Saturday, February 26, 2011

Je t'adore Mammie!

2 years later and boy do I still miss you! So today I will do my best to not be a health freak and enjoy the day with you and mom.

If your physical presence was here I'd give you the biggest hug I could imagine and just melt to see your smile one last time.

I'll always treasure the memories we built and know how lucky I was to have a kickass grandmother like you and no other. Avec beaucoup d'amour
~ Michel
2 years ago...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mmmm tilapia!

Well I just had my amazing 300 cal dinner with less than 220mg of sodium. Tilapia marinated in lime, lemon juice with a splash of balsamic vinegar and crushed ground pepper, mashed cauliflower with ground pepper and steamed broccoli. Dessert later on will be jello. I can feel the tummy disappearing!

Can not wait to show pix March 30th!!!!

Got done with the meeting I have to hold bi-weekly with sites. Man does that suck but I actually did a good job and got people at ease on the phone. I like that :)

So tomorrow I'll work on the minutes of the meeting and shoot it out Monday or Tuesday. Tomorrow should be a real easy day and thank goodness for that :)

Now rest wit the pup till i get me sum jersey shore and it had better be a better episode! Ttfn

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BodyUpdate: Zantrex-3

Just started taking this stuff and like phentermine it makes me crave water. I just wish it would make me lose my appetite like phentermine but I can control that on my own. Got the MyFitnessPal app to keep up with my calories, protein, sugar and sodium intake. Shockers in the sodium department..I need more snacks that r veggies I guess. Will update body shots March30th :)

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Father App I have sinned

Have a rough day at the office that lead to drinking, partying, prostitution, killing the bitch to only then find out that bitch was ur 1/2 sister? Noooo problem! There's an app for that!

Jesus and the Holy Roman Catholic church knows that not everyone can take an hour (yea suck it baptists! One hour) out of their busy hectic week to go pray and confess. So while ur tweeting, updating ur status, or trying to get 3 stars at that IMpossible level in Angry Birds (o i know!!! It aint easy, is it?) *ahem* isn't it just great ta know that Jesus our lord and savior is only an app away? Has Mohammad caught on to this? Jesus is bankin $1.99 p/user. Now we all know Jesus sucks at money. Omnipotent, all mighty powerful, knows all being but somehow never figured out the money situation. That's where we come in! Ta help out or beloved father with whatever you can spare (or 10%...good solid round number) something tells me tho that this $1.99 app may go up in price and in time have a premium. I'll wait on JesusLite ta come out. It'll prolly only be good for 30days but if I get hit by a bus and hafta see St. Peters I'm gonna flash that app!

He'll prolly be like Oooh u got the!!....wait a that the Lite version? Shit! God dammit! I mean I swear to the man it was just a trial! Let me in! I wanna see if beemers really do have souls!!!

So anyways if ur a busy catholic that needs ta repent ur sins without the fear of Father Flanigan judging (or if ur under 13) touching you then this app is right up your ally.

Way ta catch up with the times Jesus! And at only $1.99 who can't afford to confess & repent?

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Progress report

Just wanted to do an update on post hoodie season. It's been 3 weeks since I touched the alkie. I'm not a quitter tho, just focused right now at the task at hand. Getting lean. So for those of u who haven't kept up September marked the beautiful hood season where a girl got ta put down the celery (as if) and pick up the fried chicken. I wanted to pack some weight and lift heavy. Got a lil swole in the chest. A pleasant size that I wanna see develop into June. So here we are. Spring in the air, new running shoes and new diet. This time we ain't gonna fail! Hi protein ta keep my muscles, low calorie and a lotta cardio! My lil home gym is a bowflex. I wanted to get a spinner bike but am waiting on a good deal. In the mean time I got running shoes and a gym membership.

I had a blast Saturday at Fit3 (store in tysons). I was scoping out all the hi protein bars but shakes always seem to beat the bars in protein/calories. I'm gettin a lil tired of tuna, not the shakes or edamame thank goodness!

Well I'll update in Mid march BETTER results! Stay tuned :)

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Caffeine free coke zero you say?

