Friday, August 2, 2013

August Update - Dandruff

Ok so here we are day 31 (forget to write yesterday).

Still dandruff?  Yup...and as much as I love the scalpmaster I am going back to dandruff shampoo and cold water.  I gave it a fair shot...and honestly I think my cowlick area doesn't like the no shampoo treatment.

I'll still use the cold water method, just with shampoo.

If anyone else has different results I would love to hear what you may have done that I didn't.  Cheers!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 22...still dandruff :-/

Ok so we're nearing towards the end of this experiment and I still have dandruff!  I got a scalp massager which if you can splurge the $2.64 (shipping included) these things feel AWESOME getting your head ready for the cold water:

I just ordered another gonna try and get some dual action going on.  My hair doesn't stink. My scalp isn't as itchy as before but who knows if that is due to weather.  I was hoping to see less dandruff.  What's interesting though is...why do we shampoo if the results never change?  I know that there is a tar shampoo that can help me out that gets prescribed but honestly look what just comes back.

It's not like a fungus that you take pills for and then goes away.  Anyway I have not completed my 30 day trial but it's coming close to an end.  And I will keep up with it.

Meanwhile my boyfriend Robert would probably MUCH RATHER have my problem as oppose to a hair line that rescinds! I will still have mad hearts for my buddah guy!  I'm a fan of the bald look (>_<) no comparisons!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Mr. Sims (queue life changer)

I have not posted what's been going on in the one area I usually Charlie Brown in (love).  Maybe that's because I only blog when something dramatic happens.  I can recall a good blog where my 27th bday involved waking up next a love one and hearing the words happy birthday :-)  Whatever happened to Marlon Jones?  His hypersensitive ass moved up to Sacramento to blow $$$ on gogo boys and further experiment with his body.  But enough about that saint of a man *bats eyes*, he doesn't hold a candle to Mr. Robert Sims!  (new paragraph)

My do-gooder!  I smile thinking about him.  He is studying to be a nurse because he likes helping people and wants to volunteer =).  So I met Robert online in December and live in April.  Since April we have Skyped or stayed in touch EVERYDAY!  Incredible, right?  He moves in with me this weekend.  He's a west coast boy at heart and that is gonna be EXTREMELY great when we make our big move together outta DC (but not anytime soon)

Soooo....a week later (No shampoo)

Well I've made it past a week and my stylist cut my hair last night commenting that it looked thicker.

Results (01JULY2013 - 08JULY2013) -

Dandruff: severely mild --> severely mild (no change)
Itchiness: extremely itchy --> itchy (change)
Eczema: flared --> reduced
Allergy count: 4.x --> 4.x
Smell: No foul scent

I've started just waring a shower cap when Im in the shower and using the kitchen sink for ice cold water on the head....if you don't see why, go take a shower nude and blast it on ice cold.  Lemme know if you have other questions ;)

Will post new results next week

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 1/2 - No Shampoo! (Dandruff / Eczema)

Start Here:

I will fill the in later on today but we are going to try and cure dandruff. Right now when my head is itchy I do the kitchen sink ice cold rinse and scratch all the flakes out. So far no funky smell but only day two. I'm excited to get past the week stretch!

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Runs back to meds!!

I had a couple great days where my nose got to be moist. And now my body has mucus build up (nose/throat). I didn't eliminate mucus, I reduced it.

If I take my meds my nose becomes the sahara desert. Not cool. Ok so I'm gonna research saline solutions. If there is one that doesn't limit my usage I'm going after that one.

Another factor to consider is that my nose needs mucus to catch bacteria before it enters my body.

I may switch Zyrtec. Right now I'm cutting it down to 5mg. We'll see. Benadryl didn't work before but now that I cut a lot of crap out it may be a good contender. Hmmmm if its non-drowsy then I can dig that

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Must remember: Allergies not gone (dry nose battle)

So far life has been great cutting back foods to get rid of allergy symptoms wit the exception of now my nose is too dry.

