Thursday, February 28, 2008

Its TH nite, dirty's weekend's here

I need to unwind with sum part-y! lol! Aight Aight so i'm suppose to be savin sum bux right now cuz i got my first paycheck and "OMG, WHAT THE FUCK?!?" No wonder people over here work two jobs! lol! So yeah it's good that I don't have kids or nuthing cuz this job will just get me to put food in mah belly...and patron in my blood! w00t w00t! (Fuck, i'm out of limes!)

So I gotta go to the gym in about 1o mins...i'm workin my way back slowly...felt real good yesterday after my workout...I'll do the elliptical and abs tonight. So yes, I'm most likely gonna hit town up manana...I can't help it! Dirty needs his drag night! lol! Aight have a good weekend everyone ~ hasta la pasta


Sunday, February 24, 2008


It really hurt that you never called
And I think of you all the time
It hurt so much that I'm feelin poetic
And thinkin of ways to rhyme

I wrote you a message, sent you a text
No response was your reply
After day 3 the answer was clear
...'He's just another guy'

Letdowns will happen and baby I know that
So here is now where I start
Dust off my shoulders and move on to the next guy
someone who won't crush my heart

The emptiness that clouds my heart is opague and rather foggy
But the cloud has this bright streak..we'll call it my silver lining
The silver lining is what i learned from this cloud I built myself
I will always keep my guard up whenever dating, dancing, or dining

The past guys I've linked up with
I've treated pretty shallow
I blocked them off from my true self
so they can't make my heart feel hollow

The feeling is not satisfying to let people go
Your eyes tear and throat balls up to where you can't even speak
But then I look in the mirror, toughen myself up..Y?
Because I don't ever wanna to feel weak

Now my heart feels better
Probably because I wrote this poem
Letting go of someone special
Is like watching your child leave his home

And although I end this poem
I end it feeling somewhat incomplete
I lift my head up and dust my shoulders off
...for the feeling is not defeat!

The 3-Ms are being tested ~:-(

Aight some of you know what my 3 Ms are and what a company can not fuck with *ahem*:
* My Meals
* My Money
* My Time

So with that said I have not been PAID yet. The first paycheck is a paper paycheck, followed by direct deposits *DANGER DANGER*...have faith dirty, it's quite possible they won't fuck up. Y oh Y be optimistic bout this kinda shit...? U know they gonna fuck up! LoL! Well I came into work today (against what my mind felt like doing) and talked to Jeff (guy that came in same as I did)...asked how his weekend was *blah blah blah*...did u get paid yet? came in on Friday (Houston we have a problem)...Oh that's cool man. I didn't get mine yet ~:-(

So I wrote Jewel my HR person and hopefully will get a check on Monday. My thing is y go to work if u ain't gettin paid? Whoa Whoa Whoa dirty! Ur shit may very well be in the mail, it's just runnin late. WELL! With that said, who needs to go to work @ 330pm? What's wrong with being late? I'm sure the company would understand you being late, ESPECIALLY if you're big enough to understand why there check is late.

On the plus side, because of ITEQs incompetence I played the stock market more aggressively this friday (Shit, somebody's gotta pay me! Might as well be Wall St). So Citigroup was down $24.30 and TGIC had hit under $6 during the midday slump. DIJI flipped itself from -$120.XX : +96.XX ~:-o
What a shock! Citigroup closed at $25.07 & TGIC at $6.30...(-:

I'll probably let'em ride til TGIC gets close to $7 and Citi...I dunno...$27 maybe. So lucky on Wall St, unlucky in love ~,-P (what did janet say? ...that's the way love goes...) lol
Still single (i know i know it's only been a couple months) but it's also my fault. I mean, i have some great people around me but I bet you that i'm not gonna find what i'm lookin for @ TOWN. I mean shit I love going there on my friday's...watchin Lena and her ladies put on there show and then gettin a lil smashed. It's fun as shit and you see some nice candy out there (OMG, Jess the bartender who works the bottom floor all the way to the right has got the hottest smile! He's so fuckin cute, buy ur drinks from him!)

