Friday, April 29, 2011


Weekend in T-minus 6 hours...

So I had plans this weekend that fell through and I wanted to post how irritated I get when things don't work out but I gotta step outside and see the positive.

1.) My friends were courtious to give me a heads up with notice and not on the spot
2.) An alternate plan was offered

I like that! That shows effort! So rather than bitch n moan, I'm gonna smile and enjoy what little work I have to do today.

Yesterday I got a referral check from GD, so I'll have to let the ladies over there know I got paid and if they need further assistance to give me a shout! Too bad ITT Systems doesn't really do this! I'd flood them with teckies lookin ta make a quick buck ^_^

Paid off the AMEX which was consumed ALL by Nina & LoLita. OMG! These bitches can not only guzzle gas, but they luv their mechanics too! Well GD handled that I and I took my family out to Spartans with the remaining bucks I had left. Whee!

Went out with Mateen & Steve for drinks n good times. Had a blast at cobalt. Saw this dood with the BIGGEST ASS, LIKE OMG! Put my baby to shame! I think I deflated a bit lol! And then Steve in his wisdom said I bet tits to a straight man is like ass to a gay man. Wow! That shit was profound. U know, I still like the twins up north but def like the cakes down south too! Prolly a lil more I guess...they just excite me, and I never really knew that when I came out. I thought it was all bout the cock. Not sooo much. So we wanted to feel it...he's so damn shy! I got my hands on it three times. W0w! Fuckin wanted to bounce dimes off that mutha!

Didn't get ultra plastered, made it to work and am sippin on coffee. Still need to find a 24-32 LCD TV with mount for under $250. We'll see what's good...Happy Friday!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shame on you Google!

Soooo guess who got a fraud 256GiggyPiggy?!? Yesssss! Moi! Fuck you HongKong! May ur economy collapse you fraudulent a-holes! Soooo the drive has issues saving stuff. No worries, you get what you pay for. I'm reporting him and his site to paypal which hopefully will work with Google as this was a google ad.

Dammmit Jim! The only hot-deals we need to focus on are from reputable sellers. $70 lesson...really cheap in the big picture of life (and don't i know it!)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday! w00t!

Well not w00t right now but that'll change. Hit like an 0-2 for plans this evenin and that bummed me my mind in a misery state so I thought hmmmm how did we get ourselves out of this predicament last time?? 2 big ass 1.75ml of belvedere and some fags tell me that my mind will get back into the groove of things : - )

Sooo right now I'm waiting on Mateen then heading out to Nel's. Lolita is in the shop gettin her mark that some ASSSSHOLE gave her at the dog park fixed. Tuesday I should have her back and YES i luv Nina but ain't tryin ta rack an assload of miles on her...she needs a break too!

Aight ladies n gents have a good weekend, TGIF!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This weekend was pretty cool...nothing spectacular but all in all good times.

Friday night - After getting my tan on I wanted to hit TOWN up and see the drag show. Caught Lena, said hi and then saw some buddies up in there. TOWN was cool n all but we decided to take our asses to Cobalts for good times. That was fun. Went with matt and his buddy eric. Eric was cute (for a white boy dorky way), pretty tall and had an appreciation for grey goose (Yesssss!).

Went shirtless and was asked if someone could take a body shot off me. If this happened all the time I probably wouldn't mention it but since this is like the first time, it definitely boosted the ego. Simmer down peeps, I declined but thanked them for the compliment. Had four drinks that night which meant the next day had four miles right next to my name.

Saturday - Woke up, had my coffee, played with the pooch and OFF I went to see the USAA Financial center in Pentagon Row. WE FINALLY GOT A LOCAL BRANCH! WHEEEEEE!
The inside looked pretty decent, and I was real happy to see a branch outside of San Antonio, TX :-)...After that I picked Reese up and we went to my BFFs in Gainesville to eat this BOMB ass makes you wanna sleep Mexican food and Hannah's school play, AnnieJr. Was soooo exhausted I passed out in my bed with the TV on.

Sunday - Had family breakfast (ooooh! fresh blueberry muffins!) and, got a frame for my bowflex poster, planted a bush (environmental freak here! Hahaha! NOT!) in my yard and then waited on Isabel for some D-Lishous Indian food and Animation Sunday. We had a blast and OMG she's never seen Drawn Together before!!!! Yay! It's soooo on! w00t!

Hope everyone else had an AbFab weekend ~ This upcoming weekend I'm going SHOPPING for some new polos and chill khakis! Also on the agenda is a lil AC that doesn't drip! Oh and my Z4! Tee hee!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Interesting...Calling all recruits! Doodle-iT!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Lu, Desi <>
Date: Fri, Apr 01, 2011 at 12:00 AM

Hi Michael,

I hope this e-mail finds you well. We have several exciting opportunities that we are looking to staff here at Doodle-iT! Our company has been in business for six years, owned and operated by SBA in New York, NY. Currently our company is expanding in five major metropolitan areas. The office in Fairfax, VA is looking for users with Google Apps, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft Exchange 2010/Lotus Notes. A heavy knowledge in Google Apps and Microsoft SharePoint is critical to replicate the efforts driven in our HQ locations.

Doodle-iT is a subsidiary company to The focus of Doodle-iT is a mixture of patenting and engineering around the world. Currently the Doodle-iT tool online interface allows for MS Visio, Adobe DesignerPro, and Apple iMadeIt+ designs along with photos to upload under a page you design. Draft designs saved/uploaded are compared to the designs of others in Doodlepedia. Doodlepedia is the database that stores all designs and allows you to choose a draft or final state. In a final state, the design can undergo the patent process by DoodLaw or a local state lawyer.

Doodlepedia will match your design(s) with other designs worldwide to ensure patents are not being infringed or locate a similar draft design which allows you to Twoodle. Draft patents are what connect engineers! Draft patents stay up on Doodlepedia and engineers can Twoodle ideas and designs to get to a patent state. Doodle-iT was also awarded in 2010 Top Ingenuity design by Google co-founder John Aubrey.

Enough history! Are you ready to take the next step to work for an exciting company? Show us that you are ready to get out of your mundane state and start a rewarding career in the field of online patenting! Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Desi Lu
623 E. 68th Street, New York, NY 10065
~ Got an idea? We got your solution