I decided a few days ago again to cut out the meds and let my body naturally produce mucus on its own. Day1/2 good. Day3 little itchy on the face, nose healing nicely though. Day4 bienvenue eczema. I applied the lotion liberally to my face. At this point my nose isn't under a dry spell anymore. I took a Zyrtec today. I'm gonna hunt for 5mg pills or get a pill cutter and cut this whole bottle up. Got my amazon assignment today!

Anyways I think if I'll cut out Claritin and split the Zyrtec pills up. Part of me would rather do Claritin rather than Zyrtec however Zyrtec works better with my body.

So analysis:
Continue meds (dropping Claritin)
Continue diet (glad to have fish back)

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Ending April - Health Update - Your recipe for success ***REDUCE ALLERGY SYMPTOMS*** VEGAN

So my internal health feels great right now (body feels bloated from sodium intake).  I've had maybe one "bad day" of allergies attacking me and it was probably because went without medicine for a little while.  The pollen count as had some bad days but my body was unaware with maybe the exception of my eyes which would twitch now and then.  I've greatly reduced my Post nasal drip (PND), exercise induced asthma and coughing while I eat.  *** I HAVE NOT CURED MY ALLERGIES *** *** THIS JUST GREATLY REDUCES MY SYMPTOMS ***  So here's exactly what I'm doing and if this works for ANYONE ELSE; Congratulations!  I knoooow your happiness!  And you're welcome!

What you need:
  • NeilMed Nasal Irrigation (I use the bottle) & Salt packets
  • Small Slim Kettle for Bathroom (Make distilled water and heat it up for your nose)
  • Zyrtec (I know it has lactose, get over it)
  • Claritin
  • Bausch + Lomb Alaway (Eye Itch Relief - if necessary)
  • Multi-vitamins
  • Eczema cream (if applicable - I use either Cetaphil or Aveeno) 
  • Positive Energy (Really important)

  • Eggs
  • Dairy
  • Meats (If it was a living animal then yes avoid it)
  • Processed sugar, flour oils
  • Huge amounts of soy intake

  • Warm distilled water (previously boiled the night before) and saline solution in NeilMed device
    • Irrigate nasal per instructions
  • Take 2 or 3 (I take 3) mulit-vitamins
  • Take 1 claritin
  • One drop of Bausch + Lomb Alaway in each eye
  • I've had eczema growing up but have reduced the amount of lotion I use on my face for this skin disorder
  • Look in the mirror, smile and feel great =)

Throughout the day monitor what you eat and drink.  Please by all means drink as much water as you can.  Bring lemon juice to work or a Soda Fountain and carbonate a liter of water up.  Totally worth it!

My coffee!  My coffee!  Mike I can't give up my 1/2 & 1/2....oh I know!  It ain't easy!  I've battled and battled that out, and to save you about $80 and several tastings here is my analysis. THERE IS A WAY! =) (positive thinking!)...and it involves coconut creamer.  I placed 1/2 coconut creamer with 1/2:
Rice Milk
Oat Milk
Almond Milk
Almond Creamer (NASTY!! DONT DO IT!!!)
Almond "Unsweetened" Chocolate Milk
Hemp Milk
Soy Milk (YUCK!)

I'm not crazy about more soy intake so was NOT UPSET that soy failed (Yesssss!).  Almond Creamer (Mimiccreme) was so nasty I didn't even wanna dump it in my sink! Ok what's the winner?!?
1/2 coconut creamer & 1/2 rice milk...this is as close to 1/2 & 1/2 as I'll I started dumping all the other contenders in the sink and noticed that unsweetened label on the chocolate milk....hmmm if I add this to the 1/2 & 1/2 with a packet of splenda.....****OMG**** MOCHAS!!!!  Who's dairy free mouth is in heaven right now?!?  Damn right, mine!

