Thursday, March 31, 2011

Body update

Meh I'm not impressed from a couple weeks. I gained a pound and it's getting hard to maintain the lean fit. Losing the weight was tough but now I'm trying to keep up the protein and weights along with cardio.

I did catch a lil tan :-) yay. Maybe this is cause I started drinking again. So how much more cardio do I need to do if I'm gonna hit the goose/belvedere on weekends?

Gotta go update another blog. I apologized to Darrell (swallows pride). But that ends that chapter the right way. Annnnnnd we're moving forward now :-)

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Vegan Rant

Where o where do I put the Mr. Yuck sticker on this bugger?? Ok well it's not that bad but for a meal that has 580mg of sodium (over 20% of your recommended intake) I expect some freaking flavor!

I was trying to find something that would mimic the AWESOME Sunflower Restaurant which makes that ooooo so yummy General Tso's Surprise (yes! see below!)

Yuuuummmmy! Ok so this one doesn't compare and in it's defense probably has a SIGNIFICANT amount less sodium the Tso's. They sell these packages at Whole Foods for $3.99, it's not the worst thing you can buy but TRUST! It will NOT go back in my basket or belly.

Picture day tomorrow! I'm nervous! I weighed in early...156. Gained a pound. DAMNIT!!! We'll call it muscle weight *_^

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday monday...(update Tuesday)

Blah! As much as I don't wanna be at work right now, I'd rather be here than at home sulking. This is not a "winning" moment. Monday started out at 6. I was wide awake. Got up around 645 and left the house a lil after 730 to take my car for an estimate and get VW to fix a recall. Made it back to work right before nine.

That. So what was suppose to be "Free" VW ended up finding my front axle on the wheel was torn. Replace now and it's a $240 fix, it breaks then later on $700-$800 fix. FIIIIIiiiine. Fix it!

I'm also looking to get a few hundred bucks back from a fix I had to the safety harness. That recall should get me some money back.

In other news the guy with the Z4 called me back to decline my offer. He doesn't want $14500, $14700...he wants the $15,000. Fine! Go to Carmax! I want someone who will come down a little. I went down to 2% off what he was asking....Really? Come on! VA is gonna rape me the 5% value of the car! So he got a polite kiss my ass and I'll keep my eyes open for the black z4, grey interior, navi with the black top. No biggie....or alpine white! I'll get my baby! This is my last "Do it in my 20s" thing I will have. A lil fun toy for MIkey!

Lolita, my jetta is NOT going anywhere! She is my baby that I will take care of.

Tuesday started off bumpy not wanting to get outta bed into the 26 degree weather, but I made it in and now got an assload (*giggity*) of work to do. Oh! One more thing. GRINDR -- I think something happened to their servers cause a guy that looks just like Darrell is on their, but age younger (he wishes lol), tanner (yum), same height as me (but he's taller) and mixed. Drove me crazy! I wanted to IM just to see if it was him or a fake. If it is him, shame on him for not owning that age of 32! ;-P

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ugh...not the remedy

What an EeeeMotional week! I swear! And these fuckers above didn't help me out! Oh noooo! You wanna know who the real heroes were?

Yessssssssssss for some weird reason the feeling of calmness and rationale set in....ahhhh! Cheers Chelsea. This whooooole week threw me off guard. My emotional being gets hit hard on the holidays and here we are spring time, lookin good, thought I was feeling great and the loneliness bug hit me hard. I dealt, dealt and dealt with it and finally out came the chocolate!

WTF ladies? How is this a cure???? Vodka is the answer (add a fag for ur pleasure).
Soooooooooo new rules! I'm done! Guys who I have or had feelings for: WE CAN'T BE FRIENDS cuz in the back of MY head I'm gonna want more. So snip snip and Adios.

Thinking about my best friend Chris whom I have no sexual attraction to I have decided to open the gates and do activities that I like doing and hopefully meet some cool chaps that way. Not sure how to handle the sexual needs but I'm thinking I'm smart enough to figure that out.

I like ta workout, drink, do IT stuff (mostly for work now), talk money and how to make more, hike in decent weather, eat at new places and go exploring. There's me in a sentence.

I'll update progress on how things go here and hopefully some cool pics too!


...and i guess i'll run 4miles for the above :-P

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All done with meds

Finally! Yesterday marked the end of drugs (amoxicillan and bioxain). Fuck sinus infections! Glad this one is gone, but I think that I've developed allergies since living here. I'm not sure the clariton is working up to snuff so I may just try benadryl or some other OTC meds.

Yay...I feel old now talkin bout meds n shyt. Ok so far the weight loss is coming along fine as you can see. I'm back on my protein shakes now that I can stomach them again :)
So aside from getting better this weekend Friday night was a complete fail. I was suppose to watch someone perform at TOWN and missed out on that, and then when I saw a group of my buds there one of them was acting fu-tarded and trying to be all touchy over my face with me (FAIL) and then my buddy Matt thought it'd be cool ta just but his hands in his pants n grab my face (MEGAFail) and then use the big boi voice trying ta front askin what I was gonna do about this.
Alcohol makes brave assholes out of all of us I get. Imma address him when I see him at the gym. So yeah, fail for Friday.

