Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pre-Big Easy weekend

So two weeks before the Big-Easy weekend I decided to have a very very lax weekend at home. My friend Matt from Westminster (Matty) was gonna come hang Fri-Mon. So Thursday night decided to get a lil crunk early....Fantastic!

Friday night was Matts Bday party (sidenote: Need to pickup that punchbowl). We all had a blast at Behn's place and then took it over to Town for some drags, go-go boys and dancing. Matty met me up there after work. We had fun and then Saturday came...early Saturday came. Went to see mom & dad. Made an awesome Soyrizo receipe (emailed it to Marlon who recently told me he is on the vegan path), grilled with my besties then hit a houseparty up. Sunday had a Top Chef 30th bday party to attend. Sooooo freakin coooooooool! OooOOw! Had a blast with Abs n the ladies :)

Monday was Kings Dominion. So the four of us Matt, Matty, Myself and Maurice....oh wait, scratch that last guy off. Maurice flaked out cause I guess Sunday night he was told he had to be in court on Monday. o_0....Yes, lemme this is my shocked face. How many times does someone hafta cry wolf? No sweat, I was a lil sad for Matt though, but we all three had a blast switchin off. No line waits....superawesome!!!!!

This weekend will definitely be low-key and weekend I hope to have cash on hand (will probably dip a lil in my tax fund...don't want to touch the savings).

~ c!a0

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A truckload of money for free!

My scandalous mind is always thinking, how can I protect my money? And it hit me! I live next to the Salvation Army! According to the IRS I can donate 30% of my AGI and submit charitable contributions...(see below)

Limits on the Charitable Contribution Deduction
Your charitable contribution tax deduction may be limited. There are limits specific to charitable contributions, and there are general limits on itemized deductions.

50%, 30%, and 20% Limits on Charitable Contributions

* Generally, you can deduct cash contributions in full up to 50% of your adjusted gross income.

* Generally, you can deduct property contributions in full up to 30% of your adjusted gross income.

* Generally, you can deduct contributions of appreciated capital gains assets in full up to 20% of your adjusted gross income.

Charitable contributions in excess of these limits can be carried over to the following tax year. The excess contributions can be carried over for a maximum of five years.

Ok ok so clearly we're not giving away our shit! So who's shit are we contributing?? Give away the FREE STUFF! w00t w00t! People give away couches, pianos, desks, chairs, everything! So let's say you make 100k a year..if you got a beater truck, you can on your weekends acquire 30k worth of stuff to deduct. Not sure how that will look on taxes, but if I get me a beater truck, keep track of the gas and expenses...I'll let you know how this benefits my taxes!

Too bad it's not tax credits hehehe, but think this could be the way to stick it to the government, and help out your fellow mankind. Sooooo what's the drawback? Well if you start making heavy donations, expect to get audited by the IRS. If in the past you haven't been legit, they will pickup on it. DO NOT LOSE ANY RECEIPTS!!! Get yourself an organizer. Do by month, then year! Keep all receipts for 10years. If you can get a digital sender, I would scan those puppies in.

Any thoughts? I'm really curious how much I would pay....oh! Hello Mr. Link :-)
KnowLedge is POWER

Fairfax Pride @ V5

So yeah last night ended up going to Velocity Five and seeing my sis's best friend, kick ass GM - Abby! It was good catchin up with her, haven't seen her since March I guess! Wow! She's having a bday party on the 21st and I'm sooo freaking there.

Met a personal trainer that works out at xsport so I'm gonna train with him $30 p/session....I can go for 3 sessions a week or stager 3/2/3/2. There's $300 in his pocket and four weeks of training for me...Not a bad deal! :-)

I'll work on my V downstairs and up. What else what else...oh new fav shot:

St Jermaine & Patron ~ deFocKinLicious!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And we're back


Got over that lil hump...everyone needs ta be strong and then emerge. Weekend was pretty cool, spent it with my boi Matt at home, town, rising of the apes and then crime and punishment museum. We're lookin at playing hookie from work and hittin kings dominion up on the 22nd (excited about that) and maybe, maybe if things develop further in Jan hit Las Vegas (Circus Circus) up for a couple weekends.

We both def playin it slow and I'm glad that he see's the side I like people to look at. So that's whats carrying on in the friends department...will try not to let it explode or consume me and keep focus on work and Reese.

My pooooooor lil baby has a bump on her head ;,,-(. It's gone down a lil but if I may end up taking her to the docs on the 18th of Aug if it gets worse. Her insurance will kick in then....I'm thinkin I can use my HSA account since it is a medical expense. We'll see what uncle sam says I guess LOL! Her monthly premiums are coming from that account!

Anything else on my mind...Lost my "+" with my "buzz". Hardly anyone on the google social site, and my interests have dwindled down. I def don't see this as a facebook takeover.

What else what else what else...Oh! Studying for my GCIH to get IAT III certified! What the hell does that mean? ummm....duh! Get more cash!! Blang Bling bitches!

PinG chInG poW!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ugh....get through this hump!

Seems the lonely got in my system....ususally happens during holidays. Blah! Must overcome this hump....but at least my soul has good taste in music! :)