Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Movie rant...and the weekend

So My Bloody Valentine: 3D

O...M...G! You can't just take a piece of shit, turn in into 3D and pass it off for people watch. I mean who would fall that? Who would waste the $13 (cuz yeah, those damn glasses go for $2 or whatever) and watch what was once a terrible 1981 movie today? So yeah, me and Amanda were not amused with the movie.

I could've been doing laundry or clipping my toenails, but OH NO! I gave my money to Hollywood. So that was what was up Friday night. Amanda wanted to see a drag show, so I took her to TOWN (oooo....ahhhhhh). I'm wingin myself off of the nightlife because I want so much more out of life.

I know my buddies like going there, but that's not all I'm about. I wanna hike some trails, or do rock climbing (I had a blast Josie and JR) or do something that challenges my mind and heart. So on Sunday I met up with my cousin Josie and new buddy, JR. He seems pretty cool, likes to laugh and smile. That's awesome, so we're def gonna be rock buddies. I gotta take a class so that I can control the ballet or security rope thingy.

So Sunday rocked, I've been in contact with Marlon and it's cool. We're both being honest with each other and developing a friendship. Someone told me that if I couldn't have him as a boyfriend that my heart would never change. Well that's not entirely true. The problem was I had never really go a No from him, so there was always a glimmer of hope. I got what I needed from him. That there is no romantic interests and that we gotta develop our friendship. I felt a huge lift from my heart when I read wasn't a bad thing! It was more like I released the shackles. So when I think of it in my head, it kind of sucks that what I want won't happen. But at the same time I know that it is not from a lack of effort. It is because he communicated what he wanted. And that's being real. I don't have many friends who can keep it as real as he does. Most of my friends will cater/spare my feelings. I don't like being hurt, but at the same time I will pick myself up and respect the truth. I've got to!

I've got a ton to talk about @ therapy tomorrow. I think I've done pretty well this week at not masking my feelings. I'm going to keep it up and I've told my sis if she catches me to let me know. It's awesome to have the people I have in my life accept me for me and that I don't have to put forth any extra energy to be the person I would like to be. You would think after coming out of the closet I wouldn't hide myself. Well Michael, that's another journey and we'll do it in 2009 and mark our progress in 2010.

I luv it...fuckin love it! I gotta write out a schedule for me to follow. I've been sleeping the days away and that's gonna change! Oh also this weekend, my commute was interupted because SOMEBODY had to have an inaugration. Well I'm glad that it didn't take me 2 1/2 hours to get to work this time! That "CHANGE" I can do with our, President Obama! On a serious note though, I was very inspired by what President Obama had to say and that he touches the heart of so many. America needs that in these times of economic & war crisis. America needs that sparkle of hope, and I believe the energy/persona he puts out will get us there! Here's to a fantastic 8 years in office!!!

~ c!a0

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My new babies! =)

LG Steam Washer with Allergiene & Electric Steam Dryer WM2487HRMA & DLEX7177RM's not because I'm spoiled (*tee hee*)...I just don't like buying washer & dryer's so let's just get a set that i'll keep for 10 years! I'll let you know how it works (especially the steam feature!)
I really can't wait to get my townhouse under my belt. It's gonna be great and these are my housewarming gifts from: ME to: ME!!! (pedestals are on hold) ~c!a0-

Friday, January 16, 2009

Therapy & p90x

I luv thursdays. I usually think to myself on the drive home, what am I gonna talk about tomorrow? I can talk my "dream" and the challenges I face letting it go...I can talk about my taco night. Ooooh I can talk about the house and where I'm at on that.

So I get there and I sit down and we talk about last week, how I'm feeling. How my family is doing. I told him how disappointed I was on Saturday and that my feelings were hurt. In anycase I had an epiphany! And it was awesome. As much as I love myself (or at least started in 2008) my whole life I've always put my on a show and acted the way I want to be, but am not. I pretty much wear a mask and don't let those I want to get to know me better, get to know me better. They end up seeing this character and I put forth the energy to be that person.

