Sunday, July 31, 2011

Budgeting uck! (and other stuff on my mind)

So with all the liberties I took at 29, I need to build back up the 'ol savings. You would think avoiding the DC/bar scene for a minute would help but I find myself keeping busy in other area which isn't a bad thing but I need my savings built back up! Especially since I'm in the market for real estate!

I've looked at a couple repos to fix up and rent out...nothing that struck gold at me. My goal is to have an investment property pay my mortgage or at least a good deal of it. I'll have to pay taxes and condo/hoa fees. No biggie! So I'm on the prowl for properties. Fairfax county is my prime target...Arlington condo fees are redic (right next to the county of Alexnadria). The government may take away mortgage interest tax breaks. That would suck but we all gotta sacrafice from the debt we've accumulated. So I can sacrafice. That's the big thing right now, finding a place to rent out. I'm not regretting giving up Harker Heights (luv'd lil Robin Ln) but I don't want 4 -$495 tenants...true when one leaves ur @ 75% rental but I'd like to deal with an all or none right now. There is money to be made by flipping properties. May be able to do that. We'll see...I gotta make sure my income doesn't exceed 200k a year otherwise I'm screwed! LOL!

So I got my budget plan set with all my expenses and allowances. I should be able to save a good portion by the end of the year. If I meet my goal, then I have to reward myself :-) Something over $500 but under $1000. A small clothes, or maybe a new phone! We'll have to see...probably a trip. I have more than what I need right now. My new little laptop is just perfect! A pretty penny but I don't see it being replaced for QUITE SOME TIME! Of course my 3GS phone is just beggin to be put to use as an iPod touch as it is lagging when running multiple apps. Guess I shouldn't rule out the iPad (hehehe...hey! It's a reward! I may not make it! It's a tough goal!

I may go with the latest droid phone if they have a great library for MP3s. I've heard the battery life on the droids tho le suck! If that's the case I might as well keep suckin Steve Jobs left nut. I'll have to do more reviews...I'm not keen on apple double-billing me for music if I delete and re-add a song (that's krazy!). I've also yet to upgrade my OS to the latest cloud technology. WHAT RUBBISH! Let me wirelessly sync my songs to my PC! Not to your database! Curse you Steve Jobs! Do what I ask or I'll get Zuckerberg to build a thin blue FSmart phone that'll make ur GUI interface look like 1999!

So there goes my budget and house hunting stuff...I may go look at cars later (I'm just fascinated by the 650i, but not ready to replace my lil Z). My dad is stuck in Gainesville with my mom showing an open house. My best friend's biggest mistake! UGH! Whatever! The kids are going from the public education of NoVA to Mississippi. I really feel bad for them, but hey when they're grown-up they can make bad choices too. If I could I would keep their daughter at my place since she EXCELS at school and will be bored out of her mind in doing classes there. She'd also get a lesson on the real world living with me. The boys don't really care about school (neither did I) so they'll be ok down there. I just don't want their girl turning into a Mississippi girl waiting to find prince charming to take care of them. A lot of ladies go this route, not just from MS. If there is one person in life you can count on, it's you! PERIOD! No one else has to love you or give a damn about you. Earn ur keep in life. I'm so glad to have the friends that I have in life. The majority are pretty much self sufficient. Everyone has their rough patches in life. Some obstacles seem hard to overcome. Everything in one day and one piece.

Mentally i feel like I'm over the hump on accepting and loving myself wholey. I think the climax came days before, while and after Hawaii. I've always told myself to stop, breathe and look at what hand you dealt yourself. I was hearing but not listening to what I had said. I don't feel alone when I come home. Reese and I go out (unless it's real hot/cold), have dinner and watch something on the tube. I have my friends come over to watch TV or go out and do things. What else...I got a new roast recipe I'm trying out...No help from Campbells this time! If it comes out fabulous, i'll spill it out manana.

Happy Sunday people!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Update

What a weekend...Put a bid on a property (all cash! first time ever!!!), went to a kickass lake party and hung out with a pretty cool guy.

Ok so the property is located in Alexandria near Ft. Belvoir...Looks to need between 8-10k worth of repairs and can rent for $1350-1450 p/mo! State tax & Condo fees would bleed me about $450 p/mo so this could be a worth while investment! I'll know more by tomorrow so if BAC accepts my bid you guys will know shortly and I'll have a project! w00000hooo!!!

