Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rehoboth Bound

Tomorrow yes tomorrow I'm taking off & hitting the beach.

List of things to do:
Spend time with Reese
Drop Reese off at friends place

I got me the same crummy room like last time, but whatevs as long as the roaches don't bother me, i'll tip'm a lil vodka *_^

Taking the lil Z out tomorrow so she will need her wheels clean :)

Hope everyone is doing well and sorry for not keeping this better up2date ~ mUah!

oooo and officially, I'M ALMOST 30! Hell all my body parts are technically 30 now! Oooo no! Not gonna have that when does life start crap! LOL! BYE

Monday, May 16, 2011

Find strength in yourself, Not others

I got some disappointing news about an hour ago, but before I discuss that I want to go over my history...a recipe for what I define as success.

suc·cess [suh k-ses] - noun
1. The favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.
2. The attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.
3. A successful performance or achievement: The play was an instant success.

When I was 19 I was comfortable living at home and making a decent salary of $16. I was paying for my car, insurance and gas. My medical was handled by my company since I was over 18 and couldn't use my dad's insurance.

~*LiFe was gooood*~ I had grown comfortable...

My mom said the four letter word which crushed my fantasy! It threw a curb ball in the way I was living! R - E - N - T.

Suddenly a cloud of darkness fell over my all too good to be true life! I felt robbed! Cheated! Violated! How dare you ask me to pay for something I've had for free this whole time!!

Now my mom only wanted this money to put in a separate account so that when I moved they would use that money and add a couple more bucks to the account for a down payment somewhere.

This whole gray cloud put something else in front of my face. It was a grown up decision. I, a man at 19 didn't save for tomorrow (I wasn't in debt - no college) and didn't know how to escape the house. VA is $$$ and I didn't want my parents help.

So with nothing in the bank I saw the Army as a way to keep on my career path of IT, get me out of the house and a roof over my head. So I traded a full-time $16 hr gig, to play soldier for what...? 12k a year? Oh that first pay check was an eye opener! But so long as I was fed and had a little cash I could make it. I saved what I could in the army...I had close to four years in and about 10k in my account. I made it to the rank of a specialist. I got demoted to an E-1 at the 3 1/2 year mark. I had wrote a lease with a guy I was working with (to make extra cash) in property management on a duplex my parents owned. Because the army declared the signature forged (nevermind the fact that I was actually living in the bloody duplex) they came to the assumption that I was attempting to defraud the government. PS: Sgt Crystal Blake, MSG Annette Rodriguez, MAJ Michael Baker - GO FUCK YOURSELF!

I then spiraled down to an E-1 and had one song on my mind: Nelly - Number One! I didn't care at that point. Soon after disrespecting enough NCOs: Boooyah! Deuces! Adios! I got chaptered out under unsatisfactory performance (General under honorable conditions). Lost my GI Bill, but got our honorably...That's fine! I hate school anyway!

Soon after I was at another fork in the road. What to do what to do. I'm now Mr. Sanchez.
Well in my field because I hate school I need to get certified. So I did that. Took a boot camp, passed and got my paper MCSE.

Resume looked good with that on there. ITT Sytems Corp would "GIVE" me a job in Kuwait because of that and get my security clearance (something the Army failed to do). So I took the contract (not having any systems experience ever! Bypassing the help desk) and then became a sponge. When I got to Kuwait, Exchange 2003 was being installed. There were issues, so when I came on board I was finding ways to fix it. Got the servers stable and they became mine!

I worked intimately with AD and Exchange and had a great lead/mentor to ensure I was doing well (Thanks Kevin Ford and George Currie). I stayed in the desert 2 1/2 years and then came to DC with good money in my pocket.

I got a job at the State Dept (not making desert bucks) but specializing in Exchange Administration. Soon after went to the Pentagon as their Exchange Engineer and am now an Exchange Architect.

So with that said, this brings me to the title: Find strength in yourself, not others. In the US you can start with NOTHING, NOT HAVE A COLLEGE DEGREE, focus on continuing education and sell yourself. Continuing education is like a car warranty! Would you buy the car with or without a warranty? That's how employers will see you too! When you interview, that piece of paper represents you...YOUR career before you get a foot in the door! And when you get your foot in the door, speak about what you know and sell yourself. If you don't think you're good enough, neither will they.

My career was not luck or fate, it was me reaching. And without the use of formal education I will continue to reach as high as I can go. This is a recipe I know all too well how to make and shall excel until I reach the point of retirement.

Now in the beginning I mention I got some news earlier. My Sr. Chief Architect put in his notice today. This marks the contract where half of the staff has left on their own accord. Their is also questions circling about the strength of the contract and low expectations about renewal.

I will analyze the situation, update my resume and allow upper management to divvy out some reassurance. If you know of someone who is lost, give them this recipe. Have them enlist, or obtain a position that covers your living and food arrangements. Save up a little cash, invest in yourself and over time you too will see from the ladder where you were at and where you are going. It's an awesome feeling that NO ONE can take away.

Cheers to my Aunt who did it at 44! She's an inspiration! She didn't like being a social worker, wanted to get into IT and did it! She studied and obtained a help desk position in Afghanistan to collect some years and bullets in her resume. I'm sooo proud of her!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Another one bites the dust

So the fourth person here has put notice in to leave. Man! I've never seen people drop from a project like this! One PM and three AD guys...Somethings up!

I'm not leaving! I'll milk this cow till the tits are dry n empty!

So that's been the big topic of this week. I'm thinking also for this year that I need a new cert. The gov't is requiring people who want to be enterprise administrators to meet certain requirements (DoD 8570). I also need some hands experience with windows 2008.

Friday, May 6, 2011

CinCo de MaYo

What can I say? Having my family and best friends (family) in the area whether we are in SFO or DCA, that's all just geography! We had a blast celebrating my mom's bday at La Sandia in tysons corner. Screw Patron! These guys had over 100 tequilas! OMG! Heaven heaven heaven! So yea imma do a small run today then tomorrow got my 7miler.

Daddy's gotta try n tighten up! No luck with finding my LCD TV/Wall mount (im waiting on a deal) but am hopeful. Anyway back to Mom, she loved her kindle that Jackie and I got her.

Was a really great bday (even though we missed Jackie) she was txt'n and living through us vicariously that night. Hope everyone had a great cinco de mayo and TGIF!