Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wall-E Review

Saturday was a hangova not gonna eat nothing drink plenty of water kinda thing. So I went to Springfield cuz today was the day me, jackie, josie and christian were gonna see Wanted. It ended up bein me n the girls cuz Christian didn't pickup his phone (he just sent me a txt 2 mins ago askin why i didn't text him..) F'diot! Any who...Wanted was freakin sold out, but thats cool cuz I wanted to see Wall-E too (just wanted to see it on iPod, but its cool its cool)....So the movie was funny and heartwarmin and of course (way to go steve jobs) geared towards "fruity" people....Loved how the reboot on Wall-E booted like a Mac! I wouldn't have had it any other way....U should def go n c it! Wanted is gonna hafta wait till maybe this upcomin weekend. But go see Wall-E on ur big screen or iPod! Trust! U will love it :-)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Birthday Blast

Wow o wow....where do i begin with how much this bday rocked? The fact that Marlon was here? Or that my family and friends rock? I mean wow....spent the last hour of 26 at Cap City Brew with my sis, jason and marlon...toastin my mid 20s away and welcomin the late 20s w00t w00t!
We drank played pool then headed! that was fuckin awesome! I loved wakin up next to that special someone and hearin "Happy Birthday"...nobody's gift topped that! Nobody's! It was fuckin special (*sorry for makin u miss ur flight papi*) :-o
My babe left that day and I was doin pretty well...I stayed and watched him leave and the minute he gave me that last wave I said the most stupidest thing to myself...
"Don't leave me"
OMG! im startin to ball right now just thinkin of it! BB told me not to get attached and keep it real...he's in Cali and I'm in DC...but I love havin the feelin knowin that I can carry this emotion and have joyful tears...I was sooo blessed that he was able to come out here! That was fuckin awesome :-)

N e who, went with the fam to Todai and it was delicious! Had a forgettable (Thank Goodness!) evenin at TOWN and apparently went shirtless ~:-O (I'm shocked!)
I'm not really goin to TOWN n e more but since it was my birthday, i put the car in Secure Parkin and had a blast. Well I'm def givin up drinkin (oh yeah! thats how gr8 I feel) and holy shit! I didn't smoke last night :-o....Dammit Marlon! Look what u fuckin started!!! GRRRR
(**UPDATE**: My sis jus pissed in my cherrios and told me i had two fags last night! UgH!)

I love that I had a lot of cards, e-cards, msgs from myspace n facebook. U guys all rock and I'm so glad to have you all as friends *GROUP HUG* ~:-P

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So i'm at work and guess who calls...yup! So I'm like hey wassup papi and the next words out of his mouth freaked me the hell out at work, "I'm in DC". OMFG ARE YOU FUCKIN SERIOUS! Real professional to scream at work, right? needless to say I left work early, went to BWI and had an awesome evening with my papi! He flys out on my birthday, but its cool! I'm gonna take Thursday night off and make the evening go real....slooooow! Wow! I mean Wow!!!


Monday, June 23, 2008

So long George Carlin

Legend, writer, producer and comedian George Carlin died Sunday. He did a lot of controversial, free speech stand-ups and touched a lot on religion. His last recorded HBO show was "It's bad for ya". If you are into witticism and sarcasm you will laugh your ass off and appreciate the work this man stood for. And in the words of Mr. Carlin:

You know something...I believe he's down there now looking up and screaming at us

~ so long George!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


So orderin Pizza vs bein a McFatty.....Pizza is one of my FAVORITE foods and I've always eased my guilt by orderin thin crust. Ok so how much is a slice of pizza (1/8th of a pie)
Thin Crust: 110 Cals
Pizza Sauce/Cheese: 100Cal
Pepperoni: 50 cals
Ched Chesse: 35 cals
Bacon: 40 cals
Pineapple: 10 cals
Fungi: 0 cals (woooo whoooo!)

So one slice of thin crust zza is 345 calories ~:-I
...eck! I just ran 5miles downstairs....burned 550cals and of course had a slice just now. Ummm so yeaaaaaaah.