When oh when will it make it to the US though? According to Wiki ( this product was released 2010 in France and Japan. This year the Netherlands picked it up. I know the bloody FDA already has issues with the chemicals inside of Coca-Cola and am not looking forward to seeing them dissect coffee if they care so much about chemicals! In any case I paid some quack to take a look at my eyes because I developed a twitch in my right eye lower lid. The guy gave me an eye exam, retina exam and then told me to stop drinking a lot of caffeine and lower my stress.

Lower my stress? I didn't think my life was that stressful! I don't have guns firing at bills are paid and on bad credit, got a dog at home who luvs to play. Only thing that I can think of about stress would be working out at the gym and obtaining my goal of getting ripped and cut and being single. Isn't the point of life also to have a lil stress?

Well I look forward to trying this out when it makes it to the US and hopefully lowering my caffeine intake :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pass on pasta?

No wonder the atkins diet was so popular! Has anyone taken the time to look at how many calories are in 2oz (1/7th of ur typical box) of pasta? 200 calories! OMG! Call out the Hindenburg cuz this spells disaster! Well I already committed to making my popular dish I whipped out of thin air and it is just the FREAKIN best seafood pasta dish ever! Not salty at all so you can taste the flavors of garlic, tomato, cilantro and tilapia as you enjoy your dish...oh and the sauvigon blanc too! *_^

It's too bad the dish finally got done at 9. I can't eat that much this late but will take a small bowl downstairs and watch TV avec le pooche.

Ok so ingredients for Dirtys Seaside Pasta Dish

Thin/Spaghetti noodles
Diced tomatoes (3 small or 1 can)
Gourmet Garden Garlic Spice Blend
Gourmet Garden Cilantro Blend
Garlic Powder
1 garlic chopped & sauted in butter (separate dish, add last)
Crushed red peppers (2tbsp...up to you)
A good splash of your white wine (sauv blanc here) that you will serve your guests
Basil (crushed)
Italian Seasonings
Olive Oil (Splash it)
Tilapia (I marinated in lemon juice, lime juice, splash of balsamic vinegar and crushed black pepper)

Cooked about 2.5lb of Tilapia in microwave for 4.30mins
Boiled pasta in water and olive oil (keeps pasta off the pot when cooked)
Drained pasta
Added 1tbsp of butter to hot pot
Added Pasta
Added the remaining ingredients

Now you'll notice that with all these ingredients I left out salt. You can add salt to this dish but do it a little at a time. Let you guests enjoy the dish...have lots of the wine that's in the dish as they would like a glass or two. The end results; Happy guests, your a success, your boss will promote you and give you his trophy wife while he goes home with number 2 and that my friend isn't a bad deal...unless ur gay! And in that case that bitch better have dirt ta dish with you ;-)

~ DirTy

Calling alll cut gym buffs!

Determination...Now that hoodie season is gone and I've picked up some weight (and muscle) it's time to shed the FAT (only). I need your help with high protein low cal foods. Do not suggest chicken...for some weird reason I lost my taste for that food. I like chicken flavor things (soups and vegan things) but the texture of chicken I'm tired of.

So here's what I got so far for take with me awesomeness snacks

Muscle Milk light, 150cal, 4gFat/1.5SatFat, 280mgSod, 20gProtein
Edamame (155g/5.47oz) 189c, 8g/1g, 9mg, 17g
Tuna (p/can) 200c, 10g/0g, 450mg, 27g
Thomas Bagel Thins, 110c, 1g/0g, 190mg, 6g

I need to watch out for my sat fat and cholesterol while doing this...Please if you got some low cal, low protein (and not to redic on the sodium) I'd really like ta hear ur advice!

Looking forward to an awesome stunning summer :-)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lazy Sundays

I luv weekends. Sunday is def the day to hang wit to hang wit family. We started a Sunday tradition of family breakfast. 3 houses, 5 peeps. It's been pretty cool and the company and convo is always nice. Laid low this weekend. I'm trying to spend more time flying solo. Cut facebook off temporarily. That sucks. I'm really addicted to social apps. I literally had to put my iPhone down and think of something to do while doing laundry. How bizarre. Reese snapped me the hell outta it tho. Did some yard work and of course more laundry. Met up wit Max Saturday. We was suppose to have lunch Friday but he had a case come up. Went to la toltecas off duke. The place doesn't have posole!!! Dammit! So no drunk mornings there x_X. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Friday, February 11, 2011

Jersey Shore

Last post today! I SWEAR! But OMG did you guys catch Jersey Shore last night? How fuckin crazy was that??? I really wish someone would "care" about me enough to trash my shit like Ronnie did to Sami. I'd be like Carrie muthafuckin Underwood and Nicki Minaj and get my Louisville Slugger! Just ta show the ni99a how much I luv him back!

