Monday, January 31, 2011

Finally got my answer...Winter trumps Summer

As much as I love getting warm days in winter I've finally got my list of my favorite holidays. Autumn has always been my favorite holiday and one year I'll find a place where it exists longer than two weeks (*gripe*). Spring falls next to Autumn because temperatures fall in the same scope, but less holidays in Spring.
Until now winter/summer were tied because both were miserable seasons (too hot or cold). NOT ANYMORE!

Although I gain weight in the winter *GROSS* I've decided that winter can actually compete with spring and take second place! Well think about it...How many days off do I get in the winter?
Xmas - Off
NYE - Off
MLK - Off
Presidents Day - Off
Snow Days (Telework....Off!)

4th of July - Off
Labor day (astrological) - Off

I've never seen OPM give a delay or day off from being too hot. And I get a grim reminder on the 27th that my ass is getting ol...nly YOUNGE ;)
Summer also sucks cause bugs exist. I HATE BUGS!!! BAH! They die in fall and rarely are seen in winter (YESSSSS!!!!!)

Negatives of winter: Weight gain, more prone to get sick (flu season) and quite frankly a sick day is more time off *w00t w00t! I'm onna roll!!!*

So as I bitch about the cold mornings and snow on the road I must remember how I just LOOOOOOOVE having me time!

~ thats all

Friday, January 28, 2011

A clean getaway

I'm a pretty giving person. I like to help others out and give and like the feeling of generosity. That being said I HATE IT when people take from me. It's a huge pet peeve...and it can be over the smallest thing too! Sooo yess! That's what the pic is about. I got a guy at work who comes over to my desk and touches things of mine (and no u dirty birdies, get your mind out of the gutter). He'll grab my coke zeros, water, muscle milk (*giggity*), pretzels,...etc! And it bothers me, but I try to sweep it under the rug and have him focus on why he's in my area.

So today I had ta sneeze, grabbed a kleenex...where is my hand sanitizer??? It's always on my desk, maybe I put it away in my cabinet. Noooo...hmmmmm. So on his desk I see it there. My eyes popped! OOoooooh helllz nah!!!!

So I grabbed it and put it back on my desk. When he came in I said, "Hey if you need to use the hand sanitizer take a squeeze but leave it at my desk". He said he thought he brought one from home, but that he didn't take mine.
*....blink blink....*
I couldn't follow up with anything after that! The only thought going through my head was OJ saying "I did not kill my wife, the knife did".

So now I gotta lock my stuff up at night. What foul rubbish! These muthafuckers are six figga niggaz! Go buy ur own shit and leave my station alone! Unless it's work related *ahem* KISS MY ASS n STAY AWAY.

Ok...I'm done venting...we all have these people in life. I'm almost tempted to bring some type of water mixed with a clear ex-lax. I'll know which bottles to stay away from, but God forbid I have a bad day and don't then the shits on me (no pun intended). The wheels are definitely spinning in my head though but it's almost like cutting people off that drive slow in the fast lane with the mentality "That'll teach'em"....These dumb fucks still get on the road and do the same shit everyday. Now this doesn't pertain to the people who drive like maniacs in the fast lane. Clearly you potential state troopers/Nascar drivers know what you're doing and as long as you don't crash and have people rubbernecking, do your thing!

Ok, I've digressed. Back to the jerk who "doesn't" steal...if anyone knows voodoo and wouldn't mind sending me a how-to guide with a doll and several pins (if push-pins aren't acceptable) I'd like to focus on this guys hands. I'm just going with the arabic practice of let the punishment fit the crime. I won't cut it...I just wanna jab it a few times. HAPPY FRIDAY ALL!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sprained AC joint

BAH! Well i went to the docs today and got my shoulder x-rayed from this weekend. Didju know that they xray you that day and 30seconds later show you the pic?!? *MAGIC*...So nothing damaged (YAY!) just got a couple patches and was told to suck it up. I should be good in two weeks he said. Two weeks of no lifting?!? That is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! Well legs and abs are gonna love these next few days I suppose. Anywho speaking of gym I haven't seen gym since OMG a week now! I can't believe it! I feel like a sludge! Eck!