Medium Fry: 5 secs to consume, 380cals of guilt!
10 piece nugget: 460 cals
Diet Coke: 0 Cals (Thank you KO!)

840 Cals

2 1/2 slices make up a McD meal in calories....McD's has more sodium tho! UgH! After reviewin these facts i'm goin to Giant and findin me sum rice cakes! Even thought I stay on top of nutrition facts, pizza will STILL remain on my top for favorite foods!

Ugh! Sundays!!!!

Ok 5 day countdown till my ass gets ta be 27...I mean 21 with 6 years experience ;-)
I had a blast hangin with my sis and her friends on Friday night but OK lets recant from Thurs...

Thursday was cool....I typically head up to Cap City Brew n have a couple drinks then head home. Well This dood Martine (Martini whats i call him) was up there....apparently tha fucker lives up in the NoVA area! Fabulous! I hope to see him again over there cuz shot after shot after drink...His friend Jason and Shannon (loved shannon) were cool too...Shannon works in the fashion industry and anything she had to say I was like totally fuckin all over it! I can't recall too much more on Thurs xcept the good times!

Friday I spent my whole after noon at the GAWD DAYUM DMV only to be told that my CAC is not an acceptable secondary ID and I could not get myself a VA license. FUCK YOU VA! My shit for TX doesn't expire until like 2011....I just won't vote this year. FUck It! Movin past those worthless fucks it was my sis's last 24y/o night and breakin in the 25th! OMG her friends are like gorgeous! We went to this club in gtown called was peerty a lil crowded but whatever, we had good times. Abbey (Jackie's BFF) was soooo cool to hang out wit too...she like didn't know i was gay and when she found out from jackie I immediately got me a new fruit fly! w00t w00t! So after clubbin we hafta hit me up sum McDonallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllld's! So it is like so fun orderin with drunk girls...I seriously was like askin them to get me 2 McNasty burgers, str8 face no bullshit look. OMG! They were like, Sir we're not servin that...matter of fact its breakfast now sir. But they were so nice to make me my nuggets and fries (OMG Dirty u r sooooo gonna pay for that in the gym today! 5miles puto!! ~:-o)

Saturday we did it again! Me Jackie and Erica went to Clarendon Ballroom...met up with Kent and Andy. All in all it was a night of fun...Headed back to my place and finally Kent and Andy setup my wii! whooo hooo! I had soo much fun watchin them play mariokart and I got in on a game too! It was fun! Loved it, Oh! and Andy can play the piano by his assignment is to learn the song "I Believe - Blessid Union of Souls"....I love hearin that song, it is like an all time favorite of mine! Seriously!

Aight let me get to work n stuff....I will hit TOWN this friday for my birfday! Jackie and Josie for sure are goin to join me and maybe Erica and Abbey....Tha would be sooo cool! Especially since I'm like dodgin every-fuckin-body right now. BeSoS HUe! ~ mikey

Saturday, June 21, 2008


It's my sis's 25th birfday! w00t w00t! And we've celebrated it right! We're gonna hit clarendon ballroom up tonight and if I can't get in cuz of jeans the Kent and I are gonna do sumthing different.

So like on the 13th my loser sis had an opportunidad to get box seats for kat griffin...she didn't take that opp and now we're in BFE section M, Row D...9-12 i guess. Thats cool, but umm....I GOT the 4 tickets and she def holds one of them...and I'll let her use the other one for who she wants but I got one for me and someone else...I was thinkin of inviting Kent if he digs that chick. But my sis wants my cousin to come too...well, ummm...we only got those four seats and Im takin two of those tickets I bought.

Yesterday was fun, we went to Modern up in smashed off my ass, headed back to my condo (where yes! my A/C is still out of order but will be fixed this monday...en challa!). I'm hopin to have good times tonight n stuff. Be safe all and have a blast ~ oooooOOoooW!

Friday, June 20, 2008

7-up! w00t w00t!

not the drink pendejos! The run! I did 7miles this am, but g2g...will blog lata Muah!

