Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sucking the poison out

Scrolling through Facebook got me thinking of the "friends" I got that dont make me a better person. I got good guys on there that make me smile and want to better myself and then those that are just pure negative or have actions that I want nothing to do with. Big groups mean everyone hasta be friends with the group.

That's gonna change. 20s did something cool and made me a comfy life. 30s is gonna stand up for himself and cut the shit that ain't real outta life. It's not hard cuttin the bad shit from your life so much as the confrontation. People's feelings get hurt when they see you de friend without explanation. It would be nice to send an email saying hey I gotta de friend and hope there are no hard/awkward feelings if we see each other at social gatherings.

Riiiiight. Gay without drama? Please. It's gonna happen...Negative out!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Long distance sprung has sprang

I wanted to write this down. Just not on Facebook. I know a really cool sweet guy that makes me smile but is quite distant. We've connected pretty well, sending txt, cute videos and talkin on the phone.
I keep my guard up for the most part but loved the feeling of having someone to txt or call that would make my heart and face smile.
Recently I tried calling twice and he didn't pick up. He said he'd call the next day and didn't. This caused he to pause the ride and get off. I stepped outside the box. It's something so small and could be fixed with a txt, email or phone call saying hey my feelings got hurt. Or I could let it dwell face the reality that it's long distance so who cares?!? If he were local this whole mess could get fixed with a hug.

Anyways, pride gets in the way and defends itself with the long distance rationale..damn me

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