My orthotics also came in this weekend! I was walking around to break them in...Might hafta do a few miles (for testing purposes ^_^) real excited to run in them! May treat myself to new shoes this pay period *oooooowhhhhhhhhhhh*...I know, the small things in life.

Lake party me and my buddy Matt went over there and had a good time. Our whole DC Gang was there, no drama...played volleyball and got soaked in the sun & water. Tommy's house was sooo beautiful along with their lake which both were built by his rock star parents who are so down to Earth, they're just real good people! Afterwards I hung out with Matt's people and it was a real eye opener...The houses that my mom and dad fixed is what this family lived in. Being poor is what it is, but cleanliness and pride is something that you have inside. They just don't care how they live and what a shame. I came home BLESSED and truly appreciate all the stuff. I can't express how grateful I am to myself and how life is turning out!

This wednesday I will pass on the gym and see the last Potter movie which I started the series last weekend...those buggers are so addicting! I'm glad I wasn't hooked ten years ago! I would've been anxiously waiting for these movies and calling people muggles!

I'm really glad that 30 is turning out to be such a great thing. I feel more secure about myself and that's most definitely a welcome feeling I'd like to stay. Ta-Tah

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Idiocrisy in America continues

Ok so everyone has pet peeves and it turns out I have friends/acquaintances that say this MINDLESS blabber: "The book was way better than the movie".

Since Harry Potter came out do you have any idea how many times I've heard this? Does this statement sound clever??? Does it?? When do you EVER recall reading something which the movie topped it?

It's almost as stupid as hearing a convo like this:

Mike: Do you speak French?
Moron: Well I understand more than I speak...
Mike: Really? So do babies

So people please, before you blurt out something that you think makes you sound smart - Step outside the box, listen to what you're about to say then go on and say me, i'd rather you be a pretty face and keep your mind an enigma rather than announce retardation. Grrrrr!

This blog is soooooo politically incorrect! Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fool me once, shame on me...what is this now; 5

I want to start off with: I hold grudges but that such a 20s thing to do. I release negativity rather than hold it prisoner in my life. The most recent emotional tick I popped has been in my life primarily because we hang out with the same group of friends.

I hate being ignored. Hate it. The last straw broke and before I turned 30 I knew this was one thing I was ready to leave behind. What I didn't count on was the number of times we would bump in to each other and that I didn't harbor neg energy. I actually still cared for him, I just wanted to be acquaintances so that I could excuse him of the friendship duties.

Well he called yesterday and apologized about the whole situation. He thinks I actually broke off a friendship because of a couple slips. I counted and it was more than a couple. The thing is, when u crush on someone that is suppose to be a friend those r the easiest ones to setup for failure. I really wouldn't care if an acquaintance was a no show. Wouldn't bother me because they're not a friend.

So on with accepting the apology and for the ease of being in our group, make this guy an acquaintance. The ease about that is that we can be buds in the group. As long as we don't have "us" time I'm good with it. If he flakes out from a group function it's cool because it's a group thing and not a me/you situation.

So this is fine. Won't tangle my heart in that direction. I'm 30. Ain't got time for neg drama. This is a good step so that things aren't awkward for the both of us. Although because it's a step lower that where we use to be, it's better than having to use energy to ignore one another.

And that's that!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

How ta save a life

My best friends of 11 years are moving from the NoVA area to Biloxi, MS. They have family members that aren't in good health and they feel it is the right move. I love them to death! I really do and I hold my tongue when I see the squander money on the kids at Christmas or even going organic if you can't afford it. I grew up with dual working parents that would always put money away and whatever we had left we would enjoy life with. I can really appreciate how I was raised and the morals I have right now.

So, having sick family is not easy. You want to be there for them and help out as much as possible. When do you draw the line though and take care of yourself and your family? The kids have a fantastic public education that they won't be able to maintain in MS. The husband has phenomenal job opportunities here, that certainly aren't present at the gulf. I've never wanted to scream out to Tiffany: "STOP HOLDING YOUR FAMILY BACK", because at the end of the day, you can't save everyone. There are a lot of winners and losers in life. Everything we do in life is a choice. You make good choices, you reap the rewards that come with those choices and vice versa. I know my buddy well enough to know that the only thing he wants in life is to make his wife happy. I mean what can I do? Ask that they see a therapist and see if this is the right decision? I'll pay for it!!!! An outside party in my belief needs to show them: HEY! WAKE UP! Find a different way! Don't make your family spiral downward.