Ok I gotta write LuLu for Hawaii...tell her what's good :-)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekend getaway

Wheeeee....this weekend I went up to McHenry, MD to meet a group of 28 guys and have good times. It was about $170 p/person, plus food and alcohol. I picked up my boi Max and we headed out there. I got me some North Face pants, a new coat and snow shoes. I looked fabulous! I didn't make it tubing the first day but that was all good cuz by the time I got there it was cold and I was ready to see the house.

The house was huge and plentiful on space. I wasn't pleased with the sleeping arrangements, but whatevs...I was there to have fun and sleep would be secondary.
Cuddled with my buddies, went tubing the next day...A LOT of pix on facebook and that was it. I loved tubing as you can see. It was megaFUN and I wanna play again.

I tore my shoulder the first day from horseplaying. Well there was an attempt to throw me in the pool, I had my iphone on me and decided to drop myself to the floor and push the guy in. He got wet and I got a dry iphone with a sore shoulder. Nooot cool, but I'm not buying another phone LOL!

I'm back at work now, sick sick sick. I'm not giving a 100% to my job right now and haven't worked out in 5 days. UghhhH! I feel gross! Oh well, gotta get better then back into the groove of things. Hurry up Friday! SAVE ME!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Recipe for catastrophe? I think not!

Sooo long day from work and a hard workout at the gym I did NOT feel like cooking. So I ordered 2 medium light cheese/sauce thin crust pies from Dominos. Open the fridge and shooooooot! I defrosted meat two days ago!!! ;,,,-(. Well I nuked the fish and ate that with steam broc. Not bad. Now for the beef and turkey patties (roughly 2.25lbs of meat) I sooo don't wanna cook these. I could mix the two together and make a meatloaf? That's cool! If it sucks, I'll dump it and won't loose feel like I'm wasting food! Sooo creating my own meatloaf recipe.

Well first we need ketchup. Ketchup is a sugar. We like sweet meatloaf. So let's also add Ginger and two tbsp of strawberry jam. Cool! Breadcrumbs. We need that. Bout a cup will do. No eggs. Hmmm cup of low fat mozzarella cheese will stick the loaf. Spices we need dry onion soup mix, and Thai chili spice (surprisingly i didn't use garlic!!!). Bake in a cold oven at 350 for an hour and a half. Let cool in oven. And serve. I thought it came out pretty tasty! I'll have my dad sample tomorrow And let u know if I was being generous. Not bad for on the fly cooking :-)

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Curse u Jack Frost!

Not enough snow fall to delay work but just enough for me to take time out of my cold cold morning to shovel before it ices and race to work. If our prime contactor wasn't coming in today I'd show up in jeans!

Alkie update: I've had a shot of patron and beer so far in over 3weeks. Still surviving. I'll prolly miss Facebook more than alcohol. Yea I'm def cutting back on that. I told a friend of mine to update his status with this to commemorate binary day:



Yes I'm such a geek @_@

Ok I'm seriously procrastinating gettin outta bed. Been reading my blogs from day one to current. U know it's real cool to see how u were years ago and how things turned out. Gotta go to work.

Ridin dirty! (not south style)

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Monday, January 10, 2011

My poor baby is feelin better

Poor poor lil Miss Reesie this morning was getting over a bug which caused her to shit all over her kennel and throw up with Patty (my excellent dog walker). I got home around 5ish and she's been a ball of energy (thank goodness)...gave her some rice with her food, and well I got some work I gotta do (which I'll do in bed) but I'm glad she feels better.

Cute pic of her and Rupert :-) Night all

Sunday, January 9, 2011

iGot it! iGot it!!!!

Happy early bday to meeeeeeeeeee! Happy early bday to meeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Soooo my parents are buying my older massage chair from me and this puppy is going in the living room where it will get used. I have soooo many plans this year for the house. I got the bowflex in the 2nd bedroom. It looks LUVLY! I'm gonna measure the free space I have to determine If I'm getting an inflatable raised full size (54inches) aerobed or twin size (39inches). I plan on getting the bowflex db tech 1090 dumbbells as well and a spinner bike, plus tv. Ok so here's the real coolio part! The TV I plan on mounting in the LR and and 2nd MBR will basically be dumb hubs. You will need to have a device with an HDMI (or A/V) connection to go into the TV. Then you will network in to the media center and search for what you'd like to see. Ultimately all TV should be watched downstairs but if I find some workout vids or nature videos that I can spin to, then that's pure gravy. So new bowflex, new chair...awaiting purchases bowflex dumbbells, spinning bike, and aerobed (plus sheets).

