Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Whaddup Now

Life without a pcphone....i swear! It's worse than survivor! Ok not that bad but still. I'm glad I got to see how DEPENDENT I was to that phone. It was my crack! My pcphone was my:
*SMS/MMS messenger
*Task Manager
*Web Browser
*Shopping List / Jot Notes
*Sometimes my camera

So my phone losts it's GSM signal...and I did some research on how to update it. With caution I proceeded to upgrade my ROM. The minute the upgrade failed at 0%, my phone bricked out on me. Well it pops up in bootloader mode and recognizes a USB cable. So now it is my project. But in the mean time I need to buy a replacement (found one for $225, but I'm cautious)...or get a different pda/smartphone

Job Interview: Ok...when you buy a car, you want to go to the right guy, find the right car and feel pleasant after the transaction is over with or at least not leave with that raped feeling. So I had a job interview at the Naval Research Lab. I aced the phone interview and was ready to talk to them on their turf. The time was set for 1pm on the 22nd. I had a POC number and directions. So I had everything they sent me filled out, and when I got to the car I noticed the directions did not mention how to get there from 395N. Ok...I don't have a PCPHONE to lookup the address and my GPS can't find the NRL. So I attempted to call my POC. Nobody answered. Called home and was told to take 295N. Ok...doesn't sound right...called pops and got the addy. Cool...so I'm running a lil late, but make it to the visitor's center. Filled out the entry form and was told they couldn't get a hold of my POC. So they found a different number and come to find out the POC I was given was out to lunch. O.....M.....F.....G! Are you fucking kidding me? Whatever, so what now? Now I got to find/drive building 209 (they gave me a map...how nice)
So instead of these chumps coming to meet me at the visitor's center I'm gonna drive around this "yard" and find them. Cool, so there's broken glass on their roads (IDKY) and after 10mins I find the building (LandNav was never my specialty). Realizing I'm already late there is NO time for meditation. So I focus on breathing IN/OUT while going to the building as I don't want a bad interview. I step inside the renovating building and summon the 1950's elevator to come down. Eventually it reaches the ground floor. Ok I need to get to room 544B....hmmmm the elevator has 6 buttons; G, 1, 2, 3, 4, R.....OH FUCK ME SIDEWAYS! I'LL BE GAWD DAYUM'D IF I INTERVIEW ON THE FUCKIN ROOF!!! So I push 4 just incase G=1, 1=2...etc! So what is on the 4th floor? NOTHING! Now when you picture nothing you're probably thinking lighs, a blank wall/hallway. Fair enough....these fuckers didn't even have the drywall up! I saw the buildings insides! Well once I saw that all I could do was laugh! If I didn't laugh I was gonna get more and more tense...so it might not have been theraputic but that whole way down the elevator to the car and back to the house (with a much needed starbucks break on the way) I laughed and said to myself "Fuck me! I can't believe I went pass the visitor's section".

Today I wrote the recruiter letting them know where they need to improve. Directions was one, Meeting in the visitor's center is another and finally GET A FUCKIN POC WHO ANSWERS THE PHONE. So I'm still huntin for the next best thing, but I tell you what.
If you don't give a fuck about the person attempting to work for you, don't waste my time having by having me get dressed up! Fuck if I ever interview for them...i'll do it as a joke! I'll wear some worn out jeans and an I'm with Stupid polo (cuz I'm classy like dat!) and then interview!

Lasty...I'm going to hawaii to calm my nerves...Back in the day when I had money (~*Le Sigh*~) I got myself a 1st class ticket to see my good friends will and kristy get married. I can't wait to see my kuwait buddies!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


...wow, i really don't have much to say. I don't feel like blogging but feel if I don't I will lose interest or something. Well let's see...therapy has been awesome. I've found different outlets other than my blogs and the gym to deal with my stress. As a matter of fact I'm blogging when I'm suppose to meditate for about 10 mins and chant positive words to myself. I've been given this task so that I can control my anxieties (can't i just be like brittney and pop a pill?). So I use meditation in the morning and whenever something that stresses me out pops in my head I focus on my breathing and acknowledge my thoughts but tell myself I'm focusing on whatever I am doing or breathing in and out. Bottomline, it's working and i'll be glad to let the guy know about these positive results.

Chunky Monkey - O...M...G! I think I've put on weight! I grabbed my face in the mirror and was like "ummmm....r we puttin on the holiday pounds right here?!?!?!". I need to up the cardio in my life and then at work continue using the gym.
Oh! I mentioned the p90x stuff, right? Well I just ordered it all to come in. I'm very excited to do this Jan 1st (or 3rd is when I get back from Hawaii) - April 3rd shots. It is gonna be FUCKIN FABULOUS! I may have to cut down on drinks or maybe more so me fags ~:-(

But yeah I've got some words of encouragement on facebook and will keep myself motivated and show off the results in April. FLAUNT IT DIRTY! FLAUNT IT! LOL! <-- Attention Whore

Ok for someone who didn't feel like typing I think I made a good dent. If I miss this thing after christmas I will be in Hawaii and will blog about that.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Word of the day: Adulation

So when I hear a word I don't know now a days I'm on the computer hitting up the online dictionaries looking up said words. So I heard the word adulation, I can't remember how it was used but I'm thinking the sentence ended with excessive adulation!

Adulation: Flattery

Sentence: I find it difficult to accept compliments because I not familiar to such kindness and adulation.