It's def not an easy decision to make. There's the guilt of living in VA and knowing that your family needs help, and then there's moving to MS and dealing your family a hardship. I'm gonna stay out of it. They've always been family to me and maybe that's why hearing this hurts sooo much! At the end of the day, it is what it is. Michael has to focus on Michael. They didn't ask my opinion about what they should do, so why should I concern myself? Chris will do his remaining time in VA and then the fam will come back or more likely he will go down to MS and live their lives. I really hope the kids make it out of MS.

I want them to reach high! Super high! I really hope that they make their own mark in life which would make their parents (and myself) really proud. I had to vent this off my chest before my interview. I needed it to be written and said. Now that I got that off my mind, I won't have to lash out at them. If they ask what I think, I'll tell them they should run it by a therapist and see what advice comes out of it. I'd be interested to hear what an unbiased person would think. A family therapist would be best. One FUCKING DECISION could mark the downfall of their life! Or it could be the best move they make! I'd be interested in hearing the outcome of what a family therapist would suggest. Perhaps they're living beyond their means and need a 200,000 house. I don't know. I do know that life has thrown them lemons and what you do with those lemons determines your future. School of hard knocks...hopefully they won't go through that by making a poor choice.

Friday, July 8, 2011

New leaf...or new shell

I've stated before that somethings in my 20s I would carry over to my now 30s decade and somethings would be left behind. I had something that crept in the door that I hadn't dealt with. The emotional tick that I had popped with Maurice.

Well I decided that I didn't like the way my friend Cameron had dropped me via e-mail. I think it's easier than calling and didn't would MUCH MUCH rather have wrote what was on my mind then go blank (i tend to do that) but because there was a history of friendship I picked up the phone, had the convo and then shot the last alibi messages via text. I gave him the last words which essentially were being disappointed does make you a bitch, leaving a friendship does.

Fair enough, paint me bitch and move it on....NEXT! For the record, I harbor no negative feelings for him. The decision to break off this friendship if anything benefits him and myself. Neither party will feel obligated to make plans with each other. If I see him with the group I will still be polite, laugh and have fun. It will be just with the group though. Maybe I should have stated it like that...Being an acquaintance in my book trumps friendship...It's like the free app! No obligation to pay and you use with a group of people. This is excellent for those who have other things going on in life and I don't take offense to it! Seriously! I got my solid friends where we make time for each other because we want too, and I got the friends that we just meet up in a group. Nothing wrong there.

So the color for the 30s house I painted was light blue. No time for negativity. I'm still painting the walls so we'll let all that marinade in...The red light room had some dim bulbs in I replaced the bulbs, got a new mattress. This room had some rules where we would only allow special people in. I'm having safe fun. No longer in search of the one. Dating good people too. This is an area that I'm happy to see get attention. Ok I really wanna blog about something that is hot on my mind so...*POST*

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

***CODE RED!!! CODE RED!!!***

Ok so yeah ummm get back from Hawaii, go to work and found out I went from a green status to red. Whhhhaaaaa....Thheeeeee....Fuuuuuuck??? The client can't move forward with the plan of action until the provider we are working with gives us the quote they promised while back.

So in the meantime I'm gonna hafta work on other projects and not touch anything for what...another year? I'm tired and tired and tired and tired and tired and TIRED of writing documentation.

I'm not tired of getting paid tho, so smile and STFU and collect ur check

~woo0000oo sAaaaaaah~

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Opening doors

Sometimes you gotta try something out before you can say you don't like it. Food, jobs, where you live, sex, friends, cars, etc...I've had the beliefs of saving yourself for someone special.
I've not had random sex (up until Hawaii) and after Hawaii long as I'm safe, why can't I have fun while I'm waiting for mister right to come?

Who says what's right and what's wrong? My conscious which was fabricated from what? My upbringing? My ethics? From what I've seen with my mother and father of 32 years? This is nonsense. Y have sex so taboo? If it's fun and ur safe have fun! Until I find the right guy to settle with THAT will be my course of action. Hawaii was a blast in that sense and guess what??? VA will be too!

If I re-read this later on and have a change of heart or met the guy who took me away from FWB I will be the happiest guy on earth. Till then, open your eyes dirty! It's ok! I give you permission :)

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