Dinner time has been FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC at my house.  Who doesn't eat salad?!?  That was me...I'd buy the mesclun which looked appealing, some dressing, throw it in the fridge and never eat, toss it out 2 week or 2 months later (It was in a drawer people, I never paid attention until it started moving towards the trash bin).  Going vegan guess what my new friend was?!  Ugh....I mean, GREAAAAT!  Well from time to time at lunch I would hit au bon pain or chiptole up for a salad so maybe if I made my fridge look like a variety of toppings I too could be my own server.

Mike...I seriously do NOT wanna cut veggies up all damn day!  And this is also cutting into my vodka hour, cause oh yea, I can still drink my belvedere, club soda, splash of cran with a twist of lime!  I totally get you guys and am at my job at 214pm with my water now fantasizing....*excuse me* =)

Ahhhhh!  There goes 32oz! ok where was I..oh yea! Salad!  FOCUS (>_<)!!!  So if you got the $20 to spare get these life safevers:

I got like 8 of them.  I loves chopping my salads and ingredients!  If you need inspiration here is what I keep loaded in the house:
  • Mesclun (Salad)
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Hummus or Roasted Chickpeas (
  • Frozen edamame (microwave then let'm cool off then store - get them already shelled SOY)
  • Whole Foods - General Tso's "Chicken" (SOY)
  • Low sodium tortilla chips
  • Crispy Wonton Strips
  • Annie's Thai Peanut sauce
  • Balsamic Vinegar (get an aged one...go on! Treat yourself)
  • Frozen corn
I'll give you other ingredients if you go to level two (bringing back seafood - Pescetarian still restricting the dairy and egg intake)

I like chopping everything up individually then adding them into bowls to take to work or just eat for dinner.  Salads don't spoil but they will wilt so if you can keep'm bagged or air tight do that!

  • Warm distilled water (previously boiled the night before) and saline solution in NeilMed device
    • Irrigate nasal per instructions
  • Take 1 zyrtec (if you're hardcore - get rid of this lactose pill and find an alternative, ask your doctor or pharmacist)
  • One drop of Bausch + Lomb Alaway in each eye (if needed)
  • If needed, eczema lotion
  • Boil new water for the next day
  • Look in the mirror, smile and feel great =)

Friday, April 26, 2013


I loved the results of going vegan(lite)!  No dairy = LOW allergy symptoms.  I can't be sure if giving up the meats aided in this adventure but I learned somethings

1.)  I don't like having a huge soy intake
2.)  Chick peas are a good alternate protein
3.)  I miss whey protein (pea protein, ur just different)
4.)  Practically eliminated exercise-induced asthma (except on bad allergy days)
5.)  Threw out a ton of crap that apparently was made of dairy / egg

Now that my trial time is up, I'm gonna add seafood back into my diet.  I hate to sound like a novice who only thinks of animals as protein, but I NEED MY PROTEIN.  So fish has the lower risk of bad cholesterol and can actually prevent cancers

Just got back from stomach pains and am quite content!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 3 - Dairy Free (Day 1 Vegan)

Ok so day 1 and day 2 there was definitely a learning curve of OMG I just lost milk chocolate & whey!  Only two days into this and I want something more than soy.

So Nina and I went to Whole Foods where they take Whole Paychecks.  $67 for two bags of groceries.  You know how much two bags of food cost at McD's?!?  Anyways I got some things other than soy there...I heard I can replace my cheese with pea protein!  I'm all for that!!!  Let's get something to replace my meats cause I can only swallow so much soy & nuts (haha ahhh im a legend in my own mind).

Allergies - I won't lie...and maybe it's because the pollen count is low...haha yup just google'd it.  Pollen Count low.  And dammit as im writing this I was eating popchips.  I recall seeing a bag that said vegan but oh wait...those weren't bbq flavored ~*le sigh*~ still learning.... Ok only had a couple chips.  Moving on.

Now I'm gonna lookup some snacks hopefully made of other things besides soy.  I like rice cakes.  I could totally buy those.  Damn more money to spend, but I do feel better already allergy wise!

