Sunday, March 30, 2008


ME: I'm pist, I went to TOWN and my bartender doesn't work there anymore and my iPod broke...I'm very upset right now

DA: lol! He left?

ME: Why are you LOL-ing? Yeah he's gone and I'm now "jamming" to a CD in my car that skips...UGH! I hate it

DA: HAHAHA! Ghetto

ME: Asshole

DA: So did you go to TOWN last night? unless you have the attention span of a fruit fly, what the fuck??? Dirty loves Dumbasses! LoL....this moment brought to you by Durex: They're not all winners

Post 50! woo hoo! What a weekend

Ahhhh what a weekend...where do I start? Well Friday night I went out to Town. My bartender Jesse moved out of DC --> NYC. I haven't been to town in like 2-3 weeks so that sucked that I didn't get to say good-bye or n e thing...Met a new guy over there named Chris and some other dood named Kevin. Dammit! lol! My boi left! lol! So had fun at Town and it was 3am so time to go usual Mr. Cruise Control took me home while I jammed to my inferior Product on demand (iPod)...and yes ur FUCKIN right theres a story coming up. Made it home safe (Praise Allah) and then proceed to turn off my iPod and put it away. The iPod decides to freeze....ooooo k...its backlight is on but we're not turning off? CLICK........CLICK...........CLICK.....(What the fuck noise is that???)..So I'm thinking, lets take it upstairs let its battery die out and we'll deal with it at a better hour. The fucker is broken! It went into restore mode and would not restore. And guess who's warranty just lapsed? Now if I was bankin on Kuwait cash and I'd be like "Ahhh dammit! I'm gonna hafta get ta get the 32GB iPod Touch" but i'm not makin that cash anymore ~*le sigh*~

So i did end up gettin that iPod touch only because we are DONE with hard drives!!! NO MORE! GIVE ME FLASH BITCHES! So it looks nice and it also looks like i'm not getting a Wii until June! Taxes! HRBLOCK is surrounded by morons, so if you don't excel in school fear not! You don't have to do labor, HRBLOCK will hire you with or without customer service experience. I think that's great that we hire dumbasses locally instead of outsourcing to India or Mexico. Keep it US....Yeaaaah baby! N e who, in order for me to get my taxes reduced on my foreign earned income, I had to check off that I paid foreign taxes. That is fuckin r-tarded, but if it's gonna get me to the end result, fine.....let the IRS freakin audit me! That would be just fantastic! *Dirty winks*...aight so that was my $$$ weekend...I will admit I'm diein to play with this at work :-)

~ h0LLa ~

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stock Talk

Wow! What a week! Well after last week and the week before, I'm glad that my stocks picked up so I could get the hell out of the market...Yeah they picked up more today, but what are you gonna do? I still have a couple stocks (One good one, the! LOSER) in the market and am paying very close attention to LDK and BSC. Shit, to have bought BSC at $3.85, well I'm not gonna dwell...some analysts say that it looks as though we are 1/2 way through are recession...Um, are you basing this on future 1st QTR losses, the fed bailing are banks out & cutting rates (which we can't do much more if we want the dollar to freakin mean anything), or the fact that we had two good days in the market. Give me some concrete evidence to support this theory because the last I checked our housing market was down 10.X - 11%! Wow, 2000s kiss my ass, we're bout to hit prices in the 90s! Don't believe it? Ask mummy n daddy how much they paid for their house back in 99...If I can recall the Fairfax market, they were in the 300s. Ok so FFX is still holdin strong on the we're I'd say right now we're comparable to 2001-02 prices...the 05/06 days won't catch up with us for a while...Assuming the housing market CORRECTS itself in 2010, it will be interesting to see how the 05/06 buyers react...Chapter 11 doesn't sound too bad now...I mean, yes it will fuck you or both you and your wife in terms of assets and creditors but wait! This is fuckin America! The place that says, 0 credit, no credit, bad credit OK! Trust me, if I had 100K in my account and saw my prop was undervalued by 200K, you better believe the money in that bank would be withdrawn and sent somewhere. All assets would be given to family prior to my Ch 11. I would not go down with the ship...people do not like lending money to people who have no money! Trust me on that! Aight, so it's time for me to go now...wish I could write more bout stocks, but it is time to go home.