It was awesome to see myself in that light and it was mutherfucking groundbreaking! I do it like 2nd nature! I sometimes don't know I'm doing it! But now that I've seen it, I'm gonna stand up to it! I'm gonna tell those I love and care about how I feel. I'm not gonna be mean, I will use tact. And if they care about me, like my true friends do then I have nothing to worry about.

They are friends because they want to be and that's beautiful because it's genuine! It's real. It's what I crave. We then talked about my dream. And he asked me if my "dream" were the clingy type, would I still love him. And I again was shocked about my answer. I told him No. I would still love him, but I could never live with him and would grow more and more distant from him. Wouldn't it be great if he was the clingy type tho? What would occupy my mind then? LOL! I guess it would just be myself, family and friends.

Ok, enuf about therapy. p90x! OMG! I thought day one was hard! I can't believe day 2 thought! SQUATS SQUATS SQUATS! OY! Well day 2 is done...88 to go! LOL! time for some food! Yum yum yum! ~c!a0

Thursday, January 15, 2009

p90x day 1

yeeeees! 89 days left! LOL! Well here's the dealio on wassup. I snapped those pix a couple days ago and already I'm seeing results! LOL! (hides the hagen daaz). I wasted one day doing the intro DVD and have to print out some worksheets tomorrow (mental note 2 self). one is Chest & Back...O.....M....F....G! I threw up at the end of the workout. I didn't quit, I just did whatever I could do at the end. And was freakin tuff! But i told myself that shit! It's day one dood! I got a mental image of what I wanna see in May and it DEF gets me motivated!

I found two whey isolate protein shakes I can stomach, the other one I'm just gonna tell peeps on facebook that if they want it, it's theirs! Aight I gotta write more later


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

p90x Challenge!

Well the turkey's been carved...the christmas cookies were DEVOURED..Hawaii there were a couple drinks here and here (don't get me wrong, I found time to sleep) and then taco night. Now it's time to get motivated and "Bring It". Today no working out...setup the equipment, watched the intro movie, got my Ironman(r) Pull-up bar setup (in a closet!) and resistance bars ready to go. Bought some protein shakes (yuk! yuk! yuk!) at the Vitamin Shop. At work I will plan out my meals, drink the bloody shakes and setup a workout time (most likely 10am - 11am). I will continue to workout at workout at work (cardio only).

Above are my Day 1 Pics....In May I will post my finale pics. You and I will be the judge if there is a difference. Drinking is gonna be put on hold because as my sis best put it, I need to do away with the bar trash in DC. I'm gonna go to the REI store I got near me and see what's going on. I won't lie when I say hiking in Jan-Mar doesn't motivate me, but there is always indoor rock climbing and swimming that can be fun...oh duh! And snowboarding! (Josie, don't count me out yet!!!)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Taco Night

Well catch 22 tonight...I was successful in Operation Stove and made tacos tonight. They taste awesome! So the catch 22? Well I was suppose to have peeps over but they bailed. Sorta sucks right now, but fuck it. the tacos rock and I'm gonna head over to Belvoir later and feed my buds. I had planned on opening a bottle of champs to celebrate that I got my townhouse under contract, but yeah....~out

PiNg cHing POW!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New House!

Yes Yes....soon to be, Home Sweet Home! So my mom (who is an awesome realtor) has been going back and forth with the listing agent. Well after reaching an agreeement, we wrote the contract up. It's now waiting on the owner's signature and then we're past ratification! What I like...The kitchen is cool...the living room has a nice dark red paint, the hardwood floors (drops jaw) are awesome! and the basement is painted a mustard yellow which will go FAB with my Living Room furniture creating a comfy setting. It's not a big basement, but we'll see where things'll def be fab for hosting parties and what not! So the best part which I saved for last...The loft! Oh yeah bitches, and guess where it's at?!? Ummmm fuck yeah! It's in the MBR! w00t w00t! and who get's the MBR?!? Duh! The princess himself (*muah muah muah*...does the queen wave). My bean bags unfortunately will prolly hafta to there since the L/R is a lil small but we'll see....we shall see! I'll let you all know when the contract is done and when the move date is (*ahem* incase I got some helping hands!) and for all else, the housewarming date! =D....FuCK YEAHZ!!!!