It was awesome...I woke up feeling like death....threw up tha nasty evil alcohol in my body...splashed water on my face and did my look in the mirror with a great big "GOOD MORNING WORLD" shout! Called my cousin, gave her a camelback and we were on our way! The we got to the lake at 8, finished 6 miles by 9 and gig'ed the last one. It was a fabulous way to start the day....u know, with blisters and if u run inwards like my artard ass does ur feet just wanna fall the fuck off! But it was awesome runnin shirtless sayin "Good Morning BURKE" and hello to all the fellow joggers out there

I outta make that a ritual! Health health health sweetie darling ;-)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I won 'em! They're fuckin mine!!! Come back home boys!!!! w00t w00t! >=-[ ...stay away from my shades u evil washingtonians!!!!

~ that's all

Good MOrninG worlD!

Wow its so beautiful outside! Hard to believe that its gonna storm later on today. Oh wow, I must be gettin talkin about the weather! *FUCK* It's finally happened...i'm becoming my father (dirty shivers....)

Wednesdays are awesome! It's my last workout of the week and then Thursday (my Friday) comes along! Ahhh....Josie wants ta see the drags this weekend, but we're gonna hafta have fun in VA...I kinda want a weekend where my car doesn't get smashed, robbed or something that I haven't thought of (which I'm apodictic will happen again in DC).

So here are my solutions...park my car @ Columbia Plaza and metro in from Foggy Bottom. Stay at a friends place or take a cab to Columbia Plaza (love garage parking) and then head home. It's a little inconvenient but so is having ur car smashed or robbed! Aight 'I Love Lucy' is on, so ~holla


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Poetic Justice

Y o Y didn't these fuckers steal my XBOX??? I mean shit! At least then I would've got some money back from this whole ordeal!
I talked with USAA and my theft totaled up to $932....guess who's deductible is $1000! Wheeee! Go me! Paging Dr. Bendova (2X).

PBJ vs Eating Right

So i'm rushing to get to work and I don't have time to make a good sandwich so I grab the Simply Jif peanut butter, all natural blackberry jelly and three slices of Nature's Own whole wheat bread. Now normally I don't think about the calories of this crap because I've gone to the store, looked over all the ingredients that I have in my house and then i have an epiphany! How many calories is in this sandwich and what is its nutriotional value compared to one of my Eating Right TV Dinners.

So I grab my Steak tips and Vegetables which is 290 calories and 310mg sodium. My PBJ has 450 calories and compares in sodium! The extra slice killed me. When I make a triple slice sandwich it doubles the ingredients I use for Jelly (60 cals p/tbsp) and PB (190 cals p/2tbsp). The bread is 50 cals p/slice (and no high frutcose)

For $2 Giant/Safeway sell these eating right meal, and I grab the ones that use multi-grain rice. They are the lowest sodium TV dinners you will fine, taste delicious (my fav is the 5-grain, chicken w/plum sauce & snow peas). Eat healthy, Be Smart!

Aight added note! After reviewing the box from eating right I find that there is way too much *ahem* CRAP in the 5-grain beef & vegetables....specifically CORN shit! My biggest nemesis is high fructose corn syrup WHICH i've managed to get out of my did this slip past me?!? Corn syrup solids (3X), corn starch, corn starch-modified (2X), Light corn syrup (corn syrup water, high fructose corn syrup) and lastly modified corn starch. Egh! So this blog is still good...u decide, know what you're eating and take those added calories or fuck it! I like corn B-P

Monday, June 16, 2008

I think I can I think I can

These are either exact or similar to what I had...I guess I know what I'm getting for my birthday. It was hilarious....I had to get sunglasses cuz its bright, right? So I go to good ol' aafes (active duty peeps/contractors u know wassup..) and got me some $5 shades. My sister pat me on the shoulder sayin "I'm proud of you" and all my spoiled ass could say was "Don't touch me". Sorry, but I was in no mood to be humored after losin my baby! N e who...the shades aren't bad for $5, but they leave these big ass marks on my nose. FUCKIN FABULOUS! So I thought the thief would put the shades on craigslist or eBay but no dice...but look at what I did find on eBay!

