Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Ahhh 2008! Fresh year, fresh start...yada yada yada! I'm prolly gonna link up with a couple of friends later on tonight...CM & Diet Coke, card games...yeah, good times...Got some texts bout linkin up @ JRs and yea thats not gonna happen...I mean the guy's line was like "Yeh I thought u were cute but my guys thought u were repulsive"....Umm...yea i think some people outta look in the freakin mirror from time to time b4 they're ugly asses start chuckin comments like that. Fuckin old fa...*ahem* Hags!! Aight, im done! SWEAR! LoL! On the other hand, i did meet some other cool guys that where bickerin back and forth...I thought that was funny! They're sweet guys so I'll go ahead and link up with them later on...Taco night for sure ;-)

Any who, I hope everyone starts 08 off doing doing doing doing doing doing doing it well....
~ laters


Sunday, December 30, 2007

Nellie's AdVenTure

Mission: Successful!

I went out round i guess 4ish and hung out at nellie's till like fuckin 10sih...Any who i met 4 awesome people and this guy Cam that i've been chattin to online...WoW it was fuckin awesome! Joe, Cam and Dave got me bought me coronas and they we're all fukin hotties (wink). I'm glad that I was able to network myself pull some numbers and then head home....Any who, they all were headin out to JRs (some pub) and since i was on a roll I just ended it with some makin out and a good nite...actually I had some hotel invites, but thas prolly not typical! This was like my 1st nite really out and meetin peeps so if tha is unique, ummmmm....coool, but if not then thas ok also cuz im not really lookin 2 whore around n shyt

~ Lataz

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Me n The Capt makin it happen

It was a dark and stormy night....ok ok last night I hung out with Maritza, Danny, Steven and well whoever else showed up JWs for this chick (Franchesca..??) goin away thing....She's leaving for Kuwait so i told here, awww you'll love it! So pre-gamed and maritza's place and got trashed on some Capt M & Diet Coke (mmmm....a sinless pleasure!)...headed over to the hick bar (JWs) where people wore T-Shirts that said "Why should I have to press 1 for English?". I would get into that, but thats another blog! So after getting trashed over there we all headed over to Hard Times for some pool, yummy fries and egg rolls (w00t w00t!). I saw my sis's friends Erica and Rachel (both hotties and I can't w8 to have lunch with them). So yeh after gettin trashed and headin home, who do I drunk dial....? LULU! I miss her so much and wish she was over here, but obviously thats not gonna happen so I'm jus gonna have to suck it up and get over it BUT man it is fun DRUNK DIALIN people! i fükin love it!

Friday, December 28, 2007

F U Georgia Ave!!!

It was 10pm and I felt like goin explorin and was hopin to find an amigo workin 2nite @ Nellie's. So i drove to DC and found nellie's sports bar and had a wasn't too crowded but the people their were pretty social (Oh, and WTF is up with the No Smokin thing???)...N e who I was bout to have fun findin my way back to the 395 when I saw a sign that pointed the 495 straight ahead! i thought, COOL! I can just connect to that! waaaay easier! well fuck if i didn't end up in silver springs, MD drivin my happy ass back to Springfield! LoL! Its all gravy! TGIF, i wonda whats gonna happen this weekend ~;-P

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fit or Fat?

So I finally got Aetna to send me a temp insurance card via fax and went to get my physical done. Everything is Ok...My back is bent outta shape a little (Yikes! I need to work on that posture), my right side is stronger than my left and I need more exercise. I can't believe he said I need more exercise! Ok, I give him credit for telling me what he had to say and not sugar coating shit, but in my defense....HOW MANY FAT FUCKS DO WE HAVE RUNNING AROUND AMERICA?? I mean yeah, i know i'm no where near all that and I can't stand my fuckin love handles but SHIT! I need more exercise! I just got back form kuwait, hittin the gym 2 hours a day during a 12 hour work week with 2 rest days...WTF am I doin wrong???

Some people just aren't gonna bulk to where others are at...Yea Fuckin A right I'm pullin that card! Now it jus sounds like i'm bitchin so i'll move...*Pffff*...more exercise! So after leaving the quack i said, huh where should my fat ass go??? helloooooooooooo McDonalds! Oh yeh! I said it! Can i get a FuK YeA for McDonalds???? COME ON McFATTiES lemme hear ya MoooooO!

It was FuKin delicious! I gotta get myTmobile setup today (i can't do shit online) and try and hit the dentist for a cleaning! LOOK MA! No CAVITIES ~:-P

