Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pack yo shyt n go!

So there it is....I cleaned out my desk! I have been looking for jobs on the outside but my pay will have to take a hit (dammit!). What I'm gonna do now is have a wrap-up with all my sites for FY11 this Thursday. Friday I get to watch the series or season finale of DLA


Monday, September 19, 2011

wow it's been a min blog!

Ok so last post i forgot to edit what was going through my mind but the weekend of N'arlins was great! I feel in luv with the "hand grenade" drinks and had a blast in what I call Lil Amsterdam.

5* hotel for $100 p/night was great. The song I posted cause I was def having one of those days...and if you don't follow my blogs listen to the 3min song n get caught up ^_^

....PRESENT DaY....

Hola Blog! Ok so a lot has been going down in the work arena....will contracts be extended? Big presentation I prepped for a week to present went down the tube :0( MERDE! I mean, ZUIT!
..what else? I hired some air duct cleaners to clean my vents and they found mold in the furnace. Yay! $600 to them....There went my weekend funds....My pseudo wife stayed for a few days and left this weekend. Had my boy Matt over and we spent a good couple days together.

Anything else new? Im still looking for a property to own outright and rent...IT AIN'T EASY! Weather has turned to fall (YES!!!!).
Lil Daniel ran his first 5miles with me! Wow! a 10y/o running 5miles! I never did that!! Was real proud of him and told him ten years from now my ass will be attempting to keep up with him. Hopefully he remembers how nice Uncle Mike was to keep at his pace ^_^
William turned 8 this weekend. Time seems to fly!

Ok Reese is doing well, I'm ready for work to end since I got nothing hot on my plate anymore (@)_(@) Ta-tA

Monday, September 5, 2011