Sunday, May 31, 2009

Basement Magic

Well this was a very short weekend. Get this...I actually gotta go to the Pentagon tomorrow for updates. Now....I don't have a user account, so I guess I'm going for the experience with the old crew. 7 a...fuckin m! On a Sunday. *WORK IT BITCH*

So I decided to stay home this evening and enjoy my basement. My basement is soooo fuckin tight! It's unbelievable! It is the perfect hideaway place with a HUGE screen to watch movies. Awesome artwork and a beautiful patio set. I def don't mind enjoying action movies on my own (HAHA Bitches! Got star trek. Not the best version as the screen isn't all the way there, but it's got my attention! w00t w00t!). Finished the laundry like a good boy and am off to bed to re-live another week. I'm def not gonna be at work one of these days. And I'm on from 8am - 3pm until the 12th and I'm hopin that I get Friday off like scheduled (but I may not since I'm only working till 3pm). We'll see...time will be a lil more lax after the 12th. Time for bed. ~c!a0

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Michael Sanchez wonders is it better to take the chance and risk the friendship to let him know how I feel...or maybe wait for him to come around

I'm gonna leave this is on my facebook status for a min. "He" knows who he is...he can't be this dense! But I'm not gonna shun other guys out of my life. I've got a date friday and possible saturday with this guy named Shannon. He seems pretty cool, we hit it off really well so I'll try my bestest to keep myself grounded and see where this goes.

Lessons from Cali:
Be patient and don't rush it (read that line 10 times!!!)
If the guy isn't sensitive towards my feelings, let him go
Know the difference between Love and Lust

There are probably more lessons but I'm not gonna get into it right now (...I gotta go to work).
Work is suckin...I am not diggin this four hour sleep routine. My hat goes off to the people who can handle this all are fuckin nuts! I'd go back to Kuwait and work 12s before committin myself to this schedule! Seriously? Yeah!

Well a reward for wakin my tired ass up is eating and getting starbucks. I better make it happen.

Before I leave tho...and getting back to the subject at hand. I will enjoy my date on Friday and possibly Saturday. If I decide to move forward with Shannon then I will let go of the idea of this one friend. If Shannon and I are not compatible I know how to let the other guy know. I'm a fuckin romantic! I can plan a nice environment. And get besos! LOL! Alright guys have a good one!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1st day @ the Pentagon


WELL! *ahem* I woke up to the lovely sounds of birds chirping away at 0530. This is not a mis-type. 0530 in the morning. Decided to get an early start and get shower for the new position. I had everything ready to go for the big day. So the shirt I wanted to wear I found out required cuff links...SHIT! Ok worries! I got another shirt that looks great with black pants. Eat some cereal and head out.

I got on the road by 0630 and hit up starbucks....Ahhhh! Nothing like starting the day with a double tall skim no foam latte...mmmmm! Soooo good! N e ways, I got on 395 and O...M....G! Traffic! (*insert a huge f'in DUH*). So battled my way through seminary rd and the got smooth sailing. NOW! I can't park @ the Pentagon - (I can't even get a badge! But we'll get to that soon, don't you worry!). So I went to my parking spot at the Dept of State and foggy bottom'd to Pentagon. That wasn't so bad. Rosslyn & Arlington Cemetery were the only stops in between. So I got someplace early (and for those of you who know me, you can pick ur jaw off the ground. It happens SELDOMLY *_^). I get there and here is where the MISCOMMUNICATION begins. Now I specifically asked before hand what the dress code was. No big deal if I gotta where a tie, I just don't want to show management up by looking better. So i was told Shirt & Slacks. I did that. *ahem* tell me...why is the guy (my co-worker wearing a noose?). UGGGGH! Alright Dirty...calm down. Let it go.

