Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Settin it up

Bueno Bueno, the condo is gettin the fridge semi-stocked (Glad to be 25+ and off of the ramen diet! w00t w00t!). Unpacking shit takes a while, but tomorrow I should be gettin my new Livin Room set and mattress (which means I get ta leave my parents house!! Yes, one month is long enuf fo this vato!)

Comcast set up my TV/Internet today but ummmm...the guy didn't bring my DVR or Cable boxes! ~:-O, Dirty said "Where's the stuff at???" Those pendejos didn't have it on the order...So I went to comcast, put my dick an slapped the heffa for whoeva screwed up mah order! She said it hurt, but it was a good kind of hurt? wha eva tha means....So manana they're comin back with the equipment between 12-3pm. I got my TV but my TV stand hasn't arrived yet....It'd be nice if it came early in the AM for me to setup, so I can get the TV outta the box and setup for the comcast dood! (dirty is wishful thinkin)

Aside from the house, my job starts on the 5th @ 10am for orientation (i guess i should mark that on the calendar! lol!)...I have a feeling this job is gonna cut into my free time! Hopefully not as much as the last job (60 hr work weeks SUuuuUUuuuuuCK!).

Marlon and I text and talk more often since he came out...I miss him so much, but won't tell him. So n e one who knows me well enuf knows whats gonna happen next. It's just gonna be a friendship. His ass is in Cali and I'm in DC. I need someone to hug! I wanna talk face-face (hell, skype would work but not for hugs and besos). So we're back where we started at...Friends! Weeeeeeeeeeee.....I'll find tha special someone. Marlon will always be "A" special someone, but i'm gonna find "THE" special someone ~Apply Within~ LoL! Aight, I'm glad I got that off my chest....I can say for sure that I've never felt happier (this type of happy) than Saturday/Sunday! Those mark pretty high on "best days of life"....No comments, i'm jus gettin things off my mind ~ later guys

Monday, January 28, 2008

Back from LA

So ummmm...yeah I'm back from LA and it was Fabelhafte! I met up with my boi Marlon and shit! What a connection! He's fuckin haute and smart as hell! He's datin so yeah automatically my first thought was *DumP Tha PenDeJo*, but I was nice and said "Shit man! Good for you!" So Dirty got a room at Embassay Suites (*oooh aah*) and rented a Honda Accord (yeah, they talked me outta the Hyundai Accent for 8 bux a day) lol! So I met up with Marlon at Northridge and because CaLi was just rainin we went back to the suites and got wasted there....blah blah blah....Then we woke up!

Wowsers! (Thas what he says) I had a PhUkiN awesome time! After tha I spent time with the family and was hopin for an encore but we were both perty tired and jus ended up sendin mushy text messages an what not....O, here's an interestin nugget! After I tried recruitin his punkass to Kuwait he tells me now if I go, he'll come with me and we'll rent a place ~:-O (SHUT THE FUCK UP! AND I SHIT YOU NOT!) so just ta test him out, I said '...hey u still wanna go to kuwait?' and he says he's ready! WTF! So here's the question...Now that I got a year lease, do I enjoy la vida a USA or go back with friends to Kuwait? I think this new job will present an awesome opportunity, but what was the main reason I came back for? To find sumone special...I gotta think hard bout this! Aight, I'm still on cloud nine and miss my rican papi! ~ lataz

Thursday, January 24, 2008

a Fabulous Fuckin Day ~:-P

Ok wow...where to begin! Well when you're unemployeed you get to wake ur ass up when you like, so waking up grumpy very very rarely happens ~;-D (not braggin...much! HA!)...So the day which typically starts at 10 (Gracias Dios!) started off with turnin the electricity in the apt to my name. Sweet, one thing knocked out of the way! After that I get a phone call from Mar sayin lets do Tau Tau and that is like my all-time favorite chinese place *hint hint*, so we went and then headed to fair oaks so ol four eyes could get her new MaGoo lenses (J/P mar, u know i love u and u gotta help me decorate my APT) and then grabed sum StarBux....Mmmmmmm que sabroso! So after that I got a call from my new YOB and they sent me forms to up my clearance and asked me when I could start...i told them the 4th because I have furniture arriving on the 2nd and I can collect to more weeks of unemployment ;-D (thank u Colorado! w00t w00t!)

I'm gonna jump ahead one and then come back to my favorite part of the day. So this evening I went to sign the lease to my condo and my landlord freakin rocks! She changed her flowery curtain to a regular curtain and left me towels to start me off and some cokes in the fridge! Do i not have a kickass landlord? HELL YES I DO!