Check out:
HTE (wait for it to sink around 21.XX)
C (Citigroup isn't going anywhere folks)
PJC (marked as sell, but still loves the number 43.XX...Currently at $38.XX)
RHY (Just monitor this will tell you what mood i'm in! lol)

ok thats enough homework ~ laters

Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend Chat

Soooo sooo soooo soooooo...I had a cool weekend cause my sis was in town! Haven't seen her in like almost a year, and she has never been in any of my homes I lived in....It was so cool to show her where I lived, get trashed with her n her friends...Have dad give the bible thumpin alcohol speech (Sinners!) to the BOTH of us, Go us!! lol and then head to my place with sum mcDs and crash...week asses couldn't hang, HA! So my Easter was waay cool (short n sweet) and um yeah, dirty is like ready for his next weekend ;-)....come on THURSDAY! YELLA!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Pattys

So yeah working at 330pm everyday can get in the way of having a drink at night. And I'm so sick of not being able to go out and have a social every now and then that I thought...huh, did I just say I was sick. Oh! Cheers to me!!! LoL! Went to Captiol City Brewing Company and had some good irish beers and ales (just the medicine I was looking for *wink*)

Headed home and started drunk texting people "I love you man" messages....Went to Target with Christina cuz yeah she got buzzed too and didn't wanna drive home, so where do u get work clothes @ drunk? Well Ok, wal*mart too...but we were close to Target (The store that does not support our US Troops). Had no headache waking up (Thank-you!)...just a drunk friend looking for her keys!

*YaAwN*...gotta clean up the APT again tonight (Sis is coming by this Fri & landlord is coming tomorrow to work on somethings) UuuGHH! Lol!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bittersweet Apples

I got up this morning, and had an apple on my mind
The juicy taste is what I crave, so let me see what I can find
Apples are a tricky fruit, they come in red, gold and green
But what is in their insides, may not always be what it seems

Take this apple right here, it shines bright tempting and red
Like the one snow white ate, well she almost ended up dead
And a lot of apples portray this image, so why do we crave their taste
Is it because of their outter beauty, that we see all others as waste
Disregard that odd shaped apple, the one with all the lumps
Who would buy such a hideous thing, it should've ended up in the dumps

So you take your precisious red apple, and hold it with great pride
The lushious red you can't resist! Oh I can't wait to taste what's inside
But alas it was nothing special, nothing savory a simple apple is all you got
The guy behind you has that odd shaped apple, the one you never bought
He takes a bite and man it's juicy, for it has rippened very well
All it takes is a smart shopper to see a true bargain thats on sale

Watch out for those shining bright red apples that you buy in the store
Inside they could have worms and maggots or just be rotten to the core
Open your mind and taste what's around you, close your eyes and take a bite!
If you truly believe that love is blind, then stand up and take this fight!
Fight your mind, fight your willpower, be vulnerable for just one minute
Then you might find yourself like that one guy, who enjoyed everything in it

So apples don't have to be so tricky, just tell that to yourself
And the next time you go to the store, go look at what's on the shelf
How many lumpy reds, dull-shined greens, and odd shaped goldens are left behind
What other shoppers don't have in their baskets are the treasure for you to find

My obsession with shiny bright red apples, is always being put to the test
I look at one that's hard to resist but wait! I don't settle for second best
If looks is all that apple has, then what will satisfy my hunger
The juicy taste is what my soul craves, it keeps my mind and body stronger

I have a lot on my mind right now...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Lessons from High School

I recently tried joining this gay group and was turned down for seeming very immature. I laughed about it and was like, well so much for joining that group of 20 whopping people! Wrote the owner back saying i had no idea that this group of meeting people was more so a fraternity than a meetup spot. Ok, so it got me thinking maybe I am childish, I mean I totally see it! I sing in front of the the showers, love kinder eggs, get a big ass grin whenever I order my triple grande skim latte and an even BIGGER grin if someone surprises me with one (I miss Dan soo muc, no one has ever surprised me with a triple grande skim latte! Where the fuck are these thoughtful motherfuckers @?), love shopping for clothes I don't need, oh and playing monopoly in real life (yes, dirty is hunting for another property) and BBQs (how I miss that! Bring it Spring! w00t w00t!)