Dont u dare fuckin bid on them! I hope I win :-)....They don't make these n e more and I like this style. GPS I can get at a later time. I've figured DC out ok. FujiCam is on it's way here (ugh! money, money, money, money!)
~ holla

Sunday, June 15, 2008


So I had this dream and in it I got a tatto...The pic sorta looked like the one above. I re-did the pic with two male symbols and a red ribbon, but it got too crowded so I thought...huh, y not go with what was in my dream. So I'm gonna let this sit n stew in my head...If I get it, I'm gonna have my mom re-do it an I'll put in on my right shoulder blade. I was very inspired this year with the number of people who showed up and participated in Pride. ...and of course, who forget his camera?! Oh wait! what cam?? Grrrr! my oakleys, gps..blah blah blah (easy dirty....easy now!). In with anger out with love, but I hope the fucker(s) who robbed me finds Jesus or something! Get some fuckin morales in ur life. >=-o (Dirty! I said IN with ANGER! OUT with LOVE! EcK! FOCUS!!!)
...moving on! I dropped my mobile service for a lil bit (gotta love month 2 month service!) and am taking a hiatus from myspace and facebook. TOWN is probably on the list too for this hiatus. With the exception of June 27th (*B-day shots! MuAhaHAHaha!*). I will continue bloggin here and on my private site just to vent whats goin on in my head/life. Be safe and Happy


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Y DC....Y?

The fuckin rental got broken into...but just to show you how ethical these robin hood theves were, they only stole things to give me a bad day (not week). My fuckin $285 titanium shades, My Garwin (GPS), FujiCam and Phone Charger

They left my garage access pass, 3-way charger and iPod charger in the car and also left my phone cover (although if my phone was it in they may not have been as nice)

So park at Kent's place and have the risk of bein hit, or park at Tuffies place n put a club n the vehicle and empty tha fucker out

Oh, they didn't go in the XBOX 360 (which won't open) was still there. So I was annoyed this morning and did not wanna talk to anybody. I didn't even think I'd go to the pride parade because I was in such a mood. HOWEVER, after talkin to my BFF Adam (In TX, now in Iraq) I felt better. I'm glad that I got to talk to him before he deployed today. He keeps it real and I wish he were here with me in DC, but he's not...he's in Iraq now :-( (God, please keep him safe!)

Ok, so after cooling down I went to the pride parade, got beads...built up the courage to go shirtless in the rain, and had a fabulous time (*insert Dancing Queen music*). My sis came with me and I'm so glad she had a blast! That made me real happy :)

Hope everyone else's weekend was great...I think I'm gonna pass on Town / Club Fur tonight. ~mikey

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Ummm ok so u buy this haute Mercedes SL 500 and ur pimpin around DC, hollain at niccas n flossin wha u got, right...U paid like 100G for ur ride but the good thing is u ain't got 2 many peeps on the block sportin what u got.
4 months later
Mercedes announces a better SL 500 with a higher horsepower, saves you 3mpg and they're knockin the price from 100g to 50g (did i mention this new mercedes gives you head?? Cuz it totally does)

Yeah so thats how i'm feelin bout this new iPod phone. Everyone in my office is now going to get one (Ugh!)...I don't have the phone because I refuse to be stuck with AT&T and their "WondErFul" service (Hell no I can't hear u now!...get a real provider!). I have the iPod touch (my 3rd and LAST iPod....I swear!) 32Giggy Piggy. So i can't wait 2 c on July 11th what my device is sellin for! Boo fuckin Hoo dirty! I know I know....I'M JUS SAAAAAAAYIN!

Health Alert: Yogurt

(6/11/08) VoilA!

Ok so i'm sorta kinda maybe just a lil health conscious and I love yogurt. Unfortunately all the yogurts you find are either high in sugar or packed with corn starch, modified corn starch or other crap you don't need inside your body. I ordered a yogurt machine, but OMG I need some yogurt, STAT!