The kitchen! This area I have been dragging my feet on because it will knock me down. I'd like to tackle this after Uncle Sam rapes me without lube or spit this year. Ohhh yeah...sumthin tells me I'm gonna feel the "change" this year EVEN with 3 1/2 months of unemployment. Ok but let's just say Uncle Sam doesn't leave me for dead in a ditch and I manage to have a peso or two left over, then yes I am looking at new cabinets and dishwasher. Here's the issue....i really do like my NEW fridge. It's totally awesome sauce, easy to change filter and works FANTASTIC! It's beige...*insert oooooh shit*. Yea, less n less appliances are going beige and quite frankly if I keep my kitchen white, I'd like to see stainless steel (the ones that don't leave smudges) in my kitchen. I'd sure hate to see new cabinets and a diff color dishwasher. That looks weird. I could always look hard for another beige dishwasher, but that keeps my kitchen so 1990s like...It really is the fridge and I don't wanna loose it or just chuck it downstairs. Another thought I had was paint it black and get black appliances. While Black won't ever get old, I'd have to loose the white cabinet look (which in my opinion keeps my kitchen bright) and go with a different color wood. It's really all too complicated but it's something I'd like to change.

Anywho, the bathroom may or may not happen, I still gotta save for Hawaii and the future but I'm happy to see what's coming up on the pike :-)


Wakey Wakey!

Friday night wit the bois, sat night saints game wit my besties and Sunday I need some fam time. I'm gonna take a shower, hop over to starbucks and go see them. It's 20something degrees and feels like 11 (wonderful..think positive! Bugs r dead!). So bundle up! Gotta do 5miles today. Gonna break in some new shoes before doing that. Anything else? Oooo I gotta get an exercise mat and move my Bowflex upstairs. After the Bowflex I'll look for the Bowflex dumbbells and a spinner bike. Exercise room complete. All that will be needed is a full-size aerobed mattress. Too easy! Happy Sunday all :)

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

3 weeks sober

Yayyy...this is hard but I'm doing it. This won't last forever but it's cool to know I can. I'm ready to end it since I can get back in my jeans no problem (YEssss!) but I'm saving an assload of cash coming home with money in my wallet on weekends!

I hadn't seen the boys (except Matt my workout buddy) in a minute and part of that reasoning was to avoid the player I had mentioned in previous logs. But when I hung out tonight I had these things on my mind.

1.) Have fun
2.) You're 30 and don't got time for small petty drama. Let it go...

Sooo I don't wanna be a Sammi (evil Jersey bitch) and close everyone out and be in my own world (I will miss that, cuz I do have a kickass world that I luv boxing myself into...except during the holidays, then it becomes my hell), so I met up with all, had a blast and didn't make anything awkward. Back to the alkie!

What normally would be a 3-5 servings of gray goose rose kennedy followed by some delicious McDs turned into club soda n lime and Reese's puff cereal (i <3 PB!!)
I had fun, danced and drove home with the courage to speed and be pulled over.
The guys had a blast, wish I would've had everyone over but it was daddy n puppy bonding time. We watched some tv then went to bed. She hasn't done anything to get her bed privileges with me revoked so that's good.

Reese hasn't grown in 2 months! She's reached the perfect big teddy bear height! She's calmed down a bit or at least has puppy energy now n then. She's the cutest dog in the whole world! I mean others have cute dogs, but there can only be one CUTEST! And not to brag but uhhhh yea I got her :-)
No dog park today for Reesie...snow and wet paws r not on the menu...well maybe lol! ohhhh no, I gotta go to Gainesville today n catch the Saints game. I need to find where I can get some baked wings....maybe whole foods? I'll check have a terrific weekend all! One more week till MLK! Sure am gonna miss this 3day weekends after pres day :-/

I <3 my bartenders but so does my wallet.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Office

Our company finally homed us in our office today. I yanked the corner window cubicle. The building is pretty interesting...the room is covered with hot air balloons. Oh yeah it just screms PROFESSIONALISM!

So I like the area and the view. Got my lil coke fridge setup, water stocked and some sandwich meats. I'll stock the chips and stuff later, gotta give some good facetime in the office. Sooo speakin of face the one thing that does suck here is facebook is filtered! Preposterous! How am I'm gonna get my distractions??? Stupid network engineers makin me look for a proxy! That cuts into man hours!!!

