on her page). I mean that's not weird, right? If she writes me back I'll stay in touch with thanks a lot Zuckerberg!

Alight gotta finish watching the game. I haven't stayed in contact with the recent ex...hope he's doing well though. I should plan something with him if he's down

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

*pop* Post numero 200!

Ahhhh the blog...what's on my mind right now? Well close to my house there is someone enjoying some annoying base music. I'd close the window but it feels nice outside. Damn car....can't it just explode or something? No...then the firetruck and ambulance would come peace or quiet there either. Guess the best I can hope for is a dead battery. Speaking of batteries my car needs a new:
1.) Battery ($150 @/Advanced Auto Parts; $225 installed at the dealer)
2.) 4-new glow plugs (it's a diesel! $525 and no it's not as easy as changing a spark plug...these bastards aren't lined up and need some equipment to read it's voltage or something)
3.) Airbag harness needs to be replaced $385. Wheeee! Sounds great, no?

So I'm still keeping this baby...I'm hoping that replacing the harness will fix my sunroof problem (she closes when she's ready to close...not gonna get into that one).

Job market is actually tough. I got bites from different areas in the US but not much over here. I'm tempted to send out my old resume showing me current at work, just to get some bites. I'll let this week slide before doing that. Not in the poor house just yet, but would like to find something that piques my interest.

Thought of the day: Motivation

Something we can not's a feeling that we generate and obtain or lose in time. I can't seem to find mine today. So to sike myself out, I'm gonna get outta bed, take that shower, hit starbucks up and do something outside. Motivation is a mental state. We can do nothing about it when it is gone or we can kick ourselves in the ass and get going. You don't need others to kickstart you. Do you! So when you lose your motivation, what do you do?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Vodka: Fast acting mental relief

Thank-you gray goose....Thank you. Does the blog really need to go on to explain how the relief of having this wonderful liquor in your system seems to help you realize how petty shit is in the long run? iLuv it and will continue to have it in my system until court-ordered not to, or I meet my maker. In anycase before I throw this lil house party, I met up wit the peeps at happy hour in good spirits. It was great, met a guy (Grenade) and well ummm yeah let's just say I'm looking forward to tomorrow night. Hope everything goes well.

It's 436am...not booty calls...time for bed ;-) ~nIghT world

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Update

What to say what to say...ok well last Monday I became more proactive in the job hunt. I have something that may come to me this week...fingers crossed. It would get my clearance upgraded.

I broke things off with Jachai. He's a great guy, real sweetheart and caring individual...add thoughtful to that. Just didn't feel the *spark*. We'll maintain a good friendship (en shalla). He's doing well....saw him makin out wit sum guy at Cobalt's so that's great! Now I don't feel like a jerk ^_^

Lately I've been getting headaches and have upped my water count but not sure why they are coming so often. What good things happened this weekend...Family time was great! My mom, pops and I went to Red Lobster to engorge in the all-u-can-eat-shrimp extraveganza. It was very filling and the company was awesome.

Im pretty tired so I'll blog more later on...hope everyone else's weekend was great :-)

Friday, October 1, 2010

TGIF & Happy Fiscal Year!!!

Oct 1st! My fav holiday growing up was Halloween. The spookiness...the CANDY!!! Haunted houses or mazes! FUN FUN FUN! N e who I still love this time of year...i left the windows down last night and got a nice breeze. I luv the feeling of a cool breeze while snuggled underneath blankets :-)....Hot cocoa would be the icing on the cake this morning.

Ok so today I'm gonna find out what jobs are available now that we hit 1OCT...tell Lockheed to get up off their ass and send me an offer (I'll fill u guys in on that later). Today is chest day! Wahoo! My fav muscle group! Anything else planned? Not sure...might hit sunflower up after the workout. Gotta give Reese her meds this morning and tomorrow she has her rabies shot! YESSSS! After she gets that I'm gonna socialize her at dog parks. Training is going well, but could be better. I'm gonna take her to Petsmart on Saturdays for puppy training. She's growing so fast!

TGIF ALL! ~c!a0