So the fav part of the day is when my NCO from Gordon was chattin with me on gmail. He left the DC area for Cali, got a yob with Countrywide (NYSE:CFC) and then left that because...well do your homework on CFC and u'll know ;-)and is now with Raytheon....But he had some big news for he's teasin me sayin are u ready and I'm like not good with surprises so i'm like COMe oN papI! hit me wit the big news...He started to date guys! * blink blink * wit I responded 'U FUCKER! I can't believe we never went out or anything!'...It was awesome, he is so fuckin fine, he has a business minded head, is determined and goes after his goals...and o did i mention HE'S HOT AS FUCK????? Just thought i'd fuckin point that out...So he's like Fuck man! I kept droppin u hints, didn't u ever pick up on it? And i was like DooD! U were married! I told u to get on myspace! u'd have known bout me a loooooong time back! O well, i wanna call him right now but gotta play it cool wit papi! We both wanna see each otha and OMG i ain't gonna lie! This M&M will melt in ur mouth an ur hands Ca--Coooo! That was the fuckin highlight of my day! he wants me and I want him! But he's in Cali and will try to make a Spring trip up here and I told him if I get a TDY to go to LA, know that I will be on that plane! Fuck, how much r planes to LAX right now??? hahaha...well I feel good lettin u all know bout this, but wish I had some gay friends to chat with besides at clubs. I mean, ok I talk to Cam on gmail, but don't have anyone else to share this with....DIRTY, get the fuck outta the house and start meetin people! YellA!! Aight, my day fuckin rocked and my heart is madly jumpin for mah boi Marlon! ~ Lataz

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Recall: Marlo --> Ashley's

Ok ok so I was gonna get that furniture set but dirty was like....cha...u know what? Uh uh! So after going to several different furniture stores where the associates r on ur ass like a fuckin insecure puppy (...yeah im lookin at my DAWG right now! lol), I said u know fuckin what! if i like this set, then FUCK it...Spend the ca$h and enjoy it! So I did (w00t w00t!) and now the whole thing will be all together on the 2nd of Feb (groundhog's day!)...I'll go ahead and show u the B/R set and L/R set and then move on to my party room :-D

Bedroom Set plus two night stands and armoire
Livin Room set

Ok so we got this KICKASS dinin area that I've finally decided to turn into an EnTerTaiNmEnT Zo0ooNe! (*insert Lil John* YeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH) So here's what we got! (Im sooo fuckin excited!!)
65" HDTV DLP (My Media Center connects to it)
Bose Entertainment Center (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
Wii with some kickass games (Bowling! Bowling!)
Bar with four stools (O fuck yea, i said it!!!)
Cool lookin Rug (y the hell not)
Ceiling fan (replace the chandelier)

It's gonna be freakin wicked! So ok the TV will probably be in the near future and here's what it's gonna look like:
looky looky

Alright...enuf bloggin! Congratulate me! w00t w00t!

Monday, January 21, 2008

It's Brittany bitch...

So yeeeeeeeeeey guess who got a condo??? lemme give u the scoop:

I still have the truck from going cross country and will return it this Friday...also looking at getting this new BR set + an extra night stand & chest:

& This LR set:

I can't wait to set the place up and have a social or something...I'm debating on wha the F to do with the dining area....I got an eat in area next to the kitchen and have a 1BR apt, so yeah we're not gonna have a freakin DINiN room...I was thinkin bout turnin it into a theatre ( projectors) but could use some ideas...Guess I'll post a bulletin on myspace and see what I land!

w00t w00t! Dirty's got a new home!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Draggin tonight!

Aight so i'm wit my gurl Jen in San Antone and we heard from the gang back in Kuwait! That was freakin AWESOME! Will is back over there for a couple days, seein his dog and his gurl, DD! I miss her big time! So tonight we're headin out to Saints and Heat! We'll be out by 9 and have fun looking at the shows...After that I'm headin to Killeen pickin up my stuff and then driving back to VA! Not before stoppin by Bush's chicken and gettin my TEA! w00t w00t! Once I get back my fat ass is going back to the gym! It'd be nice to have some workout buddies to get me motivated n stuff, but oh well! I'm trying to get a membership near my work or where i'm bout to live

Hope the clubs r fun tonight and oH! I got my offer letter! Its waitin for me at home


Thursday, January 17, 2008

San Antone!

So yeah yesterday went to the airport, and tried gettin my AXE past security...Nope, they found it and because it was over 3.5 oz (4 oz) I had to either toss it and move on with life, or check the bag in and spray myself upon arrival....So lets start over! Check bag in, go through security and get on plane to San Antone! My princess Jen was waiting for me at the gate and it was an awesome reunion! So we're waitin on my bag....and we're waitin on my bag! THOSE FUCKERS!!!

So here I am, next day in the same clothes ~:-/....I swear this is not an excuse to go shopping but if they aren't here in one hour dirty is about to get some new clothes! I'm thinkin Kenneth Cole & FCUK! Hey don't judge! I had some nice shit in that bag! To include my camera :(

Moving on we had good times last night playing suites and fuzzy duck! We're gonna hit the bars or some GBLT club and let loose! I'll let u all know when im back in VA! Lataz

Wednesday, January 16, 2008's silly, that's what it is!

