Thursday, May 14, 2015

*tap tap* mic check mic this thing still on? Oh hey!

Bon jour Dirty's Jibber Jabber,

I know the blogger in your was more in your 20s and you did fabulous in 2008.  Since then you've been more obsessed with your phone, well being, not as stressed about love and have an awesome dog and live right next door to your best friends....simmer down dirty, you still got your anxieties.

We can now say that in your thirties you manage to become 1.25M in debt.  Wheeee!  You have a BF, Robert that you live with and he is very helpful. You lost your fit figure - we had a shoulder injury and after that incident went to cardio and just kinda dropped away from fitness.  You work a graveyard schedule so it def ain't easy there and not to give you any excuses but your metabolism sucks too lol.

fuck.  what else has been going on?  Oh yea the 1.25M in debt is from homes.  They're all rented and we have anxieites about keeping the boat floating.  Working on the basement of the new house so that we'll have more income to cover losses and we're not far away from completing that project.

Well - I'm hoping I keep up with you, put lots of photos of the latest and greatest and of course since this is a jibber jabber blog keep nothing Taboo :-)


xoxo - dirty

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