Sunday, January 29, 2012

At firestone waiting on my ride

So while I'm her waiting on my car I reflect on life and why not blog it. What is going on? Well the gig is still going. Got a lil work to do tonight but yea no biggie and can do. Pay is good. I'll miss it when I gotta find something ta hold my TS. House is coming together good. Kitchen is freaking exhausting! Taking on a lot of work. Remodeling the kitchen, and doing the laundry room. It ain't easy but we doin it n doin it well. I'll be sooo happy to see a finished product. My fam came by this weekend to help me out and man was I sooo grateful to have that!!!!!

Went out to DC. Hadn't seen the guys in a while. It was pretty cool. Lil superficial but all in all good times. Hey how's it goin? Wow you look great. Blah blah blah. Got a lil shit from not showing my mug but that was one cat. I think back in my earlier 20s and appreciate the house parties we had where we could play games and BBQ. How cool was that. DMV is definitely its own beast. Everyone is always busy doing something and no one has the time to hang out. I'm such a west coast guy but look at me and my refinance. Guess I'm not moving anytime soon. Lol! I refi'd yet again and man Im glad I get to skip a payment! That will help go to the expensive house projects of 2012! Bathrooms or fence next year. Yay. Ok let me check on this car :)

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

CaliForNia <3'n

I'm in the air right now and can't wait to breathe in Cali!!! No allergies! U know ur getting old when u get excited bout shit like breathing! I mean hell 12-15 years ago it was Disneyland or 6 flags. Not fuckin breathing. Wah oooopie!

My cousin had her lil girl Maggie. I'll see them tomorrow. Gotta hit Babys R Us up before I see them. Grab a gift card. So fortunate to have a great job to be able to do that.

My kitchen!!!! I ordered the cabinets today! Put half down now. Once I get the date, I'll have give the granite guys a clue. Old cabinets go downstairs and I got a wet bar. I'll throw a party and think it'll be kickass.

So Cali, not letting Marlon know imma be there sense last time he ran off to Sacramento or something skippin town on me. Whatever. He don't count for shit. So glad others took his spotlight of love. I can see myself in others. Man do I feel bad for the people who gotta fight that battlefield of love. WTF was I in love with him? I mean this ni99a makes maintaining a friendship hard. If he doesn't wanna be friends I say man up, cause shit that's where I'm at. And I ain't got no problems cuttin a ni99a *snip snip*. Had ta throw that out there. Can't wait to be back, breathe (unfortunately work, blah) and enjoy myself.

Happy new year u!!!

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Week 4

Well well well. Maybe I'm feeling a lil bigger. Can't wait to get cut!

Leg day today and my cousin Chris arrives tonight. Would make today a chest workout and do legs tomorrow that way id b good for chest again on Monday. We'll see

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Celebrated the new year at times square with Matt and with the exception of the ending it was great. Im writing right now at 2 cuz everytime this guy gets drunk he wants something more from me that I can't give and craves me affection/attention.

So he held a convo for about an hour that I got to listen to then icing on the cake smokes not once but twice in a room. And yea he knows how I luv sleeping in an ash tray. I'm done. Ridicules that I hafta put up wit shit like this! Unbelievable. This is just a false start 2012 cuz 11 was such an awesome year that I will see it thru to 12 :)

Adios to the negative drama tho

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