Sunday, April 8, 2012

Identity Gift?

Identity theft is a big problem worldwide and it is up to each individual to track at the very least their account activity once at year ""

If you have any discrepancies on there, report them immediately and DISPUTE. Also if you wanna save yourself money for those con artists who can "wipe your credit report clean" send at least ten letters to each on the three agencies and they will make cases for each dispute, more than likely drop the ball on one of the disputes thus eliminating the negative item off your report.
I use to work for a credit reporting agency and this is exactly what those people you pay money do...Go buy a book of stamps, envelopes, pen and paper. Feel free to buy me a drink (I don't do rail) when you see the savings I did for you, and if they don't wipe anything off you still saved money buy not hiring clowns to do what I just told you to do, or HEY PAY UR DEBTS OFF!

Now when a crappy bank, let's call them Fells Wargo takes the initiative to populate your name on an business account along with your email address & social security number, we call that identity gift. So I believe the first time I spoke with the ever so friendly crew at Wells Fargo I told them delete my info from this account. This is not me. I stopped receiving e-mails from this business account. Today I check my mailbox and see a business platinum debit card for this account. I called the business up who wasn't as friendly on Easter Sunday which is expected but hey! The white guy in me is just trying to be a nice guy and do the right thing. But the latino came out when the chap was like "I ain't no mexican". I ended the call at that point. Onto Fells Wargo and their BRILLIANT customer service. I spoke with a Jane and verified my identity with this account. How the hell did I get that far??? Rubbish! Ok, so now it's business time...I told her if Fells Wargo ever...EVER sent me a card again, that is attached to my social I WILL BLEEED THAT ACCOUNT DRY WITHOUT ANY REMORSE. To which they responded, Go ahead, it's a debit account. Wow, I'm so glad I'm not the one gettin screwed with no lube! Someone will definitely see this as fraud and I tell you what...if my social is tied to that account I want them to bring it! Let's see what they got!

So tomorrow I will go to a branch, have tea *because in these situation it's good to have tea - how I soo miss living in the Middle East* and verify my identity and find out what is tied to this account.