Kitchen (duh!)

Living Room (Pretty floors!)

The "No Grass" Patio! Beer n BBQs! w00t w00t!

Princess's room (ummm...yeah, I'm thinking GREY would go great with my bedroom set)

The loft! These closet doors will be replaced with mirrored doors! OMG! These white ones are FEO!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's Resolution

Procrastination: I did well on this resolution last year, and will continue to promote procrastination. This is something we all need to re-learn, that the world does not need everything yesterday. Now this does not apply to bills, just me. I have 1400 minutes a day. 10 of those minutes are ME minutes. No matter WHAT is going on, I will acknowledge that the problem/crisis will not disappear in ten minutes. Grab my inferior Product on demand (iPod) and jam to some tunes, or meditate.

Cook: I was giving my stove evils last week. I will cook this year dammit! I will not be a microwave/sandwich junkie. I'm over it! I'll grab a receipe book and promote good eating habits and who knows...if my friends are brave enough to eat what I cook, I'll have them over. ***NOTE: Domino's phone number WILL be on the fridge and speed-dial!***

p90x Challenge: I'm going to start this on Monday (I was on holiday in Hawaii, but now am ready and motivated)

Alcohol: Not giving it up, but am done with pissing my $$$ away. I'm ready to hang out with my best friends (Chris & Tiff) and have friends over (those who aren't afraid to come to VA)

Smoking: Bad disgusting habit that I should give up!

Love: Wow I learned so much in 2008 about love. I think the most important relationship that came out of 2008 was with myself. I actually can have fun with me. I love me and that is HUGE. I fell head over heels for my friend Marlon in California. And I can recall how I felt if I hadn't heard from him in like days or weeks. I still love the guy. I have learned that I can not shut off this love switch, but I can put him where he needs to the friendship box. Friends get the attention that they reciprocate. I get tired of hearing; we should do this or I'm gonna do something for you. Keep those thoughts to yourself. Be a man of action. Show some spontaneity in your life! I have no partners in my life right now, but am blessed with the friends I do have.
So what's the resolution on love? Just learn to love myself more and more! Yes I Can!!!

Money: Save this year. For those who didn't know, I am a spo!led pr!ncess! I treat myself well and figure if I need money, then I'll go out and get it. So this year I'm gonna tone down the spoiled attitude (except for cheap alcohol).

Career: I'm happy but continue to keep my eyes open and interview. I love interviewing and keeping up with those skills!

Education: I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate, I'm going to pick up on reading more. I enjoy writing poems and notes, so I will need a vast vocabulary in order to do just that.

That's all for now. I'm excited about the p90x challenge and will post weekly pics here and on facebook. Who wants this brown sexy 8-pack I'm about to sport?!? w00t w00t!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New years! So the BEST part of hawaii. I love challenging myself. I fuckin love it! So those who know my fears know heights is one of them. Me my bud Jen nd her husband nor did a nature hike to Maunawili Falls. The hike was challenging but the reward Ooooo so worth it.

We got in the water (BRRRRR!) and saw rocks to jump off of (bout 20 ft). Then I saw this one kid jump off where you see me standing (about 50ft up). So with my rock climbing experience (Thanks Gary & Cam) I put my knowledge to good use on slippery rocks. I almost fell and got the shakes. So after I got up, I saw how far Jen was and was like Holyfuck balls! OMG! How am I gettin down from here. We had this hot navy guy named Rick makin sure I was OK (Go Medics) and I kept bending my knees trying to jump. I was telling myself, fear is nothing but weakness in ur mind. Do it Michael. Just jump! So I let out this Cowabunga and just did it. I threw my hands in the air when I emerged back up.

I did it! I couldn't wait to swim up to Jen. I didn't cry but my emotions were up there. Facing your fears just rocks. And I'm glad I had friends there to be there and snap the pics.

My vacation in Hawaii totally rocked. I will upload pics on facebook. I also wrote good words for my boi Will and had the BEST so far new year's EVER! I love an miss my circle of friends already. They aren't my circle of friends...they're my family of friends. MUAH! Love u all! Happy New Year's!