Thursday, November 8, 2012

Laser Lipo: Last Day

I wanted to do a finale shot for everyone who followed! Day 42 tomorrow :)

I will let the doc take his shots but now I feel great. The last week i was a lil itchy from the numbness going away from my sides but i feel awesome and am glad I spent the $1400

Thanks all for following :)

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 31

Less than 2 weeks till finale :)

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 29

No pictures today...I'll do a 30 day snap shot of not the BEFORE shot that everyone has seen but the progress of surgery from week 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Cannot believe a month has already gone by!  I still feel swelling in the sides so I massage when I can.  Less than two weeks and I am band free and taking final shots :-)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 28

Feels good...less than 2 weeks!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Laser Lipo: Day 24

Isnt she looooovely? Isnt she beautiful!!!!!!

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 21



Half way there!!!!  Today is the day I go compression-less for 12 hours!  It  has now turned into a pajama!  Yay!  Ok so I'm now ready to go workout!  Charging the iPhone up a bit and then I'm gonna knock out cardio & abs!  I got three weeks to show off a finished product!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 20: Tomorrow is the LAST 24hour Day!

I'm soooooo excited!  Tomorrow is my last 24 hour day with the compression band and garment.  These will become PJs on Thursday night!   I'M SOOOO EXCITED!

I will hit the gym Friday in my wifebeater and shorts.  Although I'm not suppose to workout abs until week 4 I think I'm ok and due for some leg, abs, and upper body workout!  Soooo excited!  Hurry up Thursday!!

Scars have healed nicely on the front and the back look like beauty marks.  I will take pictures Friday morning when I go suitless for 12 hours!  :-D


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Laser Lipo - Pics Day14/17

I'm still very pleased with results and that this friday..i go down to wearing this thing for 12hrs! :)

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Laser Lipo- Day 17

I have not forgotten about this blog! The app on my phone no longer allows me to post. So I will update day 14/17 pics later on. The swelling on the flanks have gone down to bruising as if you hit something hard and then you bruise and heal. The scarring on the left side of my body has healed real well! The right side bled more than the left but I expect good results there too.

Im real pleased I left both bands on and cant wait for Friday to go down to 12 hours of wearing :)

I broke the alcohol fast for one night when visiting friends in San Diego (sorry to let any fans down)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 12

Bye bye bruises!  Ok so in 11 days I lost my bruises...I still have numb feelings in my sides.  My strength has taken a hit, but being able to do pushups I have decided to break them out in groups of 25.

So I'm loving what I see right now.  I'm keeping the band on.  I fly to LA this Friday - Mon  (Ooooh no Tommy Burgers :-/ ).  9 days left and then I go from 24/7 tightness to 12 hour tightness (I may add full days here and there to make up for the 4 days drop I had).

Would I do it again?  So far the answer is yes, but I WOULD LEAVE BOTH UNDERGARMENT AND BANDS ON ME!  (again, listen to your doctors recommendation).

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 11

Itchiness on skin is wearing off...massaging sides as often as possible...I have to adjust the abdominal strap often at work to ensure it keeps to the luv handles...I miss blogging about other things on my mind, but keeping to it :-)


Monday, October 8, 2012

Laser Lipo - I's been three days!!! - DAY 10

So we are on day...10!  Wow!..Ok so today I was able to do pushups without any pain :-)..knocked 75 out today and may do some other exercises after working on this bathroom remodeling pictures...


So here you see before surgery, day 2, day 6 and day 9.  What happened in-between day 2 and 6?  Ok so I went in for a post checkup and they said things were looking good but that my band was too tight.  They suggested I just wear the undergarment compression without the abdominal stretch band.  So my skin went loose after 4 days.

After seeing this Friday I nipped it and put both undergarment and abdominal pad back on.  This is my call ***FOLLOW YOUR DOCTORS ORDERS*** THIS IS MY CALL!!!!!

Day nine shows my sides going back.  Will I ever get my day 2 results again?  I HOPE SOO!  I'm gonna do whatever exercise I can....should pickup a good walk today after fixing my bathroom.