damn it Christina! She's got me hooked on this song by - get your money baby! When u work it work it! Aight enuf with this drama...back to guys! Don't i wish it was like that store "Build a bear"'s how i'd build guy ;-) (someone should have this idea online so that I could add it to my myspace/facebook)
Pick the medium build latin/whitxican guy
Dress him up in an AE/AF outfit
Add earings (diamond *bLinG*)
Add Shades
Add Fossil watch
Add wrist band
Add seashell/oceanic necklace
(this is all shit i'm gonna bum off him! lol!)
So yeah add those kenneth cole kicks ;)
Hair...Gel it up

...aight thats perty cool for looks...interests:
Travel Nut
Social, Social, Social
Challenges my mind
Out of the box kind of thinker but NOT a conspiracist (hey sorry, keep those crazy thoughts to urself)
Can talk about real estate/investments/Wall St and challenge me to keep up with him.
Thinks about the little things (OMG, so this guy I worked with Dan is not gay but he is so fuckin thoughtful that if I could take his thoughtful from his head I would so plant it in so many people I meet. He has inspired me to do better in a dept I thought I was pretty good in. When we had to share rides to work, out of the fuckin blue Dan would show up with a triple grande skim latte and then we'd ride to work! OMG!! Do you guys have any idea how something so small can fuckin brighten dirty's day????? This guy rocks, but i digressed)

Being greedy...I'd add piano skills (i love hearin those keys)
and give him the LOST bug. I love that show! lol! What was up with that last episode?? Why does Kate have Aaron??? And why is Aaron callin her Mum???

Aight so there's my "Build-a-Guy"...That was Fun, and hey i'm no longer pissed off about that paycheck thing cuz I was thinkin bout how Dan made me smile by gettin me a latte out of the blue. I freakin miss that! Whoever dates/marries Dan will be fuckin lucky cuz that dood makes mad cash and has a heart of gold

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Work Update

Well ummm...i think i'm doing about the same amount of work from when I left ITT. I took control of the remote control during 7-8pm (Gotta watch tha Wheel-o-Fort / Jeopardy!). I like my hours and enjoy the drive to work and being 'flexible', but im not enthralled to be here. I just need these paychecks going and once my TS goes through I'm gonna find something that makes me happy. So career wise I took a dip (more so in salary), love life...ummm hello! i've been documenting that! lol! It'll be cool!

I got my apt lookin nicer...heard that Bed-Baf-N Beyooo00nd was havin an art sale so i'm gonna try n get in on that! I'm a lil sleepy right now, but i'll write more later ~ peace

Monday, February 18, 2008

So here I go again on my own...

Hey guess what?!? had my first house party today! w00t w00t! So we started off watchin eddie murphy: RAW (I love tha flick) and then started off some music/south park and playin Suites. It was fun as fuck (pause, dirty get some water!)...once 1:50 came along and a neighbor asked me to keep it down we started to stop and that's where it was hard was gettin these everyone to leave. After an 1 hr 1/2, they had left (or soooo you may think)...*insert a lot of bullshit drama to include my BF comin up wantin to stay the night...blah blah blah, went back down after 30 more mins*. Meanwhile at the bat cave my "friend" (we'll get into that) Christian was writin me cuz he was havin a bad I told him that I my friends were havin a bad day and they felt i was rushin them off because I wanted him to come over...he asks why and i told him because they think you are just a piece of ass to me. I told him i wish he wasn't but he hung up on me! OoooooH! Dirty got pissed and called him back...NO ANSWER, shot him a txt sayin:
Wow, I can't believe u hung up on if dealin with my friends drama wasn't enuf U decided to do that?? I know you had a bad day so MAYBE we got disconnected
He shot back: Booooooo
So I shot back:
U hung up on me! Dood i know you got some drama goin down right now like i do but bendito don't do tha shyt. U call or text when u calm down, u got me? Cuidate
He shoots me back: Naaah....

So yeh, dirty sent back "Adios" and thats done! I won't fuckin tolerate disrespect....FUCK UR MAKEUP SEX, IF THEY FUCK UP U DON'T NEED TA HIT 'EM UP!

