Monday, December 26, 2011

Week 3 @ 160!

Losing my abs and hopefully gaining a chest. I put the fat boy pants on cuz I feel my handles r growing. My trainer says it muscles contrasting in diff areas but I'd think I know what fat feels like. Anyways starting week three. Results so far:

< lost my cut :( >

Chest looks ok..abs???

I will incorporate ab workouts at home since this is something that cannot be lost. Gotta remember, February is when I start my running. Stay focused dirty!!!!

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ending week two

Well I think my chest is getting a lil bigger....hopefully next week my trainer focuses more on that. He's obsessed with shoulders, lower back and legs. Says we need to build on that to get a bigger chest. I should prolly hit my cousin Christopher up since we're both doin this. My gut feels outta shape, I already can't wait to start running again. I wanna hit 20miles a week to lose this belly!

I want to back off on calories but need to make sure my weight is over 160 now. I gotta get to 175.

Office life is boring but I'm getting paid. We didn't have any holiday parties. I'm sure Plan B did and Accenture as well but nothing for the three of us....Oh well, keep the paycheck coming in ontime.

Anyways Happy Holidays all :-)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Need a new ProTeiN shake, lilke STAT!

I'm over the muscle milk.....I'm done with it! My taste buds keep shoutin NEXXXXXXT at me. So I got like over 5lbs that I can't just throw up on CL for free, since the bags r open. What a waste, I'll offer them to my family and if not, toss'm and move on.

I want an ultra super delicious low in sugar strawberry shake. That is the flavor de jour! I like the taste of adding soy milk with it so will keep a gallon or costco size container of that at work.

Work isn't too bad....I'm a little bored and feel I fall short in convos sometimes because of all the big brains around here. So shut up, look pretty and get paid? Done. Done and Done!

I had a blast these past couple weeks with my sister coming over to visit. She's in TX now, holidays will be spent with my best friends and NYE and NYC. Yea imma do this crowd bit one time and get the damn 2012 glasses too! Should be hella fun! Hope I can enjoy some good champagne come 12am :)

Wonder if I can find some crazy gay group out there....I'd say they must have good champagne, but I'm actually shocked at the knowledge straight guys have on champagne compared to my gaymigos who luv adding mixers to the delicious; cooks, andre, korbel (top), barefoot, etc that we have amongst us.

*snob n a 1/2* I know, i know....Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Festivus and a good new year all around

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Week one done

So week one was a little rough. My trainer saw where I was at and what I could handle. We did chest, back, shoulder and legs. He had me do a leg day on Friday. Monday I gotta fly solo on chest. I would like to find a good shaker for my pre workout shakes, a delicious protein powder and and band that I can use to stretch. I feel a lil blobby with the lack of cardio. Did 25mins on stairclimbers and only burned 200cals with about 2miles in climbing. Blah

I'll post pics prolly Monday to compare. Already know at 8week mark im gonna tear cardio up and guzzle lots of protein to maintain muscle! w00t!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Ok so I've had my trainer two days. Kickass sessions and it's only gonna get better! Using MyFitnessPal to keep track of diet and crossing fingers I find me a better protein powder (sorry muscle milk, losing interest fast!)

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