My skin is less itchy today which is a relief.  I recommend you guys having two undergarment compressions, as washing is nice.  This is all for now.  I'll update later :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 6/7

Well I went to the gym last night and learned something. U can feel EVERY step of your jog at 6.0!!!  It felt like it was my first time running going so slow. Rather than quit I did a fast walk which didn't bother me at all at 4.5 knockin out 3miles. My upper chest looks like it is screaming for attention but I must resist temptation. Only three weeks and chest will be the first exercise.

Today I got up to massage my sides. It actually felt great. I'm gonna do that often today. Bruises look about the same. First week is done :)

Onto week two!!!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 6

Well it says AFTER week one I can take on jogging so I brought my running shoes and shorts JUST incase I felt the need to go for a lil run...JOG a day earlier!

I've decided that at nighttime I'm not going to wear the compression garment, instead I'm going to use the compression band so that I'm not uncomfortable at night.

All in all I feel good, a lil weak from the lack of working out (I know...4 weeks) but at least I can get a run....JOG in today! :-)

No new pics (c'mon!  You've got enough for a week).  I'll post pics for week 2!  Hopefully some of the bruising will go down.  I'm massaging the numbness in the shower.

Pain - So far I feel tingles every now and then when I try and pick up heavy objects or stretch the wrong's just the kinda tingle that let's you know UR ALIVE *_^ - Nothing to unbearable

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 5

Day 5!  Ok so I'm feeling a little sore...Not too bad though, I stopped pain medication two days ago (I hate taking meds!).  Finished my antibiotic medicine yesterday and am for the most part just using the compression garment now (taking the strap while I sleep).

Eating and drinking is a lil tough (prolly not for most - because THIN is IN).  You don't eat a lot when your stomach is crushing you and drinking water or whatever gives you the burps.  Initially a lot of hiccups but not anymore.  Just burps.

I feel a lil congested right now, so hopefully when I get home, take care of my sick dog I'll hit the John and feel even lighter ;)  (too much? TMI??)

Well let's bring an end to week one!  I'm ready for a celebratory drink!  23 or 24 days away =)  ~HaLLoWeeN Night~

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 4

*tada* Ok so as you can see I decided to dish who performed my surgery a little early.  I'm sooo impressed with the results and went in for a follow-up today.  Dr Gil was shocked at my progress and so have some of my friends.  I'm telling you, I can not wait for the 6 week photo but hey it's like Christmas in a way that I get to track it and have a count down :-)

So here's the scoop...Don't burn your cash on the place that gives you injections 6 times or undergo a full lipo.  The injections for 6 visits go for around $1200 and the full lipo where you get put under and have higher risks totals well over 4k (unless you got some AbFab insurance).  Dr. Gil and I negotiated a price of $1400.  I know!  $1400!  That's like a gym membership for a year!

I figured if I didn't get satisfactory results, it's was only $1400.  No big loss.  I'm sooo impressed!  The real cool part was local anesthetics!  I hate being put under and waking up with anxieties or groggy and taking like 3 days to re-coup.  The local had like minimal pain!  Picture this...picture ur hand as light and do a real quick pinch!  Ok so pinch urself 4 times....did anyone faint yet?  No?  Ok so I had my luv handles/flanks done.  So when I was injected with the sodium chloride (I think that's what it was) It felt like a huge rush of jello was going in my body.  It didn't hurt but it makes your brain think: Ummm uhhh...whaaaa???  The part where the laser goes in you can see but not really feel.  The only times you get pricked from that is when you hit an area that didn't get the "jello".  I think that's an AWESOME thing because yea it stung for a second, but guess what??? You're getting all the fat sucked out!  No missed parts!  That's awesome!  So that happens 4 times throughout the surgery.  You get to move freely after you get up and actually feel fine.  Take your pain meds the day after and antibiotic.

***GENTS:  If you do this surgery you will need to buy Super Absorbent Maxi Pads***.  Get the overnight ones, I learned this later oh and the side with the tape is not sticks on clothes, not your body parts***  yeah yeah, I first time on the rag, whatever!