So yeah...I'm still gonna head out to town..find the right guy for me. I was drunk on Friday night and saw that I had texted/called this one dood...didn't know wha happened with the call but i saw wha I had texted him and was like wow! I'm pretty blunt! Aight this dood has a cool personality but keepin it real...He says he wants to hang out, but not so much. He's got HIV and I NEVER! NEVER held that against him, because if I ever had that virus I would not want people to seclude me...Judge me by my character/quality...not something that doesn't have anything to do with you. I always want people to see me who I am and what is down en la corazon...if they don't get to that level, then so be it I have no problem cuttin people off! I fuckin know how dust tha shyt off my left shoulder and move on! Jus like Marlon, no calls or text after 5 days, Orale papi! Laid n Played, I got u! I ain't fuckin hatin tha game cuz i'll neva take back wha I had...I keep myself smilin by puttin tha cherry chapstick on an rememberin the tha night. I like keepin those happy memories (so no take backs about LA!) Fuck, if Christian hadn't done wha he did...this night woulda been less wha it was! But sabes que hue??? I'm fuckin strong and will deal with what i gotta deal with, y por que? Por Pendejos! ,-P OralE HuE!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Fri & Sat

So Friday was pretty fun! I linked up with a friend from korea...we'll call her Powers! She came ova, we got lost going from Arlington to Burke! And no people I did not have my GPS with me! We went to Spartans and got sum güt food! mmmm....gyros and then headed back to my place for a quick drink before headin to TOWN. Powers brought her dog over! I told her not to, so I wasn't happy bout that...I mean come on people, if u ask ur friends if you can bring your shouldn't be up for debate. She lives in Columbia, MD...had a good case (no pet sitter) so Pepper stayed for one night...I don't think she'll be comin back to my place without havin a pet sitter and leavin her cell/drama in the car :-P

Aside from that, we had tons of fuckin fun! We went to TOWN cuz YESSSS! Dirty loves to watch his drag the balls to ask Jess if wanted to grab some coffee or somethin (Jess is a bartender who buys me drinks...and Yes, haute smile!). He's got a B/F, o well! Still had fun drinkin, dancin...bumpin into people (Good TImeS! GoOd TimEs!)...Met my 1st trannie, Nicki and she was pretty cool...i never woulda known she was a tran had she not said anything! She bought me an christina drinks and then we headed home...watched sum TV, (still haven't seen the last lost episode) and then Sat came.

Afta Christina left, I met up with Christian and had a nice walk n talk...he seems pretty cool, he's very young so we'll def stay friends. I got ova Marlon since he hasn't like communicated in a week and for those of you who know DIRTY, * AheM *....He fuckin wiped tha dirt off his shoulders and moved on....CuZ tHas how i RolL! w00t w00t! lol! Life is güt, I need some gym motivation! Oh and headphones! ~ lataz

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Day survivor!

So Yeah incase some of you didn't know I'm working at the Dept of State as an exchange administrator (workin on e-mail servers). So what's it like? Ummm, it's somewhat strict! I mean, ok...we only support e-mail servers and the applications that go under those servers (PERIOD). So I guess that's sorta cool, I jus hope I don't lose a lot of what I learned (AD / VERITAS).

Things I like:
*KICKASS HOURS* I work Sunday - Thursday from 3pm - 12am (can I get a fuck, yeah???)
* People are pretty chill...ummm, i'm the only gay one here and most of my colleagues are guys so yeh! lotta str8 talk, but wha eva...They'll adapt ;-D
* We got a TV in the office *w00t w00t*
* DoS has a gym downstairs (I need to join! I'm gonna try to apply on Monday)
* Boss buys happy hours drinks/meals on Th (free dinner on TH, minus the drinks cuz i work)
* 6 miles away from my FABULOUS condo ~:-D
* WEBSENSE FREE!! w00t w00t!!!

