Thursday, May 21, 2015

Survivor Finale & aha moments

I'm such a survivor fan!  I LUV every minute of it.  Since season one I've been hooked!  And the selection of the new cast is fantastic.  I would NOT want to go to cambodia though.  Have fun with that 2nd chancers!

You never know when something is gonna hit you like memory wise.  Often times I'll try to embed a moment in my mind and it stays there and then there are times when without even thinking boom - you got an aha moment.

I didn't like Shirin as a player because she was clingy and annoying.  I think the episode where Will went at her hard gave me pity and a bigger understanding of her personality.  Had Will not been an asshole, I wouldn't have held a better opinion about her and her struggles.

I think when she gave the final speech and mentioned how she made a million bucks by the time she was 25, I had admiration for her.  I love love LOVE people who have goals, obstacles and fuck the world, I'm gonna do what I gotta do.  She has that...and I know somewhere inside me, I have that fire that get's lit and blows out.  ADHD.  I have it and after seeing that, I want it even more.

Part of me would love to leave this world with a name, but I'm not a programmer nor am I an inventor.  I know that for me I'll hafta back a winning idea and hopefully get myself partnered.  I doubt my abilities to create.  I can sell now...sales is great.  I'd love to do real estate but that isn't something that I can get known for.  My sales should focus on a better tomorrow or get young people started.

After hearing Shirin, it gets my fire going.  Have I earned a million?  Oh yea!  I past that mark some time ago!  Do I have a million?  No....I have a million in debt though LOL! anyone looking to rent? ;)

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