I am so far 100% recommending this for trouble spot areas.  If you can't afford it, put $50 in a cookie jar every pay period for a year.  You'll be real close to an awesome xmas present next year.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day 2

This is AWESOME!  And only Day 2!  I tried publishing from my iPhone but the stoooopid app isn't working #GRRRRR

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Laser Lipo - Day One

Belated bday gift was suppose to be the Samsung Galaxy S3, but since AT&T only has 16GB I decided to go with option 2, removing the love handles!

I've lost weight, lifted weights, run pretty well but could not target getting rid of these bad boys.  So I looked into laser lipo.  It's a surgery that doesn't put me to sleep (big bonus) and the pain was relatively small.  The first 24hours consists of a lot of drainage.  I didn't need to use the dog training pads in bed, but I've gone through a lot of super absorbent maxi pads (and learning how to use them LOL).  I will have a mid post (3week) and final post 6 weeks from now.   There will be no alcohol with the exception of halloweeen.

If the results are awesome I will support the lipo center I went to (which I will advertise later on).


Friday, August 31, 2012

Ewww I don't like this new blog look -- ReFi $$$

Alright I know it's been a minute but I felt like righting something about finances without posting it on facebook, yet I feel it should be posted.

I'm so tight with money and numbers, yet I spend frivolously on Amazon.  This write-up is more so about making your money work for you....


When you move/live somewhere you have a financial decision to make.  Buy or Rent.  How many years will you live in the area?  If it's a military assignment for three years, is it worth the money to buy and fly?  One year I wouldn't advice unless there is a chance you'd like to fix-up and sale or invest as a rental since interest rates are sooo low you'd take the chance of a vacancy at 5.5% CAP.

So if you rent, good for you. You have your reasons.  This write-up is for owners and if you're prior military then def keep reading on.

I got out of the Army as an E-1/PVT.  Something about unsatisfactory performance and disrespecting NCOs.  I know! Can you imagine!?!  Moi!  A smart mouth?!  With little respect for morons!  It's quite shocking and if you know me well enough you can read the facial expressions on my face.  Anyways I got out with full benefits minus the bloody MGIB (education money - those fkcers).  Sashayed away, cried on a bed of contractor cash in Kuwait and of course loved supporting the Army and having the officers and senior NCOs come to me for guidance (See how we all would've got along had you recognized royalty from the getco?!?).  I digress...I got out, applied for unemployment right away (which wasn't far off from an E-1s pay lol), had my dad fill out my paperwork for VA Disability and was granted 10% for tinitus, still battling for my legs (up me to 40% please).

Why is it important to file for disability homebuyers/refinancers?  That's right!  DISABLED VETS PAY NO FUNDING FEE!  (let that marinade and if you don't know what that's worth think around $10k).  I've refinanced 3 or 4 times.  I can't keep track....My loan started at 5% and is now down to 3.25%.

I've lived in my house three years and am back at the 30year start...but the difference is over $300 a month in savings, loan still lower than I started and this loan actually gave me around $5000 in my pocket!  That's right!  I didn't come out of pocket, I made bank and still lowered my payments.

I live in a real nice townhouse and pay about $1612 a month.  2BR apartments cost more than this, plus at the end of the year, albeit small (3.25%) I will write off the interest I paid on taxes.  Will I stay here forever? No, the plan is to move down to San Diego in 5-10 years and keep this place as a rental.  $1950 minus management fee (10%) will pocket me about $100 p/mo, build equity and still take that tax writeoff.  Negative side - when a tenant moves out ur at 100% vacancy.  That sucks, makes me miss the 4plex days.

I love numbers and if any of you guys need a hand, I have a fantastic spreadsheet where you can fill in the blanks of all your numbers & goals.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy belated Bday Reese and Interesting article

First off, HAPPY BDAY MAMACITA SENORITA!  My lil Reese is two!  She turned two on the 6th of June, but we celebrated yesterday due to daddy's work schedule being hectic!

I read this article and of course it got me thinking of how people judge themselves...I'm the hardest on myself when it comes to my sides.  Before 2006 it was the gynocomastia (tits) but I had that removed for my 25th bday (hated them)...and now it's my sides.  It's always going to be something, isn't it?  So I thought...toyed with the idea of $1400, nuke'm out and move on with life...but that's the easy way out.