So I met the guy and he's preparing me before I enter the chaotic circus. So there's two of us. Myself and Eileen. Eileen is sweet. She had a coach bag. We hit it off right away (i'm just a slave for fashion!). She is coming from 12 hour shifts. So apparently we both are in this to get away from shift work. Both have a military background. Cool! So we get throught the....
badge process. Enter the half-baked RUNWAY headquarters. The first people who welcomed us must've been on prozac to be smiling at what was going on under their nose. The people who are suppose to train us are being let go. So you can imagine how FANTASTIC that training is going! Ha Ha Ha...*i'm getting wrinkles as we speak*

So...a red flag that I caught earlier in my offer letter, no job title. I was joking with my sis when I caught that and said "Shit! For the money they payin me, they can call me BIATCH as long as the checks come in on time". Well they may as well have taken the words from my mouth. When we sat at the table my boss welcomed me and Eileen and said, Soooooo I don't know you two...Don't have copies of ur resumes. Here's the list of jobs we need filled.
Messaging we look fine right now unless this person actually leaves (FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!)
...any of you two have data experience (Ummmmm......No! And I don't have an MCDBA *_-) about AD, do you got that? (Shut up Mike! Don't Do it!!!).."I got AD experience" (ooooo! Bugger!). You do? Ok well you'll train on that and get us going.

Get us going? What the fuck?? Did I just volunteer for AD??? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyat! Alright, whatever I'll administer it. So an M$ guy is talking to me about the network because the Sr and ONLY AD guy left the pentagon on Friday (fuckin' fantastic! Like I'd get shit out of him n e ways). So after reviewing the diagrams something is dawning on me. Where the fuck are the engineers?!? Wait Wait Wait....WHAT?!?!??! What do you mean I'm the Sr MS Engineer lead for AD?!??!?! Are you fuckin MAD?!?!?!? OMG & FUCK ME SIDEWAYS!!!! Is this for real?!?!? Now I'm really white-knucklin it!! Daddy needs two shots and a fag, STAT!!!!!

So after that newsbreak I went to see Ken (the boss). Before I could open my mouth he asked if I too was on a half day program. Quickly I started shakin my head up n down thinking to myself I gotta get outta here! I gotta get out of here! (picture that lady on the movie Airplane! Yes! Just like that!!!!). Then he sweetened the pot by saying...Oh so I guess you're only here for a couple days? Uhhh huh....yup! That's wassup! So tomorrow should be my last show of the week I think. I went home, watched some good porn and felt relieved. Decided that until I know my schedule is 7-3pm that I was going to leave my options open. Until they guarantee me my 7-3 I can not be entirely on board.

Aight for you all who jump'd to the end here are the pros & cons
M-F (mostly)
More $$$
Good work hours
Go from Admin --> Sr. Engineer
I'm not the weakest link

Hours not set in stone (they operate from 5am-9pm)
One Sunday a month I gotta be there
The environment is very chaotic
No gym
Company doesn't pay for parking
Once again I am the only gay in the village

Monday, May 25, 2009

Great weekend...preppin for the new job

w0w! What a weekend! Hangin with good friends, seeing new faces (hope you and alex had a safe flight back, BB), taco night, clubs, shopping for work clothes and of course havin a lazy sunday evening watchin movies with JR. Weekend was fantastic.

So...I haven't posted up that I got me a new job. Yup...I start on Tuesday 730am. I'll get to see what I got myself into. I'll be working at the Pentagon supporting the Joint Chief of Staffs. It sounds important & should look great on a resume.

I haven't given notice to the Dept of State. I want to see the atmosphere of this new gig before I give ITEQ the big deuce. I'll be working M-F, 7-330. I'll just do the bus thing since I hate walking and traffic. I really can't wait! So excited to see this new opportunity.

Anywho I gotta get some sleep. ~c!a0

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Prayers go out to the families for their losses

*sigh...* I try and stay away from the Iraq topic. I got out of the army in Oct 2004. I had volunteered to go to Camp Liberty and was not selected. It saddens me that we are there and because we can not undo the past, we have to focus on the future.

