Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 22...still dandruff :-/

Ok so we're nearing towards the end of this experiment and I still have dandruff!  I got a scalp massager which if you can splurge the $2.64 (shipping included) these things feel AWESOME getting your head ready for the cold water:

I just ordered another gonna try and get some dual action going on.  My hair doesn't stink. My scalp isn't as itchy as before but who knows if that is due to weather.  I was hoping to see less dandruff.  What's interesting though is...why do we shampoo if the results never change?  I know that there is a tar shampoo that can help me out that gets prescribed but honestly look what just comes back.

It's not like a fungus that you take pills for and then goes away.  Anyway I have not completed my 30 day trial but it's coming close to an end.  And I will keep up with it.

Meanwhile my boyfriend Robert would probably MUCH RATHER have my problem as oppose to a hair line that rescinds! I will still have mad hearts for my buddah guy!  I'm a fan of the bald look (>_<) no comparisons!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Mr. Sims (queue life changer)

I have not posted what's been going on in the one area I usually Charlie Brown in (love).  Maybe that's because I only blog when something dramatic happens.  I can recall a good blog where my 27th bday involved waking up next a love one and hearing the words happy birthday :-)  Whatever happened to Marlon Jones?  His hypersensitive ass moved up to Sacramento to blow $$$ on gogo boys and further experiment with his body.  But enough about that saint of a man *bats eyes*, he doesn't hold a candle to Mr. Robert Sims!  (new paragraph)

My do-gooder!  I smile thinking about him.  He is studying to be a nurse because he likes helping people and wants to volunteer =).  So I met Robert online in December and live in April.  Since April we have Skyped or stayed in touch EVERYDAY!  Incredible, right?  He moves in with me this weekend.  He's a west coast boy at heart and that is gonna be EXTREMELY great when we make our big move together outta DC (but not anytime soon)

Soooo....a week later (No shampoo)

Well I've made it past a week and my stylist cut my hair last night commenting that it looked thicker.

Results (01JULY2013 - 08JULY2013) -

Dandruff: severely mild --> severely mild (no change)
Itchiness: extremely itchy --> itchy (change)
Eczema: flared --> reduced
Allergy count: 4.x --> 4.x
Smell: No foul scent

I've started just waring a shower cap when Im in the shower and using the kitchen sink for ice cold water on the head....if you don't see why, go take a shower nude and blast it on ice cold.  Lemme know if you have other questions ;)

Will post new results next week

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 1/2 - No Shampoo! (Dandruff / Eczema)

Start Here:

I will fill the in later on today but we are going to try and cure dandruff. Right now when my head is itchy I do the kitchen sink ice cold rinse and scratch all the flakes out. So far no funky smell but only day two. I'm excited to get past the week stretch!

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