Why not keep the sides and challenge my mind to focus on the positive aspects?  I like my face/facial features, my mind and how I get things accomplished (I believe Marlon pointed this out as manipulation...yes I can see how one would come to that conclusion quite easily but really it's just me trying to get you to where you need to be and I haven't got all fuckin life for you to have an epiphany!  So for those that undergo this, you're welcome!), and my life.  Now granted the lifestyle I wouldn't mind having someone who drives me crazy share it with me, but I'm pretty settled in my house to where if I found someone I'd have to leave this awesome place behind (not yet..that's years down the road) so that if I ever did make the move there would be some of my stuff and some of his.  The dining room is non-negotiable.  I can part with the bedroom set and some of the media room (nooooo not all of it!  I'm a geek and will have the electronics portion setup).

So I'm gonna go workout and focus on the positive.  Inspiring article!

One side I could really work on is not being short with others...I mean no offense human race, but most of you guys drive me fucking insane!  Is it too much to ask for a good mind and body?  Am I reaching for the stars?  No, not really.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Survivor application submitted!  Photo & Movie for this undercover villain! haha! Tell CBS ta vote for "Dirty" :-)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A group of 5!  This reminds me of BSB & N*SYNC!  Congrats kids - love this song...wanna hear more!  I'm playing it before I start my studies off!  I'm gonna hafta hear ur other songs.  Great vocals...which one will hafta overcome their first drug addiction?  I'm goin with Curly *_^

Other bombass song (but not uplifting but enuf ta make me flip my hair) call me maybe:
Hey I just met you!  And this is crazy!  But here's my call me maybe!  It's sooo catchy and a one-year hit least this summer with the top down imma pull my 25 y/o hot sexy look off!  Hair will be dyed red/pink!

Ok time B-)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012 I hated being bullied and not sticking up for myself. Scary to see how social media/cell phones just effect kids today. I wonder what's next after social media...I feel like when I'm 80 I'll say yeah back in my days kids would pass notes, or write on bathroom walls...then it became passing txts and writing on facebook walls and now it's hacking public g-boards and writing on cyberwalks Sure hope parents talk to their kids..and if they're not being bullied, make sure their kids aren't on the other side of the fence.
Ahhh day so day two of no facebook...removed the app from the phone and bookmark from my system.  I definitely had some articles I wanted to post on the wall:

Google would have a driverless car!  OMG!  I'm just thinking about a safer way for intoxicated drivers to get home safer....Surely the MAD group would have to agree...*adios u trashy taxi drivers*
Microsoft to offer Kinect for $99 (includes xbox 360 but service plan of 2-year live for $15 a month).  That's totally within budget and I get to see what's the latest and greatest online!  Score!  Can't wait to see when this happens :-)

That's all that's on my brain right now...oh and my cubeMate is driving me f'n nuts!!!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I don't wanna go to work! Must get coffee in veins ~_~

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Back to writing

K so I'm gonna back off the FB for a lil while and just jot the things that go on in my mind here. Hit the gym n ran 8miles!!! Yes! Got told by my best friends they're moving back to MS. That sucks. I'm really gonna miss them a lot but they gotta live their life n do best by them. Hope they make the right choice. Now I'll be with friends who don't know my Bday or when i need a hug. Siiiiigh. Glad I got the damn dog :)

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Identity Gift?

Identity theft is a big problem worldwide and it is up to each individual to track at the very least their account activity once at year ""

If you have any discrepancies on there, report them immediately and DISPUTE. Also if you wanna save yourself money for those con artists who can "wipe your credit report clean" send at least ten letters to each on the three agencies and they will make cases for each dispute, more than likely drop the ball on one of the disputes thus eliminating the negative item off your report.
I use to work for a credit reporting agency and this is exactly what those people you pay money do...Go buy a book of stamps, envelopes, pen and paper. Feel free to buy me a drink (I don't do rail) when you see the savings I did for you, and if they don't wipe anything off you still saved money buy not hiring clowns to do what I just told you to do, or HEY PAY UR DEBTS OFF!