So either it's my ADD or I just rather not be in peoples drama...Mah boi Sterl was trippin on this guy he'd gone out with Duey cuz apparently Dew was bein childish and spreadin rumors bout him and it had gone back to Sterl...yada yada yada so Dew tells Sterl that i've been chillin and hangin out with him. Ok, I haven't but who cares what he says if all he can say is lies...Guess Who cares? lol! So out of the blue i get a text from Dew sayin 'hey so when r we gonna meet up for tacos or burritos?'
I started chucklin thinkin if I hung out with Dew, Sterl wood be pissed n hurt so i didn't write him back. But on the otherhand I never heard Dew say anything bout me and this is TRUE about me:
If I didn't hear it from that person, then I do give them the benefit of the doubt
I mean you gotta be a fuckin pussy to talk shit about someone behind their back or be in 5th which one is it? lol!
Ive had people talk shit bout me in my shop ( he gay? i don't like him...and so forth) and I still worked well with those people cuz I never heard them say it! Aight just thought i'd blog tha b4 loggin off ~ holla

San Antonio (Jump on it Jump on it!)

Wow its like 7 hours till fly time and I'm done packin 'cept for a toothbrush....but everyone knows mexicans don't brush their teeth! wait, thats the brits (sorry familia!)

Ok so I called the State Dept trying to find out where my offer letter was (i mean shit, I shoulda already got it) so they said "Mike Who?"...J/P! They expressed great excitement about me joining the team and had to pass my offer letter through HR and should expect a call from him/her. So cool, I'm down with that...I gotta grab my stuff from TeJas and then bring it back to DC! I found an Apartment in Shirlington:

...I'm waiting on the person to respond to me (if it's still available) on the 1st one...The second one is cool too and available (Gonna try and knock her down to $1375 and pay for 12mos...this way raising the rent may not be an issue :-))

I am really excited how things are molding together....My parents are like, take ur time...look it that bad living at home? No it's really not...I got the best parents but fuck I need myspace ;-)(....ur welcome Tom!)
so yeah I'm trying hard and we'll see what happens....I love being it DC tho...It freakin snowed and I had fun playing with the dog outside! That was freakin cool! Ok I better get some sleep before seein Jen and then hopefully drunk dialin Kuwait sayin Hi to Will who is takin care of business their from Japan *ChIng ChAng Ch0nG*

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hoooo Hummmm

Ok so i'm takin a job with the state dept working on their exchange servers. I'm really excited about it but am also stressing over finding a place to live in the DC metro area! One side of me is like "Yes, lets rent their...1300 for 2/1 plus utilities sounds freakin tight"..but the *prissy* side of me is like...yeah um, WTF am i lookin at these dumps! So I'm trying to find something nice (DC is outta my price range) in Arlington, VA....I got a place to look at manana that is a 3/2.5 near the Shirlington Village (Yeaaaaaaaaaay!) for $1750 p/mo! If I can get the guy to give me one month free or drop it down to $1600 p/mo...I think we'll be in good business at least for that 1st year! ummmmm whoops! Says here the place isn't vacant till 8-Feb-2008! Well i'll keep an eye open then!

Ok so the weekend....I got really FUBAR on Th night! The job I accepted was 7k below what I was anticipating so my first thought was why the FUK am I interviewing for a job that I went 5K under my reqs and now they want another 7k!! *ahem* SHOT TIME! So I went to a bar and had some Capt n coke...then went on the Mari's place to carry on *APPARENTLY* I blacked out but the story goes (no pics no evidence) I missed the sink, threw up passed out and they put me to sleep upstairs. Thas kinda a shitty way to go out, but yeh thats kinda how it went down. So i found this out on Friday when I was chattin sayin sumthin bout "I think i need 2 barf!" with a reply "What??? U still got shit in you!" here we are, its friday nite and the weekends here...Mike is not feelin so haute! Met up wit Maricel (for some vegan action! w00t w00t!), went home...Napped and then headed out 2 TOWN. So I head to TOWN and am drinkin h20 cuz fuck you CAPT! And I love drag shows! Holy cow! It's fuckin awesome! Would i date one, no! But i do love the arts and watching them perform! It's freakin awesome to see them get into their roles! Fuckin Fabelhoff! Met up with my friend Sterl and sum of his friends (theres a lot of *dRaMa* there, but OK) and "tuffie" aka Cam was bartendin that night so he hooked me up with lite drinks cuz Mike was not tryin to get fucked up but I swear Cam! Cheap vodka??? EGHHHHH! I'll down absolute or even smirnoff if thats who it goes, but yeaaa....really cam? really.....

