Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last day of therapy

Right....so I decided yesterday that today will be my last session with Dr. Knep. I'm feeling it to be more of a drag and since therapy is suppose to be helpful and not a burden I've decided to let things be for now.

I can say that for the four months I have learned and (although not fully developed) planted a seed of knowledge to Mr. Sanchez...I've brought understanding and some enlightment towards my Love life and personal life. I am no longer the desparate mess I was back in November (and thank God for that! I hated listenin to that fuckin Tattoo song and bursting in tears, not understanding why my heart and head can't be N'sync). My heart and head may never ever get to where I want them to go. But if I can learn to look, crawl, walk, dance and then run I will have my life a TON easier when it comes to friendships and romance.

I'm going to buy a red ring and whenever I feel the urge to rush situations, take a look at it and play it cool. What else did I learn. Well...I'm still not great at this step. Talking about my feelings. I know and accept that people have different personalities and that if I don't explain what is going on in my head that my friends are not Nostradamus. I've learned that my feelings of guilt should be explored on a two way street (not just on Dirty St). There are so many more things to say but I'm going to withhold and focus on what/where I need to go next?

Finishing up my townhouse is a good start. Morning Jogs, coffee/lunch dates with friends, reading (pleasure or educational) before work....work, hit the gym and then go home. Friday or Saturday I will hit the SportRock gym up and climb.

Things in the future I'm looking forward to:
* A housewarming party
* BB visiting in May
* Turning 21 for the 7th time
* 3/4 day weekend in San Antonio, LA, San Fran or Biloxi

Friday night I'm thinkin of either scopin out the Haunting in Connecticut or 12 Rounds. Regal Potomac Yards. I can't believe it's only Tuesday...hurry the hell up Friday! LOL!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ready for some R&R

Rather than blog about how the weekend turned out lemme just do a tenative plan. This weekend my parents are flying to Phoenix to place my grandmother with my grandfather. They will hold a small memorial in Phoenix for her and then fly back Sunday. So I won't be doing the family thing (it's done and I move forward). I've got a basement to finish up and maybe paint (I'm toying with that idea).

Friday night I'm going to take Tiffany (co-worker) to TOWN. She's never done the drag show bit, so we'll do that ( I won't get wasted since I gotta drive back ). Saturday is again working on the house, maybe do a bit of rock climbing in the afternoon followed by cleaning up the bedroom and bathroom.

Don't I just wish I could wave a wand and have the place be done already? Yeah! I do wish that! So nothing big this weekend...just simplicity! Next Saturday I know for sure me and jos are gonna rock climb, laser tag, eat good pasta and then prolly hit the cinema. I'm hopin for a good crowd but the wicked awesome thing bout this event is there will be tons of peeps climbing and shootin that if it ends up bein a small crowd it won't be a big disappointment.

Aight gotta work work work *BLAH*

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So I'm about to make my sandwiches for work and had an apiffany...Last night I was buying some pizzas for the freezer and of course I like to see what type of dough is used and what not. Ok so I started comparing the pizzas and when I picked up a box of pepperoni there was 1000mg for 1/3 the pie. OMG! Compared to a plain that was 440MG 1/3 that was a lot!

So like I said I was about to make a roast beef/colby jack/lettuce/baby swiss and 3 slices of salami sandwiches. Two of them. Without even doing the math in my head I put the colby jack and salami back in the fridge. How much sodium does an organic wheat loaf have? Well 1/8th has 240mg of sodium (2 slices). Ok so how much sodium is in two sandwiches, one slice of roast beef per sandwich, one slice of Baby Swiss cheese, olive-oil mayo and mustard with lettuce. 1610mg of sodium! My two TV dinners had 920mg of sodium and filled me up more than those sandwiches would have. So now I'm back where I started from...I think I'm gonna have to do it folks. I think I'm going to have to (GAWD HELP ME)....COOK!

So I'm gonna back off the sandwiches for a while and figure out where I can get me health carbs, and still have simple ingredients. Rice! Rice might come back to my life. Brown rice (cuz the white shit is plain rubbish!) So if I cook the rice, maybe I can use a sauce that isn't plastered with flour or corn starch. Hmmmm....I see me makin a rice chicken alfredo! Oh yeah! I can do that...grill some chicken, steam a bit of brocolli while nuke'n some alfredo sauce. Yeah...tha shit sounds delish! YUM!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


@ work nothing to do...iPod minus headphones! FUCK!!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! I want music!
...only 3 hours left dirty....breathe in *sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif*.....and out *pssssssssssssssssssssssssh*

Monday, March 9, 2009

Where my bars @?

For all you lush's out there, I'm referring to my mobile device. I really do luv the T-Mobile plan I got...had it since I came back from Kuwait. $81.50 after taxes and all include:
*1000 minutes
* Free nights and weekends
* Unlimited TXT/MMS msgs
* Unlimited Internet

The perfect plan....so what good is a perfect plan when I'm in a neighborhood that has bad reception. I brought this up last week to T-Mobile. They said that they are aware of the problem and have a tech looking into it. Well I told them they have two weeks of me not getting service. In the mean time I'm leaning towards AT&T Wireless. I WILL not...let me repeat WILL NOT give Steve Jobs more money. I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid and getting an iPhone. People who own iPhones are freaking sheeps. Oooo you got an iPhone? I got an iPhone...we should fuck now, have babies that will also be mindless and hop on the latest fad!

Am I trendy? Eghhh....ummmmm....No! I do like clothes. A LOT. Technology wise, I'll suck the M$ tit and stay on top of my game career wise. I use to wear jogging shoes all the time until my sis gay pimped slapped me and said "STEP UR GAME UP". But I'm digressing (Kathy Griffin moment)...let's get back to T-Mobile. iLuv the plan but the plan might as well come with an all 1-900 access line! it don't matter if I ain't got service. So being the PDA nut, I'm looking at AT&T wireless but I want to make sure they work at my place. So my sis said you get two weeks. I'm gonna check that out at the store. I'm also gonna bring in my monthly bill and see how close they can get me to my current plan. Y o Y T-Mobile do u gotta do this to me?

I was thinking about Sprint too because before I left the US I had them and the service rocked, customer service sucks. Verizon...LOL!....LOL!....LMAO! Fuck no! You all couldn't get ur customer service straight when I was attempting to get FIOS! u will not fuck me over wirelessly!