Honestly that was a hawt episode and now I'm like sooooo tired to be at work. Can't wait to hit the gym, work it out and then head home. What's good this weekend? I'm not drinky drinky

Getting cut up

So I've finally decided that I'm happy with my chest and arms. And now it is time to get cut up but keep the mass I'm at. I've been reading articles on how to get this swimmer build. I must not sacrifice protein! I must ingest more to ensure that my body takes away the fat and not the muscle. So here's the plan. Lots of water, no alcohol, lots of protein and mega cardio.

I need to pickup swimming, running (been working at that again), eating healthier *whole foods here I come!* and still doing weight lifting but maintaining my current weights, not exceeding 225 on the bench *POW*. I'm real confident I can find ways to get cut, but I need the motivation.

Standing shirtless with a newspaper in front of me doesn't work. I need a cardio-buddy. I got Matt who I can keep up with at the gym and sometimes we do cardio. Reese will be ready to run outside once it gets warmer. My diet will play a big factor. What should and shouldn't I have for breakfast? Is Reese's Puffs outta the question? How bout an egg, cheese and sausage sandwich? Too much sodium? I think if I could find a nutritionist that could make my food....wait a minute!

Ok just checked out the let's dish website and saw some "OK" things. I need to hit whole foods/trader joes up and see what food I can get. I luv veggies and fish so that's a good thing. Not a big chicken fan anymore...I'll hafta learn to luv pickles since they're calorie free.

If anyone has any fav dishes that are low in cal, sat fat and sodium please dish! TGIF!

It's 2011 Sharepoint...why are we not mobile friendly?

I'm actually writing this blog in hopes that some super duper oober smart daedal (word of the day yesterday) sharepoint rock star is gonna comment and say: tooo easy! Here's what you do BUT until then here is my issue:

I want my SharePoint calendar to sync up to my iPhone. I get email off my exchange server and Google calendar. I can sync my sharepoint to exchange, but the alerts off the sharepoint calendar to not go to my phone. Is there a way to two-way sync (mirror) my sharepoint calendar to outlook thus taking care of alerts on my exchange server, get google calendar to sync with sharepoint or just plain point my sharepoint calendar to my iphone calendar?

WHY OH WHY IS IT 2011 and this issue not yet addressed? As a geek I'm not thrilled with the search results. One of you developers find me a solution so that I can implement it and appear like a GaWd to my co-workers who have no clue neither. Thank-you...on to the next blog

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

can not believe its only tuesday

It's really been a looooong week at work and i want friday to be here now. I'm gonna do some heavy family and me time for a bit. If the dog park is dry I'd really like to take Reese and maybe meet a friend up.

Not a big blog today...just really wish it was Friday. Night world

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Find that inner strength

I love the message conveyed. Find that strength inside the hero.

I think I'm gonna be low key for a min and re-evaluate what's really going on...TTFN

~ Dirty

Personal Rant: May the chips fall where they fall

To add on to the last blog and of course at 352am (brought to you by Patron & Grey Goose) I've decided to also let go people who do not help me progress in life. On principle I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. If enough people tell you dog shit tastes like dog shit though you tend to be leery. So I can't help but be attracted to jerks. Well if that's the case then did I not learn a damn thing from the past. This guy hangs with our group of friends and I'm ready to let go and just be left alone for a minute.

This night probably wouldn't have happened had I not had driven my friends and their plus one to town. The plus one is the ex of the guy I messed around with. *RED FLAGS* what happened last time? What did we learn? So after drinks and everything he owns how he and his ex still mess around. Disturbing but not surprising. I'm not sure I believe him entirely but when you got a shitty reputation or that of being a player it's not hard to imagine. I'm not gonna cold blind ignore him but will let him know through a face to face that I gotta let him go and that I hope their is no animosity towards us. It does hurt cuz I got feelings for him, but I love myself much more than to let myself fall for a 3 or 4 when I dealt with a 7 and 8 in love. I will address this tomorrow and then move on towards my 30s. Over it!!!