So with all that, I embrace my childish and immature ways! I said to myself what would I want to change and I thought to myself remember when you were like 17 or 18 how you said nothing would change...getting old is going to happen. Sorry ponce de leon! It's gonna happen, but ur brain and mentality will only go where you allow it to go. How many of you don't wanna grow up cuz ur a Toys "Я" Us kid? How fun is it being a big kid with money and NO RULES??? OMG, OreoS for dinner! Doesn't happen often but isn't it like soo cool cuz you can be like FUCK YOU BROCCOLI! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Now I think that at times there is a need for seriousness...when my taxes are being done, there will not be much laughing...I'm thinking that it's going to be more of a tragedy. And oh yes there will be tears! lots of fuckin tears!!! lol! Death...well I guess we have to be serious about that (that's a whole nutha blog) and when you're getting fired unless you won the MegaBall (@ $275 million! Wish me luck!! HAHAHA) Then yes, it would not be inappropriate to drop your pants, shit on your boss's desk and then use his tie to wipe. If you or someone does this, PLEASE YOUTUBE it! There's probably more, but let me get back on many of you guys said that you would keep your mind young and would say that you've done it? I like love my dorky personality and wouldn't change it or trade it for anyone else's! I think when I'm 65, still singing in the mirror (God willing my kids or partner don't commit me before then), jamming carefully in the shower to oldies (I guess we'll call it the gay 90s lol!) and yes those fucking kinder eggs its gonna be awesome because you let yourself get there....Dirty wanna play bridge? Noooooo...I'm taking your grandson out for ice-cream (thinkin of Family guy and that one tooth pedophile)! OMG, so goin to hell! Aight people STAY FUCKIN YOUNG MINDED! DON'T GET OLD AND THEN FORGET About the things that made you happy. Let those small things in life when you were a kid that made you happy STILL make you happy....Get a carboard box or make a sofa fort! But don't get old! Don't do it! Aight, I'm done ~ DirtY

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nonsense @ work

Ok so get "job" starts at 330pm. The people that work the AM shift end their day at 4pm....Ok so that leaves us 30mins for a change over...Ok 30minutes...really! If you don't think that is a bit too long stare at a clock right now for 30mins, because thats basically what i'm doing since we got not terminals to sit at until these guys leave.

Annnnnnnnn-e-waaaays I'm sitting and texting on my phone till we get an open terminal. My station opens up and then its business as usual. So my supervisor gets called outside and comes back in. He then says he's gotta talk to me, so I'm like "yeah, what's up?" He told me that the office manager here thought I looked like I've been here for a couple years (basically getting to comfortable). And he stuck up for me and said, well he's getting the work done in a timely manner so what's the problem? The problem is perception...I don't put off a busy/stressed face. So guess what, now when I come in...I gotta look busy....without a fuckin terminal! Oh by the way, I work on servers so w/o a workstation ummm....what the FUCK do you want me to do? I can't read a book, because that's not "good" busy...I can't just sit and cross my arms because uuup! we got an attitude problem. So what did Mike do today....? I rolled my ass into work at 4pm! LoL! Fuck yes I did! lol! I shouldn't have but my "IDONTGIVEASHIT" factor was sky high and although stocks are at an all time low I still don't fuckin care about the money...Life is not that rough and the salary is not that high to where it would be hard for me to get my shit n leave, ok! lol! Aight enuf bloggin bout that ~ DirTy

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bad Economy! BAD Economy!!!

So yeah after working two 1/2 years in Kuwait my income is like crashing (Thank you RHY, C, PJC, and TGIC). I'm not gonna go back over there, but did chat with my buddy Chrystal who is gonna be a site manager at wonderful cp arifjan (uck!). She's gonna let me know bout new positions and I can honestly say that unless the offer letter shows something like 180+ I have NO desire to leave DC! I mean I can work two jobs here and spend my weekends in the US ;-) Still beats Kuwait but anything over $180 deserves a pros & cons list...I swear if I do go I am shipping EVERYTHING over! I am not going to have a storage unit! I love my new furniture and bedroom set too much to leave it behind, but that may not happen since I really wanna stay in DC.

After my TS clears I'm gonna look for a job that pays around more than what i'm DC win sys admins are like a dime a dozen, so work shouldn't be too hard to find...But yeah, gotta wait on that TS! Ok, FUCK YOU BUSH & The FED for letting this recesion happen! I refuse to sell and take my loss (unless Dec 30th roles around, then i'll sell and re-buy for tax purposes). Ok enuf talk bout money! I swear, this shit is gonna make me do the round-trip thingy back to kuwait! Don't make me do it recession! Don't make me do it!

Monday, March 10, 2008

5 more days! w00t w00t!