The 'NOT' so much things:
* People I work with are a lil older
* NO DOCUMENTATION (surprised?)
* Nonchalent shift lead (we both can't be nonchalent! lol! work with me!!!)
* Work next to our servers so YEaAh! It gets a lil loud

I got my TS investigation started so HOPEFULLY once that clears I can command a higher salary or plop my resume with some of the recruiters I got....DC loves Sys Admins and Engineers and (Go Me!) I got what they want...I got what they need...Can i get anutha shot? This time ima make it HAUTE ~ Haha ~ ok, so I put like survivor because the people here walk on eggshells and if you support anything we don't use...D/L (like drivers) or jus give sumone a weird look ur ass is gettin voted off the island!

Ok, the weekend was perrrty cool! I hung out with my buddy christina, had sum greek (MMmmmmM Spartans - Burke, VA! GeT SuM!!!), went to TOWN to watch the drag shows, drank a lil..a lil more...a lot more...then a lil more! Had fun, gave besos to some hottie...then headed home to watch LOST but mah drunk ass fell asleep so i need to watch it again!Sat: Met up with the lil bolivian hottie (latin guys) ~:-P~...had sum lunch, did a small walk then headed home for sum much needed cleanin and relaxation! Got a hold of Sterling and made some dinner plans...Decided that i was perrty harsh and shallow (not one of my best flaws, but as needy as I can sometimes get I like havin the ability to let shit roll of my shoulders and move on), so we're buddies and he's gonna help me decorate (art work wise) the pad! Ahhhhh...I love my condo and how it's shapin up (pussycat moment) DON CHA WISH UR CONDO WAS HOT LIKE MINE, DON CHA WISH UR FURNITURE WAS TITE LIKE MINE....DON CHA?...DON CHA BABE, DON CHA?? (end moment)

So yup yup, at work right now...its 5pm which means woot woot! 7 hours left (minus one for lunch!), do I miss 12hour days....DIRTY says NO NO NO NO NOooooo, i'll neva say Yeh yeh yeh yeh yeeeeeeeeeh cuz I said No No No No Nooooo (brought 2 u by Destiny C) ~ later guys


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My first day @ work!

Ok I gotta be qwik cuz I gotta bolt to my parents and grab sum stuff there. So the first day was ummm...long! Thas the best adjective i could come up with. Ok I get there and met up with Jeff(dood who was at the newcomers orientation)...he seems pretty cool but yeah...hes gonna work on days and im gonna work on 3pm - 12am (not tha bad....perty cool for partyin). We're both off the same days so hopefully i got sumone to hang out with or just know someone cool at work. N e who, the badge took me over 2 hours to get because my name first wasn't in the system and then when it got there *PSsSh* the i'm guessin 'new guy' didn't know WFT he was doin when it came to creatin a badge. Ok exxxxcusin myself from tha drama after gettin the badge grabbin sum food it was time to hit the office...where i'm gonna work. OMG, I would totally be bullshitting you right now if i didn't say that when I walked in there I was ready to LaUgH my FUCKIN ASS off and walk out the room, leave my badge at the front desk and call Unisys to see if they were still looking for engineers! Yeah, 1st impressions....FUCK EM! So I decided that after some deep thinking that I'm gonna give this job a shot! I'll form an opinion in one month and i don't care if people are like 'oooooh la la laaaaaa the dept of state', if it's not fun...FUCK It! I loved my last job! OMG, if I had a 48hr work week, it woulda made it that much harder to leave! I swear if Marlon woulda called or write by now maybe i'd try hookin him and me up with a job overseas but keepin it real...THIS IS BULLSHIT! Aight no comments, cuz dirty is ventin...I'll let u all know how the REAL first day goes tomorrow 3-12am! w00t w00t!

Monday, February 4, 2008


***Dirty UnWinDin***

Lemme put on sum happy music cuz today wasn't really a bad day but I'm fuckin disappointed that my furniture has not arrived and I'm at home...I pissed my mom off cuz when she was askin me what was wrong i just answered that i'm havin a bad day (translation: Say, "I'm sorry" or leave it alone) when she asked me what was goin on i snapped and said I don't wanna talk about I just wish my furniture was at my place so I could have a bad day and not let you all see me like this (oooof! shitty choice of words) so now i feel even worse for sayin that but what the fuck ever, its probably forgotten or will be forgotten in 5 mins time. So tomorrow the new furniture arrives!!! YeYYYYY! lol! I have to go to my newcomer's orientation at 1000 (ummm something tells me that these are *charity hours* so I'm real siked about that!) and lets see...yeah that should be it.