Done done done.....let me unbind, unleash, relinquish, release....

Saturday, February 5, 2011

ahhhh where to jib n jab today


It's february and I'm still on the red carpet waving away my 20s. 30s is gonna be all about self-improvement. I've taken the baby steps of owning who I am but there is something I haven't chipped away yet and I'm afraid to let it go.

Am I walking down the catwalk in jeans and a no name brand t-shirt or am I walking down in this fabulous outfit brought to you Nordstroms? It's hard to say but when I look back at my pics I didn't care what I wore and part of me thinks *UGH! Fashion victim!* what a mess! And the other part is like....that's real!
So I guess maybe a good thing to do would be compromise. Real friends will like you for being you. Be real with yourself and when you can accept that person you'll find this confidence n swag about you that will attract the right kind of guy who will be into you and not this image you work hard to portray

This part has concerned me for a while. I hafta love myself fully before sharing this guy with someone else. My other issue is wanting what I can't have. Someone who wants to give themselves to me doesn't interest me yet oddly when I see a guy playing hard to get I play the role of throwin myself at them (not hardcore tho...i'm not dense). I'm not the guy that likes to hookup. I would honestly rather have something solid and real in life. I worked my butt off in life and would love nothing more than to have someone that compliments my personality to share it with. I have these male figures who have made impressions on my life and hurt me. And we all know the pain a heart goes through...imagine not having those feelings until you hit 27! I got sooo much catching up and maturing in this area to do. Marlon was the first man I ever intimately loved and had feelings for. I could still picture him as my superman. Darrell took the other piece of my heart and after reading my blogs and seeing how although I was rejected but still kept him for sex I can't blame him for my immature actions. I knew what I wanted, it wasn't available so I set out to hurt him like he hurt me. P!nk describes this situation PERFECTLY!!!

Four days of personnel hell of after saying I LOVE YOU to have hug, no communication. Just family there to pick me up. He hurt the hell out of me...more so I hurt myself because I could not come to terms with reality. I've cut guys out of my life no problem...I thought I had lost that part of my personality but Marlon helped me find it when I cut him out of life (update - We talk, we're better friends now that I've accepted the reality of friendship. The feeling is that of a calm lake in a volcano lol! And I feel that the only person that can make this volcano erupt is me, so it takes a little bit of energy to focus on other things in life so that I don't go there). Back to Darrell and how mean and nasty I decided to be...for the pain the TRUE PAIN i went through for four days and missing my birthday I used the powers of manipulation and my mean side to basically bake a FUCK YOU cake. I showed excitement and commitment to being at his promotion ceremony and on the day it happened bailed out on that. That took care of the "not being there" / birthday issue. Last broken heart. I can't break someone's heart who doesn't love when I saw his ex of 10years at TOWN and he told me that I was with his man during the time they were together I had to pause. Here it a pretty box and bow! Do I take the bait? Yes! The last item on the list...befriend the ex and tell him what he wanted to know. The ex used that information and it got back to him (months later but it hit). Dealing with an ex you may or may not have feelings, but dealing with an ex and hearing what you told what you thought was a good friend personal information was enough or as far as I was going to push for a jab at his heart. I made a promise that I would never go after his career and because I made that promise I kept it (and I'm glad I did! Karmas a bitch and I don't want that coming back to me).

Darrell - I've never EVER gone soo far or worked so hard to hurt someone. I now after writing it out and reading how immature, spiteful, vindictive I was feel remorse and am very and truly sorry from the bottom of my now unbroken heart....I'm leaving shit like this behind part of my 20s. I didn't know how to let go..I'm there now. You deserved some of it for being an asshole but I was the bigger and meaner asshole and I need to find a different way to vent. Never in my life did I think I could truly "unlove" or maybe this too is a calm lake in a volcano. But in the end I'm sooo sorry papo and hope that if you can't forgive me that you accept my apology. I promise (and I keep those) that I will NEVER ever hurt you like that again. It's history and will remain that way.

These were the big ones in my life. M & D.

Reese has a piece of my heart now! And she is in a playful mood...time to end this blog, Dirty