So here's a good "Dirty" receipe:

* Get a tub of Giant (or your local merchant) Plain Lowfat Yogurt
The ingredients should just be Lowfat Milk and Nonfat milk solids (wicked cool, right?)

* Buy granola (may have sugar) or peanuts (unsalted, smashed and my choice)

* Strawberry Jam (ALL Fruit, Tablespoon will do for a small cup size)

* One splenda packet (** Use raw honey 1/2tsp for 15cals and a natural raw sugar** 06/11/08)

Place the strawberry jam at the bottom of your cup. Next fill the yogurt to your delight and then sprinkle your granola or mashed peanuts on top. Stir around and then add your splenda packet (use lightly, stir, taste and add more if nec.)

This is an awesome snack! Although it is estimated at 250cals you get:
High Protein (over 10g at least, more if you used nuts)

It tastes delicious and the sugars you consume are natural sugars from the milk and fruit (No cane sugar). And again what happened to all that crap that Dannon and Delight use??? Sayonara unnecessary ingredients! U r the weakest leak!

Monday, June 9, 2008

DC Captiol Pride Week

Yay! My first Capitol Pride! I'm sooooo excited for Thursday night! I'm crossing my fingers that Kent gets off in time that night so I got someone to go with and see this HULARIOUS chick Judy Gold.

Tickets i'm gonna call in and see if I can do a pay 'n pickup (hopefully yes, because its WAAAAY too late for delivery). I am going to hafta miss the pageant because lucky me I have that night job! Oh well, my boss is the fuckin bomb, cool as shit most open minded person I can think of so its worth it...He's gonna cut me some slack on Sunday if nothin is goin on! *SCORE!*

So I'm gonna miss the bachelor auction (..How much is that whore in the window?..) amd see sum fükin awesome comedy

Friday head to TOWN for the Official Capital Pride Men's Party (Helllz yeaaaaaaaaaH!)

Saturday head to Club Für (oooh laaa laaa~) or TOWN...I'm leanin towards Club Für ONLY because it's some place different and GAWD willin they'll have a bigger smoke area! (*cough cough*...bad dirty!)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back ta work! oooooF!

I did it! I fuckin pulled a hat trick this weekend! ~:-O

Thurs night I was fuckin white knucklin for a drink...I swear the taste of a cool beer in humid weather is fuckin fab! Don't argue with it...n e ways I called Kent and was like hey we need ta drink and meet up with my awesome sis and her friends in Falls Church. So we grab a quick drink at cap city then head to grevey's. The company was awesome! I met a friend of my sis (Jean) and he's a bartender....HOLY SHIT! We went to his place for drinks and before i go inside I'm makin a run to 7-11 offerin to buy mixers and cigarettes and the dood is like no no, i got stuff. So I get back and holy shit, this dood has a fuckin BAR in his house! Only thing missin was the hot shirtless bartender (OoooOow!) So Thurs was awesome! Loved it!

Friday I told my cousin she was gonna go to TOWN and have a blast. So we gotta do drinks before goin cuz she (le sigh) doesn't have a fake id (one year left baby!)...So afta some SOJU_Powa we head up to DC. I told her that I wanted to stop at Nel's and see if Cam was usin the Jedi mind tricks I put Josie in Nel's and start talkin to security...I walk in and see Josie next to me and was laughin! So last call for her! lol! Had drinks then went to TOWN where we bump into Rachael, Nat and Cam...OMG, good times! I don't recall a lot of that evening but in the ride home I was screamin "Joooooosie! We neeeeeed sum McDonnnnnalllllld's!"...GaWd! i'm such a McFatty, but i love those muthafükin nuggets n fries! Savor that muthafuckin flavor!!! yeaaaaaH!

So Sat rolls around and I'm thinkin can I actually pull off a hat trick and have an awesome weekend? Fuck yeah dirty did. Started at Cap City with sis and then headed to Nel's. DRINK BITCH! This shit'll get u drunk! U'll be fuckin fat bitches in no time! U may even fight a nicca o two! Mmmmm mmmmmmm bitch! Nel's, TOWN, Annie's (yuummmmy!) it was fuckin Fabelhöfte!