I have a gym membership at gold's so AFTER my place is semi-setup i'm gonna work off these shitty days...I call them shitty because I have like no friends over here...Ok, I got some HS buddies (Maricel n Maritza) and i guess an e-friend (btw, emergency-friends aka e-friends are people who don't holla at you unless they are bored and ain't got shit goin on). Wow, 3! Way ta go Dirty! My buddy sterl has learned to tone down the textin and ummm Marlon is in Cali which hurts also cuz if he were here I'd jus have smiles on my face! I'm ready to start livin in my new condo, goin to the gym and work. I hope tomorrow they get me a parking pass for the state dept cuz I've decided that the metro is not only far from me but waaaaay overrated...who the hell can afford to park-n-ride the metro??? I'm sorry people but if you can afford to do that, you should invest in a H2 Hummer and slug people to work (I bet you'd STILL be savin $$$). So lets see did i get to the root of why I'm havin a bad day? Miss Marlon, lack of friends, still living at home and feel lonely...So what can I do about it? I need to find out where all the gay guys hang out besides bars n clubs, have the furniture make it tomorrow to get out of the house and i guess take Marlons pic off mah wallpaper (Wha can I say, his labios are fuckin haute!) I do feel a little better venting this out and if no one reads it, tha would fuckin rock too!!! I hate havin people here me bitch, but its 2008 and bloggin has replaced journals/diaries ~:-P

Friday, February 1, 2008

No furniture ~:-(

woooow! Ashley's isn't deliverin my L/R set until the 5th of Feb! There goes the superbowl! That or...BEANBAGS! lol! Nah I ain't hostin n e party till i get my place setup 2 satisfactory! So on the 5th I do the newcomers orientation (free of charge! Eck!) and then start working on the 6th of Feb (hmmm...I wonder if it's rude to ask for my pay in advance?...just the first couple of months :-P)

Manana I'm gonna setup the TV stand and then toss tha 65" screen on there and watch me sum LOST! Did you guys see that episode last night? Come on writers! Ur not leavin me wantin for more like u did the first 3 seasons! Hope the other episodes are more promising...I'm glad they didn't get rid of Charlie! He's real cool! Can you believe they brought up that female cop (Anna Marie???)...weird! Ok, I so don't watch tha much TV but love tha show (Give it up to Matthew Fox and ummm....Kate! lol)

Last night I went out to club chaos and if you get an opportunity to go there take my advise n pass! No cover cuz the drag shows n dj are no longer there (ok, tha sucks)...the club was empty and when I bought a drink payin the dood wit a ben he was like ooooh papi jestering tha i suck dick fo cash! Shiiiiiiiiiit! My hours would prolly be betta! And fuck taxes! lol!!! Ok, no i am not talking myself into changing careers I'm happy suckin dicks tha i wanna suck....*blink blink*....but for free? Huh! Ok movin i met up with this dood named Junior. Tha fucker had me crackin up on the phone for like 40mins....It was like we knew each other from a while ago! So end up goin to APEX and tha was pretty cool...Everything was cool till when I gave his friend a ride home he got all pissy at his friend who was tryin to not argue on the phone and talk about it later about him hittin on his friends..BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH (<-- insert drama), his friend apologized and was like I guess I'll see you later? I was like...yeah, prolly not! lol!

Freakin 22 y/o's! I think i like my papis older n maturer. If anyone is gonna be the immature one in the relationship, it is not gonna be mah papi! Not only hell nah but thas a FUCK NO!
I dunno if I'm gonna hit TOWN tonight...the weather was kinda suckin and im gettin fatter! Oooo! Ok, so I'm gonna join Gold's gym and get my ass back in shape! Shit, I think I'm gonna do a biggest loser thing...snap a pic...fotoshop it, then snap an afta fotoshop tha! lol! Nah, but I can't wait to start goin 2 the gym otra vez! Dirty is gonna bring sexy back ;-)