So a night at TOWN was haute....I got a lil push from someone tryin to be more than friends and i don't know if I see that happenin...i think this guy who wants to be more intimate has a lot of things goin on right now and I'm jus tryin to link up, make friends and have good times...if something comes out of it, FUCKIN awEsOme! If not then shit, boyz-4-la vida! w00 w00t

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Apply Now

Nuthin new...applied to 3 different jobs...waiting to hear from the 4day on 3day off one ~:-) Ahhhh tha would make dirty happy!

Right now im gonna grab sum taco smell (taco salad w/o the shell baby!) and then turn on the CBT nuggets (gotta learn learn learn!)

Then *POSSIBLY* look at taking another online college class with CTC ~:-/ who knows?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Job huntin

Alright so I had my 1st interview yesterday with iGov. They're a pretty cool company...the guy Francios was pretty cool too....I felt a little weak in some of my technical questions but thank goodness for CBT Nuggets! I'll have to study up on those again! So after the technical portion was done (and man I was ready to excuse myself) we went into the personality one...That one felt more like a breeze cuz i got to quiz him to since he would've been my potential boss....Well the job was gonna have some long days ahead of them. They are re-doing a HQ site, provide direct support to a site in Springfield, VA and aide Tampa, FL site whenever necessary...Plus act as the Desktop Support and Helpdesk whenever necessary...Potential 14 hour days, plus multiple deadlines. Now on the positive side if I were to have taken this job the education was unlimited and I would be learning and learning and learning! I already had a condo picked out that was 1.82 miles away from work. But I decided that since their IT dept has had a 'revolving door' (quit/fired) I wasn't going to settle for long work days over a stronger career. So I dropped the job and am still seeking work. I've had an interesting opportunity arise @ Ft Belvoir, 4 day work week - 12 hours...sounds like how I ended my contract in Kuwait! So I like those hours...well not the hours but 4 day work weeks I love! And it sounds like it has a lot to do with Exchange.

Alright I'm a lil under the weather right now but gotta work my abs and maybe do a light jog...How else am i gonna keep my stomache tight ~:-P


Saturday, January 5, 2008


ok so yesterday freakin rocked...My folks went outta town to pickup a vehicle and stayed the night leavin an empty 4/2/2 house plus HOTTUB to myself. MAAAAAAAN! I freakin had a blast! lol! Did the hot tub, then hit the gym up, went to the PX to get sum CAPT and then came the night

So yeah I'm suppose to meet these two guys up @ Nellies (Cameron & Sterling)...The fookin bar is more crowded flys on turd i shit u not! So Sterling meets me up and Cam stands me up (pendejo!)! So me and sterl decided egh! Lets get the fook outta here and head to TOWN. So who do we see getting a ticket when we walks in???? YeAh! Cam! So all was good was once again in dirtys world ~:-D

I got to see my 1st drag show (and yes people, they love CHER and I think one of them was Whitney and a plump Madonna). Learned sum german - Fabelhoff! (Fabulous!) it was good times, good music...EXPENSIVE muthafuckin drinks ($36 for 3 patron shots! Hell NO!!!) but again, it was fookin awesome and I'd fuckin do it all ova again!

So going in 3rd person mode now....Dirty had A LOT to drink and ummm...ended up "crashing" at Sterlings place after raidin McDonalds ;-)....ummmmm yeaaaaah.....Dirty was FUBAR and u guys can get more details at 11! :-P

~ laters

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Ok, now that i'm through bitchin i can say that I had an awesome day at Jamestown learnin what happened 400 years ago at the birthplace of our nation...The museum and people were fantastic (and good sports since it was freeeeezin!) and my dog loved the settlement area where he was able to run run run freely since barely any people were there

Good times good times! Next trip will be Williamsburg then Yorktown and who knows....maybe after the history lesson I'll drag sum peeps up to Busch Gardens or Kings Dominion! (Que Divertido! w00t w00t!)


Whoooo saaaaaaa

Ok so i've been back since 21DEC....guess how much time Mike has had by himself...? NOT A FUCKING DAY! Ok, here comes the rant....i love my family but when you live away from them and come back and its hard! I mean whenever i came for vacation they would be at work and I would do my thing...well Monday is finally gonna roll its ass soon enough so I can get some me time! Oh and I got an interview on Monday at Tysons Corner (The GAP, yey! JUST FUCKIN KIDDIN! LoL) for a job I'm not that excited about and am trying to get work in DC so that I can live there or commute there via METRO...ok maybe I'm using the word trying loosely...I mean I just got unemployment which wouldve been hella funner if I can get these people out of the house!

Ok, i feel a little better yet ungrateful and selfish at the same time. I need some space and by monday I'm sure I'll get it! BY HOOK OR BY CROOK I'M GETTING MY FREE SPACE BACK EVEN IF I HAVE TO RENT A PLACE!