I'm at work right now and am soooooo fuckin tired! My ass is workin out tonight tho! I got on the scale today and FUCK! 158! :-* I'm LuVin iT! :-D

Hope everyone else had an awesome weekend ~ BeS0S!

~ mikey

Thursday, June 5, 2008

10mins....and countin!

Dood! I love Thursdays....the anticipation of puttin some dark n brown down my throat! Oh the satisfaction I get from that unique taste...The taste of GUINNESS! *MuAh*

8mins left...I love my Thurs & Friday nights...this a totally random much needed AA mind is hoooked on the fuckin clock on the wall....2mins left

OOOO MMMMM GGGGG! It's like an orgasm waitin to happen...I'm like almost there!

1 Min left....come on clock! U know what i waaaaaaaaaaaaaann..........

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! :-)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


...excitement is going to the FedEx page, seeing that your Wii made it days ahead of time to Alexandria, VA is on the delivery truck and you keep hitting the REFRESH button as if you were seconds away from winning that eBay auction!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

OMG! I got a Wii!!!! YaAaaay!!!!

Man after searching and searching for a DECENT priced wii bundle (which has the wii fit & board) I finally found one! $425 plus shipping comes out to $440 and Oh! No tax because the store is located in NC! whoo hoo! I can't wait for it to get here!!! on the hunt is Mario Kart! Hooooooooooooooooo! (insert Thundercats music)

So about Kuwait...

Ok so sum of you know and sum of you don't...I was *ahem* WAS (lol) trying to go back to the sand this lovely time of year, but alas by database skittles go as far as MS Access which isn't good enough to earn the big bucks!

The good news is, I'm still very much in love with the DC Metro area and like my job a lot! So no big loss on my end :-)...The interview went very well and it was good practice (love keeping my career game on track). EDS is looking to hire a field engineer slot in Kuwait and see if I would go for that. They have something for me in Alexandria but career wise it would be a step down and I'm not looking to join EDS as a desktop support technician. Granted I could pickup the DB skills that I will eventually need later on down the line and they are a HUGE doesn't feel like the right jump. If the job description is the same in Kuwait, then I don't think I'd go for it...but as most of u know, I am a WHORE for $$$, so it all depends on the cash EDS would pay. The job I got right now would be VERY difficult to walk away from (its soo cool having people that you like to work with! It is! lol)

Th night I met my buddy Kent at Capitol City Brewing in Shirlington...We had some drinks, went back to my place...drank more! He never had soju, so wha did dirty do...? ~;-P...hahaha silly rabbit! He got hungover! lol...Friday came a long went to the mall got some hot new t's and then hit TOWN up for a 90s night of fun...I don't recall too much but I think I had a kickass time. I remember droppin Kent of and gettin chewed out in his ghetto neighborhood (way 2 represent NW, BTW) seein how my VW got wrecked in his neighborhood n e ways, Kent's place is no longer a shelter for my drunk ass (i'll just hafta stay with *MY* TV and Felicia) ;-) *wink*

Saturday kinda parents were suppose to fly to Paris but got delayed and eventually cancelled....OH YEAH! And i was suppose to go to Perils of the Lost Island but ummm yeah! That soooo didn't happen! It was mother natures time of the month and she was a bitch up until 6pm, which is when the clouds cleared up, the birds were chirpin and dirty was like "OMG, WTF!"

Sunday spent more time lookin for a wii....THIS SUCKS!!! Seriously people...the news said that most of you guys were going to SAVE ur stimulus check or use it on gas! So who the fuck is buying all the GD Wiis?!?!? UGH! Oh, that was part of the fustration...the other part was I got an XBOX360 that I never...REPEAT..NEVER use and the one day I buy a game (American Idol: Karaoke) the fucker won't open. I almost drop tested it from my 6 floor balcony but ended up just goin ta bed. We call that "improvement"...Go anger management! lol! So aside from my petty truly non-existent is güt!