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cafe disarray

So i hope all my friends had a good christmas or holiday...I miss my friends so much in Kuwait (and it hasn't even been a week now) but fuckit, gotta keep myself up...So today I hads me an apostrophe! I needed to go to starbux, get me a triple grande skim latte (ahhhhh) and write down stuff I need to do to get where I wanna be...So I really didn't come up with much cuz tha phuckin coffee store was crowded with an assload of people who apparently don't have jobs (if ur thinkin what I'm thinkin, SHUT UP! :-P)
I was jottin down notes and thought, well I need to get work because it will help me out socially since WTF are u suppose to do between Sun - Wed? I mean, fuck we can all party, get drunk and have good times Th-Sat but i need somethin to do in between now n then...
Ok, well I don't care too much about salary cuz if I did I woulda stayed out in the sand, where gas is 80 cents a gallon (FUCK YOU EXXON!), maids work like dirt cheap (FUCK YOU MERRY MAIDS!), and $85K of ur $$$ are tax free (DOUBLE FUCK YOU IRS!!! & Vote Ron Paul!)..LOL!
So I said, hey lets not bite the 1st thing that comes along (giggity giggity)...I wanna find a job where I can learn more about MS Exchange servers (Principal SME in that subject) and PhUk! If I can get some travel time in that job! Shhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiit.....I'll keep it!
But a job is something thats gonna fill in my time from Sun - Wed....I'm here cuz I need a relationship! I swear if I find the right guy I'm gonna beat his fuckin head with a club and drag his ass out to Kuwait with me (so guys watch your drinks...u may end up on 20/20! lol)

Who the fuck am I looking for? Huh! You know its funny! I find myself really ALL about the small stuff! I've had friends that I keep close because of their thoughtfulness and others that were close whom i've become nonchalent with...I mean ok...when I was in Kuwait out of the blue one of my co-workers would grab some lattes and he knew I liked mine triple grande skim milk and on our ride to work I'd have coffee...Thats fuckin sweeet :-)
On my last day his maid ruined the going away present he was making me....he knows how much I enjoy Seinfeld and was making me a macaroni mike with the curly black hair. That type of shit really makes my heart go like butter. I don't need people to buy jewelry, fill up my gas tank or buy me somthing cuz it's my birfday. I don't! And I don't need to be freakin pampered cuz I'm not a needy person! You gotta have that skill....timing is everything, if you do something everyday it's no longer special. So yeah, that guy was str8 and he wasn't all that good looking but his heart was HUGE! I can't freakin w8 to go to dupont circle and see whats really going on in the DC area! Alright I guess I better start cookin n stuff ~ laters


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas! time! Well not so much about the presents like when ur 5 or 6 as much as it is about being with family...I sure wish my sis was here (BeSoS 2 Jackie in FL) but it was still all güt! I gotta get a hold of some friends and see if they got n e plans 2nite...head out 2 a bar or sumthin!

Right now it looks like my folks are gonna have their neighbors over for some german wine they like to make (Fukin fabulous, but leave me a samuel adams). I think this weekend i'm gonna head out to DC and give Dupont circle a try...I can't freakin wait! I gotta hit the gym hardcore this week then put on sumthin not too tight but enuf to make peoples heads go Dayuuuuuum! hahaha! Merry Christmas guys ~*MuAh*~

~ mikey

Sunday, December 23, 2007

ahhh..the hangovr!

Wow! I had a freakin blast last night and im payin for it 2day! Thats me n my friend Maritza (Total hottie!)..she jus turned 21 again *wink* and was celebratin like all 21 y/os do! Right when i got to her place i felt like it was a HS reunion n shit! People i saw but didn't know one really knew me cuz uh...i didn't hang out with a lot of them, and didn't give a shit about appearances back then (makes me wonder how the hell maritza even remembered me) but they were all cool and shit i didn't get any numbers but i know where there hangout spots are.

The cake...famous! I didn't get a snap of it, but it was a penis cake and i was all over that left nut (mmmm...chocolate) ;-)
I gotta go back 2 sleep n nurse this hangover...Merryh X~mas guys!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

back at home

Cool so I guess I'll go ahead and start bloggin. Well I guess I'll do a lil background info and then just run from there. Born n raised as a military brat, spent most my childhood in Germany the rest was in Cali, AZ, and VA (where I'm at right now). After growin up gettin outta HS I joined the army to pursue my career in computers and wow after 4 years did I learn that I need to read a contract before signing! But it's all good, I'm only 26 went to Kuwait after the military for a couple years and made it back over to NoVA. I've been single my whole life because I couldn't come to terms with being gay and accepting it...Well finally not this past thanksgivin but the one in '06 i decided to drop the bomb on the family and say hey go bug your daughter for grandkids ;-) (yes yes, I did get the son of the year award). After coming out to them and letting that marinate I went back to Kuwait and told all my friends, hey this is who I am...Most people accepted it, those who didn't *hey...there are a lot people in the world*..u can luv me for me or a simple 'Adios' will do. So there's your history lesson, i promise no pop quizzes @ the end of this...

Which brings me to the present...NoVA! I just arrived on the 20th and am freakin excited to start this new chapter in my life! I'm @ home for at least a month to figure out where I wanna work and live...there's no way I can stay at home longer cuz I can't stand being dependent on other people! I mean they don't want me to buy a car yet I don't like taking it away from them. Yeah yeah i know i know...things i gotta work on but for now whatever.
I'm gonna hit the carmax today or tomorrow and see what it is im looking for...something with good gas mileage, sleek, sexy B-), and something not EVERYBODY has (but you never really notice how many people have stuff until u own it).
So I got this party I'm gonna hit tonight in Burke, VA and hopefully make some new friends...i got like a dorky personality, but hey if there's one in every group then I can fill in the void (Mike throws 2 thumbs up)...A lot of my friends call me dirty (no?!? a mexican with the last name Sanchez called 'Dirty'??? Go on!)...Yes, it's trU! But if u ain't down with tha I go by mike or mikey as well...Alright i gotta get goin now.

laters ~ mikey