To the families that have lost a loved on in Iraq, I couldn't imagine the loss, suffering and other emotions that you deal with on a daily basis. Or if you have the same/changed viewpoints about Iraq. Either way I tip my hat and appreciate the sacrafice that your father, mother, son and/or daughter did for our country. No matter what your viewpoint is on Iraq the bottomline is they were soldiers carrying out orders from their commander-in-chief.

The army isn't too clever when it comes individuals. What I mean by that is there are people diagnosed with Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) who get deployed & re-deployed to the sandbox. These guys need proper psychological counseling. Not another year in Iraq! Now let's say you take this soldier with PTSD and send him back to Iraq. He's a SGT and by looking at his Class-A photo decked out with awards likes his army career. So....when would be the best time to tell this guy; turn-in you're're going to seek counseling and get medically discharged out of the military for PTSD? In Iraq or in the US of A? As if being in Iraq isn't hard enough, let's put another added stress in there...YOU'RE FIRED!!! YOU'RE DONE! ALL YOUR HARD WORK, MEDALS...EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE FOR THE ARMY...IT'S OVER! TURN IN YOUR WEAPON AND BE PREPARED TO GO BACK TO NOTHING where BTW you still have bills! Live with the embarrassment of telling people that you were medically discharged under mental health. There are probably more factors, or maybe these ideas didn't roll through SGT Russell's head. I'm an emotional kind of guy so these are the ideas that come in my head.

My heart and prayers go to the victim's SGT Russell shot. And I'm interested in seeing the action the army takes. SGT Russell killed five comrades who left behind families and loved ones. I do believe that he should lose his freedom, however the army has a big responsibility on their hands as he was diagnosed with PTSD before re-deploying to Iraq! How many other potential threats are out there? How differently can you handle those situations?

How difficult will life be after these heroes come home and look for work with a medical discharge? Will the US take care of their vets or are we looking at another Vietnam aftermath? It's scary because if you're not lacking in imagination, you can see what the streets of DC and other big US cities will look like in 10-15 years. Ok...I'm done writing about this. I had to get it out of my head. My prayers to those who have lost a loved one while deployed, Shame on SGT Russell and Shame on the US Army.

Friday, May 8, 2009's not you, it's me as I'm sippin my sweet tea vodka with crystal lite (yum!) I can't help but write more about my nutrition battles! BAH! Ok so luv subway! I do....iLuv the subs! But....i find myself eating more salads there than breads. Check this out people. I mean really listen to me. Do you monitor your sodium intake? If not you should! You really should...amongst other things people! LOL! But seriously...let's dish. How much sodium do you eat a day? Are you at the daily recommendations which on a 2000 calorie intake is 2400mg? Well I sort of monitor this amongst other things. I don't monitor my calories, fat, cholesterol (which I'm working on). I eat a lot of peanut butter, drink a lot of milk and eat 'Eating Right' meals prepared by Lucerne Farms (Safeway) which gives me beaucoup protein, calcium, fiber and vitamin D.

So let's get back to subway. Bread. Bread has a lot of sodium! Can you believe it?!? Go check out how many mg of sodium 2 slices of bread have and compare it to a 500mg tv dinner. It's shocking that 2 months ago I didn't realize how much sodium I had in my diet. I had to cut breads back. Don't ween yourself off of it, but cut back. This is not a carb back off because pasta /rice are good cards too without the sodium bread has. So just an FYI for you guys.

On a side note....Biggest Loser once again is pushing me...I topped the contestants on their half marathon by doing 15 miles. Now these doods are gonna a marathon!'s challenge time! It is sooo challenge time. If they're gonna do a marathon, the dammit! So am I!!! I will have a treadmill, with lots of water and a pair of extra socks. I'll time myself and if I can do it outside by planning a trail, I'll do it...I'm soooo gonna do it and I'll blog about it!

Very excited to see these contestants do it and push me to my limits. That's all =)