Anyways just thought I'd show off the new is time to go :-)
TGI...ooooo almost F!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Luv my Keurig!

Well...I'm not the easiest guy to buy for on Christmas. Honestly, make me something (I'll cherish it because you put your time, skill and thought into it) otherwise I probably have it. It just so happened this year I had a 100day break from work and hadn't spoiled myself. I have everything I could want in my eye, what more could you ask for? I may appear materialistic and like shiny things (ooooh sooooo pretty) I'm honestly at my peak of happiness being with friends & family. Enough of this sappy crap on to my cool present!

My mom knows how much I loooooove coffee and that at work we have a keurig. I didn't like the Keurig at first because of the thought of sucking down instant coffee (beans that've been cremated, I don't want them! I want them entire, full with life force!). Well at my work site I don't have a starbucks nearby so I had to make do. Ooooo Mmmmm G! I have found soooo many blends I like I'm just addicted!

So I didn't think to buy one because I love the one we have here...but I'm leaving this site soon. My mom yanked the B40 and wrapped it up. She asked if I had already gotten it, and I said no! She def scored big!

OK OK OK....Why do I like this sooo much? I'm not gonna clean a whole pot of coffee or a coffee maker just for me! It's absurd foul rubbish to think that I should have to clean a pot day after day for coffee when Starbucks is next door and for a $1.58 I can have fresh coffee, fresh 1/2 & 1/2, a disposable cup and build at the 15 mark, I get a free cup of whatever. It's sooooo simple! Why work if I don't have too? I wanna know who wants to take the time to:

* Clean coffee pot, filter (and filter cone if applicable)
* Add water to coffee maker
* Place filter cone (or paper) in filter
* Add beans
* Brew
* Wait....wait...wait....
* Poor in cup
* Add 1/2 & 1/2
* Throw out leftover coffee
* Enjoy

Would you rather do the above DAILY or spend $1.58? Apply this theory to 7-11 coffee as well and if the answer is do the above, how much time do you have on you?

Well my cost and time got cut down! 66cents a cup plus save time on the line and traveling to starbucks:

* Fill water reservoir (if necessary)
* Power on (allows water to brew)
* Add K-cup to Keurig
* Brew
* Wait 42seconds
* Poor in cup
* Add 1/2 & 1/2
* Throw away K-cup
* Enjoy

That's it! No cleaning! No mess! Just keep 1/2 & 1/2 and K-cups in stock. Easy sleezy, can do! I love it! I'd like to go to BJs and get the K-cup holder and the bulk Caribou blend but I'm gonna wait on my buddy Matt to take me there.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy new year! The change

Ok well not so much the change...i don't like new years resolutions. My friend Eric said it best: You don't need a new year to try and improve yourself. You should be doing that 365days throughout the year, then see where you're at next year. You'll love the progress u see!

So keeping up with the gym and upping my cardio. I ran a marathon on a treadmill last year but since then my running has turned to poo...gotta step that up again. This year I will try and focus more on the house. Right now I have an empty bedroom that will serve one of three things:

1.) A home gym :-)

2.) A bedroom :)

3.) Both! :-) :-)

I'm going to price out a bedroom set today and see what they go for. One thing that crossed my mind is that I have an armour upstairs not being used and a night stand already in the bedroom. I can move those both in the bedroom incase I ever have a guest that needs drawer space. To FULL size closets can accomodate any guest that stays for a few days. So here's the skinny...a new BR set will probably cost about mmmm...4k? Bedframe, new mattress (no not a cheapy), dresser and nightstand. Or I can get the bowflex revolution xp, bowflex dumbbells, spinner bike, new tv small LCD on the wall and an aerobed incase company comes (full size) and some fullsize sheets.

I like not dedicating a bedroom as a bedroom. So what happens when the day mister right does come along and we happen to move in together? Then I will have to get a good portable AC or fan unit in my loft and move my home gym up there. I really should get a good portable AC or fan unit now for when summer comes. That is the plan for now, kitchen may come later this year, I still have to do some savings.

I may re-fi the house. I have no intentions on moving and like this's grown on me :) Hafta wait for rates to be back down to 4-4.25 (tops). Have a good one guys and yea I will try n do better this year wit the bloggy blog. 08 was a gr8 blog year, imma pick it back up!!!!