Now when a crappy bank, let's call them Fells Wargo takes the initiative to populate your name on an business account along with your email address & social security number, we call that identity gift. So I believe the first time I spoke with the ever so friendly crew at Wells Fargo I told them delete my info from this account. This is not me. I stopped receiving e-mails from this business account. Today I check my mailbox and see a business platinum debit card for this account. I called the business up who wasn't as friendly on Easter Sunday which is expected but hey! The white guy in me is just trying to be a nice guy and do the right thing. But the latino came out when the chap was like "I ain't no mexican". I ended the call at that point. Onto Fells Wargo and their BRILLIANT customer service. I spoke with a Jane and verified my identity with this account. How the hell did I get that far??? Rubbish! Ok, so now it's business time...I told her if Fells Wargo ever...EVER sent me a card again, that is attached to my social I WILL BLEEED THAT ACCOUNT DRY WITHOUT ANY REMORSE. To which they responded, Go ahead, it's a debit account. Wow, I'm so glad I'm not the one gettin screwed with no lube! Someone will definitely see this as fraud and I tell you what...if my social is tied to that account I want them to bring it! Let's see what they got!

So tomorrow I will go to a branch, have tea *because in these situation it's good to have tea - how I soo miss living in the Middle East* and verify my identity and find out what is tied to this account.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

*whiny post* Kitchen remodeling

So if I can save anyone out there the STRESS...again the STRESS, MONEY and STRESS of getting a new kitchen, I'd say unless you have somewhere else to live, DON'T DO IT. I'm seriously over this 2-3month old fucking project. I'm fucking over it. I can't get Kraftmaid to help me out (oh I'm so yelping them) and MidSouth for the shit they're putting me through.

Everyone tells me once it's done it'll be great. Yeah well then you sit in this fuckin disorganized house and let me know when it's done. Ok that's all just had to get that off my chest. I will NOT redo the bathrooms. Good God, how fucking long will that project take if I can't get a god damn motherfucking kitchen complete in 3 fucking months?!?


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So final posts from this whole workout bit

Before: (DEC2011)

After (FEB2012)

Well $900 later I def feel my belly. I'm not sure how much beefier I got but will shred it down come march. I have no kitchen right now but can't wait for remodeling to be complete so I can start cooking again! Sink comes in this Monday :)

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just reading some older blogs

Sunday, September 14, 2008, AWESOME weekend

Wow how time flies...I was just looking up what I tagged as Whitney and to see the strong love I had for someone amazes me. How blind love can be. I love knowing that I could feel a strong love like that, but F! I hate...*I HATE*....HATE, not being in control. Love, sometimes your a car that drives way to fast for me. But I love speed and will get back on that horse again.

~ Marlon, thanks for the memories. I had no idea I could feel so high. The other side of that spectrum felt like shit. But I'll never forget how high up there I was, singing Jessica Simpson - I Think I'm in Love. LOL! It actually makes my heart happy to picture myself singing with love. You, your gone and done. You served your purpose, again thanks for the memories...NEXT

Farewell legendary icon, Whitney Houston

Whitney it was 835pm when I saw my phone alert go off! Your music was and will still be gay candy for my soul whenever I need to sing (and I can't sing, girl! but damn it still feels good).

This was the easiest song to pick from you...Baby when I was down and alone. This song was a true inspiration. I couldn't wait to find it! It NEVER WAS EASY TO ACHIEVE but man....Finding myself gives a fulfillment. I don't feel lonely. I would love to share my life with someone but wouldn't give in to that feeling if I had to lose the love for myself. Thank-you for being an inspiration. Your voice will be missed and your being will be mourned, but your energy shall not fade.

~ xoxo

Friday, February 10, 2012

Crap...not blogging! Blah!

So yesterday my mom left on her 3 year tour to Germany. I took her out for some sushi and we hugged goodbye afterwards. I didn't cry and that puzzled me. I don't want to manifest tears, but perhaps it hasn't hit me yet that mom will be gone for three years, or maybe I've just been in and out that it just feels like Geography. I'd rather her be 3500 miles apart than 6 feet under! So I guess it's really not so much "Goodbye" but, have fun!

That or I've turned heartless.

