Monday, October 29, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 31

Less than 2 weeks till finale :)

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 29

No pictures today...I'll do a 30 day snap shot of not the BEFORE shot that everyone has seen but the progress of surgery from week 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Cannot believe a month has already gone by!  I still feel swelling in the sides so I massage when I can.  Less than two weeks and I am band free and taking final shots :-)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 28

Feels good...less than 2 weeks!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Laser Lipo: Day 24

Isnt she looooovely? Isnt she beautiful!!!!!!

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 21



Half way there!!!!  Today is the day I go compression-less for 12 hours!  It  has now turned into a pajama!  Yay!  Ok so I'm now ready to go workout!  Charging the iPhone up a bit and then I'm gonna knock out cardio & abs!  I got three weeks to show off a finished product!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 20: Tomorrow is the LAST 24hour Day!

I'm soooooo excited!  Tomorrow is my last 24 hour day with the compression band and garment.  These will become PJs on Thursday night!   I'M SOOOO EXCITED!

I will hit the gym Friday in my wifebeater and shorts.  Although I'm not suppose to workout abs until week 4 I think I'm ok and due for some leg, abs, and upper body workout!  Soooo excited!  Hurry up Thursday!!

Scars have healed nicely on the front and the back look like beauty marks.  I will take pictures Friday morning when I go suitless for 12 hours!  :-D


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Laser Lipo - Pics Day14/17

I'm still very pleased with results and that this friday..i go down to wearing this thing for 12hrs! :)

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Laser Lipo- Day 17

I have not forgotten about this blog! The app on my phone no longer allows me to post. So I will update day 14/17 pics later on. The swelling on the flanks have gone down to bruising as if you hit something hard and then you bruise and heal. The scarring on the left side of my body has healed real well! The right side bled more than the left but I expect good results there too.

Im real pleased I left both bands on and cant wait for Friday to go down to 12 hours of wearing :)

I broke the alcohol fast for one night when visiting friends in San Diego (sorry to let any fans down)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 12

Bye bye bruises!  Ok so in 11 days I lost my bruises...I still have numb feelings in my sides.  My strength has taken a hit, but being able to do pushups I have decided to break them out in groups of 25.

So I'm loving what I see right now.  I'm keeping the band on.  I fly to LA this Friday - Mon  (Ooooh no Tommy Burgers :-/ ).  9 days left and then I go from 24/7 tightness to 12 hour tightness (I may add full days here and there to make up for the 4 days drop I had).

Would I do it again?  So far the answer is yes, but I WOULD LEAVE BOTH UNDERGARMENT AND BANDS ON ME!  (again, listen to your doctors recommendation).

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 11

Itchiness on skin is wearing off...massaging sides as often as possible...I have to adjust the abdominal strap often at work to ensure it keeps to the luv handles...I miss blogging about other things on my mind, but keeping to it :-)


Monday, October 8, 2012

Laser Lipo - I's been three days!!! - DAY 10

So we are on day...10!  Wow!..Ok so today I was able to do pushups without any pain :-)..knocked 75 out today and may do some other exercises after working on this bathroom remodeling pictures...


So here you see before surgery, day 2, day 6 and day 9.  What happened in-between day 2 and 6?  Ok so I went in for a post checkup and they said things were looking good but that my band was too tight.  They suggested I just wear the undergarment compression without the abdominal stretch band.  So my skin went loose after 4 days.

After seeing this Friday I nipped it and put both undergarment and abdominal pad back on.  This is my call ***FOLLOW YOUR DOCTORS ORDERS*** THIS IS MY CALL!!!!!

Day nine shows my sides going back.  Will I ever get my day 2 results again?  I HOPE SOO!  I'm gonna do whatever exercise I can....should pickup a good walk today after fixing my bathroom.

My skin is less itchy today which is a relief.  I recommend you guys having two undergarment compressions, as washing is nice.  This is all for now.  I'll update later :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 6/7

Well I went to the gym last night and learned something. U can feel EVERY step of your jog at 6.0!!!  It felt like it was my first time running going so slow. Rather than quit I did a fast walk which didn't bother me at all at 4.5 knockin out 3miles. My upper chest looks like it is screaming for attention but I must resist temptation. Only three weeks and chest will be the first exercise.