*Le Sigh* 5 more days till Shamrock Fest...So lets see what have I been up to this week...hmmm...Oh, I'm gettin my bean bags in :-D
I'm getting 2 Hazelhut & 2 Chocolate color bean bags! Come on! With my Living room set, how fabulous are those colors gonna look?

Ok also this past week my sis like helped me out BIG time on decorating my living room. I told her where the big couch is I wanted to have a panoramic view of Los Angeles (give it up! It's where dirty was born) and she said on the other wall to get like 22x24 or something to that measurement of cities (Dubai, Paris, Seoul, China, etc..) places where I've been...Black and White :-)

I love that idea and am soooo gonna do it! I'm truly done furniture shopping (with the exception of a cool bar console or a nice round lazy susan table (i'm envisioning a table with built in cup holders (they don't move) and in the center the lazy susan table (48inches in diameter) that spins (popcorn, name it)...dark brown would be nice. People can eat on the bean bags and hold their bowl or plate and let their cup rest on the dinner table. Can someone please build that for me ~:-P

OooooH! I'm using my massaging chair a lot now! lol! When I left for Kuwait I said I wanted three things when I get back...1.) Massaging Chair from Brookstone; 2.) Huge MAC PC (the one I created was $10K; 3.) LifeFitness 9500HR Elliptical Machine! Being in a condo knocked that machine out and I've grown away from apple products with the exception of their inferior Products on demand otherwise known as iPod. ;)

Love life is non existent but I'm having fun going out and meeting new people. I wrote a poem bout marlon i guess a lil over a week ago and sent it to him...I really don't write poetry unless inspired (which sucks because I do enjoy writing it) but yeah I sent it to him and it made a mark on we've been talkin and IMin each other. He's coming to DC for a class (I don't know how long) so we'll link up.

Aight I didn't hit the gym today (Bad Dirty!) so i'm gonna wake up early hit gold's then go to work and do cardio during my lunch hour. Ok...hands up, who believed that?? HAHAHA well Gold's might not be true, but I'm gonna do the gym at work!


Ok again, hands up! Who believed that? Well u fuckin have better believed it! lol! laters

Monday, March 3, 2008

ShamRock Fest '08

Yes Yes my sister fuckin rocks! She showed me what's really goin on up in DC this St Patty's sure a whole bunch of my friends are gonna be up in Dubai rockin at the irish village (*siGh*) it's all güt! RFK Stadium is hosting the 8th annual shamrock fest! Freakin awesome! w00t w00t!
..if you live in the DC area and are not goin, what the fük are u thinkin???

So Maritza is like goin and bringin her crew...Me and my bud christina are goin...tryin to get some people from work to go (Tiff n Jeff). I'm hopin they come cuz hey! more peeps = more fun!

It's gonna be cool goin with friends! I don't wanna go with any doods, cuz that shyt is bein put on hold temporarily....Dirty needs some time to find friends and SoulSearch later. So if ur headin out there hit me up on me mobile and we'll grab a beer! w00t w00t! ~ lataz

Sunday, March 2, 2008

March! Kiss my ass Jack Frost!

I would like to applaud those who burn energy and not recycle...If it wasn't for you we would not have had an unseasonably warm winter...Yes yes, our great-great-great-great-great grandkids aren't gonna like the planet we're leavin them, but FUCK 'EM! If the fucking was on the other end, don't think for one minute they wouldn't screw you! So YES winter is almost done...sad thing is i'm really...REALLY gonna hafta burn off the rest of my tummy n pump my chest up! w00t w00t! Dirty can do it ;-)

I got my new condo pics up on my myspace account & photobucket:

I still need help with art work! Ugh! And I'm on a budget thanks to the whoopin DC salary I took (yes Dirty...keep that clearance in mind and smile)
I'm startin to really miss my friends in Kuwait a lot...I guess it's cause of all the bullshit drama I gotta deal with from 20somethin year olds....Piss me off, so instead of dealin with that drama dirty's cuttin the cord. BooYah! The drama I had in Kuwait was...I hope the maids didn't put the 300tc sheets on my bed today...*blink blink*...really miss that drama! and my friends! OMG! I wish I could be playin cards and gettin smashed with them right now, but from what I hear a lot of them have left the desert and are off doin there thing....Shame on Bef! She leaves Kuwait (didn't know) and on her myspace she puts VA for where she's at...HELLLLLLLO BEF! Y have we not linked up??? Game on when u reply ;-)

I miss my crew! ~ holla