Saturday was cool, hung out with my best friends (well minus one who I think is in Libya now) and played games. Family kind of nights :-) Sooooo glad I have them here.
Sunday was pretty chill too...I met up with a friend of mine who was BBQ'n. He celebratin his big 3-0 this Friday! SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS!

I gotta ease into alcohol and make sure it doesn't effect my run time. Friday I was out of breath from Burke Lake (i'll blame that on sinuses ^_^) and yesterday I knocked out 6miles on the treadmill adding hills too!

All these fun things yet I can't figure out the cure for loneliness. Wish it was like before I was gay, when I felt more comfortable with myself but I guess getting to know the new me hasta take some time...hopefully not too long. I don't mind being alone physically...I just hate it mentally! Good to come home to Reese tho :-) my lil princess!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Body Update

Well even though I've been sick and extended my goal of March 30th to April 15th I will still provide updates today on where I'm at. I lost between 10-12 pounds and am working to keep my protein up to maintain my build. Ok enuf yip yap here are the new pix

I'll hafta go back to the last blog with pix and see if I can tell the difference. Thx for the comments and support. Night world.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

No family Sunday! :-|

What a weekend! From getting really tore up Friday, to not being able to hold food all day Saturday until 1130pm (Thank you Dominos!) to no family breakfast (wow!) I feel like I was at New Orleans this weekend with all the sweat n shame.

So the weather sucks due to rain. No running around the lake for me :-(....If I weren't so torn up yesterday I would've ran it in 60 degree weather. Oh well though, maybe I can try and treadmill it.

My best friends birthday is tomorrow :-) Yay! 32 years old...I outta rub in his face how great it is to be 29 ^_^. I got him a real cool bday gift this year. There's a speed racing NASCAR type thing in Manassas and I figured it'd be a guys day out sorta thing. Real cool, hope he likes it!

Even though I was sick Saturday I updated my weight to reflect what the scale had to say. Total rubbish in my opinion! I wish I was really 155! But if the scale is correct I'm now at 11% body fat...2% more to go! I'm guessing i'll hafta be under 150 t0 make this "dream" happen.

Happy Sunday all!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

think i need a new scale

Got sick this morning from too much alcohol last night. I really do feel like shit which sucks cuz the weather feels great outside. Im not drinkin for a while now...this feels awful!

On the plus side after throwing up all fluids in my body i weighed in at 155! LOL! I think me needs a new scale!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Adios 150s?

I hope not! Well last week I was ecstatic about weighing in at 159!!! I was so proud to finally see the 150s after sooooo long! I kept up with my diet (minus one slice of pizza with co-workers), been exercise, lifting and so forth and decided to get a preview for Saturdays weight...158? 157 maybe?
160.7...hell lets say! 161!
.....*******....****FUCKING COW****....*******......

So I think maybe I messed up because I updated my weight on this app and probably should've left it at 167. Well either way I was a little disappointed to see that number. Also I think I need to call the VA office up on Monday and schedule another appointment to get new inserts. My legs are hurting a little (Quads a lot) and shins a little. Perhaps because I ran often in the 1012 the 1011 series aren't working as well for me. Well either way new inserts need to be ordered like STAT and I need to pickup the running pace. Did my 7.25 lake run in 65 minutes...WTF??? Where did my under 60minute run time go?? DAMN YOU HOODIE SEASON!

Ok so tomorrow I will track my saddens me that I will see my graph go up instead of down. Hopefully the body fat won't hurt me too much. How the hell does that stupid ass machine know I'm 12%??? I mean yea I can sorta *imagine* where it's at but dammit I got 26 days to get rid of what I'm afraid will now be 3%+ bodyfat! Ugh!

Ok...puttin the fat chick diva on hold, life is hectic in the career field. Been working my ass off Jeff! My ass off for these DLA clowns to only get told that my project is basically on hold until the army is done. FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK ME SIDEWAYS! R u fuckin for real? What the hell are you gonna pay me to do? And why I am I wasting the time of others if you're not gonna give Daddy what he wants? So before I bend over, no lube and take it I will talk with my lead and schedule a meeting with the govt PM.

Ooooh we're sooooo gonna dish! LOL! And if the answer is, Mike shut the fuck up and get paid, then I'll do it dammit. I will cancel all my meetings, collect a check and keep the house paid, okrrrr! I left a little early after hearing said news because I was quite perturbed by said information. I will also need to get with my employers and give them the WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot eye and see if they got something I can do ta keep my exchange skittles up to snuff...Write now I'm a rock st*r in the Desktop Publishing area! That God those positions bank, right? What's that you say? Theeeey don't? Interesting...I guess that's why I wanna be an exchange architect then, huh?

So yeah lil drama at work, but my hours rock and lately my attire at work has been tres casual! So sooo nice! yay! Ok, well it's Friday and tonight I'm breaking the no alcohol rule and paying the bois a visit. Hopefully drama free but whatever goes down "Fuck it, I'm 30! I ain't got time for that BS"


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Needs a hug

Had a dream...
...I could smell him
He was so close...
...I could taste him
Holding me in his arms...
...I felt at peace

And then woke up...hugging my active rambunctious teddy bear, Reese now

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