27 more days....Yah!!!!  Coffee with coconut milk didn't burn my lips this morning.  That's good news but I'll keep my eye on that.  It really is nice not to have to use the WoodyKnows device right now but I got three new ones ready to go.  Oh hint for those with pollen allergy:

Put some vaseline in your's suppose to catch the pollen before you inhale it.  Let me know what you think.  I'm gonna try and run outside doing that.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

April's fool - Here I go - Dairy Free!

So yesterday I gave up dairy.  I'm giving up dairy to see if I can fight my allergies with food.  Popping pills seems to be the answer for Americans and I've never liked pills...even with surgery I popped a percocet like one time after no sleep.  But today I'm going to fight my eczema, dry skin, ALLERGIES and etc (forgot the 4th).

I am currently allergic to dogs, pollen, outdoor molds.  Spring & Summer are my worst seasons.  I have undergone immunization shots and dropped out after having an attack.  I think my allergies developed when I moved to Virginia around 13.  I take Zyrtec at night and Claritin in the morning.  I have a dog who is my world and I won't get rid of until the hourglass ends on her part.

Today I ate the last bit of meat I will have for a while.  I hate cooking but dammit I'll do it!  I've enjoyed for the most part the salads I've made and have steamed vegetables.  If this works out I will continue treating my body well.  I'm excited and have positive energy to see this go through.  My main fear is lack of protein.  I've been raised to know of protein as meat.  I have some soy products but don't want to be dependent on them...lucky for me we have a TINY vegan area in the frozen food land.  I'll attack them tonight =) #stoked

Oh the other fear is...have you seen old vegans?  I'm not trying to be too shallow but they kinda look their age if you catch my drift!  Inner or Outer beauty!  DAMMMMMNNNN!!!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

<drunk> goodbye rob

Immmmmmm sooo buzzed but wanna jot this down. I blocked a nice guy off Facebook and Jack'd. I got along with this guy really well. Each one of us teasin one another for months. Finally kayak alerts me a ticket is cheap enough to make a trip and when I mentioned it his excitement was nonexistent. A guy who likes talkin with me.

Well thx Marlon for the crash course in this. I don't wanna deal with another one of as much as I like lookin at his pics which makes my heart smile it was done

Put up Just gonna stand there and watch me burn on Facebook after blockin him. I say this just cause when I look at the logs again ill wanna smile and reminisce. He was a nice guy. Too bad that was just online.

Two people flirt. Someone hasta be dominant. He won

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sucking the poison out

Scrolling through Facebook got me thinking of the "friends" I got that dont make me a better person. I got good guys on there that make me smile and want to better myself and then those that are just pure negative or have actions that I want nothing to do with. Big groups mean everyone hasta be friends with the group.

That's gonna change. 20s did something cool and made me a comfy life. 30s is gonna stand up for himself and cut the shit that ain't real outta life. It's not hard cuttin the bad shit from your life so much as the confrontation. People's feelings get hurt when they see you de friend without explanation. It would be nice to send an email saying hey I gotta de friend and hope there are no hard/awkward feelings if we see each other at social gatherings.

Riiiiight. Gay without drama? Please. It's gonna happen...Negative out!

Location:Dirtys Palace,Lincolnia,United States

Monday, February 18, 2013

Long distance sprung has sprang

I wanted to write this down. Just not on Facebook. I know a really cool sweet guy that makes me smile but is quite distant. We've connected pretty well, sending txt, cute videos and talkin on the phone.
I keep my guard up for the most part but loved the feeling of having someone to txt or call that would make my heart and face smile.
Recently I tried calling twice and he didn't pick up. He said he'd call the next day and didn't. This caused he to pause the ride and get off. I stepped outside the box. It's something so small and could be fixed with a txt, email or phone call saying hey my feelings got hurt. Or I could let it dwell face the reality that it's long distance so who cares?!? If he were local this whole mess could get fixed with a hug.

Anyways, pride gets in the way and defends itself with the long distance rationale..damn me

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