Sunday, December 13, 2009

2k9 wrap-up

....And we're back! We'll call that a hibernation.

I know the year is not over with but I couldn't help and check out last years resolutions and how I fared. Honestly a lot of them slipped my mind but seem like good resolutions. Such is life to plan for good intentions and lose focus on the way.

Well let's see since July my hellish work has got better. I don't like the way things are ran there, but I do have flexible hours (because yeah we work weekends). I met guy, mature, awesome in the bed, and likes me. We moved too fast so we've cool'd down. It's been cooooool'd down to friends with benefits. I like him a lot BUT when we talked he said the one thing he couldn't do is let me in his family life. So if I were to pursue this it would be for just him...No dad, mom or son. So being friends is a good thing. The expectations are just that; be cool, chill and have fun. Thanksgiving was spent at my mom's place as usual but we had one member not with us. I really really miss my grandma. I see her in my dreams and when I wake up I have no idea what we were talking about but I smile because I saw her. So that was tough this year, but at the table we focus on the things we are grateful for. And most recently my house has a neeeeeeeeeeeew member; Jordan.

Jordan is a Maltese that I rescued from the Arlington Shelter. He's a year and four months and a good pup. I can tell you waking up in the morning and NOT hitting the snooze alarm several times was almost like having a real baby. I'm sooo tired right now! LOL! *sips dunkin coffee*

That is all right now...I haven't heard or really talked to Marlon since I got this gig. Phoned him when I was in LA seein my grandma for her bday but he was in FL. It's cool how time does heel all wounds but time never goes fast enough...yet when you look in the mirror you can't help but think sometimes- Shit!!! Where the hell has time gone?!? Alright I'm real tired...short workday though! Later