Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 wrap up

What a year what a year...adios 2010! So what happened? A love obsession, snow storms, new jobs, new puppy, and finally acceptance into the kingdom of 30s.

Cut the cord with Vega aka fuckwad back in August....heard from him once since then and it wasn't a 'hey, how r u' so I hammered the last nail to that coffin politely with a lose my number and "fuck you". That piece of history can stay with 09-10...and thank goodness that feeling won't linger around. So lesson learned in 2010...I can unlove someone! IT AIN'T EVER EASY, but it was done and the feeling is awesome to re-gain what I gave away. Of course since I've regained my heart I haven't been looking to be vulnerable with someone else, so in time we'll see what happens. Marlon and I had a storm back in Feb and got back in contact after August or September (i think Sept). We're better people and I try my best to keep my distance. It will get better in time (en shalla!)

Snow storms - OMG! Stuck in the house DEC2K9 and Feb 10 two times. Incredible! Well the last time VA had it bad like that was in 96. I doubt we will have snowy winters back to back, but this one has been pretty cold (specially since we just starting out). Got me a snow shovel from last year and miss my sis aka other shoveler but so far this year we are good!

New jobs - I left the pentagon to go to crystal city as an engineer. I wanted to work closer to fuckwad. The job was fun at first cause I was in jeans and polo, and didn't have anything to do the first couple months but pend clearance...wheee! break for mike! small cut in pay but I was doin my thing, walkin around crystal city and catching some rays. Kept up with the gym and my workout buddy Matt around noon. Things weren't happening between me and fuckwad. I was just a fuck buddy but didn't wanna own it...pride blinded me, but in the end that's what I was. An object that I never wanted to be...hurt because I loved him, I crashed. So work was on a downward slope. I didn't care for the job after I got clearance and didn't want to stay in crystal city. I got me a new puppy --> (we'll go back to this soon)

New puppy - Reese! Born 6JUN2010. She's a doll and for the most part is a great dog. She's not a chewer or barker (that much). She's daddy's lil angel/monster. I got her on the 7th of August. I sold my four plex, got some cash and quit Mantech to be with Reese for her first months. During that time she grew up and I got to be with her for 3 1/2 months.

Unemployed - Yes even with the unemployment rate circling near 10% I wanted a break...a real break! So after my boss at Mantech sent me a very disturbing email I quit on the spot! and left my badges there. I blew crystal city a kiss and got the hell outta dodge. That was when I cut ties with EVERYTHING (job and fuckwad) in crystal city and chucked the deuce. I studied Exchange 2k10 (and gotta keep studying it), landed a new gig -->

New jobs (cont) - After Reese hit 5 months it was time to get back to work. Had something with Belvoir (DITRA) that sounded right up my avenue but they got a hiring freeze. Interviewed well with CACI to go to Iraq/Afghan...almost made it to SME on Messaging but was 6months shy of 12years experience. What a retarded hiring manager!!!! Well his mistake was my blessing cause dirty got a KICKASS job at belvoir (DLA) 5miles away from home and paying very nicely (2 snaps *work biatch!*).
Our PM demotivates everyone in our office and I'm hoping they replace her before everyone walks out. My architect and I will hang out there cause bread is bread.

30s - So with the new pup and gig I look at everything in my house and I'm totally happy with the way my house looks, what I drive (she's in the shop now...her alternator went kaput!) and I guess my material possessions. 30s will be about enjoying what I got and saving a lil more for the future. I look at what I just wrote down and smile...I see this red carpet with a BIG [3|0] door entrance and I got a big grin because I'm ready! I did my passage in the 20s of having crap furniture, plastic drawers, clothes that I could afford, the ARMY and am now in this awesome spot...I'm on the red carpet walking closer to those doors and I'm sooo ready! I made my goal in HS to be this 6-figga ni**a without a degree and I did it through the power of certifications and continuing education. Maybe when I'm walking on the red carpet to the [4|0] I'll have someone escorting me :-) time will tell...till then I'll dance my way to the doors keep my shades on and lookin fly

Happy new year everyone! Adios 2010! BRING IT 2011!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Minus attraction to friendship

Does anyone know how to do this? I've burned people out of my life that I was intimate with because I did not know how to make them "friends". Do I need someone else? I mean if u are genuinely and sexually attracted to them how do u make them friends rather than hate them and burn bridges? I got this situation yet again and don't want it to end up like the last two but it seems like running away is the easy answer to spare my feelings. Help!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

What do I want for Xmas?

Well it hit my heart but I got it! Every year it's the same old "don't get me anything, I got everything I need" and I tend to get nice gifts for my best friends whom I love to death and little things for my family.

This year I didn't even set up my tree...i luv xmas and the music but just felt like a scrooge not getting anyone anything. I'm not having my *moment*...then it hit me!

I got this brand new TV from Target and although it would be great to make $100 off of it, it would feel even better giving it to someone who needs it. Not as in wants another TV but someone or a family struggling.

I wanted to go to an orphanage and give the TV with gifts...I don't see too many out here in the VA area, so why not make it special for a family. So what family could I help out this Christmas? I'd have to go to a couple churches and ask around. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a xmas tree and you could just pick a family's name out of the hat? You'd have the number of kids and their ages.

The gifts to the parents would be the smiling faces of their children. So that's the plan this year...I don't wanna make a donation to some big wigs that'll just plummet my mailbox with nickels, dimes and addresses (boy have I learned)..I'm gonna turn my donations into something special and untraceable lol!

That is what I want for Christmas! I'll let you guys know when I find out who my family is and their kids. I'll facebook it too incase I got any philanthropist amigos that wanna give a toy or something.

Got rid of my Grindr app today...starting the anti-social network. Limiting facebook and my iPhone gives me the shivers. K gotta work...Bye! :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

An anti-social network

This upcoming year in my 30s I will let go of my social networking with the exception of GoogleIM and blogging. IM has been around since I was in HS (AIM) so thats not why I'm cool with that. Facebook I will use for events only...i wont penalize those who will keep up with facebook but compromise. Photos I will upload on my blog.

taking away the 'i' and focusing on me will be interesting. Now my iPhone... i will continue to use unless it proves to be inconvenient. I can always pull the sim out and use my old AT&T phone. No biggie.

Ok still excited about turning 30 and where I'm at :)