Or insensitive. I wouldn't mind picking that puzzle piece back up. I'm always there for my friends and family but man it feels lacking inside.

What else is new. Oh Reese is going through her rebellious teenage years. She's decided that since this her home she'll do whatever she damn well pleases and give me "the eyes". So now when she does that she goes straight to her room. Her new thing is sleeping on Daddy's massage chair. Wow! The hell she will! So we got that going on....The new kitchen will be partially up Monday...we got a week of events next week.

02/13/2012 - New kitchen arrives (old cabinets go downstairs)
02/14/2012 - Granite & Dishwasher gets installed
02/14 - 02/19 - Continue kitchenette downstairs & clear out pantry
02/20/2012 - Pantry gets installed

Party to soon follow afterwards. So cheers to the end of February and Spring into 2012 with a new kitchen and kitchenette downstairs :-)

Yay ~ Bathrooms and hottub next! whee!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

At firestone waiting on my ride

So while I'm her waiting on my car I reflect on life and why not blog it. What is going on? Well the gig is still going. Got a lil work to do tonight but yea no biggie and can do. Pay is good. I'll miss it when I gotta find something ta hold my TS. House is coming together good. Kitchen is freaking exhausting! Taking on a lot of work. Remodeling the kitchen, and doing the laundry room. It ain't easy but we doin it n doin it well. I'll be sooo happy to see a finished product. My fam came by this weekend to help me out and man was I sooo grateful to have that!!!!!

Went out to DC. Hadn't seen the guys in a while. It was pretty cool. Lil superficial but all in all good times. Hey how's it goin? Wow you look great. Blah blah blah. Got a lil shit from not showing my mug but that was one cat. I think back in my earlier 20s and appreciate the house parties we had where we could play games and BBQ. How cool was that. DMV is definitely its own beast. Everyone is always busy doing something and no one has the time to hang out. I'm such a west coast guy but look at me and my refinance. Guess I'm not moving anytime soon. Lol! I refi'd yet again and man Im glad I get to skip a payment! That will help go to the expensive house projects of 2012! Bathrooms or fence next year. Yay. Ok let me check on this car :)

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

CaliForNia <3'n

I'm in the air right now and can't wait to breathe in Cali!!! No allergies! U know ur getting old when u get excited bout shit like breathing! I mean hell 12-15 years ago it was Disneyland or 6 flags. Not fuckin breathing. Wah oooopie!

My cousin had her lil girl Maggie. I'll see them tomorrow. Gotta hit Babys R Us up before I see them. Grab a gift card. So fortunate to have a great job to be able to do that.

My kitchen!!!! I ordered the cabinets today! Put half down now. Once I get the date, I'll have give the granite guys a clue. Old cabinets go downstairs and I got a wet bar. I'll throw a party and think it'll be kickass.

So Cali, not letting Marlon know imma be there sense last time he ran off to Sacramento or something skippin town on me. Whatever. He don't count for shit. So glad others took his spotlight of love. I can see myself in others. Man do I feel bad for the people who gotta fight that battlefield of love. WTF was I in love with him? I mean this ni99a makes maintaining a friendship hard. If he doesn't wanna be friends I say man up, cause shit that's where I'm at. And I ain't got no problems cuttin a ni99a *snip snip*. Had ta throw that out there. Can't wait to be back, breathe (unfortunately work, blah) and enjoy myself.

Happy new year u!!!

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Week 4

Well well well. Maybe I'm feeling a lil bigger. Can't wait to get cut!

Leg day today and my cousin Chris arrives tonight. Would make today a chest workout and do legs tomorrow that way id b good for chest again on Monday. We'll see

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Celebrated the new year at times square with Matt and with the exception of the ending it was great. Im writing right now at 2 cuz everytime this guy gets drunk he wants something more from me that I can't give and craves me affection/attention.

So he held a convo for about an hour that I got to listen to then icing on the cake smokes not once but twice in a room. And yea he knows how I luv sleeping in an ash tray. I'm done. Ridicules that I hafta put up wit shit like this! Unbelievable. This is just a false start 2012 cuz 11 was such an awesome year that I will see it thru to 12 :)

Adios to the negative drama tho

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