Today I got up to massage my sides. It actually felt great. I'm gonna do that often today. Bruises look about the same. First week is done :)

Onto week two!!!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 6

Well it says AFTER week one I can take on jogging so I brought my running shoes and shorts JUST incase I felt the need to go for a lil run...JOG a day earlier!

I've decided that at nighttime I'm not going to wear the compression garment, instead I'm going to use the compression band so that I'm not uncomfortable at night.

All in all I feel good, a lil weak from the lack of working out (I know...4 weeks) but at least I can get a run....JOG in today! :-)

No new pics (c'mon!  You've got enough for a week).  I'll post pics for week 2!  Hopefully some of the bruising will go down.  I'm massaging the numbness in the shower.

Pain - So far I feel tingles every now and then when I try and pick up heavy objects or stretch the wrong's just the kinda tingle that let's you know UR ALIVE *_^ - Nothing to unbearable

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 5

Day 5!  Ok so I'm feeling a little sore...Not too bad though, I stopped pain medication two days ago (I hate taking meds!).  Finished my antibiotic medicine yesterday and am for the most part just using the compression garment now (taking the strap while I sleep).

Eating and drinking is a lil tough (prolly not for most - because THIN is IN).  You don't eat a lot when your stomach is crushing you and drinking water or whatever gives you the burps.  Initially a lot of hiccups but not anymore.  Just burps.

I feel a lil congested right now, so hopefully when I get home, take care of my sick dog I'll hit the John and feel even lighter ;)  (too much? TMI??)

Well let's bring an end to week one!  I'm ready for a celebratory drink!  23 or 24 days away =)  ~HaLLoWeeN Night~

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 4

*tada* Ok so as you can see I decided to dish who performed my surgery a little early.  I'm sooo impressed with the results and went in for a follow-up today.  Dr Gil was shocked at my progress and so have some of my friends.  I'm telling you, I can not wait for the 6 week photo but hey it's like Christmas in a way that I get to track it and have a count down :-)

So here's the scoop...Don't burn your cash on the place that gives you injections 6 times or undergo a full lipo.  The injections for 6 visits go for around $1200 and the full lipo where you get put under and have higher risks totals well over 4k (unless you got some AbFab insurance).  Dr. Gil and I negotiated a price of $1400.  I know!  $1400!  That's like a gym membership for a year!

I figured if I didn't get satisfactory results, it's was only $1400.  No big loss.  I'm sooo impressed!  The real cool part was local anesthetics!  I hate being put under and waking up with anxieties or groggy and taking like 3 days to re-coup.  The local had like minimal pain!  Picture this...picture ur hand as light and do a real quick pinch!  Ok so pinch urself 4 times....did anyone faint yet?  No?  Ok so I had my luv handles/flanks done.  So when I was injected with the sodium chloride (I think that's what it was) It felt like a huge rush of jello was going in my body.  It didn't hurt but it makes your brain think: Ummm uhhh...whaaaa???  The part where the laser goes in you can see but not really feel.  The only times you get pricked from that is when you hit an area that didn't get the "jello".  I think that's an AWESOME thing because yea it stung for a second, but guess what??? You're getting all the fat sucked out!  No missed parts!  That's awesome!  So that happens 4 times throughout the surgery.  You get to move freely after you get up and actually feel fine.  Take your pain meds the day after and antibiotic.

***GENTS:  If you do this surgery you will need to buy Super Absorbent Maxi Pads***.  Get the overnight ones, I learned this later oh and the side with the tape is not sticks on clothes, not your body parts***  yeah yeah, I first time on the rag, whatever!

I am so far 100% recommending this for trouble spot areas.  If you can't afford it, put $50 in a cookie jar every pay period for a year.  You'll be real close to an awesome xmas present next year.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 2

This is AWESOME!  And only Day 2!  I tried publishing from my iPhone but the stoooopid app isn't working #GRRRRR